My Life with the Walter Boys (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome to Colorado

["Hallucinate" playing]
Pocketful of honey ♪
And I'm ready to go
Then I'ma love you like a fool ♪
Breathe you in till I hallucinate ♪
[overlapping chatter]
- I hallucinate ♪
- [camera clicks]
When you call my name ♪
Got stars in my eyes ♪
And they don't fade
When you come my way ♪
I'm losing my mi-mi-mi-mind ♪
Mi-mi-mi-mind ♪
Mi-mi-mi-mind ♪
Mi-mi-mind ♪
- Jackie!
- Did you check in with the caterers?
Canapés are going out in ten minutes.
Great. Thank you.
Wow, Jackie, this is so awesome.
Can't believe you pulled it off.
The Events Committee is gonna be stoked.
I hope so. The photo booth alone
has raised over a thousand dollars
for charity so far.
I'm gonna run
for Events chair next semester.
Jackie, we're freshmen.
Only juniors and seniors
can be committee chairs.
We'll see.
Anyways, it looks like the entire
senior class of Saint Aldrich is here.
Jackie, hello? Are you with me?
Okay. I see.
Expecting someone in particular?
My sister.
Oh, Lucy's home?
For spring break.
My parents picked her up
from Bennington earlier.
She should be here by now.
Oh my God.
This is going to be the best night ever.
[man] Jackie.
Uncle Richard?
What are you doing here?
[somber music playing]
Just about time ♪
Before I'm right on the money ♪
You cover up my eyes ♪
Lay me down
And tell me all of their lies ♪
Hanging by a thread ♪
[Jackie] Hi, Uncle Richard.
[Richard] Hey.
Was your flight okay?
[Jackie] Fine.
Are you doing okay?
[Richard] Listen, I'm sorry I couldn't
come with you to meet the Walters. I
I think I see them. I better go.
[Richard] Jackie,
I know it's a big change.
Keep your head up.
I'm here whenever you need me.
All right? Text me later.
- Okay.
- [phone beeps]
- Hi.
- Hi. [chuckles]
I'm so happy you're here.
Thanks, Katherine.
So, um
- Over here.
- Thank you.
Remember George?
Hi, George.
[George] Hi, Jackie.
How how was everything?
- Was the flight okay?
- [Jackie] Yeah. Yeah.
Do you need anything before we go?
Get something to eat or coffee?
I'm okay.
They can make you wait ♪
They can make you wait ♪
And they can make you wait
For a lifetime ♪
And as New York Fashion Week
gets off to a fabulous start,
the industry paid tribute
to fashion designer Angelica Howard,
her husband, and eldest daughter,
who six months ago, tragic
[heartfelt music playing]
Honey, do you need any help with the bags?
- [George] No.
- Thanks.
[car door closes]
You okay?
Let's get you inside.
We'll introduce you to everybody.
[phone ringing]
Jamal, why are you calling me?
I'm not the doctor on call.
[boy] Hi.
- Danny.
- Jackie.
Well, did you take his vitals?
- [George] Whoa! Whoa! Benny, stop running.
- I'm not running!
[video game noises]
Oh. Hey, guys.
Guys, can you stop that for a second?
This is Jackie.
Jackie, that's Alex and Isaac.
What's up?
Got another bag if you can go grab it.
Uh, yeah. Yeah. Sure thing.
- [Katherine] He's still vomiting?
- [George] Straight ahead is the kitchen.
- I'm gonna take these up to your room.
- [Katherine] Yes, for the anxiety.
Okay, it sounds like I'm probably gonna
have to try to sedate her too.
[mouths] It's lemonade.
- Thanks.
- [Katherine] How much does he weigh?
Okay, I have to write that down.
And you looked through the otoscope?
How long has he been there?
Did Dr. Morris give you any indication
of how long he might be?
No, no, no.
It's just the worst possible timing.
I told you that Jackie was coming today.
Okay. No, of course.
No, just tell her I'll be right there.
Okay, thank you.
Jackie, I'm so sorry. I have to go.
Oh, thank God. Will's here.
Come on.
