My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s06e07 Episode Script

Newbie Dash

1 ? Hey! Rainbow Dash! Hiya, Scootaloo! What's up? The Rainbow Dash fan club just decided everypony's coming to see you when the Wonderbolts' new tour Well, it's great that you guys are going to the show, Scoot, but I won't actually be performing in it.
Reservists aren't in the show unless one of the real Wonderbolts can't fly.
I'll probably be working crowd control or something.
You're still gonna be wearing a Wonderbolts uniform though, right? A Reservist one, yeah.
That's good enough for me! [whoosh] [gasp] [whoosh] Whoa! Rainbow Dash! Glad we found you.
We need you in the show when we get to Ponyville.
But she's only in the Reserves! Not anymore, kid.
[gasp] You mean [gasp] Rainbow Dash! You're finally a full-fledged Wonderbolt! Woo-hoo! [laugh] Yeah! Rainbow Dash! Woo! [chuckle] What she said.
My little pony, my little pony Aaaahhh My little Pony I used to wonder what friendship could be.
My Little Pony Until you all shared its magic with me.
Big adventure! Tons of fun A beautiful heart! Faithful and strong! Sharing kindness it's an easy feat And magic makes it all complete! To have my little pony Do you know you're all my very best friends ? Uh, anypony see my wing balm? I don't wanna be stiff when I show up at Wonderbolt headquarters.
Got it.
Do you have time to tell us what happened, Rainbow Dash? Ooo yes, we must know every detail! Start from when you were a foal and you first knew your destiny was to become a Wonderbolt! [chuckle] Well, not much to tell, really.
Spitfire told me the Wonderbolts need me to go on tour with them.
That's really great.
I know how long you've been waiting for a spot to open up.
Yeah, Fire Streak decided to retire and teach full-time.
Cloudsdale Flight School will probably be churning out Wonderbolts with him there.
But guess who was at the top of the Reserve list? Ooh ooh! I know! Pick me! So what do you do now, Dashie? I have to report to Wonderbolts Headquarters this afternoon.
It's only two days till tour starts and I need to learn the routine.
You're leaving already? [gasp] But we barely started your congratulation party! I haven't even thought about your going away party yet.
Pinkie, I'm not leaving Ponyville.
I just have to train for this show.
I hope everything goes well.
It sounds like an awful lot of pressure, having to learn everything so quickly.
Yeah, good luck, Dash! Luck? [chuckle] Save that for the rest of the team.
Now that my awesomeness has finally been recognized, the other Wonderbolts will have to keep up or eat my cloud-trail.
Everypony knows you're a great flier, Rainbow Dash, but so are the rest of the Wonderbolts.
It might be more challenging than you think.
[sigh] You're right.
I mean, do I show up wearing sunglasses or not? Sunglasses are automatically cool, but anypony can put them on.
[sigh] Maybe I'd stand out more if I didn't.
Team briefings are every morning at-- --oh seven twenty.
Because there were twenty ponies in the original EUP Guard that became the Wonderbolts.
And I know you've seen the Academy bunks, but these are the official Wonderbolts' barracks-- --built by Admiral Fairweather himself! [thud] Don't forget rule number one, newbie: always check both ways before crossing the runway.
Uh sure, but nopony else is here! They will be.
And most of the Wonderbolts like to make a flashy entrance, so stay alert.
No problem.
Whoa! Is that General Flash's cap? And the original crest with the Wonderbolts motto on it.
"Altius volantis.
" "Soaring higher!" WOW! [gasp] I mean cool.
OK, newbie, we've got a show in two days, which means you've gotta hustle your haunches to learn this routine.
You've got five minutes to get dressed and get outside to meet the rest of the team.
Yes, ma'am! I'll have all the moves down by the end of the day.
Let's hope so.
We're all expecting you to make quite an impression.
[whoosh] Lookin' good! OK, you're about to take your first flight as an actual Wonderbolt.
[sigh] No pressure.
[sigh] Just gotta go out there and knock 'em off their hooves.
OK, Wonderbolts, get ready to meet your most awesome member ever! [excited chatter] Hey! Look out! Huh? Whoa! [crash] [groan] [laughter] Whoa! Most awesome entrance by a newbie ever! Are you OK, Rainbow Dash? More like Rainbow Crash! [laughter] OK, flight school.
Get ready for Rainbow Dash! Whooooooooa! [grunt] [crash] More like Rainbow Crash! [laughter] Rainbow Crash, Rainbow Crash, Rainbow Crash, Rainbow Crash! Hey! You guys buzzed me on purpose! Not quite.
