My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s01e11 Episode Script

Winter Wrap Up

(Spike snoring loudly) (Twilight gasps in excitement) Twilight: (excitedly) Spike! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! It's Winter Wrap Up Day! (Spike snores) Spike: (groggily) Huhhuh? Mommy? Twilight: Winter Wrap Up! Spike: You're not Mommy.
Twilight: Spike, the first day of spring is tomorrow, so every pony in Ponyville needs to clean up winter.
Now help me get ready! Spike: Clean up winter? Who cleans up winter? Don't they just use magic to change the seasons like they do in Canterlot? Twilight: No, Spike.
Ponyville was founded by earth ponies, so for hundreds of years, they've never used magic to clean up winter.
It's traditional.
(saddle falls) (Twilight sighs) Spike: It's ridiculous.
(derisively) No magicfeh.
Twilight: Okay, let's see.
Scarf, check.
Saddle, check.
Boots, check.
Spike refusing to get up and going back to sleep, check.
It's a good thing I'm so organized! I'm ready! (door slams open) Bright and early! (sheepishly) Ohmaybe a little TOO early.
(theme song begins) My Little Pony, My Little Pony, ah, ah, ah, ah, (My Little Pony) Twilight: I used to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony) Until you all shared its magic with me Rainbow Dash: Big adventure Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun Rarity: A beautiful heart Applejack: Faithful and strong Fluttershy: Sharing kindness Twilight: It's an easy feat All: And magic makes it all complete, yeah (My Little Pony) Do you know, you're all my very best friends Twilight: Those must be the team vests Rarity designed! Blue for the weather team, green for the plant team, and tan for the animal team! I wonder which team vest I'll be wearing.
Spike: (sleepily) I'll take a blue vest, same color as my blanket, which I think I hear calling my name.
"Spike! Spike! Come to bed!" Ugh.
Too early.
Mayor: Thank you, everypony, for being here bright and early.
We need every single pony's help to wrap up winter, and bring in spring.
(ponies cheer) (Twilight grunting in background) Now, all of you have your vests, and have been assigned to your teams.
So let's do even better than last year, and have the quickest Winter Wrap Up ever! (ponies cheer) Twilight: Oh! This is so exciting! Mayor: All right, everypony.
Find your team leaderand LET'S GET GALLOPING! (ponies chatter) Twilight: Oh gosh, where should I go? I'm not sure where I fit in What exactly does everypony do? (Winter Wrap Up Song begins) Rainbow Dash: Three months of winter coolness And awesome holidays Pinkie Pie: We've kept our hoofsies warm at home Time off from work to play Applejack: But the food we've stored is runnin' out And we can't grow in this cold Rarity: And even though I love my boots This fashion's getting old Twilight: The time has come to welcome spring And all things warm and green But it's also time to say goodbye It's winter we must clean How can I help? I'm new, you see What does everypony do? How do I fit in without magic? I haven't got a clue All: Winter Wrap Up Winter Wrap Up Let's finish our holiday cheer Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up 'Cause tomorrow spring is here, 'Cause tomorrow spring is here Rainbow Dash: Bringing home the southern birds A pegasus's job begins And clearing all the gloomy skies To let the sunshine in We move the clouds And we melt the white snow When the sun comes up Its warmth and beauty will glow All: Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up Let's finish our holiday cheer Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up 'Cause tomorrow spring is here Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up 'Cause tomorrow spring is here 'Cause tomorrow spring is here Rarity: Little critters hibernate Under the snow and ice Fluttershy: We wake up all the sleepyheads So quietly and nice Rarity: We help them gather up their food Fix their homes below Fluttershy: We welcome back the southern birds So their families can grow All: (a cappella) Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up Let's finish our holiday cheer Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up 'Cause tomorrow spring is here Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up 'Cause tomorrow spring is here 'Cause tomorrow spring is here Applejack: (instrumental resumes) No easy task to clear the ground Plant our tiny seeds With proper care and sunshine Everyone it feeds Apples, carrots, celery stalks Colorful flowers too We must work so very hard (ponies harmonize) It's just so much to do All: Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up Let's finish our holiday cheer Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up 'Cause tomorrow spring is here Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up Pinkie Pie: 'Cause tomorrow spring is here All: 'Cause tomorrow spring is here (tempo decreases) Twilight: Now that I know what they all do I have to find my place And help with all of my heart Tough tasks ahead I face How will I do without my magic Help the earth pony way (singing pitch crescendos) I want to belong so I must Do my best today Do my best today (tempo increases) All: Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up Let's finish our holiday cheer Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up 'Cause tomorrow spring is here Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up 'Cause tomorrow spring is here 'Cause tomorrow spring is here 'Cause tomorrow spring is here (crescendo, holds note) (song ends) Twilight: Everypony belongs to a team! What should I do? Where should I go? Rainbow Dash: (whooshes past) All right, team, you're cleared for takeoff.
