My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s01e15 Episode Script

Feeling Pinkie Keen

(Twilight grunting lightly) (Twilight grunts, magical poof) (Twilight grunts, magical poof) Twilight: Eyes over here, Spike! Spike: Er, sorry.
Twilight: For this to work, it's crucial that we keep our concentration totally on the- Pinkie Pie (offscreen): Ooh! (hard thump, Spike yelps and grunts) Twilight: Spike! This magic needs our full attention to make it happen! Twilight: There's no other way! Spike: I can't help it! Look! (random offscreen noises) (rock thuds) Twilight: (sighs) Never mind her.
She's just being Pinkie Pie.
Spike: Super EXTRA Pinkie Pie today.
(eerie theremin vibrato) Pinkie Pie: Hmm (eerie theremin vibrato) Twitchy twitcha-twitcha-twitch.
Twilight: Pinkie Pie, what in the wide wide world of Equestria are you up to? Pinkie Pie: Oh, it's my tail! It's my tail! It's a-twitchin' twitchin'! And you know what that means! Twilight: Actually, Pinkie, I haven't the slightest idea.
Pinkie Pie: The twitching means my Pinkie Sense is telling me stuff's gonna start falling! You two better duck for cover.
Twilight: Oh, Pinkie.
It's not gonna rain! Why, there's barely a cloud in the- (grunts) (frog croaks) Pinkie Pie: He just said, "Nice catch," in Frog.
(silly trombone music plays, frog croaks) (theme song begins) My Little Pony, My Little Pony, ah, ah, ah, ah, (My Little Pony) Twilight: I used to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony) Until you all shared its magic with me Rainbow Dash: Big adventure Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun Rarity: A beautiful heart Applejack: Faithful and strong Fluttershy: Sharing kindness Twilight: It's an easy feat All: And magic makes it all complete, yeah (My Little Pony) Do you know, you're all my very best friends Fluttershy: Oh, I'm so, so sorry.
You okay, Twilight Sparkle? I just couldn't stand to see the pond getting so overpopulated, what with the frogs all hopping into each other and all.
So I decided to fly as many as I can over to Froggy Bottom Bog.
Twilight: (dryly) Of course you did.
Fluttershy: (mouth full) Bye-bye! Pinkie Pie: Um, Twilight? You've got a little something on your face, there.
Twilight: (sarcastic) Oh, really? Did your Pinkie Sense tell you that, too? Pinkie Pie: Nah.
I could just SEE it.
(sings tunelessly) (Twilight's head rattles like a diving board) Twilight: Come on, Spike.
Let's continue our practice session where there's a little less commotion.
Spike: Wow! That was amazing! Pinkie Pie predicted something would fall, and it DID! Twilight: (dismissively) Oh, come on! She said that something would fall, and a frog just HAPPENED to fall at the same time! A coincidence, nothing else to it.
(eerie theremin vibrato) Pinkie Pie: MY TAIL! MY TAIL! (eerie theremin vibrato) Twitch-a-twitch! Twitch-a-twitch! Somethin' else is gonna fall! Twilight: (dismissively) Oh, Pinkie, please.
Nothing else is gonna fa- (screams, thuds, grunts) Spike: (fearfully) Oh no! Twilight fell! Is itsafe to go help her? Pinkie Pie: It's okay.
My tail stopped twitching.
(Pinkie Pie singing tunelessly) Spike: (laughs) That was AMAZING! Twilight: Oh, please.
Applejack: Uh, Twilight? Why are ya hangin' out in a ditch? Spike: Because Pinkie Pie predicted it! Twilight: Honestly, Spike, she did not.
Two coincidences like this in a row may be UNLIKELY, but it's still easier to believe than twitchy tails that can predict the future.
(eerie theremin vibrato) Applejack: (gasps) Twitchy tail? Pinkie Sense?! Whoa! (groans apprehensively) Spike: Don't worry, it's safe.
The prediction already came true.
Twilight: Oh, wait.
Don't tell me YOU believe in this stuff, too.
Applejack: I know it doesn't make much sense, but those of us who've been in Ponyville a while have learned over time that, "If Pinkie's a-twitchin', ya better listen.
