My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s04e15 Episode Script

Twilight Time

Um, Sweetie Belle, maybe you should run through steps another few times before you try it on your own.
Nope, ready to give it a shot.
Okay then.
Can't… seem… to… I think I threw my neck out.
Ah, you're okay.
Little more magic practice and lifting brooms will be a сinch.
I doubt it, that thing weights a ton.
Hey, has anypony seen my… Oh, there it is.
I'll never get my cutie mark for this.
Maybe not.
But I am happy to keep helping you learn just for the fun of it as long as you like.
Hey, who's gonna clean up this mess? This is no mess.
These are carefully arranged pieces of the unicycle I took apart and will be putting back together.
As soon as Twilight shows me how.
Scootaloo, I've already told you I won't show you how, but I'll help you find the instructions so you can figure it out yourself.
I hate research.
To your left third shelf from the bottom.
You'll find it in no time.
Thanks so much for helpin' us all learn these new skills, Twilight.
Always glad to pass on my love of learning for learning's sake.
Only I'm afraid I'll never get the hang of this potion-makin'.
Did you follow the magic plant-growing formula I gave you? Well… more or less.
Well, let's try it out on this apple seedling and see how we do.
I hope this works.
Layin' it on a little thick there, aren't we, pal? Yahoo, gather around, it's time! – What is that? – What's happening? – What's going on? As you all know, I have promised to put on an amazing, first-time-ever acrobatic display for you all today! I know.
It's so exciting.
But I'm tired.
But… I did not wish to disappoint you all, so I brought my butler Randolph to do that for me.
That was amazing, Diamond Tiara.
I know.
I don't know how I do it.
I can't believe she get so much attention without even really doing anything.
She's using somepony else to build herself up.
Without even putting any effort to learn her own skills like we do.
Hey! Come to think of it, if we can get really got at the stuff Twilight is teaching us, we could be the big shots around here for a change.
Check this out! And check this out! And check this out! Hey! Put me down! Hey! Can you hear me? Uh? Uh? What? Wha? I was asking if your sister Rarity will be taking you to Manehatten anytime soon? Because if she is, maybe you can meet up with us while we hang out with bunch of famous celebrities.
Well, that's… pretty nice of you guys.
Actually, my sister hasn't offered to take me to Manehatten anytime soon.
We take care of that.
Bump, bump, sugar-love, rump.
Oh yeah? Well, I don't have to go all the way to Manehattan to hang out with the famous and super cool ponies! Me and my friends hang out with Princess Twilight all the time! Did you say Princess Twilight? You hang out with her all the time? For real? More like just once a week.
She helps us learn cool new stuff to do.
That we actually do.
Ourselves! You must bring me along next time you go.
Bring us along.
I mean, we used to see her around town all the time and I thought, whatever.
Me too.
I thought that.
But now she's a princess, which makes her totally awesome.
Plus, she has wings.
And she's an alicorn.
So can I… …we… …go? I think we should… Would you two excuse us for a moment? We should totally say yes! This is a golden opportunity! Are you kidding? I don't want them laughing at us while I'm mixing potions and accidentally sending plants into choking fits! But don't you get it? They have to learn something too! And they won't be able to laugh at us when they're so busy trying to learn stuff of their own.
I must admit it's kinda fun to see them working hard to get on the good side for a change.
Oh my gosh.
A princess lives in there.
And I'm about to go inside and see her! I can't even tell you how excited I am.
I can't either! Now remember.
Twilight takes this time out with us so we can learn stuff.
Hey there guys, come on in! Princess Twilight! It's really her! Oh my gosh, I don't believe it! Oh, and… you brought guests.
Great! Princess Twilight, it is such a thrill and honor to be here.
You have no idea.
Oh my gosh.
Who dyes your tail? I so have to get that done.
Actually it's not dyed.
I've always… And those books in there? What a bold design choice! You should so do that dye.
I know, right? Listen.
I'm all for helping as many ponies as I can.
But maybe we should keep these weekly visits just between us? Ok.
Which one of you wants to practice first? Shouldn't they go first? No, silly.
I set up Twilight Time especially for you.
Apple Bloom, go ahead.
Let's see how your plant potions are coming.
I can't believe I let you talk us into bringing guests yesterday.
I didn't hear them laugh at us once, Apple Bloom.
Cause they laughed on the inside.
Don't worry.
We won't make that same mistake again.
Oh, great.
Look who showed up to make fun of us.
So much for learning skills to be big shots.
Hey, guess what? I told everyone about your special Twilight Time! Oh no, here it comes.
And they all want in! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Thanks to me you three are now the hottest thing around.
You're welcome.
Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! All these ponies really want to meet Twilight that badly? We love you, Cutie Mark Crusaders! Now, now, everypony.
Demanding time with a princess as an unruly mob simply won't do.
Might I suggest you get organized through us? The Cutie Mark Crusaders' nearest and dearest friends? Everypony get in line! No pushing! No pushing! What a mess.
Of awesome! Don't you see? We're really and truly and certifiably the biggest of the big shots in school right now! Huh? They all think we're the greatest! Because we're their tickets to get time with Ponyville's newest and biggest celebrity! Princess Twilight! We just said like two seconds ago that inviting two ponies to Twilight time was a big mistake! And now we're supposed to bring the whole class? Relax.
I got this.
I don't like this, Sweetie Belle.
You said not to invite them to Twilight Time, and I didn't.
So what's the problem? This feels like a trick.
What's tricky about inviting Twilight out for a meal thanking her for all the nice things she's done for us? Seems like the least we can do for the Princess.
Did someone say "Princess"? When I told you when you could come eyeball the Princess at one of her favorite hangouts, I said only two or three of you, tops! Oops… She's coming! Okay.
