My Life Is Murder (2019) s04e04 Episode Script

One Man's Poison

Good morning. I need two puppuccinos,
but Bella's got a dairy
allergy, so if you can use,
like, coconut, that would be really
Oh, actually, have you got
almond? Or maybe oat.
Oat would be really good.
Do you have cinnamon to put on top?
Anyway, Joshie's been really good
this week,
so I think he deserves
a puppuccino. Kiss on the mouth.
Joshie, who's my gorgeous boy?
Who's my gorgeous boy?
- Who's my gorgeous boy?
- And who's a grumpy lady,
who doesn't understand why
some people don't realise
there's a line behind you?
Joshie and Bella are paying customers,
just like you are.
- Sorry. Certified caffeine addiction.
- What the hell?
Are you naturally this
antagonistic or do you work on it?
One, I have not had my coffee yet, two,
caffeine is very bad
for dogs, and three,
why aren't we at Reuben's?
- Because we need some privacy.
- What?
Have you ever heard of Tyler
Wicks, chef to the rich and famous?
Yes, and if frequent name-dropping
is anything to go by,
a very good mate of Reuben's.
Oh, that's why you don't wanna be there.
Bingo. Reuben's been on my case.
Seems his mate is in a
little bit of hot water.
Ah, you gonna give him a good grilling?
(CHUCKLES) Don't give up your day job.
Tyler is the prime suspect in the death
of a young guy called Louie Cutler.
Now, he was engaged to be
married to Beatrice Boyd.
Beatrice is the only daughter
of Malcolm and Karin Boyd.
They're a Rich-Lister family,
fingers in a lot of pies, you know?
- Did you say Car-in?
- Yeah.
Don't make the mistake of calling her
like I did when I took her statement.
Anyway. The Boyds were on their
private yacht heading to Rarotonga.
- Louie was at home alone.
- Oh, I read about this.
Rich kid who died of severe gastro.
Oh, you think Tyler Wicks poisoned him?
Well, official cause of death is
acute poisoning from tutin ingestion.
That's the stuff that
contaminates honey.
The phototoxin in the
New Zealand native plant tutu,
yes, but in this case,
it was the actual plant that got him.
So, young tutu shoots
look a lot like asparagus,
and that's what Tyler
threw into the pan,
with the usual carrots,
mushrooms, onions.
Hang on. Tyler Wicks is,
like, an expert forager.
He's published books and
got a blog and everything.
You think he'd know his
asparagus from his killer plants, right?
He admits to cooking the
dish and serving it to Louie.
But then he knocked off,
went home for the night.
The family security camera footage
clocked Louie at about 11pm,
having a vape outside. Then he
fell into the outdoor furniture.
- Poison kicking in.
- Yeah, you got it,
tutin poisoning causes
headaches, delirium,
severe convulsions before it kills you.
He made it to a bathroom inside,
which is where he was
found the next morning,
when the housekeeper arrived.
What happened to his eyebrow?
Tyler reckons he had two eyebrows
when he left him at the dinner table.
but then Tyler also reckons
he didn't kill him.
Sounds like you don't believe him.
Well, he's an angry sort of guy,
and he wasn't shy of telling us what
he really thought of the victim.
Plus, there's no one else to
look at, family were away,
- none of the other staff were there.
- Could it be manslaughter?
It's a possibility.
A possibility you want me to look into.
Death by stir-fry? It's kind
of in your wheelhouse, Alexa.
Maybe you just don't
wanna be the only one
that Reuben blames
when you arrest his mate.
Or I wanna share the credit
when we clear his mate,
which is exactly what Reuben
thinks is gonna happen.
No pressure.
No pressure at all.
Captions by Faith Hamblyn.
Coriaria arborea is the Latin name
for the New Zealand native plant tutu.
It's common through the whole country.
There are documented cases
of ingestion causing death
going all the way back to the 1860s.
The autopsy showed traces of
tetrahydrozoline in the system.
That's the main ingredient in eyedrops.
Which half the planet uses,
especially if you like to party.
And the police located
eyedrops among his belongings,
so they dismissed that as irrelevant.
But look at this. His eyebrow
was shaved off postmortem.
Why would somebody poison
him, wait for him to die,
and then shave off an eyebrow?
Some kind of weird
souvenir or a message?
- Hey!
