My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s02e21 Episode Script

Dragon Quest

Come on, Fluttershy.
It'll be fun.
There's nothing fun about dragons! Scary, yes.
Fun, no.
But Fluttershy.
The great dragon migration happens only once in a generation.
Do you really wanna pass up a chance like that? Now that you put it that way Yes! Oh, Fluttershy.
We just don't want you to miss out.
Miss out on what? Dragons? Big, scaly, fire-breathing dragons? Well.
Thanks but no thanks! Look, Fluttershy! I watched that boring butterfly migration with you so now it's your turn to watch the dragon migration with me.
You owe me.
I said NO!!! Okay.
I guess I'll let you off the hook this time.
I don't see any dragons.
– Me neither.
– Me neither neither.
Shoot! You don't think me missed them, do you? No, I don't think so.
We're just a little early.
And I'm glad we are.
This way we can watch every moment of the migration without bringing any unwanted attention to ourselves.
Yoo hoo! Well? What do you think? Am I the toast of the trench or what? You'll be toast, alright.
When the dragons see you paradin' around in that getup.
You look very nice, Rarity but could you maybe look nice down here in the trench with us? "Nice" is an understatement.
I look fabulous! Who said camouflage has to be drab? Ahoy, mateys! Dragons go! Wow.
Amazing! Pretty lame move.
Is that all they got? What do you think of that "move", Rainbow Dash? Still think they're lame? Uh Not so much.
The word "fierce" comes to mind.
And "formidable".
And "super-duper scary".
Us dragons are definitely a force to be reckoned with.
Yeah, right, Spike.
That's one of the scariest aprons I've ever seen! What wrong with wearing an apron? You won't be laughing when *you* spill blueberries all over *your* scales uh, feathers.
That's one tough stain! One tough stain against one *lame* dragon.
You leave him alone, Rainbow Dash! Spike's style is unique.
He doesn't have to look like other dragons.
Or act like them.
My little Spikey-Wikey is perfect the way he is.
I don't act like other dragons? Oh, not even close.
But why would you want to, Spike? Yes.
You've got something those dreadfully fierce dragons can only dream of.
What's that? You cutest widdle chubby cheeks! Ooh! Cute?! Dragons aren't supposed to be cute! Right? Oh, sweetie, you are turning the most delightful shade of red.
It is most becoming.
Oh, isn't he adorable when he waddles off in anger? Waddle?! ARRRGH!!! What am I? Where am I from? Who am I supposed to be? Ugh, I don't know! For the last time, Spike, you were given to me as an egg.
I don't know who found you or where they found you.
Seriously? That's all you know? I'm sorry, Spike.
That doesn't tell me anything about who I am.
I need answers.
I feel like I'm I'm looking at a complete stranger.
Oh, Spike.
Why don't we do some late night research? See what we can find out.
Really? You'd do that? Of course! I'm sure we can find something.
Nothing in this one either.
Nothing at all about dragons?! This is getting ridiculous! I know.
It's hard to believe, but ponies know next to nothing about dragons.
Apparently they're too rare and too scary to try to talk to or study.
I wonder if dragons cry.
Aw, Spike It's okay, Twilight.
I'm gonna discover who I am if it's the last thing I do.
Hey, guys! Good morning! You wanna join us for breakfast? That sounds great.
I'm famished.
Count me out.
I've gotta get an early start.
An early start? Yes! I'm going on a quest of self-discovery.
I need to learn what it means to be a dragon.
And the only way I'm gonna do that is to join the dragon migration! WHAT?! Spike! That's nonsense talk! I know that you're a dragon, but *those* dragons mean business.
They're big and tough and scary And I'm small and meek and I like to wear aprons.
See? This is exactly why I need to spend time with them.
All I'm saying is that you could get hurt.
Darling, this time I really do have to agree with Rainbow Dash.
I don't want those big, ugly, nasty dragons to hurt one little scale on your cutesy-wootsy head.
I'm sorry, but I made up my mind.
Oh uh quick, do something! Stop him before it's too late! Hey! Give it back! Hold it! Really? Don't tell me you think he should go.
Yes, Spike.
I couldn't answer your questions.
My books couldn't either.
I understand why you wanna look elsewhere.
I truly believe you need to go on this quest and we have no right to stop you.
I suppose not.
I still say you're naughty, but Hey, I've done lots of naughty things.
We know.
Well then, I guess this is goodbye, Spike.
We can't wait to hear about it, when you return.
– Yeah! We hope your trip – Quest.
your quest answers some of your pesky "Who am I?" questions.
Thanks, everypony.
I know it will.
Goodbye, Spikey-Wikey! Go get 'em, big guy! We have faith in you! – We're following him, right? – Of course.
All right! Teenage dragons.
Now that's more my speed.
And size.
I'm telling ya, we'll never pass for a real dragon.
Oh, pish posh.
This costume is fabulous.
One of my finer creations.
Shh! We'll never pass if they hear three voices coming out of one dragon.
Now come on.
Let's go.
Um Excuse me? Uh Hi.
I'm Spike.
You sure you're name is Spike and not Shrimp? No! It's Spike! You look more like peewee to me.
Hey, guys.
Come on.
Leave him alone.
Or may fly away.
That is, uh if he had any wings.
You flied on your mommy's back during the migration? Not exactly No, no! Can't you see baby Spike's just hatched? I bet he still sucks his claw at night! No! I haven't sucked my claw in months! Well, if you weren't just hatched how come we haven't seen you around before? Oh! Well, you see I live in Ponyville and Ponyville? That's explains it.
