My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s01e23 Episode Script

The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Sweetie Belle: (gulps, trembling) Are you sure about this, Scootaloo? I've never even HEARD of a pony zip-lining before Scootaloo: (confidently) Neither have I, but Spike told me it was AWESOME! (ponies screaming) (ponies screaming, crash) (Scootaloo grunts, screams) (Sweetie Belle grunts) (Applebloom yelps, all three crash into ground and grunt) Applebloom: (weakly) See anything? Scootaloo: (dejectedly) Tree sap and pine needles, but no cutie mark.
Sweetie Belle: Plan B? Scootaloo: Yeah.
You know where we can find a cannon at this hour? (helmet clatters to ground) It's no use.
No matter what we try, we always end up without our cutie marks.
And surprisingly often, covered in tree sap.
Sweetie Belle: Maybe we should do something less dangerous.
Like pillow testing, or flower sniffing.
(water splashes) Applebloom: This town is full o'ponies who have their cutie marks.
Why don't we ask THEM how they did it? Sweetie Belle: That's a great, SAFE idea.
Scootaloo: Yeah! And we can start with the coolest pony in Ponyville! Applebloom: Applejack! Sweetie Belle: Rarity! Scootaloo: Come on, guys.
I said, "Cool!" You know who I'm talking about.
She's fast.
She's tough.
(slams bucket) She's not afraid of ANYTHING.
Applebloom and Sweetie Belle: Pinkie Pie? Scootaloo: No! The greatest flier ever to come out of Cloudsdale! Applebloom and Sweetie Belle: Fluttershy? Scootaloo: No! Rainbow Dash! Applebloom: Oh, yeah! That makes much more sense! Sweetie Belle: Of course! Scootaloo: Let's do it.
Let's find out how Rainbow Dash earned her cutie mark! Applebloom and Sweetie Belle: YEAH! (double high-hoof, splat) (ponies struggling and grunting, sap stretching) (all three groan) (theme song begins) My Little Pony, My Little Pony, ah, ah, ah, ah, (My Little Pony) Twilight: I used to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony) Until you all shared its magic with me Rainbow Dash: Big adventure Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun Rarity: A beautiful heart Applejack: Faithful and strong Fluttershy: Sharing kindness Twilight: It's an easy feat All: And magic makes it all complete, yeah (My Little Pony) Do you know, you're all my very best friends (motor revving sounds) (Scootaloo gasps) (brakes squealing) Applejack: (echoing shout) GET BACK HERE, YA THIEVIN' VARMINTS! Applebloom: Thievin' what, now? (Applejack pants, all scream, crash) Applejack: Applebloom?! Applebloom: Hey, sis, how'd you get yer cutie mark? Applejack: I never told you that story? Scootaloo: Hey! I thought we were gonna ask Rainbow Dash! Applebloom: We need all the help we can get! Scootaloo: Ugh, fine.
Applejack: Why, shoot.
I was just a li'l filly, even littler than y'all (flashback wipe) Applejack: (voice-over) I didn't wanna spend my life at a muddy ol' apple farm.
I wanted to live the sophisticated life, like my Aunt'n'Uncle Orange.
So I set out t'try my luck in the big city: Manehattan [Manhattan]! The most cosmopolitan city in all of Equestria.
Snobbish male pony: Hey! Outta the way, ya rube! Applejack: (voice-over) I knew I'd find out who I was meant to be in Manehattan.
(Applejack knocks on door, door opens) Filly Applejack: Aunt Orange! Uncle Orange! Thank y'all so much for lettin' me stay! (door slams shut) Aunt Orange: (patronizingly) "Y'all!" (snobbish laugh) Isn't she just the living end? Uncle Orange: (haughty chuckle) How quaint.
Aunt Orange: Don't worry.
We'll have you acting like a true Manehattanite in no time.
(ponies chattering) Stallion: And how are you finding good old Manehattan? Filly Applejack: (eloquently) Oh, it's simply divine.
Aunt Orange: Very well said, my dear.
Filly Applejack: Although, I must admit the city noise took some getting used to.
Where I'm from, the nights are so quiet you seldom hear a peep until the roosters wake you.
White mare: Thewhat? Stallion: I say, my dear, what in the world is a"rooster?" (ponies chuckling condescendingly) Filly Applejack: (thinking in normal voice) What's he talkin' about? What do I say? I don't wanna look like a fool Server: Dinner is served.
Filly Applejack: (aloud, eloquently) Thank goodness.
Being a city pony's hard work.
