My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s01e09 Episode Script

Bridle Gossip

Twilight: Wow, what a gorgeous day! Spike: Rainbow Dash must've gotten up early for once and cleared all the clouds away.
Twilight: I bet all of Ponyville is gonna be out enjoying the sunshine.
What? Where IS everypony? (window slams shut) (door slams) Spike: Is it some sort of pony holiday? Twilight: Not that I know of.
Spike: Does my breath stink? (breathes fire) Twilight: Not more than usual.
Spike: Is itZOMBIES?! Twilight: Uhnot very likely.
Spike: (apprehensively) Not likelybutpossible?! Pinkie Pie: (hushed) Psst! Twilight! Spike! Come here! Come! Here! HURRY! Before she GETS you! (door slams) (light clicks on, Twilight grunts) Spike: (fearful) Who?! The zombie pony?! Pinkie Pie: (voice trembling) Zoooombie poooony?! (Spike shudders) Twilight: Spike! There are NO zombie ponies! Pinkie! What are you doing here alone in the dark? Pinkie Pie: I'm not alone in the dark.
(Twilight gasps) Twilight: Okay then, what are you ALL doing here in the dark? Applejack: (stammering) We-we're hidin' from h-h-her! (draws curtain) (hoof scraping dirt) (all except Twilight gasp) (theme song begins) My Little Pony, My Little Pony, ah, ah, ah, ah, (My Little Pony) Twilight: I used to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony) Until you all shared its magic with me Rainbow Dash: Big adventure Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun Rarity: A beautiful heart Applejack: Faithful and strong Fluttershy: Sharing kindness Twilight: It's an easy feat All: And magic makes it all complete, yeah (My Little Pony) Do you know, you're all my very best friends (Spike grunts) Applebloom: Did you see her, Twilight? Did you see Zecora? Applejack: Applebloom! I TOLD you never to say that name! Twilight: Well, I saw her glance this way Pinkie Pie: (exaggerated) Glance EEEVILLY this way! Twilight: And then a bunch of you flip out for no good reason! Applejack: No good reason?! You call protectin' yer kin "no good reason?" Why, as soon as my sister saw Zecora ridin' into town, (Applebloom shaking audibly) she started SHAKIN' in her little horseshoes! Applebloom: (voice shaking) Di-i-i-d n-o-o-o-t! Applejack: So I swept her up and brought 'er here.
Applebloom: I walked here myself! Applejack: For safekeepin'! Applebloom: (rebellious) Applejack! I'm not a baby! I can take care o'myself! Applejack: Not from that creepy Zecora.
Fluttershy: She's mysterious.
Rainbow Dash: Sinister.
Pinkie Pie: (exaggerated) And SPO-O-O-O-OKY! (Twilight grunts) (all except Twilight gasp) Twilight: Will you cut that out?! Rarity: Just LOOK at those stripes! So garish! Twilight: She's a zebra.
Everyone but Twilight: A WHAT?! Twilight: A zebra! And her stripes aren't a fashion choice, Rarity.
They're what she was born with.
(Rarity faints theatrically) Applejack: Born WHERE?! I've never seen a pony like that in these parts'cept (shudders) her! Twilight: Well, she's probably not from here.
And she's not a pony.
(hoof scratching dirt) My book says zebras come from a faraway land.
(door opens quietly) But I've never seen her in Ponyville.
Where does she live? (spooky theremin music) Applejack: That's just it.
She lives inTHE EVERFREE FOREST! (loud thunder-like crash) Twilight: SPIKE! (loud thunder-like crash) Spike: (sheepishly) Hehsorry.
Applejack: The Everfree Forest just ain't natural.
The plants grow.
Fluttershy: Animals care for themselves Rainbow Dash: And the clouds move All three: ALL ON THEIR OWN! (Rarity faints theatrically) Pinkie Pie: And that wicked enchantress Zecora lives there doing her eviluhSTUFF! She's so evil, I even wrote a song about her! Rainbow Dash: (sarcastic) Here we go Pinkie Pie: (singing frantically) She's an evil enchantress She does evil dances And if you look deep in her eyes She'll put you in trances Then what will she do? She'll mix up an evil brew And she'll gobble you up In a big tasty stew SoooWATCH OUT! (song ends) (panting heavily) Twilight: Wow.
