My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s03e11 Episode Script

Just For Sidekicks

Spike is great Making a jewel cake Me, that's who.
Been saving up my gems So fine For a cake That is divine Who are you "hooing" at? I know.
They're delicious.
Now you see them, now you don't.
This is how you make A jewel cake Stir in some gems And then you bake Gonna eat, eat, eat it up Gonna-- What happened to all my jewels?! I had a bowl full of them here and now I don't! Which means, somebody took them! Who? That's what I'm asking.
Who? Who took my jewels?! Oh, I'm who.
This cake was gonna be so good.
Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyy??! Season 3 | Episode 11 Just for Sidekicks I have no jewels I have no cake I'm a sad little dragon With nothing to-- Is it? Oh! Oh goodness, I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Well, I do have this cake to not bake.
Oh, sorry.
It's a bad time.
Inside joke, talk to me.
It's just that Princess Cadence needs us to do a great job welcoming the head of the Equestria games when she visits the Crystal Empire tomorrow.
Oh, I know all about that.
As if I wouldn't be any help at welcoming.
Oh, I don't know what I was thinking! Of course, you might be upset for not being invited, and here I am coming to ask you for a favor.
You were probably going to say no, anyway.
All I had to offer you in exchange was one little jewel.
What was that? All I have is this jewel.
That's a really big one.
A really big, juicy, perfect for a cake-topper jewel.
Does this mean you'll do it? Yeah, sure.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you! So while I'm gone, you'll take care of Angel, and tomorrow is Tuesday, which is his tail fluffing day.
And it's really important for him to look good.
Wait, what? You want me to take care of him? Oh, well, yes.
But if it's too much trouble, I can always see if there's somepony else.
We already agreed on the whole jewel thing, so I'll just-- Thank you, thank you, thank you! Angel, aren't you just so excited? See you tomorrow.
You know, she's not the only pony with a pet that might need some watching.
All I'm saying is if Fluttershy thought that her beloved little friend shouldn't be left alone while you're busy in the Crystal Empire, then maybe that's just something to think about.
Tank's not some fuzzy little bunny.
He can take care of himself.
He's a strong, fearless and totally together pet.
All right, you can watch him.
But only because, uh Tank's got a strict flying regimen and someone needs to make sure that he doesn't slack off while I'm gone.
You know, the two of us are very diligent.
Okay, whatever.
Yes, yes.
And more importantly, as for Opal, she likes to eat every You groom her with her silken brush, head to toe.
And don't forget to pooch her pillow out in the middle, that's where she likes it.
And the temperature in the room should always be exactly 81.
4 degrees.
That's the only way she can get to sleep.
So thanks for your help and good luck to you.
I think the dragon was expecting a little something for his efforts.
Almost as beautiful as the pony who gave it to me.
Shouldn't you be critter-proofing the library or something? Tank has a tendency to-- Critter-proofing.
Yeah, I'll get right on that.
Three down, three to go.
What's that you said, Gummy? Well, you're just gonna have to ask Pinkie Pie about that one.
Ask me! Ask me! Go ahead, ask her.
Of course, you can have another cupcake! Yeah.
Why didn't you say so? I'll get you a bigger pond immediately.
I think what Gummy's trying to say is-- He's always wanted a pair of riding pants? His toenails need a new coat of shellack? He wants to floss twice a day instead of just once? I think what Gummy is trying to say is that he'd like a little Spike time.
Who wouldn't? Spike time is the best.
Alas, it doesn't come cheap.
All I'm saying is that you might wanna think about a helmet.
You only wanna get hit in the head by a flying turtle once.
A thousand plus carats of pure deliciousness.
Looks like you got a regular pet day care in here, Spike.
You'll still be able to get some good playtime with Winona like you said, though, won't you? She tends to get a little wild if she doesn't get her exercise.
Exercise, sure, of course.
I don't remember seeing critters on the invite list.
That's because we're leaving them here with Spike.
He's gonna do a little critter sitting for us.
Oh, really? So sorry I'm late.
Silly bunny had hidden his brush.
Be sure you get plenty on his tail or it won't get as poofy as he likes it.
Come on, girls, or we're gonna miss the train.
One more for the road.
Oh, you little puppy, come on here.
I love you more.
No, I love you more! I love you more!! Oh, I promise it will be okay.
I'll fluff your tail twice next week.
Three times? Oh, I know, it's a chilly Spike, take care of this, would you please? You got it! So, what're you thinking about that hooting little friend of yours? Suppose you'll want me to keep an eye on him too.
That would be nice.
You sure you don't already have your hands full? Ah.
I'll be fine! But, just between you and me, I've gotta give priority to the paying customers.
You're absolutely sure you can do this? Of course! Wouldn't have agreed to it if I couldn't.
Piece of cake.
Speaking of cake, I've got a little something I need to attend to.
Yeah, like, keeping an eye on a house full of critters.
Uh, yeah.
That was totally what I was talking about.
Relax! Go to your welcoming thing in the Crystal Empire.
Spike's got it all under control.
All right, sidekicks! Front and center! There are six of you, but there's only one right here in front of me! Two.
And what I say goes! Spike, the boss of you, that's who.
One, two, three! Come on, number four.
One, two, three, four, five.
Who's missing? Angel.
All I wanted were some jewels.
Big, juicy delicious jewels.
And now what do I have? A missing rabbit and-- Oh, little fluffy Angel Bunnykins, you're so cute! The natural waves in his fluff are to die for.
