My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s04e10 Episode Script

Rainbow Falls

Alright, ponies, listen up! We're all ears, right, Bulk Biceps? Yeh, nu-uh, I'm all… muscles! Yeah! I like your attitude, Bulk Biceps! But it's gonna take more than muscles and yeahs to get us to the Equestria Games! We are the aerial relay team, and it's up to the three of us to make sure that we qualify at the trials! And do I need to remind you, how much I… I mean, Ponyville wants to qualify and make it to the Games? I remember.
I really, really, really wanna qualify for you and Ponyville! Bring it on! Give me a "P" for Ponyville! "P" - Ponyville! P! Oh, thanks, Pinkie Pie.
That was a scary… I mean, great cheer.
Just make sure that you'll have one ready for when we qualify for the aerial relay.
And after that, for when we'll get gold at the Equestrian Games! Not so fast! If you're gonna be good, you're gonna be better with some of my apple brown bettys in ya.
They're perfect! "P" is for "perfect"! Alright, team, show me what you've got! Put some bend into those knees! Flap those wings! And I wanna see all four hooves off the ground on the count of three! One-two-three! Don't forget to breathe while you're up there! "P" is for… "pain"? Good luck, Rainbow Dash! Sorry we couldn't fly with you on the aerial relay, but the air sprinters needed us too.
Too bad we can only compete in one event, but rules are rules.
Good luck! It was nice of you to be part of the team that doesn't have… the strongest flyers.
Nothing nice about it.
I know that I can pick up the slack for anypony.
With me on the team, we'll qualify.
I'm sure of it.
Ponyville is very lucky to have you.
Yeah, I'm pretty awesome.
I am so proud to be representing Ponyville.
It's such an honor to even try out for the Games! I just hope I don't let anypony down.
We'll make them proud! "P" is for "proud"! We're gonna be the best fans anypony has ever seen! Cannot wait to see what everypony else is wearing.
Even though I am absolutely sure they won't be better than the Ponyville uniforms I'm designing for the Equestria Games.
And we will make it to the Games once everypony carbo-loads on my apple brown betties! I can't wait! There's Rainbow Dash! She's an awesome flyer! I heard that she's flying at the last third of the relay which means everypony else is gonna have to be way ahead to beat her! Oh, the Wonderbolts! I hear they're flying for Cloudsdale.
Then Cloudsdale will definitely qualify.
They're the best flyers ever! And the game is on! Huh, nice to see there's some real competition here.
Two more days of practice, then we'll see you in the air, Rainbow Dash.
If you're lucky.
Ah, the Wonderbolts know a winner when they see one.
And we'll be winners just as soon as we practice! Right, team? Right.
Yeah! Hooray! And I'm… I'm with her! Hooray! Give us some clouds! Give us some dale! And what do you get? Cloudsdale! Where can I get pom-poms like those?! So, do I need to remind you of what our goal is here? Uh, maybe? We want to qualify! We need to be one of the first four teams to cross the finish line! Bulk Biceps, you're the first flyer, so let me see you flap it! What the?.
Sorry! Got the idea from them, but Push down! Cakes up! Looks like they got better aim.
Okay, the passing of the baton needs to be seamless.
You shouldn't miss a wingbeat, or drop a hair in altitude.
And whatever you do, don't let go of it! Are you really, really, really sure you're ready? I mean, I don't want to take it if you're not super-sure.
Ready! Ponyville can do so much better.
I'll be back with a freshly painted one in no time! We were using that! And it's not like anypony else has color-coordinated horseshoes or anything! Oh, I guess, some ponies do.
Some ponies do what? Have a better chance of qualifying and going to the Equestria Games than others.
Watch and learn! The Cloudsdales are Wonderbolts, and Wonderbolts are the best flyers there are! And my personal heroes.
So, maybe you can learn something.
Please, learn something! Come on, Soarin, pick up the pace! You can do better than that! I sure hope so.
Prac-tice! Prac-tice! Yaaay, practice! Help! Help! Got ya! Awesome! As good as any Wonderbolt.
Oh, Rainbow Dash, I'm just so proud of you.
You scooped Soarin out of the sky and brought him down to the ground.
And now, now he's okay.
At least, I hope he's okay.
Are you okay? Oh, my wing hurts.
But I'm sure it'll be okay by the competition.
You're the best, Rainbow Dash! Ah, it was nothing.
But if you're feel like talking about how great I am, don't let me stop you.
"P" for Rainbow Dash! Um, "Rainbow Dash" actually starts with an "R".
Nevermind! Tough break to lose a teammate for the tryouts.
You know You grew up in Cloudsdale.
So that means you could fly with us.
Fly? We mean, practice.
You could practice with us until Soarin's better.
What do you say? Wanna be our third? I don't know My team really needs me to be at my best in order to qualify.
Don't wanna be too worn out when the race comes around.
We put you through some pretty intense workouts at the Wonderbolt Academy and you handled those just fine.
Heh, I did kick some major tail at the Academy But I don't know how my teammates will feel about me practicing with the competition.