I'm so hungry I could eat a- (normal voice, morosely) Cock-a-doodle-doo Oh, I wonder what Granny Smith and Big Macintosh are up to I bet they're applebuckin' their way through the Red Delicious trees.
Oh, what I wouldn't give for just one bite Applejack: (voice-over) I never felt so homesick in all my days as I did right then.
(distant explosion) It was amazin'! A rainbow, pointin' right back towardshome.
In that moment, it all became clear.
I knew right then just who I was supposed t'be.
That's when this here appeared.
I've been happily workin' the farm ever since.
(bunnies blow raspberries at Applejack) There they are! GET BACK HERE, YA THIEVIN' VARMINTS! Sweetie Belle: Aww, that was such a sweet story! Scootaloo: Sweet?! Try "sappy.
" (Scootaloo gags) Come on, we've gotta find Rainbow Dash and hear the COOL way to get a cutie mark! (vroom) (Applebloom and Sweetie Belle screaming) (brakes squeal, wheels snap off, Crusaders scream and crash into ground) Fluttershy: (gently) All right, little ones.
This way, this way.
You really should be more careful.
Somepony could get hurt.
Why are you in such a hurry, anyway? Scootaloo: We're trying to find Rainbow Dash so we can hear how she earned her cutie mark.
Fluttershy: Oh! That would be interesting.
You know, I wouldn't have gotten my cutie mark if it weren't for her.
Scootaloo: (intrigued) Rainbow Dash?! Really?! Fluttershy: Oh, yes.
It all started at Summer Flight Camp (flashback) Fluttershy: (voice-over) You'd never guess, but when I was little, I was very shy.
And a very weak flier.
(Fluttershy struggles weakly) (Fluttershy yelps and flails about) (Fluttershy gasps) (Fluttershy snags flag and crashes, grunts) (Hoops and Dumbbell laughing) Colt Dumbbell: Nice going, "Klutzershy!" [Fluttershy] They oughta ground you permanently! Colt Hoops: HA! My baby brother can fly better than you! (Hoops and Dumbbell laughing) Fluttershy: (voice-over) It was the most humiliating moment of my life.
And then, out of nowhere (air whooshing past) Filly Rainbow Dash: Leave her alone! Colt Hoops: (mockingly) Ooh, what're you gonna do, "Rainbow Crash?" Filly Rainbow Dash: Keep makin' fun of her and find out! Colt Dumbbell: You think yer such a big shot? Why don't you prove it?! Filly Rainbow Dash: (goading) Whaddya have in mind? Colt Hoops: Yer goin' down! Filly Rainbow Dash: In history, maybe! See you boys at the finish line! (Fluttershy waves flag) (Fluttershy yelps, voice trembles as she spins) (Fluttershy screaming) (Fluttershy flailing legs) (Fluttershy screaming; soft thump) Filly Fluttershy: Huh? Fluttershy: (voice-over) I had never seen such beautiful creatures.
Butterflies don't fly as high as my cloud home.
And I'd never been near the ground before.
(gentle piano intro plays) Filly Fluttershy: (singing) What is this place Filled with so many wonders? Casting its spell That I am now under (drum flourish) Squirrels in the trees And the cute little bunnies Birds flying free And bees with their honey (holds each note in turn) Ho~ney (music builds) (big band style) Oh, what a magical place And I owe it all to the pegasus race If I knew that ground had so much up its sleeve I'd have come here sooner, and never leave Yes, I.
Ev-ery-THIIIING! (holds final note) (song crescendos, ends) (distant explosion, aural shockwaves) (frantic croaking) (gentle acoustic guitar rendition of My Little Pony theme plays) (gently) Shh.
It's okay.
(hollow knocking, hollow echo) You can come out! (gurgling) Everything's okay.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
(quacking) Fluttershy: (voice-over) Somehow, I had the ability to communicate with the animals on a different level.
Scootaloo: Waitwaitwait.
What happened to Rainbow Dash?! What about the race?! Fluttershy: Oh! Well, I wasn't there, so I don't really know what happened.
Scootaloo: Come on, Crusaders! We've gotta find her! Besides, I can't take any more singing.
Sweetie Belle: Maybe my sister knows where she is.
Bye, Fluttershy! Fluttershy: Bye, girls! Scootaloo: How did we get roped into THIS?! (pouting) We'll NEVER hear Rainbow Dash's story! Rarity: Are you girls STILL obsessing over your cutie marks? Sweetie Belle: Of course! Most of the fillies at school already have theirs Rarity: Mm, I know how you feel.
