My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s01e17 Episode Script

Stare Master

Rarity: (harried) Where did I put that? Oh, I thought I already- Oh, and can't forget I've got to- (whines) How am I EVER gonna get this done?! Sweetie Belle: Are you sure I can't help? Sweetie Belle: I could- Rarity: (interrupting) No.
Sweetie Belle: Maybe just a- Rarity: No thanks.
Sweetie Belle: How about- Rarity: Just stand over there.
Sweetie Belle: But- Rarity: Where you'll be out of the way.
Ribbonribbon! Where's the ribbon?! Sweetie Belle: I got it! Sweetie Belle: Whoa! (Rarity gasps) (spool impacts stand) (stand wobbles) (thud) (fabric thumping) (Rarity gasping as objects fly around, objects crashing into each other) (series of loud crashes) Sweetie Belle: (sheepishly) Um, I-I'll just go stand over there, where I'll beout of the way.
(Rarity sighs) (theme song begins) My Little Pony, My Little Pony, ah, ah, ah, ah, (My Little Pony) Twilight: I used to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony) Until you all shared its magic with me Rainbow Dash: Big adventure Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun Rarity: A beautiful heart Applejack: Faithful and strong Fluttershy: Sharing kindness Twilight: It's an easy feat All: And magic makes it all complete, yeah (My Little Pony) Do you know, you're all my very best friends Sweetie Belle: Won't you at least let me help you clean up? Rarity: (flatly) No.
You've helped me quite enough.
Sweetie Belle: I'm sorry, sis.
I just thought that if I could help, I might find my special gift and finally earn my cutie mark.
Rarity: I understand, it's just that I need this time to fill this order without anycomplications.
(stand clatters into place) Okay.
All done.
Now, back to work.
I've lost a lot of time, and I cannot have any more interruptions.
(doorbell rings, Rarity groans) (harried) What now?! Fluttershy: (flustered) Oh, sorry.
I thought the "open" sign meant you were open, but I must have been mistaken.
Rarity: (gasps) Fluttershy, forgive me! I was so wrapped up in my work that I forgot you were bringing Opalescence back from her grooming! Fluttershy: No worries, Rarity.
I left her there in the basket.
(Opalescence grumbles) Rarity: Oh, she looks great! I just don't understand how you're able to do it! I can't get near her without getting a swipe from her claws.
(Opalescence hisses, Rarity yelps) Did you use(ominously) "The Stare" on her? Fluttershy: Oh, no! I wouldn't.
I couldn't! I-I don't really have any control over when that happens.
I-it just happens.
No, I'm just good with animals.
It's my special gift, you know.
Rarity: Well, you should have a picture of Opal as a cutie mark instead of those butterflies.
Sweetie Belle: (excited prattle) Ooh, ooh, ooh, oh, oh, oh! Maybe I can be good with animals, too! (air whooshes as Opalescence slices) Or not.
(Fluttershy and Rarity laugh) Rarity: I'm sorry I can't invite you to stay and chat, Fluttershy.
I've bitten off a bit more than I can chew with this order.
Sweetie Belle: But you're not eating anything.
Rarity: No, Sweetie.
It's an expression.
It means that I've taken on more work than I can handle.
I've got twenty of these special robes to make tonight! They're due in Trottingham [Nottingham] tomorrow morning.
(fabric whooshes, harp flourish plays) (Fluttershy gasps) Rarity: See? I've lined them in this special gold silk.
It took SO long to make, but I think it adds just the right touch.
Don't you? Fluttershy: These are lovely, but 20? By tonight? How will you get it all done? Rarity: Well, I, uh- Sweetie Belle: Oh oh oh! Maybe I could (sheepishly) justjust stand over here and watch.
Rarity: I'll manage.
Fluttershy: Well, maybe I should get out of your mane so you can work.
Applebloom and Scootaloo: Hi, Fluttershy! Hi, Rarity! Rarity: Hello, uh, girls Applebloom and Scootaloo: Hey, Sweetie Belle! Sweetie Belle: Scootaloo! Applebloom! Scootaloo: You ready for tonight? Sweetie Belle: Yep! Cutie Mark Planning Session is a go! Applebloom: Tonight is the night we each try to find our own special talent! Scootaloo: Even if it takes us all night! Applebloom: I'm ready! You ready?! Scootaloo: Very ready! All three: (shouting) CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS SLEEPOVER AT RARITY'S! YAY! Sweetie Belle: Andlook what I made us! (trumpet flourish, Scootaloo and Applebloom voice approval) Fluttershy: What does that patch on your cape mean? All three: (shouting) THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS! YAY! Scootaloo: We're on a crusade, a MISSION! Applebloom: T'find our cutie marks! Sweetie Belle: Yup, and look.