" (theremin) Pinkie Pie: My ears are flopping! My ears are flopping! Spike: (recoils fearfully) What does THAT mean?! Pinkie Pie: I'll start a bath for you.
Twilight: Huh? (chuckles) A bath?! This thing keeps getting more ridiculous by the minute- (splash) (Twilight groans in frustration) (Twilight blows bubbles) Pinkie Pie: So, basically, it works like this: I get different, little, niggly feelings meaning different things.
Like, when my back is itchy, it's my lucky day! And when my knee gets pinchy, that means something scary's about to happen.
Twilight: Is your knee pinchy now? Pinkie Pie: No, but my shoulder's achy.
That means there's an alligator in the tub.
(splash) Twilight: (screams) How come your knee didn't get pinchy?! That isn't just scary, it's downright DANGEROUS! Pinkie Pie: No it's not, silly! This is my pet alligator, Gummy! He's got no teeth! See? (Gummy chomps repeatedly, Pinkie Pie giggles) Twilight: (unconvincingly) Okay, okay.
I get it.
Twilight: Well, I still don't believe all this "special power" stuff.
It's just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.
Pinkie Pie: What's not to believe? You do magic.
What's the difference? Twilight: Huge! For one thing (shoves soap aside, clears throat) Magic is something you study and practice.
It only happens when you decide to do it.
And it's meant to make something specific that you CHOOSE to happen happen! With you, it-it makes no sense at all! Pinkie Pie: (indignantly) That's SO not true, Twilight.
Sometimes it's a BUNCH of random things happening to my body at random times that supposedly predict the future.
I call 'em "combos.
" Twilight: Combos? Pinkie Pie: Sure! You know, like, ear flop, then knee twitch, then eye flutter.
That means the sky is about to be graced with a BEAUTIFUL rainbow! Twilight: (dryly) Yeah.
Pinkie Pie: Uh oh.
I feel a combo coming on.
Ear flop, eye flutter, knee twitch! (door slams, Twilight yelps) (door creaks slowly, shuts) (Twilight thuds into ground, groans) Twilight: (dazed) You said that "combo" meant "beautiful rainbow.
" Pinkie Pie: Oh, nonononono.
You're thinking of an ear flop, then knee twitch, then eye flutter.
This was an ear flop, then eye flutter, then knee twitch.
That usually means, "Look out for opening doors.
" You okay? Twilight: I don't believe this Pinkie Pie: You don't BELIEVE because you don't UNDERSTAND.
Twilight: Hmm (bubbling) (theremin, restraints latch) Twilight: Okay, now when you get another twitch, we'll have all kinds of scientific information.
Pinkie Pie: (oblivious) Okey-dokey-lokey! (bubbling, occasional steam whistle) Twilight: Any twitches yet? Pinkie Pie: Nopey-dopey! (steam whistles periodically) Twilight: Now? Anything? Pinkie Pie: Wait! Hold on! Uhh, no.
Twilight: Are you kidding me?! After a WHOLE day of nonstop twitching, now that I've got you hooked up, you're not getting a SINGLE ONE?! Pinkie Pie: I don't control it.
They just come and go.
Twilight: That makes no sense! Pinkie Pie: Sometimes you just have to believe in things, even when you can't figure 'em out.
Twilight: I will not believe in ANYTHING I cannot explain.
Pinkie Pie: Wait! Hold onI'm feelin' something! Twilight: Oh my gosh! What?! What is it? Pinkie Pie: (stomach growling loudly) It's my tummy! That usually means I'm hungry.
Let's eat! (Twilight groans in exasperation) Twilight: You know what?! (chomps wires, grunts) (machine powers down) Just forget it.
I don't need to know if this is real or not.
I don't need to understand it.
I don't even CARE! Pinkie Pie: Okey-dokey-lokey! (helmet clatters to ground) (theremin music) Pinkie Pie: Uh-oh! (gasps, voice trembles incoherently) (door slams, Twilight yelps) Spike: Pinkie? Have you seen Twilight? Pinkie Pie: Uh-huh.
