My Life Is Murder (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Lividity in Lycra

1 (JAZZY MUSIC) ANNOUNCER: And the Entrepreneur of the Year is Roger Sims.
(APPLAUSE) Thanks.
Thank you.
Ah, man thank you.
Thank you MB Monthly for hosting this, ah, incredible event.
I'm I'm so humbled to be here.
I, um I wanna dedicate this award to Hugh Miller.
(APPLAUSE) He was a a close friend and, ah and a trusted colleague, for over the years.
In fact if it wasn't for Hugh I wouldn't be standing here holding this award tonight.
Um, wish we could have celebrated it together.
So, thanks again and, ah, have a great night.
Thank you.
(MUSIC: STAY OUTTA MY BUSINESS, TAMI NEILSON) Your head is shakin', your mouth is frownin' Your tongue's a-waggin' all over town and Your eyes are judging, your elbows nudging All the poison that you spread with each nasty word you've said - Stay outta my business - outta my business - Stay outta my business - outta my business.
Stay outta my business and leave it alone The only business you got is your own (EXHALES LOUDLY) Ah, I see you're serving yourself now, are you? Well, you weren't here, what am I supposed to do? Uh, wait? I was gone for 30 seconds.
There you go.
Six loaves of sourdough and I threw in some olive herby ones as well.
Still warm.
Straight from the oven to you, "Georgeous".
Coffee tastes a bit like dirt, but Patience.
I'll make you a fresh one.
I'll grab the rest.
- Yeah, you do that.
- Be nice.
- I mean it, Alexa.
- Yeah, yeah.
Cyclists are good trade.
Are you listening? I'm watching you.
Not a fan? - What's wrong with it? - It didn't taste any good.
- How do you know? - What? Well, you didn't have any of it.
Well, I did.
I had a small bite.
- Where? - There.
What's your name again? - Dan.
- Dan.
Thing is, Dan.
You're a liar.
- Excuse me? - The unworn kit, fake Rolex.
You know, these are very nice touches but a bit of a giveaway that you're feeling a tad insecure.
Now, did you order that toast before you realised that your high-flying friends only ever order coffee? 'Cause that would mean that the problem is not with the quality of the bread, it's with your unresolved high school issues.
You should give me a call sometime.
- Get a drink.
- Alright, that's it.
Yeah, ta-ta, nice to know ya.
Some people! - What did you do? - Nothing.
- Why is he outside? - (PHONE VIBRATES) Because he was rude about my bread.
- Oh, yikes.
Got to go.
- This is my cafe! Not yours, mine! Hello? Grandparents.
Sorry, I'm sorry.
15 minutes? More like 45.
- Yeah, commuting around this city - You forgot again.
Just admit it.
- Yeah, I forgot.
- Your time management is shocking.
You know what's shocking, Kieran? You still giving me shit about my time management.
- You're relentless.
- And you love it.
(CHUCKLES) So, you good? Yeah.
been busy, but good.
Family's good.
All is good.
That's three goods, you're overselling.
- No.
I'm not.
- Yeah.
you are.
You and Pip alright? There's a case.
- Oh, no, Kieran.
- Give me a minute.
Give me a minute.
A month ago, eight cyclists set out on their Saturday morning ride.
Early, no traffic.
Had the road to themselves.
Where's Huey? Oh, here he is.
All of them made it to the top, but only seven of them made it back to the finish point alive.
Huey? Hugh? Hugh? After retracing their route, the riders found their friend dead on the ground.
Hugh? Call an ambulance! - Who was it? - Hugh Miller.
CFO, the Oriah Group.
Hospitality empire, very clean.
He had a wife and two kids.
- Oh.
- Eight and six.
Same age as yours.
All the cyclists' alibis checked out.
They said they were all riding down the hill together.
Plus, they were backed up by this cycling app they all use which confirmed that no-one stopped before finding the victim.
(GRUNTS) Coroner found it was a heart attack leading to blunt force trauma.
Case closed, nothing to see here, death by misadventure.
But you don't think so.
I'd look at the victim's boss, Roger Simms, Oriah Group's CEO.
He started the cycling group.
He's known and worked with the victim for years.