- WHISPERS: Cover that up.
What's up, fam?
Harry said that you were gonna help me.
- Well, help Tyler.
- I said I would take a look.
Tyler didn't do it, Alexa.
there's no way he'd kill someone.
Look, I'm sorry, but Tyler's
a mentor, a friend,
and he gave me a job straight
out of chef school.
- And lately?
- We lost touch for a bit.
I heard he was back here
working for a rich family,
then this thing in the newspaper.
This guy dies of food poisoning,
I called Tyler,
and he says the police
are gunning for him.
Harry says that Tyler has
a bit of an anger problem.
Well, of course he's angry.
I mean, how would you feel,
if someone choked on a piece of your
and you got accused of murder?
Whoa, buster. Number one,
my sourdough is chewy, not dry.
And number
Yeah, never mind all that.
Did Tyler mention anything
about working with the Boyds?
No. We only just got back in touch.
- You didn't ask him about the family?
- No, because I was too busy
promising him that my friend
Alexa was gonna help him.
I will do my best. Get out of here.
We're working.
Pleased to meet you,
Reuben's friend who used to be a cop.
Perhaps you could have a word to your
idiot colleagues
who came through here,
trampling all my crops,
looking for tutu plants.
As if I'd deliberately grow a toxic
plant and feed it to my client.
Even if he was a puffed-up little git.
Hey, look, I I have to ask you this.
Is there any way that you could have
foraged the tutu shoots?
Do I look like a numpty, Alexa?
And what you've just said is worse
than accusing me of murder.
And you know what? Tutu
shoots taste disgusting,
even if you cook the crap out of them.
Anyone who eats that and can't
taste the warning signs
- deserves to die?
- Ha ha.
OK, so if you didn't accidentally
give Louie a poisonous plant
and you didn't deliberately do it,
then how did it get on his plate?
Obviously, someone switched out
the asparagus. If I'd look twice,
I might have noticed,
but we'd been working all day,
preparing their food for the boat.
So, yeah, someone took the asparagus
and replaced it with the shoots.
- Why would anybody wanna do that?
- Set me up.
Again, why?
Well, maybe someone doesn't like me.
Or, and this is more likely,
someone didn't like Louie,
decided to take him out
and put the blame on me.
Who would wanna do a thing like that?
- Shall I write you a list?
- Please.
Louie was an entitled snot stain.
The way he treated staff?
A deeply unlikable person.
The kind of face you
wanna punch repeatedly.
Tell me how you really feel, Tyler (!)
I feel very,
very, very frustrated,
Alexa. My life's been
turned upside down.
My reputation is
It's been destroyed
because of Louie Cutler.
Now, Reuben swears that you're
a miracle worker, so, please,
sort this out?
Well, from the moment he joined
our family, Louie fit right in.
So why did he not join you on the
family yacht trip to Rarotonga?
- He hadn't been feeling well.
- Dodgy guts.
Tyler Wicks belongs in prison.
He put that poisonous
plant in Louie's food.
- I wish we'd never hired him.
- Arrogant piece of
He thought he was above everyone.
He actually yelled at
Louie a week or two before.
Mm. A staff member
talking back, swearing.
Why did he have a go at Louie?
He didn't like the way that
Louie had asked for a drink.
You know what? I'm paying you,
you get my son-in-law a damn drink
when he damn well asked for one,
and you don't complain.
Would it be possible for me to
have a quick look at Louie's stuff,
- like, uh, maybe his car?
- What for?
Well, give me an idea of what Louie was―
I don't see any need for anyone
to go poking around in our property.
Well, like you, I'm just after answers.
You want an answer?
Arrest Tyler Wicks, or we're
gonna start making some noise.
Any of the Boyds ever get
their hands dirty in the garden?
I do. I grow lots of
plants, but mostly herbs.
- I'm Beatrice.
- Hi, uh, Alexa Crowe.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
You must still be in shock.
It's an understatement.
I'm, uh, looking into a
few things for the police.
Get to the bottom of what happened here.
Your parents seem pretty keen
for the police to make an arrest.
That won't bring Louie back.
You don't want justice for him?
Tyler made a mistake.
It was an accident.
Are you sure about that?
Tyler knew how much I loved Louie.
He'd never put me through this.
Sure, he was staff, but we would chat,
about my studies and that.
