My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s05e04 Episode Script

Bloom and Gloom

[tapping] Apple bloom: Hear ye, hear ye! This meeting of the cutie mark crusaders Is now in session.
Who wants to do roll call? I'm pretty sure we're all here.
Yeah, apple bloom, what's this all about? Oh, nothin' Except this letter from babs seed Saying she's got her cutie mark! What? She says it's a pair of scissors.
So She's good at cutting stuff? Of course! She was always fussing with her bangs and tail.
I'll bet she grows up to be a celebrity stylist.
But if she spends all her time cutting hair, Who's gonna run the manehattan cmcs? Well, not babs.
She can't be a cutie mark crusader If she's already got her cutie mark.
Oh, wow.
I guess you're right.
I'm glad she's happy, but I sure wouldn't want to be Up to my flank in mane hair all day.
Can you imagine getting stuck With a cutie mark you didn't like? No Or, at least, I hadn't.
Most of your family has apple related cutie marks.
I bet yours will be too.
And what's not to like about apples? There's the core, and sour apples, and rotten apples, And apples with worms in them What? Not helping.
my little pony, my little pony aaaahhh my little pony I used to wonder what friendship could be.
my little pony until you all shared its magic with me.
big adventure! tons of fun a beautiful heart! faithful and strong! sharing kindness it's an easy feat and magic makes it all complete! to have my little pony do you know you're all my very best friends Timing adjusted by: rossa89 Apple bloom: I guess I just spent so much time Worrying about how to get a cutie mark, I never even thought about what would happen after.
There's just so many things I never considered.
I'm sure there are, but you don't need to-- What if I finally get my cutie mark What if I get my cutie mark and nopony likes me? Well, that's just ridicul-- What if the crusaders drift apart? I mean, we won't really be the cutie mark crusaders anymore.
What if it's not an apple? Will I have to move out? All right.
That's enough, sugar cube.
Those are way too many questions to answer all in one night.
And nopony's gonna make you move out.
Are you sure, applejack? Of course I'm sure.
Now get some sleep.
You'll see.
Everything'll be better in the morning.
hush now little sister, you're loved by all you know, you'll never lose their friendship, no matter where you go.
? there ain't no call to worry, so don't you cry or fret, ? a cutie mark won't change you, no matter what you get.
[yawn] No matter what I get.
[snoring] [rooster crows] Hoo whee! Nothing like a good night's sleep.
Applejack: Breakfast! You were right, applejack.
I feel much better.
I don't know what I was so worried about last night.
See? Now, what did I tell you? A good night's sleep'll fix just about an-- Well, no wonder you were so worked up.
What? Looks like somepony got her cutie mark! I can't believe it.
I got my cutie mark.
I got my cutie mark! I got my cutie mark! Wait till I tell the others that my cutie mark is a, a What is it? I have no idea what it means.
Old man voice: I know what it means.
It means I can retire.
Ha hoo! Infestations? You mean, like, parasprites? Please.
Any pony with a trombone can get rid of parasprites.
I'm talking about the serious stuff.
You ever hear of twittermites? [thunder] Twittermites? Pest ponies like you and me are the only things keeping these Live wires from destroying half of equestria.
Pest ponies? It's no easy trade.
Even the best of us yearns for the day They can move on to greener pastures.
And now that you're here to take over, my day has finally come.
You're gonna need to stop repeating everything I say And pay attention if you want to learn anything.
I guess this just wasn't what I was expecting.
Don't worry, with a cutie mark like that, I'm sure you've got the touch.
The touch? Oh.
Now you're gonna need to be quick.
Once these things get out, it can get pretty shocking.
[buzzing] Wait.
What do you mean? Ouch! Ha ha! Told ya! And the farther apart they spread, The more powerful these jolts'll get.
[zap] What do I do? Call them back, of course.
