My Love from the Star (2013) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

Daddy? Where have you been? What took you so long? I'm sorry, my daughter.
What were you doing for 12 years? What were you doing while I grew up all by myself? What took you so long? Why? I'm sorry, my daughter.
What happened? How could you? Why did your face get so old? Huh? What happened? Cheers! You shouldn't be drinking.
Just one sip.
Remember how you always brought fried chicken home on snowy evenings? You said, 'When will you grow old enough to have a beer with me?' - I don't just have a beer.
I binge.
- What did you just say? I'm just saying - I'm a grown up now.
Didn't you miss me while I grew up? Gratefully, you've become famous.
I was really happy that you became famous.
Because I could see you on TV, on the big screen, and in the papers.
How tall you've gotten.
How pretty you've become.
I saw you every day.
What about me? I couldn't see you.
I didn't even know if you were dead or alive.
One of the managers I worked with had a father kept on life support.
He said that it was hard.
But I was even jealous of that.
I wished I had a father to be kept on life support.
I even wished that I had a father like that by my side at least.
Did you not hate me? Don't you know your own daughter? I regret the moment after I angrily turn my back.
On that night, I ran out like that and almost got into an accident.
And on the way back home, I was thinking about telling you that story.
That I had almost got into an accident, but a man had saved me.
But when I got home, you were already gone.
I'm sorry.
Forget it.
Thank you for not running away when I woke up from the surgery.
With that alone, I could forgive you after hating you for 12 years.
By the way, Daddy! Did you get married again? Do I have any half-siblings? Shut up.
What? You stayed alone without even being in a relationship? How about you? You have a boyfriend? - No.
- Really, no? No! I must have gotten it from Mom, because my standards are way too high.
There was no man like you.
Hey, don't say that.
You don't want to be with a man like me! Yeah? You're right.
There was a man that resembled something about you.
Someone always so anxious to leave Something like that.
But it's all over now.
It was just I, who liked him.
What are you thinking? I don't know who he is.
But I bet it's not just you.
I know my own daughter.
I bet he likes you a lot too.
You don't even know.
Life has taught me That it's not easy for someone I like to like me back.
When it does happen, it's nothing short of a miracle.
[February 6, 2014] [Record of the last month on Earth] [My Love From Another Star The Fifteenth Record] Will you stop already? You know there has to be a secret passage somewhere! Maybe it's not the door.
Not the wall either.
Do Do Min Joon? You had to attend to something urgent right? I'm sorry about earlier.
I'm here to finish my testimony.
Okay, keep going.
But it's going to be totally different.
And somewhat unbelievable.
Can we move to somewhere where you can't record? Why? What in the world did we just hear? On the day of the accident, the fact that I went to the cruise is true.
Then what about you being caught on the elevator CCTV at your place at the same time? That's because I can teleport through space.
Are you kidding with the civil servants? - Again.
- Keep going.
The reason I'm telling you this is because I thought I need to be honest with you.
In order for you to believe the rest of my story.
The reason I couldn't reveal the truth is because of my secret that I cannot tell other people.
On the cruise ship, I heard what the culprit was saying.
I could not understand what he was talking about back then.
But later when I thought about it, it all came together.
Who is that man? Director of S&C, Lee Jae Kyung.
Do you have evidence? There was a video inside the USB drive that Han Yoo Ra was carrying.
The original had read-only encryption against copying.
So I took another video of the video.
Does it have the moment of Han Yoo Ra's death or something? No.
But it proves that they were in a relationship.
And that Han Yoo Ra blackmailed Lee Jae Kyung about marrying him.
I want you to investigate based on that video.
If you two believe me I will help you as much as I can for one month.
Can you believe it? Teleportation.
This is driving me nuts.
Are you okay with this? You looked so calm back there.
I don't know what to believe and what to not believe.
But one thing is for sure.
That Do Min Joon is not an ordinary man.
What I can't stand is While my head is saying, 'No, no' My heart is already convinced without even me knowing it.
I believe Do Min Joon, whom I don't know.
I didn't bring these for me.
Why don't you have some? I'm okay.
