My Love from the Star (2013) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

I wanted to take care of you first so that I could take care of Song Yi.
Good bye.
I told you.
You cannot Kill me.
Listen to me.
Stop right now.
Don't do anything.
How dare you give me an order? Come out! Come out! Hey, Yoon Jae! It's me.
I'm next door, Unit 2302.
Yeah, I'm walking out right now.
I'm at the door! Yoon Jae! What's going on? What's wrong? Call the police, I mean the security.
Someone broke in next door.
What are you talking about? Did you go next door? What are you talking about? Did he go on a date? Hey Yoon Jae! It's me.
I'm next door.
Unit 2302.
Who was he? So why go into his house? You share the pass code with him now? Call the security and ask them to come upstairs.
Drink this first and stop shaking like a dog.
I only survived because I'm an actress.
That was some godly acting.
I still can't feel my limbs.
He's here.
- Who is this? - I'm from the security office.
I'm giving you your shot.
- Yoon Jae! - What? Don't open it.
Something's wrong.
Where did you come from again? This is Unit 2301.
I called you a few minutes ago.
Sorry we had to attend to something else.
We're coming up right now.
He wasn't from the security office.
Why is this happening to me? Do Min Joon! [Cheon Song Yi] Do Min Joon! Where are you? I just went to your place, and someone was in there! Hello? Are you listening? Hello? Do Min Joon! Can you hear me? Wait, I think someone is here.
Who's there? - Who are you? - It's me, Do Min Joon.
What happened? I was just calling you.
Are you all right? Yeah.
[My Love From Another Star] [The Eleventh Record] Easy, Yoon Jae.
- What the heck? - What? He has no fever, but why is he so cold? Go get the thermometer.
You share your pass codes and your bed? - I borrowed his bed once too.
- What? - Are you two going out? - No! Then why are you sharing your beds? Why do you care? Stay out of adults' business! Go get the thermometer.
He said that he knew better than the doctors.
And yet he is as fragile as glass.
He gets hurt and sick all the time.
Now he even fainted.
His eyelashes are so long for a man You scared me.
Scared of what? Did you do something bad? I didn't do anything.
Do you like him? Jesus, hey! You think I'd have a crush on someone? He treats me like pottery! You think I'd like him? It's unrequited love? I said no! Get out! - Can body temperature be 28 degrees Celsius? - What are you talking about? What the heck? Is this broken? He is as cold as ice.
Shouldn't he go to the hospital? Mom, Dad bought the ticket.
His flight is in three hours.
If something happens to my son, I'm just going to die.
Don't say that.
That's not going to happen.
Who did that to my son? What a crazy bastard.
- Detective! - Yeah, did you look into it? Yeah, the fountain pen at the scene.
- It's a limited edition.
- Is it? It was handmade by a famous artisan.
They were specially ordered and only three exist in the world.
It's worth thousands of dollars each.
That's better than nothing.
We didn't even have fingerprints.
- Find the three people.
- Yes sir.
Just wait until I get you I'm going to crush you.
Where's Jae Kyung? - He'll be here.
Let's eat first.
- Okay.
Have you heard anything about his wife? Why talk about her all of a sudden? Didn't she go to England after the divorce? I e-mailed her every time I was in the U.
after that.
But she didn't even read the e-mails.
Why bother? She's no longer family.
What happened to your face? Sports injury.
Were you talking about someone? Huh? Nothing.
Set up his meal please.
Do you not talk to your wife? Why would I talk to my ex-wife? Thank you.
- Was that phone call - I said stop! She's no longer family.
Why talk about her? What are you doing? Are you awake? How about an omelet for breakfast? Is that your secret sauce? It's okay, just eat the top.
Why is he sleeping for ten hours? Do Min Joon! Hey! Hey! Sir.
[Legendary Oriental Doctor: Heo Joon] His lips and complexion are dark.
His arms and legs are cold.
I suspect arsenic poisoning.
Test his pulse.
It should be abnormal.
His complexion tells me that his pulse will show palpitations.
You're truly the legend to guess his pulse just from looking.
- Just test the pulse.
- Yes Doctor.
Master! I can't find palpitations.
It's something I've never felt before.
I've never felt a pulse so sharp, solid, and quick.
Place three fingers on his wrist.
Use the correct procedure and you will find palpitations I think I better listen to his pulse.
I can feel uneasy breathing above his stomach.
The flow of his energy is not smooth.
Check his forearm.
His skin should be as rough as fish scales.
Master! His skin is very soft and shiny.
I lived thanks to you.
You had arsenic poisoning.
Your recovery is astonishing.
By the way, your pulse is mysterious.
It's unlike anyone I have ever known.
Of course.
I'm from there.
What? I'm from that star.