I've known and worked with you for years.
So, why aren't you investigating this? Coroner's closed the book.
We're out.
There is a key in this.
Something we're missing.
- I'm a very busy woman.
- Hah, yeah.
Don't bullshit a bullshitter.
I'm going to be honest with you, Kieran.
You had me at cyclist.
- Ta-ta.
- See ya.
Thanks man, thank you.
Actually, when my dad passed away, people told me I couldn't do it.
I've got 40 venues open, and now this, guess I proved them wrong, right? Actually, 41 venues! Because Oriah's mid-renovation on the old Manning's Hotel.
That was a passion project with Hugh, so watch this space, because I'm going to make it happen.
For Hugh.
- What are you up to? - Baking bread.
Hello? What do you want? Look, I know you're working on another case.
I'm not.
I know you are.
Just cut me in? Hello? Listen, this whole master-apprentice thing, it's just not working for me.
- Yes.
It is.
- Nah, sorry.
Gotta go.
(PHONE BEEPS) You hung up on me.
In case you missed it the first time, I'm a very busy woman.
I can see that.
Baking bread.
Wait, is that the vict im? - I don't need your help.
- You're wrong.
You do.
Look, I don't know if your husband ever told you this, but I want to be a detective one day.
Don't care.
You're a great mentor, and I'm good.
- Did Kieran tell you about this case? - No! I've watched him leave for various appointments.
But today I saw him leave with a case file folder, which is unusual, so I searched the server to find out what he printed, the case at hand.
Who else could that be for? Look, I told you, I'm good.
And I have a massive work crush on Kieran, there, I said it.
Wait, you smiled.
What does that mean? Listen, there's just one thing you can do for me.
Name it.
- I need you to go back to the office.
- Yep.
- Fire up your computer.
- OK.
- That's it, really.
- Sorry? Go back to work.
I'm still here! I'll talk to you soon, then.
Ooh, that is quite the sight, isn't it? Gotta love a man in lycra, right? Excuse me.
They are not just men.
They're athletes.
- Want a drink? - Yeah.
Soda and lime.
Hannah, soda and lime, thanks.
Have I seen you somewhere? Like, TV, or? Oh, no, MB Monthly! Yeah.
you're part of that little high-flying riding crew of CFOs, CEOs, see you next Tuesday.
Yeah, you got me.
Which are you? CEO, of this company.
- Ooh, fancy.
- Roger.
- Roger Simms.
- Alexa.
Just Alexa.
So, businessmen swap plaid for lycra and $10,000 golf clubs for $20,000 bikes.
Got a question.
Do you have to have a penis to ride with your crew? You've just got to keep up.
Don't have to be a C-acronym of some kind? No.
There is always room for an exception.
Oh, that's good.
Reckon you could keep up? That's condescending.
- Have you got a bike? - Yeah.
Come ride with us Saturday.
8:00am at The Loop.
MAN: Rog! Hey, I was really sorry to hear about what happened.
I read that one of your riding crew died.
It must have been horrible.
It was, yeah.
Anyway, see you Saturday, yeah? OK.
(PHONE RINGS) Find me something I don't know about Roger Simms, CEO of Oriah Group.
Oh, so now you want my help.
Soon as you can, please.
So you think this Roger guy is guilty? Oh, Alexa! Dawn.
- You cycle now? - Apparently.
Great, great.
Um, we're still hearing a lot of noise from your apartment.
It's not me.
I am a lawyer, so Yeah.
I think you might have mentioned that once or twice.
Well, we can discuss it at the strata meeting on Thursday.
Are you coming? I did get that note under my door.
Night! (MIXER CHURNS LOUDLY) (BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!) First up the mountain, still got the KOM! Ha-ha! Did you get a flat along the way, mate? Take your time, boys.
Hey, where's Huey? Here he is.
Big breaths, big boy.
Make your mama proud.
(CHUCKLES) You right? (PHONE RINGS) We're going to have to establish some boundaries.
You're an insomniac, normal rules don't apply.
Yes, they do.
You still picked up.
So, get this.
Before Roger's father made him CEO of Oriah, he put a clause in Roger's contract stating that both Roger and Hugh had to sign off on every new property.