Jackie. This is Will.
Will, this is Jackie.
- Will's our oldest and he's the best.
- Jackie, welcome.
[Katherine] I have to go to the clinic.
So can you take over
and get Jackie all settled in?
She's already met, um
Danny, Isaac, Alex, and, um
- Benny.
- [Will] Yes.
I cannot believe
I'm getting called in right now.
[sighs] Okay, so
- [George] What? You have to leave?
- Yes.
But Will's gonna take over.
[Katherine] Jackie, I'm so sorry.
I promise I will be back
as soon as I possibly can.
Don't worry. Hope the dog's okay.
Thank you.
See ya.
And, hey, Jackie,
I am always around here somewhere.
If you need anything, call me, okay?
I gotta get out to the orchard.
Uncle George, wait for me.
So, the Tony Hawk wannabe is Lee.
We've met.
- [Will] Nathan.
- [knocks]
This is Jackie.
It's nice to finally meet you.
Thanks. You too.
Come on.
[punk music playing]
I'm hard of hearing,
so if I'm not looking at you
or there's a lot of background noise,
I won't understand. Just FYI.
Okay, thank you.
Yeah. Keep the energy in it.
Keep the energy.
- [girl] My shoe!
- [music stops]
Hey, everyone, this is Jackie.
- Hey. [laughs]
- Oh! Yes!
[Will] That's Parker over there,
and that's Benny.
[horse neighs]
[mystical music playing]
Wanna introduce yourselves?
She'll figure it out.
[Will] That's Cole.
Um, hi.
Jordan, aspiring film director.
Leave her alone, Jordan. Come on.
Gotta go for him, Benny.
Go for him!
[Will] Albert, no!
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. I'm fine.
[Will] You know what? Come on.
I'll show you to your room upstairs.
[Jackie] Okay.
Hey, start bringing
Jackie's stuff upstairs. Okay?
Come on.
- Cole.
- I heard you.
[Jordan] Whoa! Whoa! Too close.
[ethereal music playing]
Jackie, I'm so sorry.
Try not to take it personally.
Um, Will, how many of these kids
are George and Katherine's?
Oh. You didn't know.
All of them. There's eight of us kids.
Plus Lee and Isaac
are cousins on Dad's side.
My Uncle Richard said
you had a big family, but I mean, I had
Wait, you all live here?
No. I live in town
with my fiancée, Hayley,
but everyone else, yeah.
This is your room.
It was my mom's art studio.
Will, are you gonna help?
There's a ton of stuff to bring up.
- I can do it.
- No.
You make yourself at home, okay?
Yeah. Don't worry about it, New York.
[somber music playing]
Can you drop the attitude?
I'm helping, aren't I?
You know what she's been through.
Even you must feel sorry for her.
She'll have to learn
to take a little rough and tumble.
She'll never survive here otherwise.
[music builds]
[Will] Holy
Told you.
[Katherine] Jackie, it's me.
Can I come in?
Will told me
about what happened at the pool.
I am so sorry about Albert.
He just gets really excited sometimes.
So how are you settling in?
Can I get you anything? I'm sorry
that there's not more room up here yet.
[Jackie] It's fine.
I'm sorry I'm taking your space.
[Katherine] Oh, please.
I do not have time to paint anymore
with all the kids running around.
I want you to have it.
- How'd it go with the surgery?
- [Katherine] Oh, um,
It went well.
Uh, turns out Bo
had a really bad ear infection.
He's gonna be fine.
But it was bothering him,
and it was bothering his owner.
Did you study veterinary medicine
at Columbia?
I saw the picture of you and my mom.
No. Uh, I got my first degree at Columbia,
and then I went to vet school
at Colorado State.
Such a long time ago.
You're so much like her.
Everyone says that.
Lucy looks
Um Lucy looked more like Dad.
Well, it's not just your looks.
You have her poise. Her
She talked about you and Lucy
all the time.
She talked about you too.
So, how come I hadn't met you
before the funeral?
Actually, we did meet,
when you were really little.
But then it got so hard
for your mom and me to get together.
