My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s05e06 Episode Script

Appleoosas Most Wanted

Aren't y'all glad you came with me to see Applejack compete in the Appleloosa rodeo?! Totally! This place is a cutie mark gold mine! There's barrel racing roping contests, rodeo clowning steeplechase! If we can get into some of these events, we all three can walk off the train back in Ponyville with brand spankin' new cutie marks! Wouldn't a barrel look good here? I want a lasso! I don't know all these events look a little, well, dangerous.
No risk, no reward! Alright everypony, listen up! We need a big presence in this here rodeo so make yourself menacing! I want that low-down varmint to know we mean business! I hope nothing bad is going on.
A cutie mark-apalooza and a low-down varmint? This is shapin' up to be the most excitin' rodeo ever! Yeah, come on! That's my cousin! Go Applejack, go! Phew, it's been a dog's age since I got to compete.
All the rodeos round Ponyville are closed down for some reason.
Well, I guess havin' injured kinfolk in Appleloosa sure paid off then, huh, cuz? Just doin' my best to fill your horseshoes, Braeburn.
Keep tossin' like that and I'll be out of a job! Ow, ow! Ooh, sorry.
Say, where's my sister and her friends? Uh oh.
Gee, uh, I guess I got so caught up watchin' you that I- You said you'd keep an eye on those fillies! How am I supposed to focus on practisin' if you're not gonna- There they are! Heh, right where I left 'em Aw, don't be mad! Owwwwch! My foreleg! Hurts so much! Y'all can't go runnin' off like that, y'hear? Backstage at a rodeo ain't no kind of playground! Sorry, Applejack.
We won't wander off again.
But, uh, speakin' of the rodeo what would you say about me and the Crusaders maybe competin' in one teensy-weensy little event or three? Look out! What the hay just happened? You fillies alright? Uh-huh Yeah Uh-huh Yeah Sugar and saltlicks, well I'll be What is it, Sheriff? Is it him? Ain't no doubt.
It's Trouble Shoes.
Is it true? Is Trouble Shoes here? You ain't gonna shut down the rodeo, are ya?! All right now, I called for a meetin', not a mob scene.
Now as many of you know, the Equestria rodeo circuit has been plagued by the dirty dealin's of a notorious outlaw.
He knocked barrels every which way at the Hoof City rodeo! Nearly crushed my Aunt ! That's nothin'! He sabotaged the steer pen at Pinto Creek rodeo, settin' off such a stampede they cancelled the whole daggone thing! Now it's true we had an incident this mornin' at our own Appleloosa rodeo.
Hay bale stack came down right near on top of three little fillies! I examined them hoof-prints myself, and it was Trouble Shoes, all right.
I reckon I oughta cancel this rodeo like all the others done.
But dag-hoof it, this has gone far enough! We'll double the patrols! This rodeo will go on! Appleloosa ain't gonna be intimidated! Glad that's settled.
Don't send us home! It's not fair! Now, quit yer bellyachin'.
I can't have y'all around here with some outlaw on the loose.
Aw, maybe I oughta call it quits and go home too.
No, you can't! This rodeo is important to Appleloosa! And with you in there, we got a real shot at winnin'! Come on, now, you head on back to practice and don't worry none about these three.
I won't let 'em outta my sight.
Ya hear? Y'all ain't leavin' my sight! I thought we weren't going to wander off again? This ain't wanderin'! We know exactly where we're headed, to find Trouble Shoes! But isn't he a dangerous criminal? We only need to find him.
We don't need to capture him.
The Sheriff can handle that! Once he's in jail, we'll be competing! And then it's- Cutie mark city! Worst idea ever.
It's another giant hoof print! Do any of you have any idea where we are? Uh, maybe we should head back and try again later.
C'mon, before we lose the trail! Come on, we've gone far enough! Time to go back! The rain is only getting worse, Apple Bloom! Let's come back tomorrow! Maybe y'all are right so, how do we get back? You mean you don't know?! Phew, good job, y'all.
I know they need lots of mud for the rodeo tomorrow, but I wish they would've warned us about this rainstorm.
Braeburn? Where are the girls? What?! Ha! Fish my wish! - Aw! - Dagnabbit! Sheriff Silverstar! You gotta help! My sister's gone! And her friends too! I've searched and searched, but no sign of 'em anywhere! It must've been Troubleshoes! Now, now, hold on there.
Troubleshoes done a lot of bad things in his day, but nothin' like that! You really wanna take that chance? Come on, y'all! Let's ride! You sure about this, Scootaloo? I thought I was, but now I'm not.
So I pretty much got us completely and totally lost.
How could this get any worse? We gotta get out of this rain.
There's no tellin' how long this storm could last.
Look! It looks abandoned.
Let's go see if we can find some blankets or somethin'.
Hello? You alright? Surely.
We didn't mean no harm.
We just came in to get out of the rain.
Had some hot cider a-cookin' in the kitchen, doubt it survived.
Ain't gonna rise to greet y'all, awfully rude I reckon but as you can see I'm the fresh casualty of an unusually unfortunate circumstance.
My lot in life, I suppose.
Are you Trouble Shoes? That's me.
W-what are you doing? I'm gonna unravel him.
You can't do that, that's Trouble Shoes! Aw, he don't seem so bad.
Of course, guests would arrive while I ain't got no pie to offer, scores more misfortune points for old Trouble Shoes.
Wh-whooaaa! Typical.
Bad luck never rests.