(door creaks shut) Spike: Twilight? What're you doin' back there? Twilight: (groans) Did you two PLAN this?! Spike: Plan what? (Twilight pops off door and crashes to ground) Twilight: (grumbles) This is ridiculous.
This can't be happening.
This makes no sense.
I have to figure this out.
(frog croaks) (frogs croak) (Pinkie Pie giggles) (Pinkie Pie sniffs flower contentedly) (Pinkie Pie giggling) Spike: Twilight? (Twilight screams) (Spike yelps) Twilight: Honestly, Spike! Don't you know better than to sneak up on ponies?! Spike: Oh, sorrybut, um, isn't that what you're doing? Twilight: (gasps) No way! I'm doing scientific research.
I'm observing Pinkie Pie, scientific name Pinkius piecus, in its natural habitat.
Spike: Pinkius whoicus? (Spike yelps) Twilight: There's something fishy going on with the whole "Pinkie Prediction" thing, and I'm getting to the bottom of it.
So, shh! Come on.
Pinkius piecus is on the move! (Pinkie Pie humming happily) Twilight: (to self) Hmmitchy nose (Pinkie Pie gasps) Twilight: Aha! That makes no sense! See? She's hiding like something's about to fall from the sky, but a twitchy TAIL means something's gonna fall from the sky.
NOT an itchy nose.
(theremin music, bees buzzing) Twilight: This proves, (Spike gasps) perhaps conclusively, that- (Spike yelps) Spike! Where are you going?! I'm trying to teach you the value of scientific- (bees buzzing and stinging, Twilight yelping repeatedly) Spike: (whispering) What's she doin' now? Twilight: Smelling a flower.
Spike: Holy guacamole! I wonder what that means! Twilight: (dryly) Probably that the flower smells good.
Wait, I'm getting something.
Ear flop, eye flutter, knee twitch.
Spike: Hold onyou told me that's the combo that says, "Watch out for opening doors!" Twilight: (scoffs) You really, really believe this stuff, don't you? Here.
Let me show you there's nothing to be afraid of.
You see? I promise you there's nothing to fear from that- (door opens) (Twilight screams, yelps repeatedly in pain, thuds) (slow, dissonant banjo music) Applejack: (voice echoing up steps) Twilight! You came to visit my new apple cellar! Twi? You okay? Uh, Twi? Spike: Here, lemme help ya.
(lever squeaks) Twilight: Okay.
Take this down: twitchy tail.
Spike: Twitchy tail.
(gasps) "TWITCHY TAIL!" (theremin music) Twilight: (grunts) Spike! We can't let Pinkie know we're here, remember?! (theremin music) Spike: Somethin's gonna fall! Somethin's gonna fall! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! (hysterical screaming) (theremin music builds in pitch and volume) Twilight: Honestly, Spike, you're overreact- (flowerpot shatters) (metallic thud, Twilight grunts) (loud crash) (piano smashes loudly, piano strings vibrate, Twilight yelps) Pinkie Pie: (hums) Hey, Applejack! Whatcha doin'? Applejack: Takin' more apples to my new apple cellar.
How 'bout you, Pinkie? Whatchu doin'? Pinkie Pie: Oh, letting Twilight secretly follow me all day without me knowing.
Twilight: You mean you know all along?! Why didn't you tell me?! Pinkie Pie: (giggles) Silly, that would've spoiled the secret! (Twilight grumbles incoherently) Spike: Tailstill twitching? Pinkie Pie: All done! Clear skies from here on in, as far as I can tell.
(theremin music, Pinkie Pie shudders) (theremin music) Spike: (fearfully) Oh no! What does THAT one mean?! Pinkie Pie: Dunno, never got any like it before, but whatever that shudder's about, it's a DOOZY.
Something you'd never expect to happen is gonna happen! (Pinkie Pie's voice vibrates as she shudders) And it's gonna happenAT FROGGY BOTTOM BOG! Applejack: (gasps) That's where Fluttershy is headed! Spike: Oh no! Is it about her? Pinkie Pie: Uh, I'm not sure.
Applejack: We'd better go and make sure she's okay.