I'm doing a phytotherapy degree.
- Flowers?
- Botanical remedies.
I believe that we can cure
most things with plants.
Oh. Well, I'm more a yeasty
sourdough kind of girl.
I can see that by the
state of your irises.
So, do you ever study native plants,
- poisonous ones?
- I'm learning how to help people,
not poison them.
Do you know what you need?
You can put it in a smoothie or a salad.
Ooh. Thanks
I think. (CHUCKLES)
Oh God.
Well, I knew they needed a chef,
so I called up a buddy in recruitment,
and that's New Zealand for you,
you're only ever two
degrees of separation
from someone who owes you a favour.
- You're not going in that house.
- I'm already there.
With a potential murderer.
goodness sake, Reuben,
if you're right and your
mate Tyler didn't do it,
then somebody else killed Louie
and set him up to take the fall.
Yeah, she's right, Reuben,
it could be dangerous.
So I'll hide the knives.
Funny. Thinks it's a joke.
Alexa, you know why I'm doing this?
Tyler's the guy who believed in me,
bankrolled me when nobody else would.
I can't just sit around and do nothing.
All right, then, she's going with you.
Yeah. You need a sous chef, right?
And Maddison knows
her way around the kitchen.
You can do the cooking for the Boyds,
and I will be your glamorous assistant.
OK, great. It's a plan.
You watch out for one another.
Cos if Tyler didn't kill Louie
somebody else did. I got it.
And they're still living in that house.
Hope these meet with
your approval, Chef.
Not bad for a noob, I suppose.
Man, their magazine subscriptions
must cost more than my rent.
Oh, yes, that's a favourite. Feel
free to have a flick through
in your break.
Uh, Reuben, make sure the
crab ravioli is al dente.
- Of course, Mrs Boyd.
- Can't bear flabby pasta.
- Reminds me of the Gold Coast.
In this world, there is a type.
Yeah, is that why you stopped chefing?
Something like that.
Well, you wanted to be here,
buddy, so that's on you.
Yeah, yeah, well, maybe you get
what you need so we can wrap this up,
and I can go back to my nice
cafe with my nice customers.
Mm. I'm gonna go and
get you some fresh herbs.
It may take a while.
- Hey.
- Oh!
Hi. I'm Madison,
the new chef's assistant.
Holden. Welcome to the
Boyd family freak show.
Have we got any frozen pizza?
- Oh, you're not coming to the lunch?
- Mum instructed me to go,
but once she and Dad get on it,
they're not gonna notice if I'm not
- Can you get me some fries?
- Oh, sure.
Uh, from the Burger Shack drive-through.
I only like authentic fries,
not ones made from potatoes,
- like the last guy used to do.
- Drive-through?
- Uh, it's no problem.
- (CELL PHONE RINGS) Oh, better get this,
but I'm on it.
- Good morning.
- Hey, how was your first day, Chef?
- Finding my way around.
- What time should I arrive for lunch?
You managed to wrangle an invite?
Sadly, Malcolm Boyd doesn't
seem to want me hanging around.
I certainly look the part.
I need you to get me something.
Normally I'd avoid pasta,
but who doesn't secretly love carbs?
(CHUCKLES) Guilty.
But I have to get them down me before 6,
my immune system's compromised.
An illness in my 20s.
Yeah, she lost a kidney, you know.
And I don't wanna lose the other one.
- Cheers.
Hey, Eric, how much do you?
Quentin! I'll be with you in a sec.
- Yes.
- Excuse me, Madam,
Louie's wallet and keys.
I know animals don't want to die,
which is why you shouldn't eat them,
But plants are sentimental beings too,
like dogs,
- dogs are sentimental beings too.
- Sentient, yeah?
- I know.
Maddison, Beatrice Boyd. Beatrice
Boyd, my assistant, Maddison.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Hiya.
This has been so great.
If you ever wanna talk
medicinal herbs, hit me up.
- Sure.
- I'm also studying
You know where to find me.
She seemed nice.
she was flirting her face off with you.
(SCOFFS) It comes with the
territory, jobs like this.
Well, it's not exactly grieving
girlfriend vibes, though, is it?
Lots of eyedrops. Mints.
READS: A great deal from one
St Ike's old boy to another.
Storage unit.
Storage card.
- Hi.
