My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s01e07 Episode Script


(Fluttershy gags and spits) Fluttershy: Not too fast now, Angel Bunny.
(Angel gulps noisily) You don't wanna get a tummyache.
You really should eat more than that, don't you think? (giggles) It's not playtime yet! (Angel hopping) I know you wanna run, but Just three more bites? Two more bites? (carrot scrapes ground) One more bite? Pretty please? (boot) (Fluttershy sighs) (Angel coughs) Oh! Goodness, are you okay? (Angel coughs twice) Are you coughing because there's a carrot stuck in your throat? (Angel coughs twice) Because you need some water? (Angel coughs very loudly, Fluttershy gasps) Because of that giant cloud of scary black smoke?! (carrot thumps Fluttershy's head) (sheepishly) I'll take that as ayes.
(theme song begins) My Little Pony, My Little Pony, ah, ah, ah, ah, (My Little Pony) Twilight: I used to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony) Until you all shared its magic with me Rainbow Dash: Big adventure Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun Rarity: A beautiful heart Applejack: Faithful and strong Fluttershy: Sharing kindness Twilight: It's an easy feat All: And magic makes it all complete, yeah (My Little Pony) Do you know you're all my very best friends (ponies chattering) Fluttershy: Help! Help! Please? Help? There's a horrible cloud of smoke! It's headed this way, and- (Fluttershy shrieks, Rainbow Dash bounces ball) Rainbow Dash: Don't be such a scaredy-pony.
It's just me.
Future Equestria ball-bouncing record-holder.
Two forty-six, two forty-seven Pinkie Pie: This calls for a celebration! Fluttershy: Oh, no, Pinkie Pie.
This is NO time for celebrations.
This is a time for panic, for- Pinkie Pie: OOH! I'm gonna need BALLOONS! One for EVERY pony in Ponyville! Fluttershy: There's-there's smokeand-and where there's smoke, there's fire.
And- Pinkie Pie: Let's see, that's one, two, three, four, five Rainbow Dash: Two hundred fifty-four Rainbow Dash: Two hundred fifty-fiveno- Pinkie Pie: Six (jab) Seven! Rainbow Dash: Pinkie Pie! Now I have to start over! Fluttershy: We're ALL gonna have to start over.
In a new village.
(whoosh) Because ours is gonna be- Pinkie Pie: Hey Rainbow Dash! Wait up! Fluttershy: Oh, please, this is an emergency.
I-I need everypony to- Twilight: LISTEN UP! Smoke is spreading over all of Equestria.
(ponies talking over each other frantically) Fluttershy: That's what I've been trying to- Twilight: But don't worry.
I've just received a letter from Princess Celestia informing me that it's not coming from a fire.
Fluttershy: (relieved) Oh, thank goodness.
Twilight: It's coming from a dragon.
(ponies gasp) Fluttershy: (voice trembling) Ad-d-dragon?! Applejack: What in the name of all things cinnamon-swirled is a full-grown dragon doin' here in Equestria?! Twilight: Sleeping.
Others: Huh?! Twilight: According to Princess Celestia, he's taking a nap.
His snoring is what's causing all the smoke.
Pinkie Pie: He should really see a doctor.
That doesn't sound healthy at all.
Rarity: Wellat least he's not snoring FIRE.
What are WE meant to do about it?! Rainbow Dash: I'LL tell you what we're MEANT to do! Give him the boot.
Take THAT! (kicks) And that! (whoosh) (crash) Twilight: We need to ENCOURAGE him to take a nap somewhere else.
Princess Celestia has given us this mission, and we must not fail.
If we do, Equestria will be covered with smoke for the next 100 years! (Fluttershy gasps) Rarity: (sighs) Talk about getting your beauty sleep.
Twilight: All right, everypony, I need you to gather supplies quickly.
We've got a long journey ahead of us.
Let's meet back here in less than an hour.
Rainbow Dash: (encouraging) Okay, girls, you heard her! The fate of Equestria is in our hooves! Do we have what it takes?! (Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity voice affirmation) Fluttershy: (meekly) Umactually (splash) (battle cry) (banjo strumming) (battle cry) (door slams open) (pop) (giggles) I mean, GRR! Ewww! Much better.
Onward! (door opens) (door slams shut, Fluttershy squeals) Applejack: LET'S GO! Fluttershy: Umlet'snot? (Fluttershy squeals) Twilight: All right, girls, listen up.
(drum march) I'm mapping out the fastest route.
(drum march) But we've all got to keep a good pace if we expect to make it up the mountain by nightfall.
(drum march) Fluttershy: (trembling) M-m-mountain?! Twilight: The dragon is in that cave, at the very top.
Applejack: Looks pretty cold up there.