Twilight: Calm down, everypony.
All we know right now is that Pinkie Pie just got a case of the shivers.
That's all.
Spike: (grunts) Hey! I thought you didn't believe in this stuff.
Twilight: (flatly) I don't.
I just want to be there to see the look on Pinkie's face when we find out nothing's wrong.
Pinkie Pie: Okey-dokey! (gate opens, frogs croak) (theremin music, PInkie's voice vibrates) Twilight: (sarcastic) Cold? Need a jacket or something? Pinkie Pie: No thanks.
I'm fine.
(theremin music, Pinkie shivers) Spike: So, whaddya think happened to Fluttershy? Applejack: I hope nothin'.
Spike: I know, butwhat do you THINK happened? Applejack: I'm tryin' not t'think about it.
Spike: Me too.
But I'm thinkin' about it, anyway.
Likewhat if she EXPLODED! Applejack: (dryly) Just exploded? For no reason? Spike: Yeah! Like, BOOM! Pinkie Pie: Whoa! Spike: I know! Pinkie Pie: What ifwhat if she exploded, and thenand then EXPLODED AGAIN?! Spike: Can you do that?! Can you explode twice?! Applejack: (dryly) Of course not.
Spike: Well, what if she explodedand then exploded againand then- Twilight: Will you two STOP? She's fine; I'm sure of it.
Applejack: I hope you're right, for Fluttershy's sake.
Look! There's Froggy Bottom Bog! (dragonfly buzzing) Applejack: (shouting) Fluttershy! (bog creatures chirping) Pinkie Pie: Fluttershy! (Pinkie Pie gasps, splats into mud) Spike: Fluttershy! You're okay! Fluttershy: Of course.
Applejack: (sighs) What a relief.
Pinkie Pie: I'm so glad everything's alright.
Twilight: Sorry.
I know it's not right to gloat, but AHA! (Spike grunts) I told you there was nothing to worry about, and I was right.
(ominous music) Pinkie Pie said whatever she was shuddering about was a (coughs) doozy, and (coughs) and the only (coughs) doozy here is how right I am.
Applejack: (fearfully) UmTwilight? (swamp muck rumbling) Twilight: Pinkie's made a lot of predictions today, but- (coughs and wheezes) Ugh, what is that SMELL? But what we've shown here is that there's no point in believing (coughs) in anything you can't see for yourself.
(others trembling) Spike: (stuttering) W-well th-then, s-s-see wh-what's b-b-behind you, Twilight! (guttural growling) (hydra emits guttural growl) Twilight: (apprehensively) I see itbut I don't believe it! (three hydra heads roar) (all heads roar) Pinkie Pie: Is that a HYDRA?! Applejack: Who cares?! RUUUUN! (ponies screaming) (hydra growling) (Pinkie Pie gasps and hyperventilates) Twilight: Pinkie! Come on! (hydra growls, slams into ground) Fluttershy: Oh, I'm so sorry.
(hydra growls) (hydra roars, ground thumps as it walks) (head slams into ground) (head slams ground) (Fluttershy yelps) (hydra head laughs) (all screaming) Twilight: Everypony up that hill! Spike: (distant shout) HEEEEEELP! (Spike struggling) Twilight: Coming, Spike! Hang on! (thud) (hydra roars furiously) Twilight: I think we're gonna make it! (theremin music, Pinkie shudders violently) Pinkie Pie: Oh, lookie there.
It stopped.
(voice trembling) O-o-h-h, th-e-e-re it is aga-a-a-in! (ponies gasp) (thunderous thud) (ponies gasp) (loud thuds) Twilight: (gasps) He'll be up here in no time! Quick! One at a time, CROSS! (Spike yelps) Spike: Uh, do you know any spells for turning a hydra into a mouse? Twilight: No.
Spike: How 'bout a squirrel? Twilight: No! Spike: How 'bout- Twilight: NO SMALL RODENTS OF ANY KIND! Spike: That's too bad.