- Reuben's still working.
You think it's safe to
leave him there alone?
You tell me.
Beatrice Boyd was all over him.
Devastated, grieving Beatrice Boyd?
- Mm-hm.
- Well, that's interesting.
I wonder if all the Boyds' private
chefs get as warm a welcome.
Exactly. I found that in the
wastepaper basket in Louie's office.
Do you think there was something
going on between Beatrice and Tyler?
Well, if there was and
Louie confronted Tyler
Oh, come on, man. Did we just find
more motive for Reuben's bestie?
Or maybe if there was a love triangle
and the person at the centre of it
took matters into her own hands?
Beatrice. Yes.
Let's go with that version.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
Homeostatic mechanisms
of the digestive system.
- Sounds interesting.
- Uh-huh.
- What year of your degree are you?
- Third.
So, what are your thoughts
on the doctrine of signatures?
Cos I find it fascinating.
I'm studying to be a
herbalist, not a lawyer.
Oh, no, uh, the doctrine of signatures
is the idea that humans first discovered
the medicinal qualities of plants,
because their appearances gave us clues,
like the walnut's
resemblance to a human skull
means that its oil is good
for injuries to the head.
It's nature literally saying, oh,
hey, look at me; I can help you.
Well, nature is amazing.
- So Yeah.
- Except, of course, that the theory
has now been debunked as theological
and sometimes dangerous.
Why are you talking to me?
Well, like I said, I'm interested― -
Are you looking to score some weed?
- Absolutely not.
- Then, if you don't mind,
I'm studying.
- (BEEP!)
Deano here.
Hi, Deano.
Hey, uh, I'm hoping you can help me.
I'm having trouble with my swipe card,
the name's Louie Cutler.
Yeah, you're in arrears.
Come up and pay it now,
and I'll give you access.
Yeah, nah, that's not
gonna happen. Look, I'm
I'm actually investigating
the murder of the unit owner.
I'll need to see some police ID.
Left it at home. Maybe you could
just come to the unit with me.
No ID, no access.
Well, thank you very
much for your help anyway.
24 hours to get a warrant.
Or you could just show
up and flash your badge.
Or I could follow
protocol and keep my job.
(SCOFFS) Boring.
One cheese scone to go.
Thank you.
- Should I trust him?
- You didn't order a side salad,
it's probably OK.
Talk soon.
Yo. Thought working here
might chill you out a bit.
Reuben's got a good spot.
Must be nice, flying under the radar.
Tell me about the Boyd family.
Holden's a soda-swilling chump.
Mal's got a mean streak a mile wide,
and Karin is a blowhard,
who inflicts paleo smoothies
on her family every day,
- with dairy in them.
- What about Beatrice?
The only decent one.
Never had a problem with her.
Yeah? You socialise together often?
Ah, yeah. We were
celebrating her exam results.
Now, the word is that she's
already getting friendly with Reuben.
And by getting friendly,
I mean throwing herself at him.
It doesn't seem much like the
actions of a grieving woman.
Or maybe her relationship with Louie
wasn't the loving one her parents think.
What, do you think Bea did it,
put the shoots in my basket?
I don't know, she's studying
medicinal use of flora,
she ought to be able to identify
poisonous native plants.
You're barking up the wrong tree.
(CHUCKLES) Clever.
Beatrice loved that drop-kick Louie.
I don't know why, I wish it
wasn't true, but she loved him.
And the reason she's
flirting with Reuben
could be exactly the same
reason she flirted with me.
- And what's that?
- Bacon,
young vegans' biggest downfall.
Oh, that's Beatrice Boyd's
deep, dark secret?
Well, there is something else.
I can tell you why Beatrice
know her daisy's from her daffodils,
because ever since he
started working there,
Tyler has been helping
her with her homework.
Is that a euphemism?
Nuh. She's been failing all her courses.
He got her across the line
on her third-year assignment.
So, this is a woman who intends
setting up an actual practice
after she graduates? Remind me to avoid.
And Tyler reckons that she was too
much in love with Louie
to want him dead, so
Plus, if she was flunking her course,
would she even know that
tutu shoots are deadly?
Again, remind me to avoid this practice.
I found this in the glove
box of Louie's car.
READS: A great deal from one
St Ike's old boy to another.
So I wonder if Malcolm Boyd
was an old boy.