Who said they need to know? Think about it, Rainbow Dash! This is your chance to fly with the winners! Alright, I'll do it! Wise decision, Rainbow Dash.
Awesome! Ready, ponies, ready! Fly on, fly on, fly on! Come on, Bulk Biceps.
You can do it! I'm ready to take the horseshoe.
If you want me to.
You, keep doing your wing-ups! I'm just gonna go get some… water.
Yeah! Too much? It's not easy practicing with two teams, is it? You know? Does anypony else? No.
they're too busy practicing to wonder why you keep disappearing.
Well, I've seen the other teams practicing and we're still gonna qualify.
I can fly fast enough to make up the distance.
It just seems like one of the teams you're practicing with needs a little more help than the other one.
But it's so much more fun working out with the winners than, um, the… non-winners.
Besides, Ponyville will still qualify.
Rainbow Dash! You've got a minute? Sure.
You can really be an asset to our team.
So We want you to join the Cloudsdale team.
It loooks like Soarin's wing won't heal in time for the trials.
We want you to fly with us.
Of course, this means you won't be able to fly for Ponyville.
But let's face it.
Even if you're on their team, their chances of qualifying to the game are pretty slim.
So, what's it gonna be? Well, I… Take some time to think about it.
They want me to fly with them! It's like a dream come true! If you fly for Cloudsdale, Pinkie Pie will not have anypony to cheer for, Rarity's uniforms will never be seen, and Applejack will have slaved over those apple brownberries for nothing! But I really want to fly with the best team! What would you do? I think this is a decision you have to make on your own.
The race is tomorrow, so you better make it soon.
Woe is me! Woe! What's happened? I've hurt my hoof! All of them? I tripped on a hoof and landed on a pockey stick If I get my hoofs on it, , it'll be in a big trouble! There's no way I can fly now! Do you think you'll be better by try-outs? I'll be lucky if I ever fly again! I'll just need a little rest.
Oh, don't worry, Rainbow Dash.
We'll take care of you.
At least somepony will, like a medic or a doctor or a nurse.
So, the medic pony isn't sure what's wrong with you.
Everything, absolutely everything! This'll cure everything that ails you.
Thank you.
I couldn't have done that on my own.
Nothing says "get better" like a little medical pizazz.
Silk slings and a glitter bandage? That might help.
And how is our patient doing? I've been better.
We just wanted to let you know that we're so sorry you're hurt, but you shouldn't worry a bit about not being able to be in the tryouts.
We'll be alright.
We even have a replacement! We're so, so sorry that you can't compete.
We all know how much you love to fly.
And we promise.
Cross our hearts! That if we qualify and make it to the Equestria Games and all win gold medals, you can have ours.
Because we know how much a gold medal means to you.
Thanks! I think Rainbow Dash might need to rest some more.
Don't forget your beanies! You know, choosing not to choose isn't really a decision.
You sure have nice friends.
Nopony has been by to visit me.
They're too busy practicing, I guess.
Well, hopefully your wing will be better soon.
Oh, it's fine.
I'm just keeping it warm in case my team wants me back.
What do you mean, wants you back? Spitfire and Fleetfoot told me you were still too injured to fly! And they told me that they worried I won't be one hundred percent by the tryouts.
So they were going with somepony else.
That somepony else was me! Until, well, untill I got hurt, that is.
So, I guess we're all outta luck.
Cloudsdale won't qualify without three flyers, and Ponyville won't qualify without you.
Too bad.
Even with Rainbow Dash's replacement I don't think we're gonna qualify.
No offence.
What am I gonna do with all these now? What were you gonna do with them before? Maybe my Equestria Games uniforms will still be in style next year.
I mean, I am pretty fashion-forward.
Is that Rainbow Dash walking? Does this mean you're feeling better? I feel great because… I was never hurt in the first place.
I faked my injury so I wouldn't have to choose between flying for Ponyville or Cloudsdale.
I wanted to fly with you both, and the decision was too hard! Oh, Rainbow Dash, you don't have to choose us.
I know you love to win, and you should go with the team that surely will.
I know now who I should have been loyal to.
Good choice.
Always stick with the winners.
Because it's not just where I live, but it's where my friends are.
The ponies who really care about me.
Whether I can help them win a race or not.
Are you sure that's the right decision? You lied to me about Soarin's wing just so you could get a better flyer! You may be a winning team, but you're still not the kind of team I want to be a part of.
Rainbow Dash, you are something Saw that at the academy, seeing it again here.
We can learn a lot from a competitor like you.
Think we already have.
Ready to fly? Really? Never should've lied and tried to replace you to begin with.
Go, Cloudsdale! Come on, Ponyville relay team! We've got a race to get ready for! Yeah! Come on Ponyville! You can do it! Go, Fluttershy! Qualify, Ponyville! Qualify, Ponyville! Go, Ponyville! Ponyville qualifies! Yeah! Equestria Games, here we come! I can't deny it.
I love to win.
But if I ever have to choose between winning and being loyal to my friends, I'm always gonna choose my friends.
Cause as much as I love winning, I love them wa-a-ay more.
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