Isn't Angel just the cutest thing you've ever seen? Look, you don't wanna be with me.
I'd rather not chase you around all over the place when I could be enjoying some jewel cake.
Watch me solve both our problems.
You know, I'm supposed to be watching him, but you all have just hit it off so well, that maybe-- Maybe I could let you take care of him instead.
We would, but we've got some major Crusaders business planned for today.
We're getting our skydiving Cutie Marks today! Well, I suppose if you've got other plans It's just-- You're so good with him.
Like "get a Cutie Mark for bunny-sitting" good.
A bunny-sitting Cutie Mark.
That would be adorable! He does seem to like us.
And we hadn't exactly figured out how we're going to pull off this whole skydiving thing.
You know what? As hard as it's gonna be for me to part with these little guys, I think you should probably just take all of them.
If you ask me, the more critters you take care of, the more chances you have of getting some kind of critter-sitting Cutie Mark.
Am I right? Or am I right? Sure.
- Yes! - But wait.
How are we gonna take good care of them without treats for when they're good? And we'll need beds for when their tired! And toys.
They need toys! It's an afternoon.
They don't need all that stuff.
They'll be fine! We need to be able to buy them some things.
One jewel might be able to cover it all.
What would I possibly be doing with jewels? I happen to know for a fact that Applejack gave you a gem to watch Winona.
Which means Obviously no one around here is getting a Cutie Mark for kindness towards a poor, hungry little dragon.
Take it or leave it! We'll take it.
Gonna put in some flour And add a little sugar For my five Delicious jewels But pink feathers would look so good with your eyes! That bird could use a little color.
Has anyone seen Tank's head? Where's his head?! What've you done to the turtle?! Oh, he totally forgot he could do that.
So pretty sure critter-sitting Cutie Marks are out.
And our critter-grooming Cutie Marks probably aren't going to appear any time soon either.
All right, load them up.
And you can give me back that jewel I gave you.
We don't have it anymore.
What? Why not? How do you think we paid for the industrial-sized pet hair dryer? Zecora knows just what to do about all this bad mojo that's floating around you.
I'm thinking a cage and a great big lock might be next.
Zecora can take the bad away if you do just what I say.
Really? But before I can do my duty, I'm going to need some of your booty.
Where are you going? You think jewels are what you need, but there's no worse mojo than dragon greed.
Almost there.
Just taking good care of everyone's animals! What am I gonna have to do to get this to go away? Then this is just between you and me, right? No other pony has to hear a word about it? A word about what now? This better be important.
All aboard! Angel! I can't have all of these animals on my train.
Not without tickets and not without chaperones.
All I need is to get on for one minute, grab a bunny and get off! Promise.
A likely story.
No chaperone, no train! Skydiving Cutie Marks! Is three ponies enough? At least I have you two left, my delectable little treasures.
All aboard for the Crystal Empire! Crystal Empire?! I've always wanted to see the Crystal Empire! I wish I were dressed for it, but still the Crystal Empire! We're not really going.
We just needed to get on the train so I can get that rabbit! And when I do, we're off! - What? - It's not fair! There he is! Next stop, the Crystal Empire.
No, no, no, no, no! So it seems the Crystal Empire would be really cold, but I've heard that it's not.
It's as warm as can be! Do you think the walls are crystal? Maybe even see-through? Can you imagine? See-through walls! Take it.
Just take it! It's so beautiful.
Well, enjoy it while you can.
We're not getting out of this car until we're back in Ponyville.
There is no way, no how, we're coming all the way to the Crystal Empire without looking around! No pony's gonna get past this dragon! Don't make me use this! You wouldn't dare! Oh no! Whoa.
Just whoa.
I'm in crystal heaven! Shh.
Quiet there! There's the bunny! Please, please.
Pretty please, don't go down there.
I'll fluff your tail! I'll perm, highlight and blow it out if you'll just stop! What do you want? Name it, and it's yours.
Oh, my goodness.
All aboard! You're coming with me.
We made it! Without seeing the palace! I think this car's empty! They're coming this way.
Everybody down! There has got to be a better solution! Don't sit down, don't sit down! My dogs are barking! Did y'all hear that? They really are! Bummer, Spike got to miss out on all this.
He would have had fun here.
I'm sure he's havinga great time watching all the critters back at home.
Think he's still got a handle on things? If he is staying calm and collected, I bet he is doing a terrific job as a leader.
Go ahead, bunny.
Do your worst.
I deserve it.
I ignored you, tried to pawn you off on someone else I didn't take these silly things out or fluff this like I was supposed to.
I wasn't really thinking about you at all.
Any of you.
Just wanted the jewels.
I hope you'll all forgive me someday.
You will? Oh, great.
I'm gonna be the one who gives us away.
Where did you--? You all hear that? I can't wait to scratch the belly on Winona! Oh, I miss her.
I can't wait to see Owlowicious! Hello! Thought we'd meet you at the station! So we could hear all about the Crystal Empire and find out if you brought us one of the Crystal snow globes that they sell at the train station.
How did you know about the snow globes? Lucky guess? I've gotta hand it to you, Spike.
You did a really good job of taking care of the animals.
Oh, Spike, Angel looks perfect! You did such a good job fluffing his tail! Yeah, well, we're like this now.
You know who.
So, what are you thinking? Bake them into a jewel pie? Six-layer gem cake sounds pretty good! Yeah, it does.
It really, really does.