Nope. Went to state
high school on the Shore.
But let me try
Holden Boyd. Debating Club, fencing.
So, yeah, Holden and Louie
were at St Ike's together.
Louie was a couple years ahead.
You know, all this talk
about elite private schools
puts me in mind of hazing
and schoolboy pranks.
Like shaving eyebrows off for lolz?
Exactly like that.
So I wonder if whoever
shaved off Louie's eyebrows
was sending a message,
one old boy to another.
Let's go.
- Less again. Let's go. Come on.
Holden Boyd? Alexa Crowe.
I'd just like to ask you a few
questions about Louie Cutler.
Grab a coffee, bro.
- You're the detective, right?
- Yeah.
I thought Mum and
Dad told you where to go.
Well, they value their privacy,
and I certainly respect that, but,
hey, uh, this was found in Louie's car.
Any idea who sent it?
Yeah, me.
But I was being sarcastic.
There was no deal,
Dad just bought the car for
Louie from my dealership.
- You have a dealership?
- Yeah.
Dad likes to keep me busy.
Why did he give Louie a car?
He liked him, for some reason.
- You don't feel the same way?
My sister's never had
great taste in men.
So Mal gives him a car,
- anything else?
- What do you mean?
Louie wasn't a gold-digger, was he?
I mean, everything I've read suggests
that he was wealthy in his own right.
Yeah. Uh, he was loaded.
Was, let's just say he made
some bad investments recently.
Hey, have we got any lemonade?
- Yeah, I can organise that.
- Sweet.
- You know your way out, yeah?
- Yeah.
WHISPERS: I think we need to know more
about Louie's investment portfolio.
Well, there's a list of
companies in the case file.
See what you can dig up
on Mr Universe there.
I can't think of one reason why
she would be in my son's room.
Looking for Holden, I wanted to
see if he wanted fries again tonight.
There you go. Easy explanation.
I'd feel more comfortable
if you replaced her, Reuben,
- today.
- Look, I'm so sorry,
Mrs Boyd. It's just, um
Holden is smart and friendly
and so handsome and charming, I
Really? Holden?
He's amazing.
Well, yes. Yes, but you're
not here to lust after my son.
I promise I'll keep my
mind on the job from now on.
- Well, I'd appreciate that, Maddison.
- Sorry, Chef.
Are we good? Uh, cos you have
two dinner parties this week,
and we need to keep planning.
Consider this a first warning.
Thank you so much, Mrs Boyd.
- That was amazing.
- I know. (GIGGLES)
Hello again.
I'm standing at the address of a company
that Louie invested 100 grand in.
There's nothing here.
- Wait. What do you mean, nothing?
- I mean, Sinnet Drol Investments
is an empty bit of dirt.
The company director is, um,
Ryoma Echizen.
- You're kidding?
- You know him?
Yeah, he's an anime character
in this
obscure series called Lord of Tennis.
So our victim invested a hundred
grand in a non-existent company,
- run by an anime character?
- And guess who loves anime?
- Are you talking about me?
- Oh, um
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you again.
No, I Yes. Um,
I was telling my friend that you
and I share a passion for anime.
I heard you were in my room.
This is very embarrassing. Um,
I'm normally a lot cooler than this.
It's no drama.
You know, you've got
some pretty awesome stuff.
Did I see a 1980 Boba
Fett action figure?
- Yeah. Pretty rare, right?
- It's amazing.
Do you get a break any time soon?
Hey, thanks for getting
me my fries all the time.
It's my pleasure.
The last chef used to go
off his nut when I asked him.
Is that why he got sacked?
WHISPERS: He got sacked cos my
folks think he poisoned Bea's boyfriend.
WHISPERS: Oh. Did he?
I guess. I mean
Louie ate his dinner,
and then, you know, died.
So you do the math.
You don't seem that cut up,
if you don't mind me saying.
Sometimes people get what they deserve.
If Louie were here now, he'd be bossing
you around,
no please or thank you.
Wow. Sounds pleasant (!)
Wanna know a secret?
I've got a members' app
for the Burger Shack.
- Oh, right.
- And let's just say,
I have more than enough points
for two super-large combo meals.
That is impressive.
So how about it?
What, you'd like me to go
and pick up a combo for you?
No, I wanna take you to dinner.