So dad didn't trust little Rog.
What about the contract on the place he's renovating? Oh, dead end.
Both signatures are on it.
You called me about a dead end? Did you look at the cycling app? I sent you a link.
Um Yep.
Just a sec.
Oh, you're nerding out hard on this one.
I'm not going to lie, I am way into this app.
So, each bike rider has a GPS tracker that records their riding movements.
The app links to this website.
So if you have a log-in, you can look through anyone's ride history at any time.
That's not creepy at all.
Click play, top right corner of the map.
You can watch the digital recording of the ride.
Oh! Would you look at that.
How did you get access to this? I made a fake account and I followed the cyclists.
What can I say? You need me.
The dead guy is blue.
OK, and which one's Roger? Green.
OK, so if the murder happened at roughly 5:40am, then we've got five people in a group at the front and a group of two at the back, one being Roger and one being Iman Abarh.
Well, welcome to the investigation Mr Abarh.
Am I the queen of data, or what? - Hey, fellas.
- Morning.
Certainly is.
Alexa, this is Jimmy, Rocket, Bob, Bill, Andy and Iman.
Pleased to know you.
You too.
- That's a nice kit.
- Yep.
Want a head start? Very gallant, Mr Simms.
Hey, hey! Mr La Di Da Di Money is all that you got I got my friends and fam, the only currency I understand - Goddamn - Hey, hey! - Mr La Di Da Di - Money is all that you got In a world full of greed, music is everything that I need Ooh, na, na, na I just wanna live my life You want to race the next segment? See who reaches the top first? - Yeah, you're on.
- Yeah? Let's go, boys! Maniac.
Endless energy.
How long you guys been riding together? Oh, you know, a little while.
- It's a cool crew.
- Yeah.
Hey, is this where your friend died? Whoa Someone's missing him.
We all do.
Who leaves the flowers? I don't know.
Family, I guess.
Must have been horrible.
Yeah, it was.
Race you up, hey? How are the legs? Burning.
We can hold off riding back, let you catch your breath.
No, I'm exhilarated.
Interesting spot for a chat.
Oh my God, nailed sourdough.
Iman Abarh, CEO of Iman International Foods.
Turns out dry goods aren't the only thing Iman's been selling Roger.
Roger's new property? The Oriah Group bought it from Iman's company.
I sent you the original listing.
Very good.
OK, something's bugging me.
Look at these pics.
Before and after.
What's the difference? Well, he's dead in that one.
Walk and talk.
I looked at Roger's ride history on that app.
See, he's always out front on the descent.
But not the day that Hugh Miller died.
Why? Am I supposed to know? Well, you want to be a detective, don't you? - Hey! - Hey! Hey, whoa, wait a minute, they didn't like the olive bread? What are you talking about? It's just a crumb.
This is not a crumb, this is more than half a piece.
- They don't like it? - Relax, would ya? One person left a bread.
That you're telling me about.
How many really? Listen, you need to stop being so defensive about your bread.
Not defensive.
Uh, obsessive, actually.
Where are you going? - You work with her? - Yeah, sort of.
Yeah, that must be fun.
Can I speak to Iman Abarh, please? (INDISTINCT CHATTER, POWER TOOLS WHIRR) - Excellent work.
Thank you so much.
- Catch you later.
Thank you.
You right, man? What's that text about? - Who's Alexa? - Why? She rang me.
Ordered a whole bunch of food, couple hundred bucks' worth.
Yeah? - Did you tell her what I do? - No.
No, neither did I.
Relax, mate.
Get a massage.
Why did you ask her to ride with us? Just being friendly.
She's asking questions about Hugh.
Mate, it was on the news.
You want my advice? Lemon balm and Quit this hippy shit.
If I go down, we go down.
You are jumping at shadows.
Seriously, this is not a problem.
Iman, look at this place.
This is going to be epic.
So, is she going to be riding with us from now on, is she? If I want her to.
Got you something.
(GASPS) - $59.
95? For socks!? - Yeah.
Well, they wick the sweat and stay in position.
All the pros wear them.
You take perfectionist to a whole other level.
Ah, you've got to.