Rainbow Dash: You BET it is.
The higher you go, the chillier it gets.
Rarity: Good thing I brought my scarf! Pinkie Pie: Oooh! Pretty! (wind blowing) Rainbow Dash: (snickering, sarcastic) Oh, yeah.
THAT'll keep you nice and cozy.
(Fluttershy gulps) Fluttershy: Um, excuse me, Twilight? I know you're busy, but Twilight: (distracted) Uh-huh.
Well, we could go THIS way Fluttershy: But if I could just have a second Twilight: (distracted) Uh-huh.
No, we want to avoid that.
Fluttershy: So, um, I was thinking that, um, maaaybe I should just stay here in Ponyville Twilight: (distracted) Uh-huh.
Fluttershy: Oh! Good! I'll stay here, and- Twilight: Wait! You HAVE to come! Your way with wild animals will sure come in handy! Fluttershy: I don't think I- Twilight: Oh, and don't worry about your little friends in the meadow.
Spike's got it covered while you're gone.
Spike: You can count on me! (Angel thumps leg, Spike groans) Hey! Hey! WAIT! Fluttershy: I don't really think he's up to the task Maybebutbut (high-pitched whine) Rainbow Dash: (whispering) Are you SURE you want Fluttershy to come along? I mean, that pony's afraid of her own shadow.
She's just gonna slow us down.
Twilight: Oh, she's just a little nervous.
Twilight: Oh, she's just a little nervous.
Once we get going, I'm sure she'll be fine.
(Fluttershy shrieks) (legs wobble) (Pinkie blows up balloon, air hisses) Twilight: All right girls, move out! (stampede noises) Fluttershy: Butbut! (Fluttershy screams) (dragon snores loudly) (Fluttershy gasps) Rainbow Dash: Whoa! What was THAT?! Twilight: THAT is what it sounds like when a dragon snores.
Fluttershy: It-it's sohigh! Rainbow Dash: Well, it IS a mountain! I'm gonna fly up there and check it out! Applejack: Hold on, now.
I think we should all go up together.
Safety in numbers, and all.
Rainbow Dash: Oh, all right.
Rarity: I hear the only thing that sparkles more than a dragon's scales are the jewels they use to build their nests.
(voice echoing) Ooh! If I play my cards right, I might be able to convince him to part with a few! Pinkie Pie: (imitating dragon) Welcome to my cave, Rarity! Care for a diamond? (imitates dragon roar) (ponies laughing) Twilight: Girls! This is no laughing matter! Fluttershy, you're the expert on wild creatures.
What do you think the dragon will be like? Fluttershy? Rainbow Dash: Hey! What're you waiting for?! An invitation?! Pinkie Pie: Ooh! I think I have one in my bag! (party popper pops, sound of crowd cheering) Fluttershy: I-it's sososteep Rainbow Dash: (losing patience) Well, it IS a cliff.
You could just, oh, I don't know, FLY up here?! Pinkie Pie: (encouraging) Come on, Fluttershy! You can do it! FLAP those wings! Fluttershy: Ohokay (soft grunt) (dragon snores, Fluttershy whines) (Fluttershy crashes into ground, grunts) (Rainbow Dash sighs in frustration) (Fluttershy strains frantically, Twilight groans) Twilight: We don't have time for this! What are you doing? Applejack: I'll need this if I'm gonna take her around the mountain another way.
Rainbow Dash: (impatient groan) AROUND the mountain?! That's gonna take them forEVER.
(Applejack slides on rock face) (dragon snores) Applejack: Don't worry, Twilight.
We'll be there lickety-split.
Pinkie Pie: WOOHOO! I win again! Rarity: Ugh.
That's thirty-five games in a row.
(perks up) Best of seventy-one? Applejack: (panting) Wemadeit (collapses, pants heavily) Rainbow Dash: (under breath) Told you it was gonna take them forever.
(Fluttershy gulps) Twilight: Your turn, Fluttershy.
Fluttershy: Butit's sowide Twilight: Come on, Fluttershy! We should be much farther along by now! Applejack: You could just leap on over.
Fluttershy: I- (dragon snores loudly) I don't know Pinkie Pie: There's nothing to be afraid of! Just a hop, skip, and a jump! See? (singing) It's not very far, just move your little rump You can make it if you try with a hop, skip, and jump Twilight: We don't have time for this Pinkie Pie: (singing) A hop, skip, and jump Just move your little rump (speeding up) A hop, skip, and jump A hop, skip, and jump (very rapidly) Ahopskipandjump Ahopskipandjump A hop, skip, and JUMP! (song ends) Fluttershy: O-okayhere I go A hop (ponies encouraging) Fluttershy: A skip Twilight: Just don't look down.