Twittermites! [whistle] Here! [buzzing] Twittermites! Bug, bug, bug, bug, bug, bug, bug! Well, it looks like you're all set.
Drop me a note sometime At the piney shade retirement community.
Now hold on I'm sure this job is real important, But I don't think I wanna call bugs for the rest of my life.
Hey, where'd he go? Well, well, well.
Look at the new bug pony.
It's pest pony.
It sure is.
I might have known you'd end up with the worst cutie mark ever.
[nasty laughter] But look on the bright side.
Whenever you need a friend, you can just go out and catch one.
That's not funny.
Heeeere friend, friend, friend, friend, friend Stop it.
Here, bug! Here, bug! Will you be my friend, bug? Because nopony else will! Ha ha ha! You know what? My cutie mark isn't the worst.
You two are! [hooting laughter] I hate to think that diamond tiara is right, But this cutie mark sure isn't what I was hoping for.
[echo voice] why should you have to keep it, then? Who's there? What do you mean? If your cutie mark bothers you so much, get rid of it.
Well, if you know how to wave a hoof And erase a terrible cutie mark, you go right ahead.
As easily said as done.
[whistling wind] Huh.
Now that is some serious magic.
[screams] Hey, where's everypony going? [panicked screams] Mayor, what's going on! You've got to get your family out of town! Twittermites! [gasp] ? Twittermites! Heeeere, bug, bug, bug, bug, bug! [zap] Here, bug! ? Come on here! Apple bloom, what in tarnation are you doing? I'm trying to stop the infestation, of course! Only a pest pony can do that! Now come on.
We've gotta skedaddle! But I've got to do something! Are you crazy? ? [explosion] Aaaaahhh! [rooster crows] Hoo whee! Now that's what I call a nightmare! It seemed so real.
Applejack: Breakfast! Applejack, you are not gonna believe the dream I just had.
I guess I needed more sleep than I thought.
See? Now, what did I tell you? A good night's sleep will fix just abou-- [gasp] Well, no wonder you were so worked up.
Looks like somepony got her cutie mark! Again? I mean, I did? Woohoo! Potion making! Now that's more like it! More like what? I'm just glad princess twilight's lessons Finally paid off.
I expect you want to run off to the clubhouse And tell your friends all about your new cutie mark.
But before you go, make sure you do all your-- --Chores? [clang] Woo hoo! Why all the excitement? Yeah.
What's going on? Oh, nothin'.
Except this brand new cutie mark! Wow! That's amazing! Whoo hoo! [excited shouts] I don't suppose either of you got yours? Nope.
Me neither.
I always hoped we'd get our cutie marks together.
Me too.
But I'm still super excited for you! Absolutely! I know! Let's call this meeting to order.
I'm sure the three of us can figure out How to get two more cutie marks! UmYeah.
The thing is What? Well, you can't be a cutie mark crusader If you've already got your cutie mark.
Just like babs seed.
Well, I can just sit quietly in the corner While you two figure out what you're gonna do.
Well, technically, the clubhouse is for crusaders only.
I guess I should just come back later, then? I mean, you can't come in then either.
I don't even think we're still supposed to be friends.
[close] What? Sweetie belle? Scootaloo? Come on, fillies! This isn't funny.
[echo] more trouble with cutie marks? No.
I mean, yeah.
I mean Well, I got mine, but my friends didn't get theirs And now there's all kinds of trouble.
Sounds to me like cutie marks and trouble Are two peas in the same pod.
I guess so.
I mean, if I was a blank flank again, There wouldn't be a problem.
Your wish is my command.
[whoosh] Hey, apple bloom.
Why'd you want to meet here? Well, us blankflanks have to meet somewhere! Um Actually, apple bloom, We both sort of got our cutie marks.
You did? What are they? Oh, we don't have time to go into all that.
And we certainly don't have time to hang out in an old clubhouse.
We've got responsibilities now.
But, maybe we'll see you later.
Much later.