We'd manage every couple of years,
but we talked on the phone and we'd text.
The last time I saw her,
she was at Telluride
for that film she did the costumes for.
I remember.
I was actually planning a trip
to come see her when
the accident happened.
[somber music playing]
Jackie, I know coming here
is hard for you.
And I cannot even begin to imagine
what you're going through.
But you know it's what your mom wanted.
I mean, your Uncle Richard, he loves you.
But he travels so much for work.
And your mom really wanted you
to have a stable family around you.
You get that, right?
I know. I do.
I loved your mom.
And we made a promise to each other
that we would always be there
for each other's families
if they ever needed us.
And I wanna be here for you.
If you'll let me.
Are you hungry?
We're about to have dinner.
Uh, not really.
I'm pretty tired.
Well, just come down
if you change your mind.
[Lee] Ah! Ah! I got you.
[Alex] Benny!
[rock music playing over speaker]
[George] Nathan, I'm ready here.
[Lee] No, no, no, no, no, no!
[indistinct chatter]
That is good.
[Jordan] Parker, move, please.
[Parker] Benny!
Is she not coming out?
She doesn't want a burger?
I think she's a little overwhelmed.
It's a lot to take in.
[Cole] Go deeper than that.
We're a lot to take in.
[Isaac] Get over here!
[Lee] Ah! Ah! I got you.
Whoa. Hey.
I think we just have to give her
some space.
Of course.
And we're gonna look out for her.
- Yeah.
- She's a part of our family now.
- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
[horse neighs]
[rooster crows]
["After the Earthquake" playing]
[Katherine] Lee, I hear that skateboard.
That's gonna stay home.
If you ride it in school again,
you'll get a suspension.
- [Lee] But Aunt Katherine
- No more buts.
We have no more buts to be had.
[Nathan] Mom.
Drive-through crying and a milkshake ♪
- Why are you laughing at me?
- I'm not.
You're gonna have to rewrite
that history paper on modern warfare.
- It turns out One second, please.
- Mom.
You were playing with the station ♪
And I was fidgeting ♪
- Mom.
- [Katherine] Jordan, what is it?
I can't find Rumple.
- Yeah.
- Honey.
Okay. Everybody keep an eye out
for Rumple, all right?
Bus is leaving in five.
Climb your way out of your wake now ♪
- Hang on a second. Where's Benny? Benny!
- We gotta go though.
Flowers at your feet ♪
- [Katherine] There you are!
- [Parker] Bye, guys. I love you.
Got it?
- Parker, honey, you got your lunch?
- [Parker] Yup.
Everything? You sure?
I'll see you later.
Don't mess with that. That's for Jackie.
- Good morning, honey. How'd you sleep?
- Fine.
Good. So, listen.
I left you breakfast right there.
The boys'll take you to school.
I'll see you later.
I can't wait to hear
all about your whole day.
All right? Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Jordan. Come on.
Bye, everybody. I love you.
[kids] Love you, Mom.
Is the color of burning embers ♪
If you wake up, will you remember ♪
The awful things I said ♪
At the edge of your bed? ♪
Thrashing like a great white ♪
Is the color of burning embers ♪
All right.
If you wake up, will you remember ♪
The awful things I said ♪
At the edge of your bed? ♪
Thrashing like a great white ♪
As they rolled you up on the stretcher ♪
And the faint words
Of Jessica Fletcher ♪
Were drowned out by the sound
Of racket in the hall ♪
Come on, New York. Get in.
[Isaac] I don't really care school,
but we're gonna be late.
[indistinct chatter]
[engine starts]
["Tick Tick Boom" playing over speakers]
Yeah, I was right all along ♪
Yeah, you come tagging along ♪
Exhibit A on a tray ♪
What you say
As I throw it in your face? ♪
[boy] Yo, Cole. What's up, man?
Exhibit B, what you see? ♪
[boy 2] Hey, wait up.
[overlapping chatter]
Hey, guys, we got a full car today,
so that means, Isaac,
no offering rides to random cheerleaders.
- [Isaac] Okay!
- Hey, and we leave at 3:30. Okay?