(whoosh) Twilight: Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash: Oh, hey Twilight! What's up? Twilight: What are YOU doing? Rainbow Dash: Sending off one of my flight crews to retrieve the birds that have flown south for the winter.
Twilight: Oh! Can I help? How about if I help clear out the clouds? Rainbow Dash: Um (flaps wings) Twilight: Rightno wings.
Rainbow Dash: Sorry, Twilight.
(Rainbow Dash takes off, Twilight gasps) Twilight: Great.
Now what do we do? Spike: I don't know about you, but I'm gonna be nappin'.
(Spike snores) Twilight: Come on, Spike! This is serious business! (Spike snores loudly) Winter needs to be wrapped up, and I'm determined to do my partsomehow.
Twilight: Rarity, please tell me there's something, ANYTHING I can help you with.
Rarity: Well, how would you like to help create Ponyville's FINEST birds' nests? Twilight: Birds' nests? Rarity: Why, yes! When the weather team guides the birds back north for the spring, they'll need a place to live and lay their eggs.
Twilight: Wow, Rarity! That one's REALLY beautiful! Rarity: (flattered) Oh, why thank you most sincerely.
Would you like to try your hoof at a nest? Twilight: (eager) Would I?! Yes! Where do I begin? Rarity: Okay, now.
Take some of that straw and hay over there, and a little bit of branch.
Now, weave them through there, yes! (twang) Uh, take some ribbon, yesooh, uh uh, not there(nervous) ooh, yes Uh, tuck it in over there, uh, but be careful not to (Twilight bending and cracking wood) (sweetly) I don't know, I guess that will do(under breath) Oh dear Twilight: There! It looks just like(crestfallen) yours.
Twilight: Oh my Spike: That nest needs to be condemned.
Rarity: (false sincerity) Oh, (giggling) Spi-hi-hi-hike! It's not so bad! Maybe the birds can use it as a Spike: (dryly) An outhouse? Rarity: (scoffs) Spike.
(comfortingly) It's just a little rough around the edges.
Let me lend you a hoof.
Let's just unite this ribbon, and let me take out these sticks here, we'll shave this (Twilight sighs) (Rarity mumbling to herself) Spike: (whispering) I think we lost her.
(Rarity talking to herself) Pinkie Pie: Helloooooooo Twilight! Pinkie Pie: Wheeeeeeee! (spins Twilight: Wow, Pinkie Pie! You're quite the skater! Twilight: Probably the best skater I've ever seen! Pinkie Pie: Thanks, Twilight.
I've been doing this since I was an itty-bitty, little-wittle, Twinkie-Pinkie.
Just comes natural.
Which is probably why they designated me the lake scorer.
I cut lines in the lake with my skates.
That way, when the rest of the weather team comes here to break the ice, it'll be easy as "Pie.
" Twilight: How clever.
When the thick ice begins to melt, it'll break along the lines.
Well, you sure have a lot of work ahead of you.
There's quite a few lakes in Ponyville.
Pinkie Pie: (scoffs) Tell me about it.
Hey, Twilight! Wanna help me out? Twilight: Would I?! Pinkie Pie: Come on.
Put on those skates over there.
I bet you'll be a natural, too.
Twilight: Okay.
(Twilight's legs wobbling) Pinkie Pie: WHEEEE! Twilight: (nervously) Uhmaybe on second thought (thud) (Pinkie Pie laughing and giggling in background) Spike: What are you talkin' about? You said you wanted to be helpful.
Pinkie Pie: Yippee! Spike: Now get out there! Twilight: (frantic) Oh no! Whooooa, whoa! (Twilight panicking) Pinkie pie: Twilight! Steer! (Twilight screams) Pinkie Pie: Oh boy! (grunts) (both screaming, Spike joins in) (crash) (eyes pop open in turn) (all shake snow off) (Spike groans, Pinkie Pie trills) Spike: (laughing) You ARE a natural, Twilight! A natural DISASTER! (laughing uncontrollably) Pinkie Pie: (reassuring) Twilight, you did a GREAT job your first time around! I'm sure my first time was just as wobbly and bobbly and crasheriffic as yours.