Pinkie Pie: It's a work in progress.
Twilight: This is all just a bunch of gossip and rumors.
Now tell me, what exactly have you SEEN Zecora do? Rainbow Dash: Wellonce a month, she comes into Ponyville.
Twilight: (mocking) Ooooh.
Rarity: Then she lurks by the stores.
Twilight: (mocking) Oh MY! Fluttershy: And then, she digs at the ground Twilight: (hyperbolic) Good gracious! (normally) Okay, I'm sorry.
But how is any of this bad? Maybe she comes to town to visit.
Applebloom: Yeah! Maybe she's just tryin' t'be neighborly! Twilight: And maybe she's not LURKING by the stores.
Maybe she's GOING to them, lurk-free, to do some shopping? Applebloom: Yeah! Everypony likes to shop! Applebloom: You know what I think? Applejack: APPLEBLOOM! Hush and let the big ponies talk! Applebloom: (pouting) I AM a big pony! Rainbow Dash: What about digging at the ground? You gotta admit THAT'S weird.
Fluttershy: What if she's digging for innocent creatures? (Pinkie Pie singing "Evil Enchantress" in the background) Twilight: I'm sure there's an explanation for everything Zecora does.
And if ANYPONY here were actually brave enough to approach her, she would find out the truth.
Applebloom: Well, I'm brave enough! I'm gonna find out myself! (Applebloom gasps, gulps) (hoof scrapes dirt) Twilight: You ponies are being RIDICULOUS! Pinkie Pie: (ominously) Well, I heard that Zecora eats HAY.
Twilight: (exasperated) Pinkie.
I eat hay.
YOU eat hay.
Pinkie Pie: Yeah, but I heard it's the EVIL way she eats hay.
Applejack: (worried) Hey! Where's Applebloom?! Fluttershy: The door's open! Rarity: She went outside?! Rainbow Dash: And Zecora's still out there! Applejack: (worried) That silly little filly! I told her to stay put! Twilight: Spike, you stay here in case Applebloom comes back.
Spike: Will do! (strange noises) (Applebloom gulps) Applejack: Applebloom?! (Applebloom gasps) Applejack: You get back here right now! Zecora: (African accent, speaking in meter) Beware! Beware, you pony folk! Those leaves of blue are not a joke! Applejack: You keep yer creepy mumbo-jumbo to yerself, ya hear?! (ponies talking over each other, Pinkie Pie singing "Evil Enchantress") Twilight: (sighs) Oh brother.
Zecora: (fading) Beware! BEWARE! Rainbow Dash: Yeah, back atcha, Zecora! You and yourlamecurse are the ones who better beware! Applejack: And YOU! Why couldn't you just listen to your big sister?! Applebloom: (stammering) II Applejack: Who knows what kinda nasty curse Zecora coulda just put on you?! Pinkie Pie: Just like in my song! (singing) Evil enchantress, with the dances, and the trances Twilight: You guys! There's no such thing as curses! Rainbow Dash: Well, that's interesting to hear, coming from Miss Magic-pants herself.
Twilight: My magic - REAL magic - comes from within.
It's a skill you're born with.
Curses are artificial.
Fake magic.
It's conjured with potions and incantations.
All smoke and mirrors meant to scare.
But curses have no real power.
They're just an old pony tale.
Applejack: Just you wait, Twilight.
You're gonna learn that some pony tales really are true.
Pinkie Pie: (singing) She's an evil enchantress, she does evil dances (Twilight dreaming other characters' voices) Zecora: Beware! BEWARE! (Twilight dreaming other characters' voices) Pinkie Pie: (singing) If you look deep in her eyes, she will put you in trances (Twilight dreaming other characters) Rainbow Dash: Yeah, was that supposed to scare us?! Rarity: Wicked, wicked diva! Fluttershy: A curse (Twilight dreaming other characters' voices) Pinkie Pie: (singing) Then what will she do? (Twilight dreaming other characters' voices) Applejack: Just you wait, Twilight.
Some pony tales really are true.
(Twilight dreaming other characters' voices) Pinkie Pie: (singing) Then she'll gobble you up in a big tasty stew (Twilight dreaming other characters' voices) Pinkie Pie: SooooWATCH OUT! (Zecora laughs sinisterly) (Twilight dreaming other characters' voices) (Twilight whimpering in sleep) (rooster crows) Twilight: (groggily) Ughwhat a dream Curses-shmurses.