(lifts fabric) I lined them with this special gold silk.
It took SO long to make, but I think it adds just the right touch, don't you? Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle: Ooooh! Rarity: Sweetie Belle! What have you done?! That was the last of the gold silk! Oh, now I'll have to make more! Oh, I hope I can make more I'm gonna have to work all night! Which means, sorry girls.
I'm afraid the Crusader Sleepover is canceled.
Sweetie Belle: What?! Rarity: I just won't have any time to watch you if I want to get these robes delivered on time.
Sweetie Belle: But- Rarity: (sternly) No "buts" this time.
I'm sorry, Sweetie Belle; it's just the way it has to be.
(Cutie Mark Crusaders sigh dejectedly) Fluttershy: I, uh, I suppose I could take them for the night.
Rarity: I couldn't ask you to do that.
Fluttershy: Oh, it's no problem at all.
Rarity: Have youMET my sister and her friends? "A problem" is all it would be.
Fluttershy: (cocksure) Did I have a "PROBLEM" with Opal? You've seen how well I handle small creatures! Rarity: I suppose that's true, and I DO have a lot of work to do Fluttershy: Come on, it'll be fun.
Rarity: I assure you, they're quite a handful.
Fluttershy: These sweet little angels? (angelic choir) Rarity: Wellall right.
Wait for me! (Rarity groans pensively) Fluttershy: Oh, won't this be ever so fun? We can have a nice little tea party, and braid each others' tails, and sit quietly and color, and tell each other fairy tales, and- (Fluttershy gasps) (Cutie Mark Crusaders rush past laughing) (Twilight grunts) (Cutie Mark Crusaders giggling) Twilight: Hello, Fluttershy.
Fluttershy: Oh! Hello, Twilight! Where are you off to? Twilight: I'm heading to the Everfree Forest to Zecora's to get some of my favorite tea.
Fluttershy: (apprehensively) The-the Everfree Forest?! (sighs) You'll be careful, won't you? Twilight: Of course! How about you? What are you doing with the girls? Fluttershy: Rarity has a big order to fill tonight, so I volunteered to take the girls over to my cottage for a sleepover.
Twilight: Wow, sounds like everypony has their hooves full today.
Taking care of those three fillies, all by yourself? You sure you can handle it? Fluttershy: What? These sweet little angels? They'll be no problem at all.
(crickets chirping, owl hooting, Fluttershy closes door) Sweetie Belle: Wow, look at this place! (Cutie Mark Crusaders talking over each other excitedly) Fluttershy: (frazzled) Noproblem at all Okay, girls, what should we do? Scootaloo: I'm gonna get my mark first! Fluttershy: Girls? Sweetie Belle: Nuh-uh! Fluttershy: Should we- Applebloom: I AM! Fluttershy: Girls! Okay, now, settle- Scootaloo: I'M staying up all night! Applebloom: Me too! Sweetie Belle: Me three! Fluttershy: I know you're excited, but- (chair creaking) girls, be careful with the- oh, uh, girls (Fluttershy blows mane out of face) Fluttershy: So! What do you wanna do? Play a game? Scootaloo: We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders! Applebloom: And we want t'crusade for our cutie marks! Sweetie Belle: (stumbling over words) And, and, and we, umyeah! What they said! Fluttershy: UmI dunno.
How about a nice, QUIET little tea party? Scootaloo: Or we could go adventuring in the Everfree Forest! Applebloom and Sweetie Belle: YEAH! Fluttershy: (ominously) Oh no! The Everfree Forest is MUCH too dangerous! It's filled with far too many strange creatures.
Sweetie Belle: But you could go with us and we could catch those creatures.