Twilight: Really? Pinkie Pie: No.
(Spike chuckles) But did I make you feel better? Twilight: (chuckles weakly) YeahI guess Pinkie Pie: I bet you'll be super awesome at something that keeps your hooves on the ground.
I know! Fluttershy could probably use your help with the critters! Twilight: Well, I'm pretty good with little animals.
(legs wobbling) Yeah! I'll go help her! Pinkie Pie: Uh, it's, uhthat-a way.
(Twilight screams and crashes) (Spike chuckles) Fluttershy: (echoing) Wake up, little sleepyheads.
I hope you had some wonderful dreams and restful hibernation, but it's time to get up now.
Spring is coming.
(hedgehogs yawn) Twilight: Awww! How cute! Fluttershy: Aren't they? This is my favorite task of the whole season, when I get to see all my little animal friends again.
Spike: Uh, what's "hibernation?" Fluttershy: It's like a long sleep.
Spike: Long sleep? Fluttershy: Yes.
(rings bell) Wake up, little porcupines.
Animals often hibernate through the winter to save their energy and eat less food.
Spike: I definitely like the idea of hibernation except for the "eat less food" part.
(porcupines yawn) (puncture sounds) Fluttershy: Oh, but just look at all these warrens and dens.
I'm worried that I won't be able to wake up every animal before spring comes.
Twilight: Well, I'll help, Fluttershy.
Fluttershy: You will? Oh, that would be wonderful.
Twilight: Okay! Let's start there.
Twilight: (rings bell, voice echoes) Hellooooo? Wake up, little friends, wherever you are! Spring is coming.
(rings bell) (gushing) I wonder what cute, little, furry creatures I've awoken.
(snakes hiss) Twilight: (panicked yelp) SNAKES! SNAKES! (Twilight screams) (Twilight crashes into tree, grunts) (Twilight grunts) (bees buzz, Twilight screams) (Twilight grunts) Fluttershy: Good morning, friends.
(Twilight groans with echo) Twilight: (groans) All this Winter Wrap Up stuff is a lot harder than it looks Spike: (pinching nose) Right, because dere's no magic.
Why don't you just use magic, Twilight, and get it done the right way? Twilight: No, Spike.
I have to do it the traditional way.
Ponyville has never needed magic to wrap up winter.
Spike: (nasal) Well, dey never had you here before eider.
Fink how much quicker dey could wrab up winter with your magic.
Twilight: No, no, NO! I am gonna find some other way to help out if it KILLS me! (soup glops, Twilight grunts) Applejack: Keep pushin', Caramel! That's it, punkin'.
I know it's hard work, but you guys are doin' great.
YEE-HAW! Twilight: Hey, Applejack.
How's everything going? Applejack: Oh, just dandy.
A little slow startin', but peachy all the same.
There's a lotta ground to clear, y'hear.
We can't even start the plantin' and the waterin' until we git all this heap a'snow hightailed outta here.
Twilight: Well, I'd like to help.
Applejack: (stammering) W-well, I-I dunno, Twilight.
Twilight: (pleading) Just give me a chance! Applejack: Well, I never turn down a hard worker, but (plow creaking) (Twilight grunts) (Twilight strains, grunts) (Twilight pants) Spike: (voice-over) Think of how much quicker they could wrap up winter with your magic ("your magic" echoes) Twilight: I could use a come-to-life spell Ohhere goes (plow creaks and begins moving) (snow bunching on blow) (snow bunching up loudly) Applejack: (suspiciously) Hmshe's awful strong for such a little pony.
Spike: That's my girl! Following my advice! Applejack: And what in tarnation does that mean?! Twilight: (gasps) Uh-oh.
Slow down! SLOW DOWN! (snow crashes) (snowball rumbling on ground, loud crash) (Spike and Applejack screaming) Applejack: What's goin' on?! What'd you do?! (accusatory) You used magic, didn't you?! (loud crash) (avalanche) (rumble) (avalanche) (three pops) Applejack: Nuts, Twilight! You used magic! Spike: (feigning innocence) The NERVE! Can you believe her?! Applejack: That's not how we do it 'round here, Twilight, and especially not on MY farm! Twilight: (choking up) Well, see, I just wanted to (Twilight whines and runs off) (pegasus ponies jumping on snow) Spike: Come on, Twilight.
Come on out.
Twilight: (pouting) I'm a winter mess-up.