But stay out of sight.
As you wish, Sweetie Belle.
As I wish.
I didn't realize how hungry I was.
I'm so glad you asked me to join you here today.
I'm so honored.
You are? When you first asked me to help you develop new skills, I thought, Working with young students so devoted to the joy of learning purely for its own sake? What could be better? You all remind me of myself when I was your age! Yes, well… we feel the same way! That's why we invited you here.
All because of our love of learning! Twilight! Haven't seen you here in, like, forever and a half! I know.
I've been so busy I forgot how delicious everything is here! Totally! Hey, what's going on out there? Oh, nevermind, they're gone.
They're back! Nevermind, they're gone.
Knock it off! What in the world is going on out… What was all this? And this? I couldn't help it! When I don't smile in a picture I look sad.
We're gonna look sad alright… Can I… help you? Get my picture with her! Me first! Hey! Get out of the shot! This is bad.
Twilight's gonna be so ticked at us.
I told ya this was a terrible idea.
You seriously all want my autograph? Okay.
I'll sign just a couple more for you, but then I really must get back to my little friends.
Oh, there you are! Wow, to think… I've been to the Hayburger so many times, never knowing it's a regular hangout for a princess! This isn't my regular hangout.
I'm only here to be with them.
You mean… Princess Twilight decides where it's cool to go based on where they go? What? Thanks guys, this was fun! See ya around! I'm opening a new lemonade stand! Won't you come to the grand opening? I'll give you free lemonade for a week.
I know exactly how to handle this.
More lemonade? Don't mind if I do.
Done shining your hooves! It's an honor to do you a favor! Whoa, so bright I can see myself! And so can I! Nice job bedazzling my bow! What do I owe you? Your gratitude is thanks enough.
You three must come to my pool party.
It'll be much cooler than this.
Look who's inviting who to her fancy house! I believe we have arrived, Cutie Mark Crusaders.
Wow, this is nice, but… there's no-one else here! Why is this party cooler, exactly? Because… …of all the ponies we're keeping out! This has been great, but we have to go.
It's Twilight Time.
So, we're coming too, right? Um… Actually, no.
We didn't have a chance to ask Twilight, so… Really? After all the favors we did for you? After all the favors they did for you? Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Twilight Time! Okay, I know exactly how to handle this.
Run! Twilight time! Twilight time! Go go go! We gotta beat them to Twilight's so we can explain! This way! I know a shortcut! Twilight time! Twilight time! Then we run, like the wind! Twilight time! Twilight time! We… made… it… Quick! Knock on- Twilight, we can explain.
We know you said we should keep Twilight Time to us! We didn't mean for so many other ponies to be here! Honest! Oh, don't be silly.
I only meant that for your benefit so you could get the most out of our time together.
But if you want to share your time with others, that's fine! So you're not mad? Of course not! Come on in, everypony! Spike made nachos! Turns out we'll need some more than that.
Before we start, we should maybe get a bit more organized? Ponies interested in magic in this corner, ponies who want to learn potions over here, bookworm ponies over there! Incredible.
Looks like everythin's workin' out just fine! And I was so afraid Twilight would be disappointed in us! Told you I knew exactly how to handle all this! Thanks to all of you for taking time out to come learn new things! Thank you, princess! We love you, princess! You're awesome, Princess Twilight! Okay, okay, let's settle down.
If you want to thank anypony, hank the Cutie Mark Crusaders for so generously sharing this time.
It was nothing, really, we just felt it was the right thing to do.
What a laugh.
Let's begin over here! And what would you like to learn, little one? I want to learn how to become a Cutie Mark Crusader! And why do you want to become a Cutie Mark Crusader so badly, hm? Because then I could get all my classmates to do me favors and stuff because I'm friends with a famous princess! Oh boy.
Is this true? We wanted our time together just as a way to be with you and learn new things.
Really and truly! Prove it! If it's true, then I'm sure you've all been practicing your skills over the past week.
Show me how much better you got.
Ah, well, uh, we… can't.
We kinda rushed over and forgot to bring our stuff.
I see.
No, wait! Hey everypony, you're in luck! You came to learn, but instead you're getting dinner and a show! Get ready, 'cause we, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, are about to lay on you the amazing skills we learned in Twilight Time! Unfortunately, since we don't have Scootaloo's unicycle parts, she'll take apart and put back together one of the scooters from outside.
Hey! That's my scooter! You've got us into this mess, kid, might wanna roll with us.
Apple Bloom doesn't have an apple seedling, so she'll just grab an apple from the kitchen.
And I will begin by using my magic to lift this broom! Become a tree! Rise! That didn't turn out quite as I had hoped.
Looks like Twilight Time is over.
And look who isn't the princess's entourage anymore.
Guess they didn't come here to learn after all.
Well, neither did any of you.
We're really sorry, Twilight.
We made a huge mistake.
And we really and truly did enjoy learning new skills with you.
Guess we'll have to just keep on doing it without you now.
Thanks, Twilight.
Thanks… Thanks… Sweetie Belle? Remember a moment ago when you asked me to give you a chance? Aw, come on! I guess Twilight must not be so super-upset anymore, 'cause she's letting us do a diary entry like our sisters do.
Boy, did we get our priorities messed up.
We started acting special because we were friends with someone special.
We almost forgot the real reason she's special – because she's our friend.
But she forgave us, and, like magic, things are good as new! That's the kind of magic I really want to get good at, now that I'm getting so good at the other kind.
Wow, all three of you have made so much progress! I'm really proud of you.
See you next time! We're just glad Twilight Time is back to normal.
Well… almost back to normal.
I just hope no-one sees us.
Cause we're tryin' to keep Twilight Time a secret now? Or because we look ridiculous? A little of both, actually.
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