It's a different planet, but all the environments are almost the same.
You're not fully recovered yet.
I'm afraid that your mind is lost.
I am not of this world.
Do Min Joon! You okay? Wake up! Are you awake? Where am I? You're in my room.
You slept for more than ten hours.
What happened last night? I've been wanting to ask you since last time.
Are you sick anywhere? - No.
- Are you You're not I'm sure you're not but you're not terminally ill are you? Like what you wrote on your journal Are you? No.
Let's eat.
You like omelets? Are you still not awake? That's the door.
The kitchen is here.
I'm going home.
Why? I mean I stayed at your place.
- I want to return the favor - There is no need.
What if someone's still in there? I can take care of it.
You just worry about yourself.
I thought it wasn't a crush.
It's not! Yeah it is What are you doing at my place? I'm not here to see you.
I'm here to see Do Min Joon.
Why? For what? I wanted to ask you about something.
What something? What is the problem? - Please come inside.
- Thank you.
Hey! Do Min Joon is not feeling well.
Make it quick.
Okay, I will.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Do Min Joon could hear me singing and screaming.
How did he hear me when the sound proofing was so perfect? I'm sorry for coming without a notice.
I didn't know that the prosecutor was your brother.
- How is his condition? - He has traumatic subdural hemorrhage.
He had his surgery last night.
But he didn't gain his consciousness yet.
They have to run an MRI again.
I heard from the detective.
My brother went there to see you.
Yes, I was going to see him at the cafe in the building.
Why were you going to see my brother? I had to give him something.
Did anyone else know? I think someone waited for my brother there knowing he'd be there.
I was wondering if you had someone on your mind.
Were you the one who did it to Prosecutor Yoo? I told you.
Cheon Song Yi and you are only alive because I let you.
Anyway, I believe what happened to your brother is my fault.
Oh no, I didn't mean for you to think that.
Anyway I'll do my best to help resolve this case.
Thank you for saying that.
But there was nothing on the CCTV.
There is no evidence except for a fountain pen.
They think it's going to be difficult.
What are those two doing inside a home? There are cafes everywhere! Why does she have to talk to him at home? What's taking them so long? What? Nothing.
Are you going home? Yeah.
See you later.
Where are you going Do Min Joon? - Supermarket.
- Supermarket? Good, I was going too.
- Are you going to wear that? - Oops.
I'll put on a coat.
Wait a sec.
Don't go.
What should I wear? What the heck? What the heck? I asked you to wait for me.
Let's share our groceries.
You live alone, and I only have my brother.
See? Buy-one-get-one-free! There are a lot of these sales.
Let's get things for cheaper and split them.
I only buy what I need.
I don't fall for buy-one-get-one-free traps.
You like tofu? I don't.
It's too bland.
I only eat ones in soup.
Aren't you getting potatoes? - I don't like potatoes.
- Why not? Baked potatoes are the best.
Do you dip them in sugar or salt? Salt.
You have no idea how good it is to dip potatoes in sugar.
Try dipping them in sugar from now on.
Can't I dip them in what I want to eat? Of course you can.
What about fried chicken? Do you like legs or breasts? Breasts.
I'm all about chicken legs.
Why do you keep on moving? We have the opposite tastes in food.
We won't be fighting over food for the rest of our lives.
I won't be eating with you for the rest of my life.
- Where did you park? - At the tow yard.
Tow yard? Why? I'll give you a ride in my car.
What's wrong with him? Why is he mean to me? The director wants to cancel the meeting today.
- Why? - He's not feeling well.
I've never known him to be sick.
He's always so on top of things.
Did you hear that? The meeting is canceled.
What's wrong with the director? Why are you asking me? You knew? Of course, I knew you were his brother.
Since when? Since you changed your wallpaper to your family picture with your father and him.
No wonder you were being so nice to me.
- It must have been troublesome.
- Yeah, a little.
I mean no.
I have been selfish.
I'm sorry sir.
No, Hee Kyung! Not at all.
The director is out of his office.
- I'll wait for him here.
- Yes sir.
He used to be nice to me once.
He looked grumpy, but he still got me ramen when I asked for it.
He treated my foot when I got a cut.
He stayed with me overnight when I had an appendectomy.
When I was locked in my car because of the reporters He told me to hide only when I have done something wrong.
Then I guess I started depending on him.
I think I started to like him.
So I confessed, then he changed completely.
He's gotten so cold He doesn't even talk back to me.
He treats me like a stock animal.
Why is he doing this to me? Is this green light or not? - Green light! - No! You said he got you ramen.
If he got you food, that means he likes you.
Then he should've said yes when you said you liked him.
Yeah! - I don't think it's a green light.
- It's not? It's not easy for a girl to confess first.
But he changed completely and treated you like a stock animal.