You know, I was reading the cycling rules and apparently the crotch region should never be worn out or see-through, and, I'm just saying that a number of your guys might be seriously in breach of that.
Maybe you could buy them some pants.
(LAUGHS) As for the rule about shaving You gotta shave your guns.
You shave your legs, don't you? Only when I want to, and that is very seldom, actually.
I want to show you something.
This is a great space.
Bougainvillea's a nice touch.
- You like it? - Yeah.
People either love it or hate it.
I reckon they're great, you know? Vigorous, resilient little shit that'll climb up anything it can latch on to.
When I saw this garden, I knew I had to have the place.
I can see why.
How long you been renovating? Not long, about a month.
Work fast.
Some would say too fast.
To be honest, if I'd asked you, you would have said no.
Look, it's just not a really good time for me.
Yeah, I heard about your husband Gary.
You did? And I know you've gotta investigate me because of what happened to Hugh.
You're a resourceful man, Roger.
Well, I've got nothing to hide.
I was gutted when he died, and I still am.
Alexa! Alexa! Eight o'clock? The strata committee meeting.
Yep, got the memo.
You know, I heard it again last night.
The noise.
That's so weird.
The meeting's compulsory, Alexa.
Noise will be on the agenda at the strata meeting.
This is Madison Feliciano, please leave a message.
(BEEP!) Call me.
You want noise on the agenda, Dawn? Here's some noise.
(MUSIC PLAYS LOUDLY) Look at the sunrise I look at it earn I look into your eyes, don't know where to turn I'm gonna drift into that void I'm flying through space I'm an asteroid I'm dancing that place when you're paranoid - I'm thinkin' about you - (CLATTER!) And nothin' else Think about you, you think about me Think about you, countin' the beat (MUSIC STOPS) You? Not on my bed.
Look, dude.
I'm gonna be honest with you.
I'm not in a position to get in a relationship with anything at all right now, OK? (BEEP!) (DOOR BUZZES) - Come here.
- Hello? Alexa? Just a sec.
Don't tell Madison.
She doesn't like cats.
I was on a date down the road.
It wasn't going well, so I used your voicemail as an excuse to leave.
- Oh, yes.
- You're like the ultimate wing woman.
A banker from the CBD.
He basically tried to Houdini me by being the perfect date.
I know that feeling.
And then his ex-girlfriend calls and he crumples in a heap in front of me.
It was like Dr Phil for a solid half hour.
Oh, you do have a cat.
No, I don't.
I'm allergic.
Well, I guess you can stay for a little while.
So, you asked about Roger's ride history before? - Mm-hm.
- How he always leads? Well, I've got a theory.
All the riders were involved.
Roger stays back just to check that the dead guy crashes, all the riders get to the bottom of the hill, and then they go back up and finish the deed.
How did Roger know that Hugh Miller was going to have a heart attack? Not sure.
Why'd you ring me? I want you to do something for me.
Oh yeah? Cool.
You're representing me at eight o'clock tonight.
It's not going to be easy.
I'm up for it.
When I saw this garden, I had to have the place.
What are you up to, Roger? (BEEP!) Oh, it's you.
Good to see I'm lighting up your evening.
- Who were you expecting? - Madison.
Take a number.
What's this? You're taking up horticulture now? This is the real estate photo of the old pub that Roger Simms bought from one of his riding mates.
He's renovating it.
- Mmm.
Nice flowers.
- Yeah He says the garden is the main reason that he bought the place.
Oh, yeah? Not to make a shit ton of money? How novel.
Tell me this.
Why would you buy a place for the garden, then rip out the flowers? - How do you know he ripped them out? - Because I was there this afternoon.
- Were you, now? - Yes.
He bought me champagne.
Oh, wow.
Otherwise, it looks a lot like the real estate photos, except for the empty flowerbed.
What kind of flowers are they? Don't know.
I'm looking them up.
Do you think the circumstances around Hugh Miller's death might be more relevant than a bunch of flowers? I'm obsessive.
Leave me alone.
- Bread machine working OK now? - Yes.
Thank you.
I'm a bit worried about my olive bread, but I think it's the salt.
Have you tried adding olives? Well, that sense of humour is really coming along.