We could be, umcreature catchers! Crusaders: (shouting) YAY! CUTIE MARK CRUSADER CREATURE CATCHERS! Scootaloo: Rarr! I am a dangerous creature from the Everfree Forest! Rarr! Sweetie Belle: (playing along) Halt, dangerous creature of the Everfree Forest! I am Sweetie Belle, the Creature Catcher, and I'm here to catch you! Scootaloo: You can never catch me! I am far too POWERFUL and DANGEROUS! Sweetie Belle: You cannot run from me! (Scootaloo pretends to roar) (Sweetie Belle giggles) (Scootaloo pretends to roar and giggles) Fluttershy: Um, uh, maybe that's not such a- now, girls, how about we do some nice coloring.
(Fluttershy yelps) (thud) Sweetie Belle: Come back, dangerous creature, (table and pitcher clatter) so I can catch you! Scootaloo: Never! (several crashes followed by loud crash) Fluttershy: Carefulyou don't! break anything.
Sweetie Belle: (remorsefully) Sorry, Fluttershy.
Scootaloo: Yeah, sorry.
Applebloom: (dejectedly) I guess we aren't creature catchers.
Fluttershy: Oh girls, it's okay, I- Applebloom: I KNOW! We could be Cutie Mark Crusader Carpenters! Fluttershy: (apprehensively) Carpenters? Applebloom: Hammer! Scootaloo: Hammer! Sweetie Belle: Hammer! Scootaloo: Hammer! Scootaloo: Hammer.
(hammer, saw, and jackhammer sounds) Sweetie Belle: Um, THAT doesn't look like a table.
Scootaloo: (incredulous) We were making a TABLE?! Applebloom: Somepony needs t'put this thing outta its misery.
Scootaloo: We are definitely not Cutie Mark Carpenters.
Sweetie Belle: (dryly) Who wants a picture of a hammer on their flank, anyway? Fluttershy: Well, now that we've gotten that out of the way, how about a game? Fluttershy: It's called, "Shhh.
" Scootaloo: What's that? Fluttershy: Well, it's a game about who can be quiet the longest.
Sound fun? I'm the world champ, you know.
Bet you can't beat me! (inhales sharply) Scootaloo: I lose! Sweetie Belle: Me too! Applebloom: Me three! (Fluttershy sighs) Applebloom: Okay! Now what can we do? Ooh! How about Cutie Mark Crusader Coal Miners? Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle: YEAH! Fluttershy: (loudly) NO! Crusaders: Aww Fluttershy: I mean, it's time for bed, don't you think? (motherly) Aren't you excited to get all toasty and warm in your snuggly-wuggly widdle beds? Applebloom: "Snuggly-wuggly?" But we have more crusadin' t'do! Scootaloo: We've got plans! Sweetie Belle: And capes! Fluttershy: Um, okay.
Um, maybe the crusading can wait until morning? When it's light? And not so (meekly) dark? Applebloom: How are we gonna find our special talent in our sleep? Fluttershy: (blows out candle) Maybe you'll have a lovely little dream about your special talent.
Scootaloo: But we're not even tired! Fluttershy: How about I sing you a lullaby? Crusaders: Yeah! (Fluttershy clears throat) (gentle lullaby) Fluttershy: Hush now, quiet now It's time to lay your sleepy head Hush now, quiet now It's time to go to bed (music ends) Sweetie Belle: I know this one! Fluttershy: Oh, how WONDERFUL! Why don't you sing it with me? (Sweetie Belle clears throat) (drumroll) (lively gospel style with backup vocals) Sweetie Belle: Hush now, quiet now It's time to lay your sleepy head Said hush now, quiet now It's time to go to bed (holds note) Fluttershy: (speaking) Okay, Sweetie, that was- Sweetie Belle: Driftin' [Driftin'!] off to sleep The exciting day behind you Driftin' [Driftin'!] off to sleep Let the joy of dreamland find you (holds note) Fluttershy: (speaking) Thank you, Sweetie, um- Sweetie Belle: Hush now, quiet now Lay your sleepy head Said hush now, quiet now It's time to go to BEEEEEEED! (music ends) OW! (chickens clamoring in distance) Scootaloo: What is THAT? Fluttershy: (opens window, gasps) Girls! Applebloom: Fluttershy, your chickens are on the loose! (chickens clucking frantically) Sweetie Belle: I wonder what could've caused it Scootaloo: Don't worry, Fluttershy! The Cutie Mark Crusaders will handle this! Sweetie Belle: Cutie Mark Crusader Chicken Herders! YAY! Fluttershy: No, I don't think that's a- ah, come back! Please! (chickens clucking, Cutie Mark Crusaders giggling) Fluttershy: Come on, girls, the chickens are fine-oh, girls, um GIRLS! (chicken clucking and flapping wings) Fluttershy: Come on.