- That means he feels pressure.
- Pressure? No! He could be playing a game.
It's not just anyone.
It's Cheon Song Yi! Right? I'm Cheon Song Yi.
He doesn't want to look easy by saying yes right away.
- I don't think so.
- No? Men usually make it obvious when they like a girl.
Like Hee Kyung for example.
Isn't that normal if he really likes you? But now that he knows how you feel, you don't want to back out now.
Just go tell him.
You're not at the best part of your life, but you're still Cheon Song Yi.
Yes, I'm Cheon Song Yi.
What are you doing? - Are you going somewhere? - Fishing.
Where are you going? Is it far? Can I come with you? I like fishing too.
I used to go with my dad often.
- No.
- I need to tell you something.
This is awkward for me to say this.
I was once voted number one as the person men want to marry the most.
Yeah my career took a small plunge.
But I was once number one, and I will be number one again.
And I said something to you.
You know what I said.
But you didn't give me an answer.
Not only are you not giving me an answer, you're completely ignoring me.
Unbelievable! How could you do this to me? I just don't understand.
You want to get out? - But we're on a freeway.
- Exactly.
Okay, I will talk later.
This place is really nice! There's no one.
It's really nice! How did you know about this place? Do you come here often? It's so refreshing to come here after staying home all the time! It's good.
I'm good huh? I did figure skating when I was little.
I would have been better than Kim Yuna if I hadn't quit.
Are you making coffee? Mine too.
Did you really come all the way here because you wanted to hear my answer? No.
I just wanted to be with you.
But - I want to hear the answer too.
- Oh yeah? I will give you my answer then.
Because I thought I gave you the answer already.
But since you don't seem to get it, I'll make it clear.
I don't like you.
And when you do this, I dislike you even more.
Then why did you help me? Why were you there for me? Why? Because I pitied you.
Also you said that you were a celebrity.
Frankly, it was cool.
I did it out of curiosity.
You must have thought that I liked you.
I'm sorry.
But I didn't think you'd do this, since you have so much pride.
I wouldn't have acted that way, had I known that.
And? What do you want me to do? Get out of my sight.
But Why do I think that you are lying? Song Yi.
Hee Kyung, how did you know? Get in the car.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Not about that.
I could've only guessed how you felt up until now.
So this is what it feels like to get rejected.
I feel so miserable! It was only hard at first.
It gets better after 15 years.
You did it to me at first in front of the entire school.
It must've been embarrassing.
It was really embarrassing for me when no one was watching.
Of course, it was.
Talking to you makes me feel much better.
You could feel better, then have a sudden attack of sorrow at night.
Watch out for that.
Really? You'll know what it feels like to be kicking air in your bed.
I see.
You could end up calling him at night.
But don't do that.
- Remember how much you hated it? - I do.
- It was f---ing annoying.
- F---ing annoying? Sorry.
Don't listen to sad songs.
It's hard to control your feelings when you listen to them.
Which songs did that to you? Can't you love me back Can't you understand my feelings a bit Or you can think about him and live As long as you stay by me What a bitch.
She should've accepted you.
I know right? Had I said yes, you would have dated me for a bit.
And you would have gotten sick of my crap, then learned to like someone else.
But how did you know where I was? Did he call you? Yeah.
At least he didn't want me to go home alone.
That's just sympathy.
Like the one you had for me.
It doesn't mean anything.
What do you like so much about him? I liked you for 15 years.
Why not me, but him? It's not like you've known him for very long.
You're here? I didn't mean to call you out.
'What are you doing? I'm just night fishing alone.
' 'No, you don't need to come.
' You meant to call me out! I am glad that you came.
My wife started nagging me.
I was getting sick of it.
I'm glad that I'm out.
She wasn't like that when we were young.
Her nagging gets worse as she ages.
- Mr.
Jang? - Yes? What does it feel like to Grow old together? I want to grow old together.
You don't look good.
Let's just call it a day.
Yeah, I'm cold.
Why do you feel cold all of the sudden? You were never like that.
You're scaring me.
A long time ago, a man saved me from death.
He told me Can you go back to your home one day? It all depends on the course of the universe.
But there will be a way if I wait.
I don't have any options right now but to wait.
I have witnessed a lot during the last three months of treating you.
I was astonished several times.
Moreover, you have widened my insight in medicine.
However, one thing does worry me.
The body follows the law of yin and yang.
Life cannot exist without corresponding to the law of nature.
The origin of the universe is the same as the origin of life.
Connection leads to health.
Lack of connection leads to sickness.
When your body does not connect with the nature How long do you think your body can last? One day, you will be out of energy.
I just hope that you can return home before your energy depletes.
I believe that I have finally reached the limit he was talking about.