I knew there was something vaguely ponish about you.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were part pony.
Who? Me? I'm not part pony.
I'm all dragon.
See? Or maybe you're a pony in a dragon costume.
A pony in a dragon costume, eheheh Huhuh.
I am a real dragon! Oh yeah? Prove it.
Well how? By acting like one.
Who's up for a little belching contest? YEAH! You think you can beat that, peewee? "From the desk of Princess Celestia.
Dear Spike, pleased to" Huh! Get this, guys! Spike's pen pals with a namby-pamby pony princess.
How could he just throw that away?! That letter could be something important.
You can't worry about that now, Twilight.
We're here to help Spike.
I know, I know.
No reason to disrespect Princess Celestia that way.
Maybe tail wrestling is more your speed.
Uh YEAH! Ready Go! The winner! Good old tail wrestling We can't let little Spikey-Wikey wrestle one of them.
He'll get clubbered! Let's go! I challenge Spike to a tail wrestle! Who's this weirdo? I think he's Crackle's cousin.
That would explain it.
Ready Go! Spike's the winner! Nice going, little Spike.
Maybe you are a dragon after all.
Yeah! Maybe I am! Rainbow Dash! I can't believe your silly plan actually worked.
All right! Who's next?! Getting a little cocky, huh? I like that.
So how about you wrestle him? Go! So, Spike, you haven't exactly proven yourself as a dragon yet.
Have you? But I get an A for effort? Uh, maybe.
Let's see how you do in this next contest.
KING OF THE HOARD!!! This is my chance.
Not so fast! King of the ho! Looks like this is another fail for you, little Spike.
Can't wait to watch you fail at lava cannonball too.
Whoever makes the biggest lava splash is the ultimate dragon! GERONIMO! Spike's on his own this time.
Cannonball! What's wrong, Spike? You 'fraid the lava will hurt the soft pony hide? Aw Was I that bad? No, dude! That was awesome! No pony could live through a belly-flop like that.
You're one tough little dragon.
Spike, by belly-flopping so hard, you have proven yourself worthy.
I hereby dub you rookie dragon and will now perform the initiation ritual.
Now let's party dragon-style! Man.
Was that a great party.
Great? Heh.
Maybe by Ponyville standards.
Stick with us, Spike.
We still got plenty to teach you about being a dragon.
I'm not going anywhere.
Way I feel right now, I could hang out with you guys for ever.
For ever?! Spikey-Wikey is going to stay with these awful dragons for ever? Oh no! This is terrible! I should have stopped him back in the library, when I had the chance.
No, Rainbow Dash.
This is all my fault.
I encouraged him to go.
You know, Spike? I think you just might be ready for a real dragon-raid.
There's a nest full of phoenix eggs nearby and we're gonna swipe them.
Aren't you totally 'cite to go on this raid? Oh yeah.
I'm excited.
I mean, uh I'm 'cite.
All right then.
Let's fly! Uh, sorry guys.
I guess I'll wait for you back at the crater.
After the whole raid thing's over, we'll totally hang then.
Oh no! They took Spike! We've got to go after them.
Aaah! Rainbow Dash, stop! We can't fly! And you're ruining my fabulous costume! I'm sorry, but we've gotta help Spike.
Well, we're just gonna have to hoof it.
Alright, Spike.
Since you're a rookie dragon you get to lure the parents away from the nest.
Lucky me.
Oh, go on, then.
Hey, Mr.
and Mrs.
Phoenix! I was hoping I could have a word with you.
Um I'd, um like to ask you some questions, actually.
We haven't got all day, Spike.
Hey! You birdbrains! Come and get me! What a – Eggs have hatched.
– What do we do now? We take the hatchlings, of course.
Get 'em! [distressed chirping] Get them! They got away! I hate that.
What have we got here? – What happened? – They got away.
You stole an egg? Uh I Well, I guess the raid wasn't a total waste after all.
Nice going, Spike.
Well, what are you waiting for, Spike? Smash it! – Smash the egg? – Yeah! Yeah! Throw it on the ground as hard as you can.
Yeah! Smash it! Smash it! Smash it! Smash it! Smash it! No! It's just a defenseless egg! Like I was.
And I'm not gonna let you hurt it.
What did you say? I said: no.
No one says no to me.
Nopony can lay a claw on him! That's right! Fighting's not really my thing (I'm more into fashion) BUT I'LL RIP YOU TO PIECES IF YOU TOUCH ONE SCALE ON HIS CUTE LITTLE HEAD! Ooh, scary.
Spike, are these namby-pamby ponies your friends? Yes, they are! And they're better friends than you could ever be.
Now, if you don't back off, you'll see what us ponies do when confronted by a huge group of jerky dragons.
Oh yeah? What's that? RUN AWAY!!! Huh.
That was a close one.
Thanks, you guys.
Of course.
What are friends for? You're more than friends.
You're my family.
Ooh! "Dear Princess Celestia.
" "Seeing the great dragon migration" "made me wonder what it meant to be a dragon.
" "But now I realize that who I am is not the same as what I am.
" "I may have been born a dragon, but Equestria and my pony friends" "had taught me how to be kind, loyal and true.
" "I'm proud to call Ponyville my home" "and to have my pony friends as my family.
" "Yours truly, Spike.
" Hey, welcome to the family, Peewee! Stick with me.
I've got plenty to teach you about being a pony.