You can eat them.
Are you waiting for someone? No.
When I came in, you looked pretty disappointed that it was me.
Aren't you waiting for his phone call? Is there anyone who doesn't know that I'm hurt? No.
Not in Korea at least.
It made the headlines in Japan, China, and all the way to Malaysia.
Even a dog in my neighborhood knows that you're hurt.
You still got it.
But if he doesn't go on Internet, he may not know.
Who? The alien? Hey! Hey! You're crazy.
Look at you! Do you really think that he's an alien? No what And you shouldn't act like that.
That's just wrong! What did I do? Hee Kyung is still in a coma after trying to save you.
But you're thinking about someone else.
Don't you think that's wrong? Fool! You would have been on the other side of the river if it weren't for him.
Hee Kyung is in a coma after saving your life.
But that alien or whatever didn't even come after you almost died.
He said that he dislikes you.
He doesn't dislike me, don't you think? He was just saying that.
Men and women speak in different languages.
Women mean a lot of things when they say, 'I dislike you.
' But when a guy says he dislikes you Then he really doesn't like you.
He is disgusted.
Just get over that alien.
And go out with the romantic, Hee Kyung.
That's the answer.
Stop waiting for him.
Who's waiting? I'm not waiting.
I'm going home.
It still hasn't gotten better? I heard the surgery was a success.
Don't worry, he will get better soon.
You know I could have died if it weren't for Hee Kyung.
I heard.
Oh yeah did a detective visit you? Yeah.
Actually, a detective came and kept asking questions.
The detective thought that someone else was Yoo Ra's boyfriend.
So I told him.
That you were Yoo Ra's boyfriend.
I know.
Did I put you in a bad spot? There must've been a misunderstanding.
Han Yoo Ra and I were not what you think.
I don't want to foul-mouth someone who is no longer with us.
Yes, I understand.
I just believed what I saw.
I guess I said something stupid then.
Have you told anyone else about that other than the detective? - Not except Hee Kyung.
- Oh.
Yeah? [Cheon Song Yi's dark knight is a chaebol, an heir to billions!] Did you read this? A man caught and saved Cheon Song Yi when she fell.
He's a chaebol.
Oh my God! He has money and height.
She's so lucky! She fell, but the man who caught her is a hot tycoon heir? It's just I couldn't reach Mr.
Lee Jae Kyung.
I think I have to cancel that contract.
My daughter is getting discharged tomorrow.
But signing the contract without her consent bothers me.
- Did you give him my message? - Yes ma'am.
But he refused.
Refused why? I will give back the signing bonus.
Please read the contract.
The termination penalty is three times the signing bonus.
We know each other personally! Three times? I need to talk to Mr.
Lee Jae Kyung personally.
Where is he Let me call you back.
I'm sorry, but did you just say Mr.
Lee Jae Kyung? Yes, Mr.
Do Min Joon.
I said Mr.
Lee Jae Kyung.
Why? Did you not hear? Song Yi signed the management contract with Mr.
Lee from S&C.
They got us the best van, manager, and everything else.
- Did Cheon Song Yi agree to this? - Hmm? Not yet That's not the problem.
I always wanted to ask you this question.
- What makes you so haughty? - Sorry? Do you have a problem with your vision? My daughter is Cheon Song Yi! You dared to reject her? Who the hell do you think you are? Excuse you and your rudeness.
- Who the hell what? - Who are you? I'm Min Joon's father.
What? - Umm - My daughter is Cheon Song Yi! The goddess of Korea, wanted by all men! She was voted number one on the poll, 'Who do you want to date the most?' That's all in the past.
My son went to Harvard! His looks? As you can see, he doesn't lose in that.
- Father - You know how I raised him? Who cares if he went to Harvard? He has no sense of responsibility.
If he decided to be her manager, then he should stick with his decision.
He quit mid-way! Oh the manager? Min Joon never wanted to do it.
Your daughter kept begging him, so he just helped her for a sec.
Mmm-kay? - Can you stop? - Stop what, you fool? Look what happened? Didn't I tell you? You have a job and you have money! Why be Cheon Song Yi's manager? Oh my! I can't believe what I'm hearing.