Then you can't stay here any longer even if you wanted to? If I defy the course of nature and stay I will die shortly.
What are you doing? You want to drink, Sweetie? Oh yeah, you are still in high school.
Don't drink too much.
You can't even drink much.
Yes ma'am.
Are you going to school? Yeah, I'm a senior.
I have to study.
I never thought I'd hear you say that.
After watching you last night, I felt the sudden need to study.
I thought that I shouldn't take my life for granted.
What about me? Hey! What about me? As if I'm shot As if I'm shot Do Min Joon! Doe Mini June! [Manager Do] [12:15 AM] Why aren't you answering? You bought the phone because I told you! Answer the phone! You thought I would give up? I'm going to call you until you answer it! Do Min Joon! [Manager Do] You asshole! Did Myungshimbogam say that you should do this? You deserve to be hit by lightning! Go sit your ass on Beoti Ridge.
Can't you think it over? I'll do better.
Is it the pottery that I broke? I told you that I'll buy one for you.
Let's go to Yicheon together.
What are you doing? Shoes.
My shoes that you stole from me.
You liked them! You even stole them from me.
You can have them.
My shoes with our memories! My shoes with our memories! Mother, did Jae Kyung go to work? Yeah he left.
Why aren't you going to work? I wasn't feeling well.
I took a day off.
Really? I will send egg soup to your room.
- Rest a bit.
- Okay.
[Passport] Thanks about earlier.
For calling me and not letting Song Yi go home alone.
Did you wait all this time to tell me that? And thanks for saving Song Yi 12 years ago.
I told you that it wasn't me.
Song Yi doesn't know that you are him.
But she still likes you a lot.
Do you really not like Song Yi? Or is there another reason? You're so nosy.
The girl that you like, likes me.
And that's what you want to know? If you like her then don't worry about how I feel.
Protect her your way.
And Lee Jae Kyung.
How do you know my brother? My brother asked about you last time.
Yeah, your brother.
Protect Cheon Song Yi from your brother.
What do you mean? I haven't figured you out yet, so I can't tell you anymore.
One-person agency? My future-son-in-law I mean Hee Kyung mentioned it.
Are you really going to make an agency just for Song Yi? Yes, Mrs.
I feel terrible about Song Yi's case.
I want to run the management for Song Yi from now on.
I never thought that you had such a plan on your mind.
Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Allow me to accommodate you.
Of course.
One of them is an owner of a small firm.
He's over 80.
He's in Thailand right now.
The other person is a dancer.
He had a show that day, and he's still outside of Korea.
The last person died two years ago.
Died? His name is Han Seo Jin.
He was a 32-year-old astrophysicist.
He went missing, then he was declared dead.
You said there were only three people in Korea.
None of the three are linked? Are you sure Han Seo Jin is dead? Where is he? Did he go on a date? You are protecting Cheon Song Yi all too well.
I had to find another way.
So what is it? Choose.
Cut! Okay! Thank you! - Aren't you cold? - Are you going to the hospital? No, I have to stop by somewhere.
I'm going to drive my car.
- You can go home.
- Okay.
Se Mi.
I have to cancel what I told you last time.
Cancel what? I said I didn't want to lose you as a friend.
I realized how selfish and ridiculous that is.
What's more important than me not wanting to lose you is For you to be happy.
Pretending to be a friend to a man who can't love you back.
You couldn't be happy like that.
But you're doing that.
I'm not happy.
So I thought that I couldn't make you live the same life.
I won't see you again as a friend either.
Why did she come all of the sudden? I look like crap! Can I come in? This is awkward.
I couldn't even imagine that I'd be awkward with you.
I was awkward in front of you quite often.
You were too obtuse to know.
I see.
Anyway, I changed after I saw you waiting outside.
And I tied my hair again.
I didn't have to do that in the past.
I'm aware of your presence now like you wanted.
Oh yeah? And? Do you want me to say thank you? You're really twisted.
That's not good for you.
As your friend I mean as your ex-friend, let me give you some advice.
You just live your own life.
Don't be twisted because of me.
My life is already twisted because of you.
Why because of me? You You always said since the night you almost died 12 years ago That you wanted to see the man who saved you.
You're so random.
Yeah, I did.
So what? Was that wrong for me to say? Sometimes I think you're really ridiculous.
Stop messing with me and say it! You said that you'd recognize him right away.
You said that if you saw him again you'd recognize him right away! - And? - You were saying that you were waiting for him.
You were saying that you will see him again.
And you made Hee Kyung just linger there for you for that.
- But why couldn't recognize him? - Recognize who? He's right next to you.
Why couldn't you recognize him? Next to me? Where? Who? What are you talking about? And? What do you want me to do? Get out of my sight.
But Why do I think that you are lying?