[Issac] Don't shut the door, Alex.
Hey, sharp, 3:30 sharp
- [Isaac] Okay!
- Okay.
[somber music playing]
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
We'll show you where your class is.
- Really?
- [Nathan] Yeah.
Can't have you getting lost
on your first day.
[heartfelt music playing]
So, what do you think?
It's big.
Not like
them fancy Manhattan schools, huh?
Good luck today, New York.
Is she his girlfriend?
Yeah, sometimes. Cole doesn't really date.
Like, he has girls he hooks up with,
but he always ends up back with Erin.
[overlapping chatter]
Here it is.
- Good luck.
- [sighs]
Hi, Alex. Can I sit here?
Don't stop for me.
No, it's okay. I've read it before.
All right, everybody.
Settle down. Take your seats.
It seems we have a new student.
Jackie, can you stand up
and tell us something about yourself?
Hi, I'm Jackie Howard,
and I just moved here from New York.
And what brings you
from the Big Apple to Silver Falls?
- I
- Uh
Change of scenery.
You know, just getting
some of that good old country air.
Right, Jackie?
[teacher] Thank you, Jackie.
All right then.
Everyone make Jackie feel welcome.
And turn to page 57 in your textbooks.
Paige, can you read
the first paragraph for us?
"The Treaty of Versailles was signed"
You don't have a book yet, right?
[girl] "It set up peace terms
between the Allied forces and Germany"
[tender music playing]
[bell rings]
[woman] Tara, I need you to listen to me.
I read about this new app.
- It sounds
- No.
I don't have the time.
Besides, have you seen
the men in this county?
- No offense to the one you're marrying.
- [woman] None taken.
Come on. It's worth a try.
- Let me just set you up a profile.
- I don't know.
I don't wanna have to shave
and, like, think of things to say.
- I'll just embarrass myself or end up
- [knocking]
Hold on one sec, Hayley.
We have an appointment.
Oh, shoot. Uh, Jackie?
Come in. Come in. Come in. Please.
Just take a seat.
I'm Tara Jacobs. You can call me Tara.
- So Hayley. Are you still there?
- [Hayley]Yeah.
- I'll call you later.
- [Hayley] Okay.
Sorry about that.
So, how's your first day going?
Must be quite a change
from your last school.
[Jackie] A little.
Can I talk to you about my classes?
I'm used to doing more challenging work.
Sure. Let me just
take a look at your transcripts.
Wow, very impressive.
I also, uh, spoke to your Uncle Richard.
He's worried about how you're coping.
I'm coping fine.
My grades are excellent.
Yes, they are.
You also added a number of new activities
since your family's accident.
Have you been
spreading yourself a little thin?
There's a girl, Sarah Yolden,
at my old school,
and she got a scholarship
to study endangered plants in Brazil,
and she published her findings
in a national magazine.
And another girl, Abby Sederson,
she was first chair for violin
and performed at Carnegie Hall.
I can't just get good grades
if I want to go to Princeton.
My application needs to be exceptional.
[Tara] Right.
Are you only looking at Princeton?
I mean, that's a tough school to get into.
Maybe we could, uh, think about a backup,
you know, take the pressure off a little.
My dad went to Princeton.
I've wanted to go there my whole life.
My last school was
very supportive of my goals.
But now, yeah, I'm stuck here
in the middle of nowhere
without my friends.
Your uncle actually told me
you had stopped seeing your friends.
That if you weren't at school
or your extracurriculars,
you just stayed at home alone.
Yeah, because my family died!
All of them, and
And nobody knows what to say to you
when that happens. So
No, I didn't stop seeing my friends.
They stopped seeing me.
[Tara] Oh, Jackie.
I really want to help you.
Give us a chance, please. [chuckles]
This is a good school.
Okay. Um, let me just take a peek.
Okay, I see you were on the track team
and student council at your old school.
- Let me see what I can do.
- Plus
I need to be in at least four AP classes
to keep up my average.
We only offer AP English and Biology
for sophomore year.
Fine. I'll take those.
[Tara] Jackie.