Spike: Well, you're good at a lot of things, just not nest making, ice skating, animal waking, snow clearing Twilight: (whines, sarcastic) Thanks a lot for making me feel SO much better.
Spike: (tactless) That's what I'm here for, sister.
Applejack: Rainbow Dash, y'all on the weather team need to melt the rest of the snow here on the ground and the trees, pronto.
Rainbow Dash: Got it.
Fluttershy: Wait.
My poor little animals' homes will get flooded if the snow melts too fast.
Rainbow Dash: Got it.
Applejack: I'm tellin' ya, Rainbow, ya gotta melt that snow NOW.
Fluttershy: No! You simply must wait! Rainbow Dash: (losing patience) Okay.
Applejack: Go.
Fluttershy: Stop.
Applejack: Go! Fluttershy: Stop! Applejack: GO! Fluttershy: STOP! Rainbow Dash: (groans exasperatedly) Make up your MINDS! Mayor: (annoyed) Oh, what in Equestria are all you arguing about?! This sort of silliness is why we were late for spring LAST year, and the year before that, and the year before that! Twilight: Did she say"late?!" Mayor: I was hoping my amazingly inspirational speech would urge everyone to do better than last year, but now it looks like we're gonna be later than EVER! I mean, just look at this CATASTROPHE! The ice scorers made the ice chunks too big to melt, the nest designer is horrendously behind, we need several hundred and she's only made ONE! (Rarity sobs theatrically) And don't get me started on all the clouds still in the sky, the icicles on the trees This isn't good.
Not at ALL! Applejack: And it's gonna be all-to-pieces disastrous if we can't get our seeds planted.
Rainbow Dash: Chillax, Applejack! We're bustin' our chops as fast as we can! Fluttershy: No! Not fast! We have to wake animals slowly! Big Macintosh: Uh, AJ? Applejack: Oh, good gravy.
Caramel lost the grass seeds again, didn't he? Big Mac: A-yup.
Pegasus pony: (grunts) Ditzy Doo accidentally went NORTH to get the SOUTHERN birds! Rainbow Dash: Oh, that featherbrain! Didn't she learn her lesson last year when she went west?! (ponies argue and complain over each other) Mayor: Stop this at once! We don't have time to argue! It's almost sundown.
Spring is going to be late again.
Another year of scandal and shame! If only we could be more organized Twilight: Spike! Get my checklist and clipboard! STAT! Spike: (straightens up) Yes, ma'am.
(ponies arguing) Twilight: Stop, everypony.
(ponies arguing) Stop! (ponies arguing) (bird chirping, ponies stop arguing) Twilight: (whispering) Sorry.
I know you all want to complete your jobs on time, but arguing is no way to go about it.
What you need isorganization.
And I'm just the pony for the job.
(instrumental version of Winter Wrap Up plays) (whooshing) (instrumental version of Winter Wrap Up plays) (wind gathers loudly) (instrumental version of Winter Wrap Up plays) (whoosh) (instrumental version of Winter Wrap Up plays) (rising intensity wind) (instrumental version of Winter Wrap Up plays) (instrumental version of Winter Wrap Up plays) (river flowing) (ice chunking and breaking) (plows grinding in dirt, pegasus ponies whoosh) (plows grinding) (cacophony of bird sounds) Mayor: I can't believe it.
(music ends) Spring is here! ON TIME! And we have you to thank for it.
If it weren't for your organizing skills, we would still be arguing.
Big Mac: A-yup.
(ponies laugh) Twilight: It was a team effort.
Mayor: And since you helped every team, we have an official vest for you.
We give you the title, "All-Team Organizer!" Twilight: Gosh, I don't even know what to say! Thank you, everypony! Mayor: And hereby I declare that winter is wrapped upON TIME! (ponies cheer) (Spike snoring) Applejack: Spike's sure gonna be in for a hog-sized surprise when that last piece o'ice melts! (Spike snores, ponies laugh) Twilight: (voice-over) "Dear Princess Celestia, Winter Wrap Up was one of the most special things I've ever been a part of here in Ponyville.
(Spike sneezes fire) It helped me to learn that we all have hidden talents, and if we're patient and diligent, we're sure to find them, and as always, with good friendship and teamwork, ponies can accomplish anything.
" How was that, Spike? Spike? (Spike snores) Twilight: Oh, Spike.
(Spike snores) (Spike snores, Twilight giggles) (ending theme begins) My Little Pony My Little Pony (instrumental) My Little Pony, friends