Now, I don't want to be rude, but why are you here? Your boyfriend Roger called the DPP.
Asked why you were snooping around.
And you know this because? They asked me if I knew anything.
I said it was all horseshit and Roger must have his wires crossed.
That's how he found out about Gary.
Did he? Yeah.
Roger loves a good powerplay.
Well, that's a good sign.
Do you want a drink? Sure, if you do.
Is it champagne? No, I only drink champagne with murderers.
Look at you dating, that's a positive.
Told you, I've been stepping out.
I'm a very busy woman.
- So, you reckon he did it? - Yep.
What about the GPS tracker that says Roger wasn't there when his mate died? Well, that is a conundrum.
I'm working on it.
- Motive? - Working on that too.
But as soon as I figure it out, you'll be the first to know.
Na Zdorovie.
Give it up, give it up - You know what's on my mind - Give it up, give it up You've been wasting too much time Give it up, give it up Ally, can you pour this gentleman a drink? - Thanks.
- Glad you could make it.
Mate, if you're screwing me, just tell me now.
This again.
- So, when is the money getting sorted? - Very soon.
Very soon.
You've been saying that for months.
Why would I screw you, man? I'm not screwing you.
Well, I'm saying why don't you stop being an asshole, because I know you've got the money.
Come on.
Do you really think now is a good time to dump a shitload of cash into your account? Mate, you're the one that says there's nothing to worry about.
But use your fucking head.
Mate, after everything I've done I'll tell you what.
If it will make you happy, I've got some cash I could sling your way.
We'll call it a down payment.
We can go now, if you want? Where? The people in your strata committee are great.
I swear, those meetings are just an excuse to drink.
- They're cool people, Lex! - Don't call me Lex.
Well, maybe not Dawn.
There's always one dickhead.
Apparently she's a lawyer.
Is that so? She kept saying how the walls are paper-thin.
Anyway, I don't want to tell you how to live your life, but I really think you should learn how to be a better people person.
Thank you for that.
- Is this Roger's new place? - Mm-hm.
Look at this, original valuation, 7.
2, but then two days later Hugh Miller had one done, six million.
So, if Hugh knew that the new property was worth less than Iman's asking price, why would he sign off on a higher one? Or did he? No, it's a riddle.
I hate riddles.
(CAT MEOWS) Well, you're going to make a marvellous detective.
What are you doing? He's hungry.
He has an owner somewhere who clearly loves him, judging by his sense of entitlement.
Oh, I thought he was your cat.
I sort of let it slip to Dawn and she completely lost her shit.
Pinot Gris is my weakness.
He is not my cat, but if you keep feeding him, then he's going to ditch his sod of an owner and think I'm his new food slave.
But, what if his sod of an owner is deliberately not feeding him to get other people to do his dirty work? Then no-one feeds him.
- Oh.
- What? Dirty work.
Madison, that could be the best thing you've said to me in days.
That's sad.
Madison, I think you're some kind of genius.
No more hangin' round wonderin' what to do in town 'Cause, girl, we got places to be No more waitin' now 'cause somebody else is down Got too many things to see - (PHONE RINGS) - (SIGHS) - Yes? - I didn't wake you? I'm about to ride up a bloody mountain.
What? With who? With whom do you think? - Just the two of you? - Yeah.
Romantic, hey? Got myself a digital tracker and everything.
Iman's missing.
No-one's seen him since yesterday.
His phone's off.
His wife's scared something's happened to him.
Do you think something's happened to him? You know the bloke better than I do.
Just here, thank you.
Five stars, mate.
- 8:27! What time do you call this? - Nice socks.
Only the best will do.
Compare times? If it's not on the app, did it even happen? Mmm.
Where are you? You're not in here.
- Did you hit stop? - I didn't even press start.
Nah, of course you didn't.
Hey, what's with AS motif? Adrianna Simms.
Mum's initials.
Makes me feel like she's still around, you know? Nothing more attractive than a man who loves his mama.
Would have had you pinged more as a daddy's boy, though.
Why are you still single? Haven't found the right girl.
You? My husband died.
So, did you get your mother's initials engraved on Iman's bike as well? No, it was a gift.