You forgot rule number one, newbie.
"Always check both ways before crossing the runway.
" Yeah, well, I was just testing you guys.
[laughter] Yeah, right.
All right, nopony got hurt and we've got a lot to do, so let's forget about this and get flying.
Classic rookie move, Rainbow Crash.
That was amazing.
[whoosh] Higher, Crash! You're breaking formation! Check your nine, Crash! Tighter, Crash! Get in there! [growl] My name's not Crash! [grunt] Whoah! Huh! Coulda fooled me! Hey Crash, I know it was a tough day today, but don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.
Tough day? Please.
If I can pull off a Sonic Rainboom, I can learn this routine.
I'll have it down cold tomorrow.
Probably even come up with a couple of improvements.
Rainbow Dash, over here.
Yes, ma'am? I'm glad you're still here.
Oh yeah? Did you want some ideas on how to make the show extra awesome? Not quite.
I know you've been a Reservist for a while, but the Bolts have a few of their own rules you might not know about.
Like worst flier of the day has to clean up the whole compound.
Better get to it, Crash.
[sigh] My name's not Crash.
? Boom! What? Hooray, Rainbow Dash! Our favorite Wonderbolt! We know you're probably tired, Rainbow Dash, but Pinkie wanted to throw you a real party.
Your Best Day EVER party! [chuckle] Yeah.
It was something, all right.
Well, we can't wait to hear all about it.
[chuckle] And I'd love to tell you.
I really would.
But I'm pretty beat.
[chuckle] [fake yawn] You know, from all the excitement of my big day.
Um, is something wrong, Rainbow Dash? What could be wrong? I'm finally a Wonderbolt, which means everything has to be totally perfectly awesome.
Oh no, something is wrong.
What happened, darling? I told you, it's nothing.
I mean, maybe some of the Wonderbolts started calling me "Rainbow Crash".
Oh no! Isn't that the same terrible nickname those bullies in flight school used to call you? Why would they call you that? Well, I, kinda, sorta fell into a garbage can.
Ugh! Well, look at the bright side! At least they didn't call you Rainbow Trash! So you started off on the wrong hoof.
I bet every new Wonderbolt has a tough first day.
What you need is to find a positive way to stand out.
As soon as you're known for something else, that nasty old nickname will be forgotten.
Rarity's right.
Why don't you think of the Wonderbolts like us? We're a team, but we all stand out in different ways.
That's it! I'm gonna stand out in a different way.
Just like you guys! Goodbye, Rainbow Crash, hello, Captain Awesome! Who's ready for a fantastic day of flying? I know I am! for the big show tomorrow.
Are you guys excited? I'm excited! Actually, I'm always excited! Some ponies even call me "Dynamic Dash" because I'm so full of energy all the time! Uh, Wonderbolts don't get excited, Crash.
You gotta keep a level head to fly the way we do.
[sigh] [Southern accent] Well, of course I know that! But the truth of the matter is, you should be excited.
It's the dream of near every little Pegasus pony to grow up and fly with the Wonderbolts and here you all are doing it.
So are you.
Go ahead and call me "Forthright Filly" if you want, but she-ucks, I like to tell it like it is.
And I believe a pony oughta appreciate hard work paying off like this because being a Wonderbolt is somethin' special.
We know.
[door closes] You know, I was just reading about how dihedral wing angles can help increase stability in banking turns.
It made me think that pre-flight checklists could really help increase our efficiency, so I went ahead and made them for everypony.
I'm always finding so much interesting information in books.
In fact, a lot of ponies call me "Reading Rainboom.
" We all know how wings work, newbie and we already have checklists! Now get off the runway! [sweet shy voice] I'm so sorry.
I was just trying to help because I care about all of the Wonderbolts oh so much.
Yesiree, just call me "Care Mare.
" Um, but if you're busy now, I can just come back later.
Or, you know, not at all.
I must tell you how much I just love these uniforms! Why, ever since I was a foal, I've admired the mixture of bold lines and classic contours.
They don't call me "Rainbow Fash" for nothing! Uh The "Fash" is for fashion.
I'm not sure why you're acting like this, but you need to stop.
I was just, you know, trying to show everypony all the awesome ways I can contribute to the Bolts.
I know you're excited to find your place on the team, but just focus on the routine for now, OK? Maybe this will help motivate you.
"Crash?" Couldn't you just put my regular name on it? That's not how it works around here.
We all have our nicknames on our jackets.
Right, Clipper? Clipper? Right, boss! Now it's official.