(Fluttershy whines) (Rainbow Dash sighs exasperatedly) Fluttershy: (sheepishly) I guess I forgot to jump Twilight: (whispering) Let's keep it down.
According to my map, we're entering an avalanche zone.
The smallest peep could cause a huge rockslide! Fluttershy: An-an avaava (Twilight shushes) Fluttershy: AVALA- (Fluttershy's voice echoing) (collective sigh of relief) (ground rumbles, rocks clatter) All: AVALANCHE! (rocks clatter) (boulders impact) (all panicking) (boulder thuds) Twilight: Oh no! Heeelp! (grunts) (all coughing) Applejack: Everypony okay? (rocks clatter) Twilight: Thanks to you, I am Rarity: (disgusted) Eugh (shakes dirt off) Pinkie Pie: (perky) Woohoo! Let's do it AGAIN! Rarity: This is why a girl ALWAYS packs extra accessories! Oh, PLEASE tell me I brought a tiara that goes with this Rainbow Dash: Uh, I think we got bigger problems than making sure our hairbows match our horseshoes! Fluttershy: (sighs) Sorry Applejack: Aww, no big whoop, sugarcube.
Twilight: Yeah! We'll just have to (sighs, crestfallen) climb over.
(all groaning, Fluttershy trips) (Fluttershy shrieks softly) (Rarity yelps) (Applejack yelps) (crash) Rarity: My apologies.
Rainbow Dash: It's not YOUR fault.
(Fluttershy whimpers softly) Rainbow Dash: Still think it was a good idea to bring Fluttershy along? Twilight: We're about to find out We're here.
Twilight: (softly) Rainbow Dash, you'll use your wings to clear the smoke.
(Rainbow Dash voices affirmation) Twilight: Rarity and Pinkie Pie, you'll create a diversion to distract the dragon if things get a little hairy in there.
(rubber chicken squeaks) Applejack, you're ready with the apples in case he decides to attack.
(sound of bullets whizzing past) (two splats) But it shouldn't come to that, because Fluttershy will do what she needs to do to wake him up.
And between the two of us, we should be able to get him to understand why he needs to go.
Is everypony ready? (all voicing affirmation) Okay, then! We're going in! (hoof clops echoing) (softly) So, what IS the best way to wake up a sleeping dragon without upsetting him? Fluttershy? (annoyed) Oh, come ON Come on! (grunts) We have to do this! (grunts) Now! Twilight: Every (grunt) second longer that dragon (grunt) sleeps is another (grunt) acre of Equestria that's covered (grunt) in smoke! (Pinkie crashes into back, all grunt) Fluttershy: I-I-I can't go in the cave (ponies groan and crash) Rainbow Dash: Oh, great.
She's scared of CAVES now, too.
Fluttershy: I'm not scared of caves, I'm scared of (mumbles) Applejack: What's that, sugarcube? Fluttershy: I'm scared of (mumbles).
Twilight: What? Fluttershy: I'm scared of dragons! (dragon snores very loudly, smoke blasts out) (Fluttershy screams) (all coughing) Twilight: But, Fluttershy! You have a wonderful talent dealing with all kinds of animals! Fluttershy: Yesbecause they're not dragons.
Rainbow Dash: Oh, come on! We've seen you walk right up to a horrible manticore like it was nothing! Fluttershy: Yes, because he wasn't a dragon.
Pinkie Pie: Spike is a dragon! You're not scared of him! Fluttershy: Yes.
Because he's not a huge, gigantic, terrifying, enormous, teeth-gnashing, sharp-scale-having, horn-wearing, smoke-snoring, could eat a pony in one bite, totally all grown up dragon! (dragon snoring, Fluttershy whimpering) Twilight: But if you're so afraid of dragons, why didn't you say something before we came all the way up here?! Fluttershy: I was afraid to.
(Rainbow Dash groans) Applejack: All of us're scared o'that dragon.
Rainbow Dash: (boastful) I'm not! Applejack: ALMOST all of us are scared o'that dragon.
(reassuring) But we've got a job to do.
So, get in there with Twilight and show her what you're made of.
Fluttershy: I-II justcan't.
Twilight: (pitying) Oh, Fluttershy Twilight: (voice echoing, to self) I'm goin' in.
Heprobably just doesn't realize what he's doing.
Right? (ponies agreeing) Twilight: (softly, nervously) Mr.
Dragon? (dragon snores loudly) Excuse me (dragon snores loudly and shifts in sleep) Mr.
Dragon (dragon grunts and snorts) Twilight: (startled) Oh! Good! You're awake! Please allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Twilight Sp- (dragon yawns, Twilight gags and spits) Twilight: (pinching nose) Sparkle, and my friends and I are residents here in Equestria.
(dragon grunts) (nasally) Ponyville, to be exact.