In you go.
(chickens clucking) There's some good chickens.
Okay, you three, isn't it about time you got into bed? Crusaders: (pouting) But- Fluttershy: (sweetly) Please? Fluttershy: So, no more crusading for tonight, all right? Scootaloo: Yes, Fluttershy! Sweetie Belle: We promise, Fluttershy! Applebloom: G'night, Fluttershy! Fluttershy: Okay.
Good night.
(eyes pop open in turn) Sweetie Belle: (hushed) Okay, so what kind of crusading do we do next? Applebloom: There's not much we can do from this room, unless we become Cutie Mark Crusader Cottage Cleaners.
Sweetie Belle: No thanks Applebloom: Well, we have t'think of somethin'.
We can't just waste this opportunity t'find out what our special talents are.
Hey, girls! Look! Some of the chickens may have escaped! Scootaloo: Into the forest! Crusaders: (whispering) Cutie Mark Crusader Chicken Rescuers are go! Fluttershy: (relieved sigh, to self) It really wasn't THAT hard.
I mean, all I needed to do was just show them who's in charge.
Nothing's gonna get past Fluttershy! Good with animals, good with kids.
(fabric stretches, rips) Scootaloo: Wait up! (owl hoots) Fluttershy: Mm, peace and quiet.
(Fluttershy gasps) (anxious) Too quiet.
(Fluttershy gasps) Girls? Girls? Elizabeak! She's missing! Girls?! (gasps) Oh, no! They must have gone looking for my missing chicken! Which means, they must have gone into (gasps, gulps) (quivering) th-the Everfree Forest! Fluttershy: Those girls have REALLY done it this time! They've really bitten off more than they can chew! Oh, just like me.
I never should have offered to watch them (Fluttershy inhales sharply) (owl hoots) Applebloom: Here, chick-chick-chick-chick-chick! (imitating chicken clucking) Bawk, bawkbawkbawk, bawk! Scootaloo: What are you DOING? Applebloom: Callin' for the chicken.
Scootaloo: That is NOT how you call a chicken.
Applebloom: (sarcastically) Oh, and you know how to call a chicken.
Scootaloo: I know THAT'S not the way.
Applebloom: Then show me.
Scootaloo: I don't have to show you.
Applebloom: Yer just chicken! Scootaloo: Am NOT! Applebloom: Oh, wait! NOW I know how to call a chicken! (echoing) Scootaloooo! Scoot-Scootaloooo! Scootaloo: That's so funny I forgot to laugh.
Applebloom: You also forgot how to call a chicken.
(Applebloom blows raspberry) Scootaloo: Why, you! (wind howls) Sweetie Belle: Come on, guys! We're not gonna find the chicken or our cutie marks by arguing.
Applebloom: Maybe that's our special talent! Arguing! Scootaloo: Is not! Applebloom: Is too! Scootaloo: Is not! Applebloom: Is too! Anything yet? Scootaloo: Nope.
Applebloom: Darn.
(both giggle) Applebloom: Here, chick-chick-chick-chick, bawkbawkbawkbawkbawkbagaaawk! Fluttershy: (trembling) Girls? Girls? (gasps) Get a hold of yourself, Fluttershy! Just put one hoof in front of the other.
Fluttershy: (twig snaps, high-pitched squeal) What was that?! (high-pitched scream) Fluttershy: Twilight? Is that you? (relieved) Oh, Twilight, it IS you.
Thank goodness you're here.
I need your help.
The girls are out here somewhere, and I'm afraid that they're- (Fluttershy gasps) What's happened to you?! (Fluttershy screams, Twilight crashes into ground) Oh no! If you've been turned to stone, then that means- (gasps) Oh no! The girls! Don't move.
I'll be back for you.
(shouting) GIRLS! Scootaloo: Is not! Applebloom: Is too! Scootaloo: IS NOT! Applebloom: IS TOO! Sweetie Belle: (exasperated) GIRLS! Our special talent is NOT arguing! Besides, what would the cutie mark of somepony whose talent is arguing even LOOK like? Fluttershy: (echoing in distance) Girls! Girls?! Sweetie Belle: Fluttershy? Fluttershy: Girls! Thank goodness I found you! Applebloom: Fluttershy, what- Fluttershy: (insistently) Girls, we have to leave the forest at ONCE.