Oh wow. Um
that is an amazing invitation,
but I have to work.
Your next day off, there's a sixer
of nuggets with your name on it.
- Burger Shack?
- Holden's ideal place for a first date.
I feel kind of bad for leading him on,
but then he also stole a hundred
grand from his sister's boyfriend,
so He has a society bank account
called Sinnet Drol.
That's Lord of Tennis
backwards, by the way.
Oh, yeah, I noticed that.
And there's Louie's investment.
But the day after it's deposited
here, it goes straight out again,
to the JBK Day Charity.
- Bullying Prevention.
- Why?
I mean, guilt for scamming him?
Or revenge.
When Holden said that Louie bullied the
what if he was a bully at school?
So Holden poisons him
and shaves his eyebrow
off as a final F-you.
Oh. But unfortunately,
he was with his family on the boat.
Was he?
You know something?
- Spill.
- Hmm.
Oh, you know something,
but you're not gonna tell.
Just like you do all the time.
Ooh, it's frustrating, isn't it?
His Burger Shack app,
You checked through all the history.
Oh, What? Well, thank
you for ruining my moment.
- Come on.
- Yes. According to the app,
Holden was in the city,
buying a shake and fries
from the Burger Shack drive-through.
So he was not on the boat.
- Good work, Maddison.
- Yeah, yeah.
Kia ora.
Guessing you're not here
to test drive a Ferrari.
- Sorry, I am really busy.
- Yeah, I'll keep it brief.
Why did you lie about being on the
family yacht trip,
the night Louie died?
I didn't lie. I was on the yacht.
You bailed early. You got off at
the Bay of Islands, and you flew home.
OK. Sure.
- Dad was on my case.
- What about?
About scamming Louie out of
$100,000 or was it something else?
How? Have you been?
Going through my personal business.
So you scammed Louie,
I'm guessing as payback
for bullying you at school,
but why'd you poison him?
What? I didn't kill him.
What did you do when you walked into the
and found Louie lying on the floor?
- That's not a fair question.
- What did you do?
- I don't have to say.
- Come on, Holden.
I shaved his eyebrow off, OK?
But I didn't know that he was sick,
I just thought that he was drunk.
You know, any half-decent
lawyer would really question
how you could mistake
a dying man for a drunk one.
Have you seen the security footage?
He was lurching all over the place.
He was falling into walls.
That's the effects of
severe tutin poisoning.
And you only saw that
footage after the fact.
Isn't that right, Holden?
- You made him cry.
- Did I? Jury's out.
Wow. You actually made a murder
suspect cry. Is that a first?
They usually bawl when you're
leading them away, don't they?
Not when I am very gently asking
them reasonable questions.
- Oh, is that what you do?
- Yeah.
And anyway, before the
snot and the tears,
I'm just not sure that
Holden's the type to kill.
Not that there is a type.
Right. If we've learned
anything over the years.
Here's your search warrant for
Louie's storage unit, by the way.
Oh! For me? Thanks.
I can't wait to shove this
in the manager's face.
- Sorry?
By which I meant
politely handing it
over for his perusal.
I understand you visited
my son's dealership today.
Yes, I did.
I will be filing a police
complaint for harassment.
Well, Detective Henare is right down
so that could save you some time.
Plus, you can tell him why
your family misled the Po
about Holden being on the yacht trip.
Holden had nothing to
do with what happened.
What could he possibly
have against Louie?
Well, Louie bullied him
all through high school.
Oh, please. High school.
- Everyone's moved on.
- Apparently not Holden.
There's always silly bickering in
families. It doesn't mean anything.
Why don't you ask Holden
about the investment advice
he gave Louie shortly before he died?
I will not. I came here to
tell you to leave my son alone.
You were supposed to be gathering
evidence against Tyler Wicks,
but I can see I have
to do your job for you.
- I found this on Louie's phone.
- I'm warning you!
Bea's not interested
in an old creep like you.
- Put the phone down.
- You can't even cook.
I've never had so much gastro in my life
until I start eating your filthy food!
Put the phone down so I
can knock your teeth out!
You found that on Louie's?
What were
you doing, going through Louie's phone?
That's your concern, not the
fact that Tyler threatened Louie?
Why didn't you show that to the police
when you first found it?
Harry, come here!
Mal and I agreed it would
upset Beatrice.