Whoa! (chuckles) Maybe Zecora cursed my hair.
(laughs nervously, gasps) (panicked) Or she cursed my horn! Twilight: No, no, no, no, NO! None of these books have a cure! (horn flops) (groans) There has to be a real reason for this! An illness? An allergy?! Spike: A curse! Twilight: I said a real reason.
Something that points to something real.
Spike: How about this one? Twilight: (reading) "Supernaturals?" Spike, the word "supernatural" refers to things like ghosts, and spirits, and zombies, which are as make-believe as curses.
This book is just a bunch of hooey! Spike: But what if you're wrong, Twilight? Spike: What if this really is a- Pinkie Pie: (garbled) A THURTH! Spike: A purse?! How could it be a purse? Twilight: Pinkie! What happened?! Pinkie Pie: (garbled, spitting) Ipth wapth Zeporptha! Spthe thputh a curth on me! Spike: Augh! Say it, don't spray it, Pinkie! (loud thud) Rainbow Dash: Ow! (loud thud) Oh! She's (thud) trying to say-ow! Zecora- (thud, grunt) (door crashes open) She slapped us all with a- (thud) ow! Curse.
Rarity: I'm afraid I have to agree.
(blows hair out of face) (Spike and Twilight yelp in surprise) Applejack: (high-pitched voice) I hate to say I told ya so, Twilight, but I told ya so! (Twilight and Spike gasp) Applejack: it's a curse, I tells ya! Twilight: ButFluttershyseems just fine.
Rarity: Yes, there doesn't seem to be a THING wrong with her.
Twilight: Fluttershy? Are you okay? Is there something wrong with you? Twilight: Would you care to tell us? (horn flopping) Soyou're NOT gonna tell us? Yes you're not, or yes you will? Applejack: Good gravy, girl! What's wrong with you?! Fluttershy: (baritone manly voice) I don't wanna talk about it (Spike snorts and bursts into raucous laughter) Spike: This is HILARIOUS! (laughing) Look at all of you! We got: Hairity [Rarity], Rainbow Crash [Dash], Spittie [Pinkie] Pie, Appleteeny [appletini], Flutterguy [Fluttershy], anduh I got nothin'.
"Twilight Sparkle.
" I mean, seriously.
I can't even work with that.
Twilight: (sarcastic laughter) This is no joke, Spike.
(horn flops noisily) Now start looking for more books so I can find a cure! (horn flops noisily) (Spike groans) (Rainbow Dash strains, pops out of ladder) Rainbow Dash: I think we'll find a cure to this curse at Zecora's place! Twilight: It's not a curse! (Rainbow Dash crashes) Applejack: I agree with Dash! We'll go to Zecora's and force her to remove this hex! (Rainbow Dash zips around) Twilight: It's not a hex either! (all but Applebloom arguing) Applebloom: This is all my fault.
If I hadn't followed Zecora in the first place, none of this would've happened.
I just gotta fix this.
Applejack: Now, where does she think she's goin' this time?! Rainbow Dash: I don't care what you say, Twilight! It's time to pony up and confront Zecora! Come on, girls! Are you with me?! Pinkie Pie: I ampth! Rarity: And I, as well.
Fluttershy: Uh, I don't know.
Seems awfully dangerous.
(Spike giggles) Rainbow Dash: How 'bout you, Applejack? Applejack? Pinkie Pie: She'thp gonthe! Rarity: (panicked shriek) Or somepony stepped on her! Twilight: Orsat on her? (horn flops) Rainbow Dash: Rarity's hair! Rarity: (squealing) Oh! OH! Pinkie, what are you doing?! Really! (squeals) You ever hear of personal space?! Pinkie Pie: Nopeth.
Twilight: Applebloom is gone too! Rainbow Dash: I bet they went after Zecora! Twilight: Well, we better go find them.
(Rainbow Dash crashes) Twilight: Come on, girls, let's go.
Rarity: (strains theatrically) Oh dear! Oh, this is SO unseemly! (exaggerated yelp) Rainbow Dash: (dragging along floor) Hey! A little help, here? Fluttershy: Oopsie! Sorry.