You need to be easier on yourself.
Princeton will understand.
[overlapping chatter]
Should we invite her to sit down?
- Yeah, I'll go grab her.
- Yeah.
[Cole] Hey.
What you doing?
Getting lunch?
Let me help you.
It's okay.
Excuse me. You mind if I slide ahead?
- Where you going?
- See you later.
These are always good.
I don't know what's happening right now.
Hold this.
I have money.
Lunch can be rough on your first day.
All right, everyone. This is New York.
New York this is everyone.
It's Jackie, actually.
[Cole] Sit.
Move over.
It's pretty cramped already.
Hold that.
You can have my seat.
You should text Ruby about this weekend.
[girl] Come on.
Boom! [laughs]
Did you see that?
That, my friend, is how it's done.
Sorry. I guess
I'm not really in the mood to
[girl] Okay.
Who are you
and what've you done with Alex Walter?
Ha, ha, ha.
[girl] Seriously.
Alex, what?
Is it Paige?
[sighs] You know I told you
about that girl moving in.
Well, Cole.
What's he done now?
Nothing yet, but
You know what he's like.
Indeed, I do.
What do you care?
Oh, God.
You're not
Not again.
Are you
- [whispers] Do you like her?
- No.
- Oh my God.
- [Alex] No. Just
Forget it. Come on. Let's play again.
[sighs] Okay.
Okay. So, I need you in groups of three.
One person in each group
Thank you. This is mine now.
needs to identify the equipment,
one person writes down the results,
and the third mixes the liquid.
Okay, let's go.
Would you like to, um
Excuse me. Uh, would you
Jackie, right?
Hi. I'm Skylar.
You can join us if you want.
You know my name?
Everyone knows your name.
We don't get many newbies here.
- Grace.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Sky. You know that new girl
who was sitting with Cole Walter?
Apparently her mom
was some fashion designer,
and she died six months ago
in a car accident with her whole family.
- It was really sad, actually.
- Hi.
Holy sh
What she means is sorry.
Yeah. I'm really super sorry.
I didn't know you were right there.
It's fine.
So, sorry, how do you know Cole?
I don't really know him. We only just met.
And he just told you to sit with him?
He was just being nice.
[both laugh]
Okay, no.
- Cole Walter doesn't do nice.
- No.
Okay, enough.
Don't give Jackie your bad habits.
Jackie, I see you did really well
in chemistry at your last school.
Maybe you can help these two focus.
[clears throat]
[whistle blowing]
Let's go. Hit it like it stole something.
Come on. Stay low, Tripp.
You all right?
Let's go. Let's go. Hit it. Stay low.
Run Indiana.
Cole. What are you doing here?
What's up, Coach?
Just, uh, habit, I guess.
I mean, I just
I don't know what else to do.
You know,
I could use your help
coaching some of the younger kids.
Might look good
on your college applications.
I'll think about it.
All right, let's go, gentlemen.
Come on. Hustle.
Hey, Cole!
Heads up.
[overlapping chatter]
- Hey.
- Hey!
- Hi.
- You must be Jackie.
- Right.
- I'm Kiley.
Nice to meet you.
You moved in with the Walters, right?
- Yes.
- Wait. Wait. Wait.
- What?
- Alex told me.
[chuckles] Jackie, you're, like,
the luckiest girl in this whole school.
- Grace.
- What?
I mean, think about it.
Jackie's landed in boy heaven, okay?
There's there's Danny
with the actory-brooding thing going on.
There's, uh, Isaac, the cool dude.
Alex, the bookish shy guy.
Nathan, the musician.
Lee, the edgy skater.
And then, of course,
there's there's Cole.
I don't get it.
What makes him so special?
Okay. Jackie. Jackie.
Look at me. Look at me.
Listen. You can't define it, okay?
It's just the Cole Effect.
Really? The "Cole Effect"?
[Grace] Yes, the Cole Effect, okay?
It's why all the senior boys
are like, "What's up, bro?"
when they see him
and why the freshman girls
line the parking lot at 3:30 every day
just to see him drive past.