- Hello, Detective.
- Hello.
For some reason,
she has a soft spot for Tyler,
she still refuses to believe that
he deliberately killed Louie.
- So you're protecting Beatrice?
- That's all I ever do, Alexa,
protect my children.
But I hired someone who
has harmed my daughter,
taken her future away,
and I will have to live with
that for the rest of my life.
Would you be so kind
as to send us that video?
Making a murder suspect
cry, not a first,
but having one run home, tell
tales to Mama, that's a new one.
Deano, I'm here with a warrant
from my friends at the police
to search that storage unit.
Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?
Oh, man, what a tip!
Well, either Louie was a bit of a
pig or someone's been here before us.
Trashed the place? Why?
Searching for something?
You know, the payments on this place
started about the time
he moved in with Beatrice.
And what would Louie have to hide?
And who else was looking for it?
Well, Deano's CCTV should be
able to tell us who's been here.
So I guess that's our
entertainment for the evening.
Well, I have a three-course dinner
to prepare for family of the year,
so you'll be scrolling on your own.
- (SIGHS) Great (!)
Oh, look, Chowder,
another empty corridor.
Well, hello, Karin.
Oh, I found out Louie had
a storage unit months ago.
Didn't think anything of it.
But when he died
Bea was so heartbroken.
I wanted to check his belongings,
to make sure there wasn't anything
else to upset her even more.
- Like what?
- Oh, I don't know.
He was a party boy when they met,
who knows what relics from his old
life might have been in there?
I knew at some point she'd go
through it, so I got there first.
- And was there anything?
- No.
Thank God. Now, I have
an interior designer due,
- so if that's all
- Sure. I'll see myself out.
- Hello.
- Heard you were back to bother us.
- Oh, am I interrupting something?
- Yeah, we're celebrating.
Bea just got an A-plus
for her assignment.
Oh. Well, congratulations.
Mind if I ask you a
couple of quick questions?
Yeah, we would actually,
after the
offensive things you said to Holden.
Well, what was I supposed to think?
The boy bails on a family yacht
trip the same night that Louie died,
and nobody said anything to the police.
It wasn't relevant.
We know who killed Louie,
it was Tyler Wicks.
- Dad.
- It's true, sweetheart.
I saw a video of Louie yelling
at Tyler for hanging around you.
Well, he sometimes got
jealous, showed he cared.
And Tyler did have an unhealthy
interest, scumbag.
And what about lately,
have you seen Tyler, spoken to him?
Of course she hasn't.
The man killed her fiance.
Nope. Not a word.
OK. Well,
So you were helping Beatrice
with her uni assignments?
- Cos, let's face it, she's not the brightest bulb.
- Uh-huh.
But she just got an
A-plus on her latest work,
were you helping her with that too?
I haven't had any contact with
the Boyds since I got the boot,
- so no.
- Hey, Alexa.
Look, I did a deep dive into Louie's
old social media accounts,
anything he'd hidden or deleted,
did an image-match search,
and look what came up. Here he is,
using the account name of L Cutty Grass.
It hasn't been active for
five years, but pre-Beatrice,
- he was a player.
- Yeah, that's what Karin said.
Mm. Well, that's interesting,
this album here, he has the privacy
settings set to just him.
- Do it, do it, do it. ♪
- (CLICK!)
- (DING!)
- Oh!
Who's the sexy lady?
He saved the pics from his own device,
so I can't see who they've come from.
Looks like she's got a surgical scar.
Oh wow.
Oh, you know something?
- Dish.
And there's absolutely
no way you know about this.
I heard Karin speaking about an
operation when she was young,
a kidney removed.
OK, this looks like
it's a shared computer.
- Can you get into it?
- Uh-huh.
Family photos, work stuff.
- Well, there's a file called 'Beatrice'.
- That might be it.
I think we just found
exactly what we're looking for.
What are you doing?
Why are you in my parents' room?
Uh, we have a bit of a situation.
Who are you talking to?
- Who is this?
- Holden, don't mind Maddison.
She's just trying to figure out
which of your parents killed Louie.
No, I have no time to talk.
I've an urgent staffing
matter to attend to.
Oh, right, the thing about
Maddison snooping in your room,
yeah. Kind of unfortunate,
but gives me a chance to talk to you
about that affair you had
with Louie six years ago.