Iman's a good friend.
Well, yeah, really good friend.
Such good friends that you're out here with me instead of searching for him.
- Searching for him? - Yeah.
He's missing.
- Is he? - Apparently.
Well, he's a big boy.
I mean, he'll show up.
Don't forget to button on this time.
Oh, my God, you're a serious perfectionist.
- Yeah.
Well, I reckon you are too.
- Nah, I just like to win.
I want you to call Roger Simms at 10am tomorrow.
Tell him that the toxicology report showed traces of monkshood in his system.
There was no toxicology report done.
Yeah, I know.
It doesn't matter.
- What's it called? - Monkshood.
Aconitum napellus.
Just say monkshood.
And ask Roger if he knows how he might have come into contact with it.
- Whatcha doing down there? - Hey! Lost a pair of sunnies.
I thought maybe you were looking for monkshood.
What's that? It was growing in your garden before you pulled it out.
It's how you knew Hugh Miller was going to have a heart attack.
(CHUCKLES) Roger, that was almost a perfect crime, I'm surprised you're not claiming it.
You put the pureed root into the same bottle as Hugh's.
- You ask for a cheeky sip of water.
- Thanks.
And then gave him back the poisonous bottle.
But you got the dose wrong, didn't you? Then, when you realised you were running out of time, you smashed his head against a rock.
You right? I'm going to call for help.
Chucked the bottle into the bush and raced to catch up with the peloton.
You just couldn't stand coming in later than second place.
Hugh was like my brother.
He was like my right arm.
That threw me at first, too.
But then I saw his private valuation of the new property.
He figured out that Oriah paid $1.
2 million past Iman's asking price.
He must have tumbled to the fact that you and Iman were in cahoots and pocketed the difference.
Did Hugh want in? Maybe it was nothing to do with money, maybe you just hate being caught out.
That's ridiculous.
I was with Iman when Hugh died.
But you weren't, because your numbers and Iman's numbers were exactly the same, I mean exactly, and that's just not possible, not even for a perfectionist.
Unless Iman had your computer with him.
- You're keeping up.
- I am, brother.
- You alright? - Yeah.
Just a bit of skin.
- Yeah, you'll be alright.
- It's alright.
See you back down there.
Come on, Huey! You can't prove any of this.
You weren't down there looking for this, where you? Hugh's water bottle.
I bet you a new pair of socks that toxicology's gonna find monkshood on the inside and your fingerprints on the outside.
- Police! - Alexa Police, don't move! Stay there.
Show me your hands! Cuff him.
We found Iman.
He was getting on a plane to Malaysia.
He's fine.
Told you he'd show up.
- MADISON: Cheers! - KIERAN: Cheers.
This is a good team.
That's clear.
No, maybe even a great team.
Although, it's early days.
- I don't know about that.
- Sure we are.
Outwit, outplay, out What was the third one? Something's wrong with my olive bread.
One person didn't like the bread.
- So, fix the olive bread.
- I don't think it's the salt.
I think it's something else.
You'll work it out.
Do you want me to try some? - You don't know anything about bread.
- I like toast.
(PHONE CHIMES) My shout.
Three more, please.
- Nope, I'm out.
- One more.
- The three Amigos! - I don't do teams.
That's a cover.
She does teams, that's why we're here.
She likes you.
That's enough.
It's outlast.
- This yours? - Certainly is.
- So, you really work with them, huh? - Yeah.
You must be the brains.
Sweet talkin' sweetheart of mine I'm just sayin' that I knew Comin' in so late at night And you know that ain't right What the hell - Hey, Dan.
- Hey.
I was hoping you'd call.
Did you bring your lycra? Put it on.
A student at a cooking school was found dead on the classroom floor.
There was oil on the floor.
Coroner said that he could have slipped and brained himself.
I'm not so sure.
This is a seriously competitive cooking school.
- Precision cuts, how do I want them? - ALL: Perfect, chef! Perfect, chef! What do you want? I'm Alexa, I'm the transfer.
You're late.
Find a spot and do not hold me up.
So, tell me about your chef.
She is a demanding hard-ass with a hair-trigger temper.
Yeah, that could work.
What did I say about phones?