Sweetie Belle: But we haven't found the chicken yet! Fluttershy: There's no time for that! There's a cockatrice on the loose! Applebloom: A cocka-what now? Fluttershy: (rapid, apprehensive) A cockatrice! It's a frightening creature with the head of a chicken and the body of a snake.
Now, come on! Scootaloo: The head of a chicken and the body of a snake? That doesn't sound scary; that sounds silly.
Applebloom: Why, if I ever saw one o'those "cocka-thingies" face-to-face, I'd laugh at how silly it was.
Fluttershy: NO! NEVER look one in the eye! Fluttershy: If you look a cockatrice in the eye- Applebloom: THE CHICKEN! Fluttershy: Girls, wait! Crusaders: Here, chicken, chicken, chicken! (chicken clucking frantically) (guttural growl) Sweetie Belle: There he is! Scootaloo: Two chickens? Applebloom: I-I thought only one escaped! Sweetie Belle: Grab them both! (guttural growl) (chicken-like roar) (chicken clucks frantically, cockatrice lands) (thud) (cockatrice roars) (Crusaders screaming) (Crusaders trip and yelp as they crash) (Crusaders gasp) Fluttershy: See? Now we have to- (Crusaders scream very loudly) (cockatrice squawks) Fluttershy: (sternly) GIRLS! BEHIND ME, NOW! (cockatrice snarling) (cockatrice roars) Fluttershy: (stern, intimidating) YOU! Just WHO do you think you are, going around turning others into stone?! (cockatrice squawks in surprise) You should be ASHAMED of yourself! I have half a mind to find your mother and tell her what you've been up to, young man! (cockatrice snarls menacingly) Now, you go over there and turn Elizabeak and my friend Twilight back to normal, and don't EVER let me catch you doing this again! (stone shatters) Do you understand me? (cockatrice whimpers) (calmly) Are you girls all right? I was so worried! Scootaloo: Yeah, fine! Sweetie Belle: Thanks to that stare of yours! Scootaloo: You're like the Queen of Stares! You're the- Crusaders: Stare Master! Sweetie Belle: We're sorry we snuck out of the house and into the forest.
Applebloom: Yeah.
We'll listen to you from now on.
Scootaloo: We promise.
Fluttershy: (wryly) Oh, you do, do you? Well, you'd better, or I'll give youThe Stare.
(Crusaders gasp) (all giggling) Twilight: (dazed) Whatwhat happened? (chicken squawking) (Crusaders giggling) Fluttershy: And that's when it brought you back from stone.
Twilight: This is gonna make quite a letter to the princess.
I was wrong about you.
You certainly do know how to handle those girls.
Fluttershy: (modestly) Oh, I wouldn't go that far Twilight: Hm? How so? Fluttershy: I assumed that I'd be just as good with kids as I am with animals.
Boy, was I wrong.
I really learned the hard way not to bite off more than I could chew.
Twilight: You and Rarity both.
Good morning, Rarity! Fluttershy: Did you finish all those capes? Rarity: (sighs) Just delivered them.
I have to admit, if you hadn't come along, I might not have.
Thanks again.
Fluttershy: Won't you stay for some tea? Rarity: I really must get back to the shop and clean up.
Girls, get your things.
Time to go.
(Crusaders giggling and chattering) Rarity: (stumbling over words) Girls! Time to- GIRLS! Your things! Girls! (losing patience) It's time to- (groans) GIRLS! Fluttershy: (gently) Allow me.
(clears throat, speaks softly and gently) Girls? Applebloom: Yes, Fluttershy.
Scootaloo: You called? Fluttershy: Go and get your things.
Rarity is here to see you home.
Sweetie Belle: Of course, Fluttershy! Right away! Rarity: (muttering incoherently) H-how did you DO that? Fluttershy: I guess I'm just as good with kids as I am with animals.
Crusaders: (talking over each other) Thank you, Fluttershy! Bye! Thank you, Stare Master! Rarity: (sheepishly) O-oh, uh, speaking of which, I could use your help with Opal Fluttershy: Of course.
How about later today? (Opalescence yowls irascibly) Rarity: How aboutnow? (Rarity groans in pain) (Opalescence meows crankily) (Fluttershy and Twilight giggle) (ending theme begins) My Little Pony My Little Pony (instrumental) My Little Pony, friends