Fluttershy: A hop, skip, and aJUMP! (Spike screams) Pinkie PIe: (voice trembling) Wh-o-o-o-o-o-a! (Applejack grunts) (hydra growls) Twilight: He's too close! I'll distract him! You two go! NOW! (Applejack grunts) Ohwhat would a brave pony like Rainbow Dash do? CHAAAAARGE! (hydra growls) (hydra snarls) (hydra roars) (hydra snarls) (thud) Pinkie Pie: (quivering) T-T-Twilight! (hydra snarls) (hydra snarls, slams into rock face) (rocks crumble and slam into ground) (ponies gasp) (Twilight gasps) (hydra whimpers, roars) Pinkie Pie: T-T-Twilight! You have to jump! Twilight: I'll never make it! Pinkie Pie: You'll be fine! Twilight: I will not! (hydra roars) Pinkie Pie: I-i-i-t's your only ho-o-o-o-pe! (hydra snarls) Pinkie Pie: You have to take a leap of faith! (Twilight gulps) (hydra snarls) (crash) (Twilight yelps) No! Oh no! NOOOOOO! (bubble pops) (Twilight screams) (Twilight grunts repeatedly) (Twilight shakes off confusion) (ponies cheer) Pinkie Pie: I knew you could do it, Twilight! Twilight: I don't know how it happened; coincidence, dumb luck, or what, but you said there'd be a doozy here at Froggy Bottom Bog, and I'd say we just had ourselves one heck of a doozy.
I mean, that hydra- (theremin music, Pinkie Pie shudders) Twilight: Pinkie? Pinkie Pie: That wasn't it.
Twilight: Huh? Spike: What wasn't what? Applejack: What are you talkin' about, Pink? Pinkie Pie: The hydra wasn't the doozy.
(hydra blows raspberry) I'm still gettin' the shudders! (Pinkie Pie's voice trembles) You see?! There it is again! Whatever the doozy was at Froggy Bottom Bog, my Pinkie Sense says it still hasn't happened.
Twilight: Huh? But IWHAT?! (seething) The HYDRA wasn't the doozy?! How could it not be THE DOOZY?! What could be DOOZIER than THAT?! Pinkie Pie: Dunno, but if this wasn't it (Twilight grumbles) (Twilight growls) Twilight: (resigned) Oh, I give up.
Spike: Give what up, Twi? Twilight: The fight.
I can't fight it anymore.
I don't understand how, why, or what, but Pinkie Sense somehow makes sense.
I don't see how it does, but it just does.
Just because I don't understand doesn't mean its not true.
Pinkie Pie: Y-y-y-you m-m-mean you b-b-b-believe? Twilight: Yup, I guess I do.
(Pinkie shudders violently and emits a series of wacky noises) Pinkie Pie: (gasps) That was it! THAT'S the doozy.
(Spike shakes head) Twilight: What? What is? Pinkie Pie: You.
I never expected THAT to happen! THAT was the doozy, oh and, oh what a doozy of a doozy it was! (Pinkie Pie sings happily) (Pinkie Pie and Twilight giggling, Spike opens door) Twilight: Oh, good, Spike.
You're here.
Take a letter.
Spike: With pleasure, Twilight.
Twilight: "Dear Princess Celestia, I'm happy to report that-" Spike, what have I been saying about focus? Spike: I know, but I Well Twilight: What's wrong Spike, never thought you'd see me with an umbrella hat on? Spike: Not really, no.
Twilight: Pinkie's tail is twitchin'.
What else can I do? (all laugh) Twilight: "I am happy to report that I now realize there are wonderful things in this world you just can't explain, but that doesn't necessarily make them any less true.
It just means you have to choose to believe in them, and sometimes it takes a friend to show you the way.
" Pinkie Pie: HONK! Spike: (still writing) "Honk" Twilight: "Always your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.
" (door opens) (tail twitches) Pinkie Pie: There it goes again! Twilight: I wonder what's gonna drop outta the sky THIS time.
Pinkie Pie: You never know.
(window opens, Spike inhales) (approaching jet, Celestia thuds onto balcony) Spike: Twitchy tail? (Celestia's wings flap) Holy guacamole! (ending theme begins) My Little Pony My Little Pony (instrumental) My Little Pony, friends