For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why I didn't have mine.
(flashback) (stage playing music) Teacher: (nasal voice) Well done, Rarity.
Your costumes are very nice.
Filly Rarity: "NICE?!" They need to be SPECTACULAR! And the performance is tomorrow! (sewing machine whirring) Rarity: (voice-over) I tried every trick I could think of, but nothing seemed to work.
The costumes just weren't right, and the play opened that night! Filly Rarity: (dejectedly) Maybe I'm not meant to be a fashionista after all (horn poofs, Rarity shrieks) What's going on?! (drags along ground) Rarity: (voice-over) I had no idea where my horn was taking me.
But unicorn magic doesn't happen without a reason.
I knew this had to do with my love of fashion and maybe even my cutie mark! (Rarity grunts) Rarity: (overly dramatic voice-over) I knew that this wasMY DESTINY! Filly Rarity: A ROCK?! THAT'S my destiny?! What is your PROBLEM, HORN?! I followed you all the way out here for A ROCK?! (grumbles) DUMB ROCK! (loud explosion, air whooshing, Rarity screams) (rock cracks and splits) (Rarity gasps) (stage playing same song as before) (audience "oohs") Scootaloo: (frustrated) ARRRGH! These namby-pamby stories aren't getting us any closer to our cutie marks! They're all about "finding who you really are" and boring stuff like that! Rarity: Yes, Scootaloo.
That's exactly- Scootaloo: (oblivious) Come on, girls! We need action! We need Rainbow Dash! (door slams shut) Twilight: As a young filly in Canterlot, I always wanted to go to the Summer Sun Celebration, (Scootaloo groans) where Princess Celestia raises the sun.
(flashback) Twilight: (voice-over) And I saw the most amazing, most wonderful thing I've ever seen.
(fanfare) (fanfare) (Celestia flaps wings, ponies "ooh" and "ahh") (ponies cheering) Twilight: (voice-over) I poured myself into learning everything I could about magic.
(Twilight grunts intensely, page turns) (Twilight gasps) My parents decided to enroll me in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.
It was a dream come true! Except for one thing I had to pass an entrance exam! (wooden cart clattering) Female proctor: Well, Miss Sparkle? (Twilight chuckles nervously) Female proctor: Well, Miss Sparkle? (male proctor coughs impatiently) (Twilight strains, grunts) (Twilight groans) (male proctor yawns ostentatiously) Female proctor: We don't have all day.
Twilight: (voice-over) I knew it was the most important day of my life, that my entire future would be affected by the outcome of this day, and I was about to blow it! (magical sparks, Twilight strains and grunts) Filly Twilight: (morosely) I'm sorry I wasted your time.
(loud explosion) (magical noises, poof) (Spike yawns) (Twilight shrieks, poof) (crackling explosion) (magical poof) (magical poof) (humming, magical poof) (roof shatters) (intermittent sparking) (crackling, Twilight grunts) (humming subsides) (several poofs) (Spike gurgles) Celestia: Twilight Sparkle.
Filly Twilight: Oh, I'm so sorry.
I- Celestia: You have a very special gift.
I don't think I've EVER come across a unicorn with your raw abilities.
Filly Twilight: Huh? Celestia: But you need to learn to tame these abilities through focused study.
Filly Twilight: Huh?! Celestia: Twilight Sparkle, I'd like to make you my own personal protégé here at the school.
Filly Twilight: HUH?! Celestia: Well? Filly Twilight: (ecstatic) YEEEES! Celestia: (amused) One other thing, Twilight.
Filly Twilight: More? (crash) My cutie mark! (ecstatic) Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes Twilight: (continuing from flashback) yesyesyesyes Applebloom: Okay, okay! Sweetie Belle: We're happy for you, Twilight.
(Twilight continues) Scootaloo: Yeah, thrilled! (under breath) Let's get out of here while we still can.
Twilight: yesyesyes, YEEEEEES! Male pony: Uhyou okay? Twilight: (giggles nervously) Umyes.
(motor revving noises) Scootaloo: Ugh, why don't we EVER smash into Rainbow Dash? Pinkie Pie: You're looking for Rainbow Dash? If I was her, I'd be at Sugarcube Corner! Of course, if I was anyone, I'd be at Sugarcube Corner! Hey! I have an idea! Wanna go to Sugarcube Corner?! Sweetie Belle: Well, we're sort of looking for Rainbow Dash so we can hear how she got her cutie mark.