You sure that's bad luck? Seems like maybe you're just a little, um Klutzy? Tell that to the flank! Upside-down horseshoe, bad luck.
Follows me wherever I go like sour on old milk.
Y'all best vamoose before my bad luck rubs off and sticks to y'all.
Get along! Skedaddle! Am-scray! Um, we don't really know the way back to Appleloosa But o'course I do Wouldn't you know it, my lucky day.
It's actually kind of sweet of him to help us out like this.
I know! What do we do if he takes us back to Appleloosa and the Sheriff arrests him? If I get a cutie mark for that, I'll feel guilty every time I see it.
Say there, Trouble Shoes, you might not want to take us all the way back to Appleloosa.
The Sheriff sort of has it in his mind that you're a no-good outlaw lookin' to shut down the rodeo.
My kind of luck he'd think that.
But is it true? Y'all like stories? Mm-hm! Just my luck.
I was hopin' you'd say no.
When I was a colt, I wanted to be a rodeo star somethin' fierce, but I just didn't seem to have the knack for it.
I practiced, and practiced And finally, I worked up the guts to audition for rodeo school.
Right in the middle of that trial, I knew I was doin' what I was meant to do, then wouldn't you know it, in a flash comes this here cutie mark.
I can still remember them judges laughin'.
Didn't even finish my routine 'cause I knew then bad luck was my fate.
That fire for rodeo never did leave me, though.
Couldn't keep away from 'em.
So I'd sneak down and have a look, but wouldn't you know it, bad luck would strike again.
Just my whole lot in life, I reckon.
Poor Trouble Shoes.
I can't believe those mean judges would laugh at him like that! Don't you see? They weren't laughin' at him, they were just enjoyin' the show! What are you saying? Think about it.
If we saw a rodeo clown doin' what he did back in that shack, we'd think he was the greatest! You're right! He can still be in rodeos, just not the way he thought! So he's been looking at his cutie mark wrong the whole time! It's not bad luck, it's- Gotcha! Just my luck.
Trouble Shoes, you're under arrest for vandalizin' the property and peace of mind of the good rodeo-lovin' ponies of Equestria! Not to mention fillynappin'! And generalized mayhem! Wait- Braeburn? Get these fillies someplace safe.
Wait, no, listen, Applejack! No! But Trouble Shoes isn't the menace everypony thinks! Sakes alive, what's with you? Why in tarnation would you want me to help you get him out of jail when he's the one who ran off with y'all to begin with?! Now if y'all excuse me, I'm off to win the Appleloosa rodeo hay bale monster stack! Um, Applejack? Well at least I get me a view of one small corner of the rodeo.
Aw, come on now, Trouble Shoes, I'm runnin' out of mattresses! Come on, Sheriff! You're about to miss the hay bale monster stack! Jiminy, that's startin' already?! Let's go, Trouble Shoes! This here's a jailbreak! Ain't no need.
Can hear the rodeo just fine from this vantage.
But we've got a plan to help you live your dream! Listen, y'all, I'm a known criminal.
How you proposin' on gettin' me into a rodeo? Go, Applejack! You can do it! Go, Applejack! You can do it! Well, how do I look? Come on now, stack them bales! Woo-hoo! Kay now Trouble Shoes, you're on! Say what?! I may be dressed like one, but I ain't no rodeo clown.
You got your cutie mark all wrong, Trouble Shoes! You were born to entertain! You got a gift for makin' folks laugh, don't you? But my cutie mark's an upside-down horseshoe, and that means bad luck! It all depends on how you look at it.
You always wanted to be part of a rodeo, right? Well, now's your chance! Go on! There y'all are! How 'bout your big sis, huh? Yeah, way to go.
Since when are y'all so into rodeo clowns? Just leave me be, cutie mark! Aim to clear that there hoop! Come on, now! That's the best rodeo clown I've ever seen! Trouble Shoes! What the hay?! He escaped from jail! Ruinin' another rodeo! Let's get him! Wait, y'all! He ain't what you think he is! Stand aside, young'uns! This one's goin' back to jail.
But he never wanted to ruin any rodeos! Those were just bad accidents! Sweetie Belle, what are you talkin' about? Trouble Shoes has a gift for making ponies laugh! He's maybe the best rodeo clown I've ever seen! That's true! He is awful funny.
He thought his cutie mark was telling him to keep away from rodeos, but deep inside he knew it's where he was meant to be.
He just didn't know how to do it! What she says is true! This here entertainin' y'all with my klutzin', that's what I was supposed to be doin'.
I know it now.
I didn't mean no harm, honest! I just never loved nothin' like I love the rodeo, so I kept on sneakin' back and makin' a big old mess of things.
Turns out I was just lookin' at my cutie mark all wrong.
That may be so, Trouble Shoes, but you've still gotta face charges for the problems you caused! If I done wrong, I'll see to it that I take my debts in and square my accounts.
Truth be told, we could understand all the trouble with the rodeos, but why'd you have to run off with these here little'uns last night? Uh, yeah, about that You really want us to clean up all this mess Trouble Shoes made? Maybe it'll teach you not to go wanderin' off after I say not to! Ugh, ain't it bad enough that you get to go back to Ponyville with a shiny trophy, and all we're bringing back are these same old blank flanks? Y'all helped Trouble Shoes realize what his cutie mark really means! Ain't that a nice feelin' you can take back with you? I guess we did make things a little better.
It does feel kinda nice! So we can stop now? Nnope.
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