Wait! Hold on! I can get my cutie mark back.
I think.
I mean, I got it once, right? Just wait a second! No! [rooster crows] What in equestria is going on? Applejack: Breakfast! I'm not so sure sleep is the cure-all applejack thinks it is.
Uh Applejack? I know you said sleep is supposed to make me feel better, But I'm pretty sure it's making me feel worse.
See? Now, what did I tell you? A good night's sleep will fix-- Well, no wonder you were so worked up.
Didn't you hear what I said? I was trying to-- Well, what do we have here? What is it, granny? What's wrong? Oh, nothin'.
Right, applejack? Right.
Nothin' at all.
Right, big mac? Truth is, apple bloom It's your cutie mark.
Oh, no.
What is it now? Well, I'll tell you what it ain't.
It ain't no apple! Nope! And we don't have room for non-apples! Time for you to mosey on.
You can't stay here.
But this is my home.
Oh, and you're gonna have to change your name.
Eyup! I think just "bloom" has a nice ring to it, Don't you, applejack? Eyup! Nooooooo! [grunt] [rooster crows] All right.
This is getting ridiculous.
I never thought I'd be so happy to not get a cutie mark.
What the--? I don't want to see another cutie mark as long as I live! [echo] back so soon? All right, whoever you are, I don't know what spell you went And cast on me but I want it to stop right now! I didn't cast a spell.
On you or anypony else.
I only did what you wanted.
Agh! Why would I want you to torment me with nightmares? You didn't want to catch bugs and I helped.
You didn't want to lose friends and I helped.
If there's a problem with your family, I'm sure I can help with that too.
I don't want your help.
Just get away from me! Oh, apple bloom, you can't get away from your own shadow.
Princess luna! My shadow? What do you mean? It's just me? You mean I've been doing all this to myself? Of course, apple bloom.
It's your dream.
If I've been dreaming this whole time, why don't I just wake up? Sometimes we can worry about a thing so much, The fear can make us feel like we're trapped in a nightmare.
I don't suppose there's anything You're particularly afraid of, is there? Yeah.
I guess I'm pretty worried about getting my cutie mark.
Well, that is the same as worrying about who you are.
That is all a cutie mark is.
If you cannot accept who you are, Your life might seem like a bad dream.
But, if I like who I am, do you think other ponies will too? Of course.
Then it doesn't matter what my cutie mark is! Indeed.
But that's so simple.
I must be the only pony in the universe This worried about her cutie mark.
Oh, I wouldn't say that.
[whoosh] [sigh] Aaaaahh! [struggling grunts] Scootaloo and sweetie belle are having nightmares too? It's been a busy night for us all, But I think it's time to bring it to a close.
Princess luna! I know you've all had a lot on your minds tonight, But I think apple bloom has something she'd like to share Before you wake.
We're still asleep? Cool! Well, I guess I should call this dream meeting Of the cutie mark crusaders to order.
I know we all got pretty anxious when we found out Babs got her cutie mark.
But I, for one, don't wanna have nightmares every night From now until we get ours.
Me neither.
And even though we're all a little scared, A cutie mark won't change who we are Or how everypony feels about us.
It's lucky we're all scared of the same things.
That way we can help and remind each other To just be who we are.
And when the day comes That you all finally get your cutie marks, You can be sure they'll fit you to a tee.
Do you fillies think that babs is worried or scared About some of this stuff? Let's put together a care package for her! That way she'll know she isn't alone! We wouldn't want her to think That just because she isn't a crusader, We can't still be friends.
But Maybe we should wait until we wake up.
Good idea.
[gasp] [rooster crows] [sigh] ? there ain't no call to worry, so don't you cry or fret ? a cutie mark won't change me, no matter what I get! Well, it sure looks like somepony is feeling better.
You have no idea.
See? Now, what did I tell ya? A good night's sleep cures just about everything.
I guess so I just wish it hadn't been so exhausting.
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