(sound of plane spinning out of control, crash) Rainbow Dash: OW! Fluttershy: Uh, Spike? Are you coming? Spike: Nope! Uhgotta stay here and look for a cure.
(gasps) "Twilight Flopple!" [Sparkle] Applejack: Stop right there! Turn around right now, missy! Applebloom: (rebellious) No.
Applejack: No?! You can't ignore a direct order from your big sister! (Applejack grunts) Applebloom: (giggles) Sorry, Applejack, but I'M the big sister now.
Applejack: Applebloom! You come back here right this instant! (blustering) I'M GONNA TELL BIG MACINTOSH ON YOU! (upset) Aw, ponyfeathers.
Twilight: Come on, girls! We've got to get to Zecora's! Hurry! (Rarity trips) Rarity: (yelps) Easier said than done! Rainbow Dash: Hey! Wait for me! (Rainbow Dash screams, sound of plane spinning out of control, crash) (Rainbow Dash groans, tree falls) Applejack: Rainbow! Thank Celestia! There's no time to lose! (banjo music) I need to get to Zecora's, pronto! Giddyap, pony! Rainbow Dash: Ex-CUSE me? Applejack: (kicks Rainbow Dash's thigh) YEE-HAW! Rainbow Dash: What the?! Applejack: No, Rainbow Dash! Other way! Rarity: (theatrically) Oh! I look HORRIBLE! Pinkie Pie: Thish plashp looksh horriplesh! Rarity: Oh my.
That place really DOES look horrible! Rarity: Nice decorations.
If you like CREEPY! (door opens) (ponies gasp) (cauldron bubbling) (Zecora speaking native language) Pinkie Pie: She shtole my sthong! She (unintelligible babble)! Rarity: She stole your song? Twilight: Oh, Pinkie.
That doesn't sound anything like your song.
Pinkie: (blows air over tongue) Ah! (Pinkie tries and fails to talk) (inquisitive yelp) (Fluttershy sighs) Fluttershy: (singing baritone unenthusiastically) She's an evil enchantress She does evil dances And if you look deep in her eyes She will put you in trances Then what will she do? She'll mix up an evil brew Then she'll gobble you up In a big tasty stew Soooowatch out.
Rarity: YOU saw those terrible things! NOW do you believe us, Twilight?! Twilight: Scary looking masks, confusing incantations, and a great big bubbling cauldron? (horn flopping) (sighs) Everything IS pointing to Zecora beingbad! Orwhat if Zecora's just making soup? Zecora: (tastes soup, speaking in meter) Mmm.
The perfect temperature for ponies, I presume.
Now, where is that little Applebloom? Twilight: (fearful) Orwhat if she's making Applebloom Soup? What if she's making Applebloom Soup? (ponies scream, Fluttershy in a very low pitch) (Rainbow Dash screams) Applejack: I'm comin' for ya, Applebloom! (door crashes open, Zecora speaks native language frantically, Rainbow Dash crashes into various things) Applejack: Whoa there! Easy, Rainbow Crash! (glass breaks, Zecora speaks native language) (Rainbow Dash screams, Zecora speaks native language, door slams, horn flops) Twilight: (horn flops) What have you done with Applebloom?! Zecora: No! No! (speaks native language) (Rainbow Dash screams, crashes) (rope twirls) (Applejack grunts repeatedly, Rainbow Dash screams) (crash) Zecora: Ponies! What is this you- (Rainbow Dash screams, cauldron falls over and spills contents) (speaking in meter) No! You know not what you do! You've gone and spilled my precious brew! (stew pours onto ground) Twilight: We're onto you, Zecora! I didn't want to believe you cursed us, but the evidence is overwhelming! Rarity: You made me look ridiculous! Fluttershy: You made me SOUND ridiculous! (Pinkie Pie talks and spits unintelligibly) Twilight: (horn flops) You ruined my horn! Zecora: How dare you?! (speaking in meter) You destroy my home, destroy my work, then rudely accuse me of being a jerk?! Rainbow Dash: You put this curse on us, now you're gonna UNcurse us! Zecora: (speaking in meter) It is unwise to venture down this road.
Your actions will make my anger explode! (ponies gasp) Twilight: (accusatory, horn flops) Where is Applebloom? (Twilight and Zecora butt heads) Applebloom: Zecora! I think I found all the things ya asked for.