Welcome to the Wonderbolts, Crash! [laugh] If I don't come up with something unforgettable to add to the routine, I'm gonna be Rainbow Crash for the rest of my life.
[slam] ? This is gonna be so amazing! I know! I'm almost as excited as Pinkie Pie! I can't wait to see Rainbow Dash's first performance as an honest to goodness Wonderbolt! I hope there's cotton candy! We should all remember to be extra supportive for Rainbow Dash, too.
Excellent point.
It's simply dreadful that she's had such a rough start after finally achieving her dream.
Rainbow Dash is a pretty resilient pony.
I'm sure she's shaken off her tough first day and turned it around by now.
Speaking of - hey Dash! Oh, perfect! Hey, can I borrow Scootaloo? Me? What for? Oh, [chuckle] I just needed some help and figured the president of the Rainbow Dash fan club was the right pony for the job.
I thought the Wonderbolt Reserves were here to help.
Oh, yeah, they're all busy doing official Reserves stuff.
But don't worry, with Scootaloo's help, everything's gonna be awesome.
Better than awesome.
Does-does that mean practice went well yesterday? Gotta go! What are we doing up here, Rainbow Dash? I just need a small favor from you that's really gonna make this show something special.
Now, the Wonderbolts are going to fly over this ridge right before the finale of the show.
I'll fly by last and when I signal you, you zip up the ramp on your scooter and kick the storm cloud into my path.
What? That kick will shoot off a lightning bolt right behind me, making me look totally awesome! And then I'll do some incredible Rainbow Dash flying with it, to create the coolest, show-stoppingest, lightning-tastic light show anypony has ever seen! Are you sure about this? [gasps] It's gonna be so awesome! And no pony will ever call me "Rainbow Crash" after this.
Oh, gotta go! Be ready for me, OK, Scootaloo? Um, OK? Mares and gentlecolts, fillies and foals of all ages, look to the skies and prepare to be awestruck by the incredible flying prowess of the Wonderbolts! [cheers] I hope Spike and Pinkie Pie are done getting their snacks or they're going to miss Rainbow Dash! Oh don't worry, Fluttershy.
Nothing could keep Pinkie Pie from missing this.
[chuckle] Except maybe cotton candy.
C'mon, Pinkie, the show's starting! One second! Just a little bit bigger, please, but hurry! Bigger! [gasp] That was amazing! She's doing great! Bigger! [Spike sighs] I hope this works! [cheers] Ahhhh! [grunt] [shouts] [crowd gasps] [grunt] Ahhh! Whoahh! [grunt] [groan] Ahhhh! Whoah! [zap] Hope I'm not too late! Pfft! I don't know what took that pony so long.
Ahhh! [crash] [groans] That was amazing! Way to go, Rainbow Crash.
[sigh] You gonna tell us what just happened, newbie? [sigh] I am so sorry.
I should hope so.
You changed the routine without consulting me and put other ponies at risk.
I've drummed flyers out of the Bolts for less.
I know and I'm ready for whatever punishment you want.
You guys were right to call me Rainbow Crash.
I've always been a standout flier, but since I joined the Wonderbolts, I've only stood out for making mistakes.
[sigh] It's been my dream my whole life, but I guess maybe I'm not Wonderbolt material after all.
Are you serious? You're the most talented flier we've ever had.
And you've saved all of Equestria like, a dozen times! Of course you're supposed to be a Wonderbolt! We've been waiting for a spot to open up ever since you joined the Reserves.
But you guys all called me Rainbow Crash.
Yeah, so? My nickname's Clipper.
You know why they call me that? Uh, cause you're as fast as a ship? Because I clipped my wing on a flagpole as I was landing on my first day.
My first day I misjudged my landing and came down right on Spitfire's hoof.
Hoof 'n' Mouth.
You don't want to know what they call me.
[whispers] [chuckle] Whoa, that is so much worse than Crash.
So, does this mean I'm still on the team? You think you can be part of this team and not constantly try to showboat? I promise.
I spent my whole life trying to be a standout flier, but now that I'm a Wonderbolt, it's time to be OK with fitting in.
Because I really didn't want to miss the chance to tease you for years about this catastrophe! I mean, that crash was epic! [everyone agrees] But you're on probation for a month! Got a problem with that? No, ma'am.
Hey Rainbow Dash, we just wanted to check on you.
Are you doing OK? I'm doing great, thanks! Sure you don't need any help? Nah.
This mess is my responsibility and I've gotta clean it up myself.
And after this, Spitfire's got me cleaning the Wonderbolts compound for the next month.
So why are you in such a good mood? Duh! Because I'm a Wonderbolt!