Pinkie Pie: Cutie mark?! Come with me and I'll tell you how I got mine! Scootaloo: (resigned groan) Why not? Pinkie Pie: All RIGHT! (flashback) Pinkie Pie: (voice-over) My sisters and I were raised on a rock farm outside Ponyville.
We spent our days working the fields.
There was no talking.
There was no smiling.
(sighs) There were only rocks.
We were in the south field, preparing to rotate the rocks to the east field, when all of a sudden (distant explosion, air whooshes past) I'd never felt joy like that before.
It felt so good, I just wanted to keep smiling forever! And I wanted everyone I knew to smile, too, but rainbows don't come along that often.
I wondered, "How else could I create some smiles?" (rooster crows) Mr.
Pie: We'd better harvest the rocks from the south field.
(loud band music) Mrs.
Pie: (sternly) Pinkamena Diane Pie, is that you?! Filly Pinkie Pie: Mom! I need you and dad and the sisters to come in here, quick! SURPRISE! You like it?! It's calleda party! (party blower blows, Pinkie's family gasps) (ponies' lips quivering) (crestfallen) Ohyou don't like it (gasps) You like it! I'm so happy! Pinkie Pie: And that's how Equestria was made! Scootaloo: (brakes squeal) Whahuh?! Applebloom: Look! We're here! Pinkie Pie: Maybe on the way home, I can tell you the story of how I got my cutie mark! It's a gem.
Sweetie Belle: Oh, come on.
She's just being Pinkie Pie.
(Scootaloo sighs) Scootaloo: Rainbow Dash! You're here! Rainbow Dash: (smugly) I hear YOU'RE looking for my cutie mark story? Scootaloo: (sighs) You have NO idea what I've been through today to hear that story! Rainbow Dash: It all happened during the race at Flight Camp (flashback) Rainbow Dash: (voice-over) where I stood alone, against all odds, to defend Fluttershy's honor.
(Rainbow Dash snorts) (Fluttershy yelps repeatedly) (Dumbbell crashes softly into cloud column) Rainbow Dash: (voice-over) I'd never flown like THAT before.
The freedom was unlike anything I'd ever felt.
(excited prattle) The speed, the adrenaline, the wind in my mane I liked ita lot.
(Rainbow Dash yelps) Colt Hoops: Heh! Later, Rainbow Crash! Filly Rainbow Dash: Hey! Rainbow Dash: (voice-over) Turns out the only thing I liked more than flying fast (Rainbow Dash whooshes past, Hoops screams) was WINNING! (air screaming) (Sonic Rainboom) Most people thought that the Sonic Rainboom was just an old mare's tale.
But that day, the day I discovered racing, I proved that the legends were true.
I made the impossible happen! (ponies cheer) Rainbow Dash: (smugly) And THAT, little ones, is how you earn a cutie mark.
Cutie Mark Crusaders: Whooooa.
Fluttershy: Wait a second.
I heard that explosion.
And I saw the rainbow, too! Rainbow Dash, if you hadn't scared the animals, I never would have learned I could communicate with them and gotten my cutie mark! Pinkie Pie: I heard that boom! And right afterwards, there was an amazing rainbow that taught me to smile! Applejack: When I got my cutie mark, I saw a rainbow that pointed me home.
I bet it was your Sonic Rainboom! Rarity: There was an explosion I could never explain when I got my cutie mark! Twilight: This is uncanny! If that explosion didn't happen when it did, I would've blown my entrance exam! Rainbow Dash, I think you helped me earn MY cutie mark, too! (Rainbow Dash grunts) Pinkie Pie: We ALL owe our cutie marks to YOU! Fluttershy: Do you realize what this means? All of us had a special connection before we even met! Rarity: We've been BFF's forever and we didn't even know it! Applejack: Come here, y'all.
(ponies voicing mutual affection) Applebloom and Sweetie Belle: Aww! Scootaloo: EWW! Scootaloo: Give me a break! Come on, Crusaders! Maybe we just need to try zip-lining again.
(Scootaloo grunts, sighs wearily) Fluttershy: Hey! How about a song? (ponies agreeing) Scootaloo: (echoing) NOOOOOOOOOO! Twilight: (voice-over) "Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learned something amazing.
Everypony everywhere has a special magical connection with her friends, maybe even before she's met them.
If you're feeling lonely and you're still searching for your true friends, just look up in the sky.
Who knows? Maybe you and your future best friends are all looking at the same rainbow!" Spike: Gross! When did YOU get so cheesy? Twilight: Just write it, Spike.
(ending theme begins) My Little Pony My Little Pony (instrumental) My Little Pony, friends