What in Ponyville is goin' on here?! Applejack: (gasps) Applebloom! You're okay! Applebloom: Why wouldn't I be? Twilight: Because Zecora is an evil enchantress who cursed us and was going to cook you up into soup! (horn flops) (Zecora and Applebloom laugh) Applebloom: Oh, Twilight! Did those silly fillies finally get in yer head? Y'know there's no such thing as a curse! Twilight: (horn flops, condescending) Applebloom, sweetie, you can't just stand there and tell me this isn't a curse! Applebloom: (flatly) This isn't a curse.
Zecora: (metric) If you will remember back, the words I spoke were quite exact.
(in flashback) Beware! Beware, you ponyfolk! Those leaves of blue are not a joke! Applebloom: It was a warning.
About that blue plant.
It's called Poison Joke.
Zecora: That plant is much like poison oak, but its results are like a joke.
Applejack: WHAT in the hay does that mean? Zecora: It means this plant does not breed wrath.
Instead, this plant just wants a laugh.
Applejack: Will SOMEpony please talk normal?! Twilight: I think what she's saying is that when we ran in to save Applebloom, we ran into the Poison Joke.
All our problems were just little jokes it played on us.
Applejack: "LITTLE" jokes?! (sarcastic) Very funny.
Rainbow Dash: Ok, fine.
But what about the cauldron? Fluttershy: And the chanting? Rarity: And the creepy decor? Zecora: Treasures of the native land where I am from.
This one speaks 'hello', and this 'welcome'.
Rarity: Not welcoming at all, if you ask me.
Zecora: The words I chanted were from olden times.
Something you call a nursery rhyme.
Twilight: But the cauldronThe Applebloom Soup? Applebloom: Lookie here, Twilight! That pot o'water wasn't for me! It was for all these herbal ingredients! The cure for Poison Joke is a simple old natural remedy! You just gotta take a bubble bath! Twilight: (horn flops) But I tried to find a cure in all my books and couldn't find anything.
What book has this natural remedy? Zecora: Here is the book, you see? Sad that you lack it in your library.
Twilight: (embarrassed) Actually, I do have this book, but I didn't look inside because the title was so Weird.
Twilight: (reading) "Supernaturals: Natural Remedies and Cure-alls That Are Simply Super.
" (humbled) III'm so sorry, Zecora.
(horn flops) I had the answer the whole time, if only I had bothered to look inside.
Zecora: [chuckle] Maybe next time you will take a second look, and not judge the cover of the book.
(Applebloom giggles) Twilight: Zecora? Would you be kind enough to mix up another batch of the herbal bath? Zecora: Mix it up I certainly will.
Yet I am missing an herb from Ponyville.
Applebloom: But whenever Zecora comes to town, all the shops are mysteriously closed! Twilight: (horn flops) Oh, wellI think we can help you with that.
(ponies chattering) Daisy: Look, Rose! How awful! Rose: The wicked enchantress has cursed them all! Lily: The horror! The horror! (ponies screaming over each other, doors slamming) (Twilight knocks on door) Twilight: Daisy? We need to talk.
Twilight: (voice-over) "Dear Princess Celestia, my friends and I all learned an important lesson this week: Never judge a book by its cover.
Someone may look unusual, or funny, or scary.
But you have to look past that and learn who they are inside.
Real friends don't care what your cover is; It's the contents of a pony that count.
And a good friend, like a good book, is something that will last forever.
Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.
" Lotus: Miss Zecora.
I would love to get the recipe for this bath.
It's simply luxurious! Applebloom: (realizing) Applejack! Hey, where's Applejack?! (ponies gasping and splashing loudly) Applejack: I'm right here, li'l sis! I ain't tiny no more! Rarity: Ooh.
I have never felt so lovely in all my life! (splash) Pinkie Pie: Oh my gosh! I've never realized how horrible it is to not be able to talk.
I mean I love talking so much and when I couldn't talk 'cause my tongue was all 'ehhhh'.
It was the worst! Don't you agree, Fluttershy? Fluttershy: (normal voice) Yes.
(ponies laugh) (ending theme begins) My Little Pony My Little Pony (instrumental) My Little Pony, friends