And before you deny it,
I've seen the pictures,
the ones that you sent him.
That's what you were looking for
that day at the storage unit,
wasn't it?
But little did you know that he
had saved a whole heap of them
in a private album.
Have you told anyone? Please
Please don't. Mal and I
(TUTS) Going through a rough patch.
I met Louie at an event, and
it was a stupid, stupid midlife crisis.
Lasted maybe two months.
It must have been interesting
when, a couple of years later,
your precious daughter walked in
hand in hand with your
long-buried dirty secret.
Louie was as shocked as I was.
When we got a moment alone,
we both agreed never to mention it,
- ever.
- It just seems like
maybe someone else did
find out about it,
maybe Mal.
My husband is a sweet and loving man.
He would not hurt a fly.
So what would you rather,
that he finds out you had
an affair with Louie?
Or that you killed him?
See, I'm 99% sure that you did kill him,
the other 1% involves finding
out whether Mal knew or not.
- Maybe I'll just go ask him.
- No, no! No. No.
Oh, because then it would
all be pointless, right?
I mean, Louie's dead,
and Malcolm finds out.
Sure, Louie promised
never to tell anyone,
but you still couldn't relax with him
about to become part of your family.
You were terrified every day of
your secret somehow coming out.
You decided to bury it again.
Tyler said you insisted on making
smoothies for your family
every morning, the perfect
way to slowly poison Louie,
with everyday over-the-counter eyedrops.
You made him sick, but not sick enough.
Tetrahydrozoline poisoning takes months,
and you had a wedding coming up.
You're suggesting I somehow have a
wide knowledge of poisonous plants?
Well, you do, because you
helped Beatrice with her study.
- In fact, you did it for her.
- Oh, please.
Tyler did it for the nine
months that he was working here.
But before he arrived, it was all you.
That's what Maddison was
looking for in your room,
and that's what she found.
In Beatrice's first-year studies,
you read that the tutu plant
could be found in native bush
all over Auckland.
So you went foraging.
You snuck in early the morning
of your yacht-trip departure
and replaced Tyler's wild asparagus,
which you knew he'd be
using in the stir-fry
you instructed him to make for Louie.
Thanks to your efforts
with the eyedrops,
Louie's immune system was already weak,
the tutu plant just
pushed him over the edge.
I had no choice.
I begged Louie to leave her,
I offered him money,
he refused.
He loved her.
But all I could see was
this unbearable future,
Louie at every family event.
I didn't wanna hurt him.
But my husband,
my family,
they're everything.
Ah good.
Please don't tell them why.
Just don't tell them why.
This woman was trespassing
in my bedroom,
stealing, I'd say.
- Hello, darling.
- Oh, hey, sweetheart.
Just going to, um,
pop down to the station for a bit.
- Karin?
- Well, great work, team.
Hear that, Reuben? We're a team now.
Uh, no, thanks. Get me back to my cafe.
My undercover days are over.
OK, so gather round, guys.
This is the first dish that
Tyler taught me.
And here's what this guy taught me.
Do we get to vote on
which one of these is best?
Well, just enjoy it.
It's the least I
could do for all of you, even you.
You're welcome, mate.
And this guy is wasted here.
Why don't you come and work for me?
I've got a superyacht contract lined up.
Nah, this place is more my style.
- You don't miss the excitement?
- No, of course he doesn't.
There is something to be said for
just walking away from all that
- and choosing an easy life.
- Right.
- Is that what you've done, Alexa?
- I try.
Oh, not very hard. (GIGGLES)
there's a guy who keeps inviting
me to coffee with an ulterior motive.
Oi, kai's getting cold.
- Do you want me to stop?
- She does not.
That's the Reuben I remember.
- Hey, what's this?
- Not ravioli.
You, yes, you. No feeding the swans.
There are signs everywhere.
Now, hand over the bread.
Well, it's ballet, Harry,
and a man in tights.
Someone is killed with a bow and arrow,
and the archery guy
doesn't hear about it?
Why would I go to the studio late at
and put two arrows in her back?
What sort of police officer would invent
a child,
and then steal from a tutor?
Grace took it. She's very naughty.
When I was a kid, I had an
imaginary friend to blame things on too.
- She's totally done this before.
- Yeah.
No, not for decades.
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