[upbeat music playing]
I gotta go.
You came with Cole?
[music builds]
Hey, wait!
I'm sure they just forgot.
They always get out real quick
after class ends.
Aw, Jackie, it's okay.
I'll give you a ride.
- Kiley, are you coming?
- Uh, no, I've got work.
- [Grace] Aw.
- You have a job?
She has all the jobs. [chuckles]
- Later.
- Bye.
[Skylar] Catch you, Kiley.
Cole waits for no one. [chuckles]
[Grace] Yeah.
- Oh no.
- I mean, we have so What?
Okay, just keep going.
Okay, there she is. Hey.
Jackie, right?
Hi. Erin?
Look, I don't know
who you think you are or whatever,
but just so you know,
Cole's only being nice to you
'cause his mom told him to.
Yeah. Sounds like classic Cole.
Trust me,
Cole likes his girls a lot less vanilla
than Miss J. Crew over here.
It's Ralph Lauren.
- What?
- "Keep your hands off my guy"?
What happened to female solidarity?
I don't know what the problem is.
I'm not interested in Cole,
and he's not interested in me either.
Like you said, he was just being nice.
Just watch it.
I'm not buying
this Little Orphan Annie act.
I love your bag.
It looks almost authentic.
It is authentic.
No, I don't think so.
My mom designed a range for that brand.
The leather's too thin and the logo
should be stitched on the inside,
not printed.
Shall we check?
[suspenseful music playing]
- Oh my God. [laughs]
- Can you believe?
- [Grace] That was insane.
- [Skylar] Right?
- You were like, "Is it authentic?"
- [Skylar] She's, "It's Ralph Lauren."
[Grace] I'm, like, hello?
Oh my gosh.
- That was mean of me.
- She deserved it.
Just stop. I actually think you deserve
ice cream after that performance.
Yeah. Let's go to Monty's.
- Sure, I could go for some ice cream.
- [Grace] Okay, then, let's go.
[tranquil music playing]
[George] You seeing that
with your trees too?
Well, what's the game plan?
Oh, he's gonna spray.
What's he gonna use?
Yeah, that makes sense.
All right.
Well, listen. I think, um
Look, I think we should pull
the ag meeting up to this week.
All right, I'll call everybody. Okay.
Thanks, Stan.
What was that about?
[sighs] Stan's seeing the parasites
on his trees too.
So's a lot of other people.
I heard some clients
at the clinic talking about it.
Well, we're gonna have to figure this out.
Is Jackie home yet?
Um, you know, I haven't seen her.
[Katherine] Good.
She called to say she was
going out for ice cream with friends.
- Oh, well, that's a good sign.
- [Katherine] Yeah, it is.
- Come on, Cowboy.
- [George] How was your ride?
- Great. See you, handsome.
- [George] Good. I'll see ya.
[cheerful music playing]
- [Skylar] Don't forget the ice cream.
- Yeah.
[Grace] Okay. Have a good night.
[car door closes]
Thanks for the ride.
- Yeah. Which room is Cole's?
- Grace. Cut it out.
[chuckles] Bye, Jackie.
Yeah. Have a good night
with all those Walter boys, Jackie.
- Bye.
- [Jackie] Bye.
Bye. [chuckles]
[horse neighs in distance]
[ethereal music playing]
- Yeah! Let's go!
- Yes!
[sportscaster chattering on TV]
- [Danny] Yes!
- What did I tell you? What did I tell you?
[man on TV]
What a play by the sophomore superstar.
There appears to be a flag on the play.
Obviously they're gonna decline that
Oh, what the hell? He was off
Okay. That wasn't
They're gonna call that.
- [Danny] Oh!
- I told you. I told you.
Ah, there you are.
How was your day?
It was okay.
I met some nice people.
[Katherine] Oh, good.
I brought this.
[Katherine] Oh, thank you.
I'm gonna hide that in the freezer.
Don't tell anyone it's there.
- It's just for us.
- [George] I heard that.
How's Bo?
Oh, he's doing well, actually. I think
he's gonna be up and about in no time.
Thanks for asking.