(dragon growls) We've come here to ask that you find another spot to take your nap.
It's just that you seem to be doing an awful lot of snoring, and every time you do, you send out a terrible cloud of smoke- (dragon snorts) (Twilight coughs) Equestria simply can't survive 100 years in a dark haze.
You understanddon't you? (dragon stretches, grumbles incoherently) Twilight: (hopeful) So, you'll find another place to sleep? (grunts) (dragon blows smoke, resumes snoring) (Twilight coughs) (smoke blows out, all cough) Rainbow Dash: So much for (coughs) persuading him.
Applejack: (pants fearfully) Now what?! Rarity: (coughs ostentatiously) Obviously, this situation just calls for a littlepony charm.
Allow me, girls.
(dragon grunts) (theatrically) I'm so sorry to interru~upt! (clears throat, flirtatious) But I couldn't possibly head back home without mentioning what HANDSOME SCALES you have.
And those scales HAVE to be hidden away in some silly cave for a hundred years?! (dragon grunts sheepishly) Personally, I think you should skip the snoozing and be out THERE, showing them off.
(giggles) Obviously, I'd be MORE than happy to keep an eye on your jewels while you're gone.
(giggles) (dragon doubletakes, growls) (dragon snarls, pounds ground, Rarity screams) (pouting) I was THIS close to getting that diamond.
Twilight: (suspiciously) You mean, "getting rid of that dragon?" Rarity: (flustered) O-oh, yeah.
(party blower blows) Applejack: What in tarnation?! (blows party blower) Rarity: (patronizing) Darling, you look ridiculous! Pinkie Pie: Exactly! (goofy noises) Sharing a laugh is a surefire way to get someone on your side! Hi! (pop, loud crash) Apparently he doesn't like laughing.
(weak chuckle) Or sharing.
Rainbow Dash: All right, that's it! We tried persuasion, charmwhatever it is Pinkie Pie does.
(blows busted party blower) It's time to stop wasting time! Rainbow Dash: I'm going in! Twilight: Rainbow! No! GET! OUT! (kicks, dragon's snout wobbles) (dragon sneezes) (dragon growls menacingly) (nervously) Hehsorry (dragon roars) Who-o-o-o-oa! (sound of strike in bowling, ponies grunt) (dragon roars, ponies scream) (thump) (dragon growls, ponies whimper) (dragon roars) (ponies groan) (rocks shatter) (ponies moaning, Fluttershy shrieks) (ponies moaning) Fluttershy: How dare you? (confidently) How dare you?! Listen here, MISTER! Just because you're BIG doesn't mean you get to be a BULLY! You may have huge teeth, and sharp scales, and snore smoke, and breathe fire.
(sternly) But you do not- I repeat, you DO NOT HURT.
You got that? (dragon whimpers) WELL? Dragon: (whiny) But that rainbow one kicked me Fluttershy: (sympathetic) And I am very sorry about that.
But you're bigger than she is, and you should know better.
You should also know better than to take a nap where your snoring can become a health hazard to other creatures.
Dragon: ButI Fluttershy: (sternly) Don't you "But I" me, mister.
Now, what do you have to say for yourself? (more forcefully) I SAID, WHAT do you have to SAY for yourself? (dragon whimpers) (dragon sobbing) Fluttershy: (comfortingly) There, there.
No need to cry.
You're not a bad dragon.
You just made a bad decision.
Now, go pack your things.
You just need to find a new place to sleep, that's all.
(all cheering) Twilight: You did it! I knew you could do it! (dragon flapping wings) (ponies blowing smoke away) (Spike pants) Spike: I SAID come BACK here! (thwap) (Spike groans) How does Fluttershy put up with you furry little things?! Twilight: Spike, take a letter.
Spike: (sighs) With pleasure.
Twilight: "Dear Princess Celestia, I am happy to report that the dragon has departed our fair country, and that it was my good friend Fluttershy who convinced him to go.
This adventure has taught me to never lose faith in your friends.
They can be an amazing source of strength, and can help you overcome even your greatest fears.
Always your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.
" Applejack: Twilight! You gotta come see this! She's just five away from a new pony record! Rainbow Dash: Three hundred forty-seven, three hundred forty-eight (exaggerated roar) DRAGON! (all laugh) Why are you laughing?! That awful dragon is back! (Pinkie Pie imitates dragon roar) Rainbow Dash: Pinkie Pie! You scared me! (flustered) I mean, uhyoubroke my concentration.
Fluttershy: It's okay, Rainbow Dash.
Not everypony can be as brave as me.
(Rainbow Dash blows) (Fluttershy shrieks) (all laugh) (ending theme begins) My Little Pony My Little Pony (instrumental) My Little Pony, friends