- I'll be right down.
- Okay.
Hey, honey. Are you, uh
are you about ready?
All right. I'm gonna go get them.
[rock music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Can I help?
Oh! No, thanks. Just have a seat.
That's my seat.
Oh, sorry.
Oh, hey, Jordan.
Can you go grab another chair.
- Please?
- [mouths] Yeah.
[Katherine] Parker,
put your napkin on your lap.
- All right. Bon appétit.
- Thanks.
[Danny] Whoa. Whoa.
[Jordan] Rumple!
[Katherine] Oh my God.
Can I help you with your sweater?
No, it's fine. It's fine. I'm fine.
[boys laughs]
You guys.
You guys, stop.
Stop it!
I know it's a bit of an adjustment
to have a new person in the house, but
Jackie has been through
more than any of us can imagine.
So I just need you all
to understand that.
And we're gonna treat her
with kindness and with respect
just like you do
everyone else in the world. Understood?
Let's eat.
What are you doing in here?
I take it someone might not be over
their close encounter with the wildlife.
I'm kidding.
But your face when you pulled Rumple out
was it was something, I tell ya.
- Rumple?
- [Cole] Yeah.
Rumplesnakeskin. Jordan's snake.
Any other dangerous animals
I should know about?
Just Isaac.
[both chuckle]
Okay, let's go.
What? No, I have homework.
I got home late, remember?
Yes. About that.
I should have waited for you.
Yeah. You should have.
It's been
a day.
Let me make it up to you.
[bright music playing]
[Cole] Hey. Hey, boy.
Can you toss me that?
Just a half scoop is good.
[horse nickers]
- [shaking horse feed]
- There you go. There you go.
You ride?
I took lessons in school,
but I quit after seventh grade.
Just too many extracurriculars.
And honestly, I didn't really like it.
I mean, horses, they're
they're big.
And they have minds of their own,
and they're unpredictable.
Only if you don't know how to treat them.
It looks like you do.
[Cole] I've been riding all my life.
This is Custard.
He's a beauty.
He is.
I named him when I was, like, six. Okay?
Here. Wanna feed him a little?
- [horse whinnies]
- [Cole] It's okay. It's okay.
You're okay.
Hello, beautiful.
Let me take you out for a ride.
Like I said, I I don't really like it.
Oh, come on. Trust me, you'll like it.
[Alex clears throat]
What's up?
Erin's here.
That's my cue.
See you later, New York.
[Alex] He show you the horses?
Just Custard.
Oh, yeah.
He's a beaut.
Murphy's my favorite, though.
Wanna see?
He's been with us since he was born.
He's old but he's real special.
You all ride?
All us kids?
Yeah. Some better than others.
You'll have to learn
if you're gonna be a real Walter.
I'm not a Walter.
I'm a Howard.
Oh, yeah.
Sorry, I didn't mean
It's okay.
[tender music playing]
Thanks for sticking up for me.
Before. In class.
[Alex] Sure. Yeah.
I'm gonna
[Alex] Hey, Jackie?
Tomorrow will be easier, okay?
You said you were gonna call me.
Yeah. Well
something came up.
I'll see you tomorrow?
[starts car]
["Overdrive" playing]
My love, would you walk ♪
For hours just to talk? ♪
You gotta hurry,
or they're gonna beat you to the bathroom.
- All right, night, Mom.
- Go.
You did it better ♪
Covered in leather ♪
Now you are in overdrive ♪
Oh, young, were we? ♪
But I'm sick of saying ♪
You made me weak at the knees ♪
'Cause I was running ♪
And I could go for miles ♪
Give me a reason ♪
Now I'm in overdrive ♪
Put me in overdrive ♪
Put me in overdrive ♪
[Cole] Hey.
You okay?
- You?
- I'm good.
I don't wanna do this again
If you're gonna break my heart ♪
I'm tearing at the seams ♪
Can't believe
It's gotta be this hard ♪
You told me
That I was all you could see ♪
But you kept me in the dark ♪
Put me in overdrive ♪
Put me in overdrive ♪
Put me in overdrive ♪
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