There's a line of men, who want to be her manager.
Then pick one of them! Let's go.
We're not sorry! Song Yi got a contract with S&C.
She will get engaged with Hee Kyung.
Gosh What are you doing standing around? Get moving! Mr.
Oh I'm sorry.
I just got really into it.
Are you still angry about earlier? I didn't meant to do it.
The way she was talking was just despicable.
Huh? What are you thinking about? Oh, just About Cheon Song Yi's contract with S&C? That too.
About Cheon Song Yi getting engaged? She doesn't like him.
You said that she likes him as a friend.
As a friend! Friends and men are not the same.
Men and women can't be friends.
That's all in the past.
People nowadays are not like that.
Men and women can be friends and be cool about it.
Maybe before Cheon Song Yi's accident.
But he saved her from death.
Her feelings are bound to change.
What about me? Haven't I saved her? I saved her more than once! Maybe that's why she had feelings for you, sir.
But now that he saved her She Do girls like a guy for saving them? Then the police officers and firefighters must be loved by everyone! - Why are you getting angry? - I'm not angry! You're just not making any sense! Gosh! He always says he's not angry, when he is.
Cheon Song Yi engaged to the tycoon that saved her? Hah! Engaged? Nickname? [Suzy My Darling! Love Big Bang!] Is this where I write the singer I like? [Lee Mi Ja] [Bae Ho is the Best] (Singer from the 60's) Cheon Song Yi is engaged? Sounds like a groundless rumor to me.
In my long life, I've never heard anything so preposterous.
Who is this old man? - How do you know if it's groundless? - Get lost! They should be slapped! Those young'uns just spoke informally! How are you feeling? Contract with S&C? Are you out of your mind? Are you really getting engaged? Have you heard about 'Dust Over Heart?' I miss you.
[I miss you] [New message] [You entered the wrong pattern five times.
Please wait 30 seconds and try again.
] Are you feeling better? Do Min Joon! What did you just do? Nothing? You just came into my hospital room! How did you do that? Can you really teleport? When I'm in a hurry or get stuck in traffic.
I can't believe this.
Huh? That's my phone.
I was just about to check my message! How did you? What were you trying to do with my phone? Nothing in particular.
I'm offended.
Can you leave? - Aren't you going to check your message? - What? You said that you were going to check your message.
None of your business! Can you leave? I thought we were strangers.
We agreed not to [Manager Do -- I miss you] [Delete] Talk to each other.
You think I was joking? What the heck? There was nothing.
None? Why do you care? It's my business! Leave! I heard you signed with S&C.
Your mother told me.
Yeah, I did! So what? You're going to cancel it right? - Why would I? - What? There's no reason to! A large corporation is making a management agency just for me! - I'm thankful.
- No, cancel it! - Why do you care? - You said that you weren't going to sign it either That's because How do you know that? I only told Hee Kyung at my place.
How do you know? Hee Kyung wouldn't tell you.
No way You can eavesdrop on other people? I don't always listen.
Did I just look back on the kiss? What? Never? Never? You've never liked me? Asshole! How do I get back at him? If you bother him, then I'm just going to move in with him.
How much did he exactly hear? Do you Showers and like Bathroom? Are you a pervert? What are you thinking? I don't just listen to anything.
I only hear it sometimes when I concentrate.
Or I wouldn't be able to handle it.
Do you peek too? I would never! I'm not like that.
How would I know? You're an alien.
How do I know what you're looking at? I said no! Get out! Get out you perv-alien.
I have never been insulted this badly in my life.
I'm not a pervert! You said that it's about time he woke up.
Why isn't he waking up? The MRI showed damage to his brain stem.
Seeing that he is still in a comatose state I suspect diffuse axonal injury from cephalic trauma.
Just tell me when he's going to be okay.
Since he was young and healthy My guess is that he will wake up in a few days without stress disorder.
But when he passes that period, it can get serious.
It looks optimistic for now.
So please stop worrying.
And let his body heal, sir.
- You should go.
- Take care of him.
What? I heard you made a contract with Cheon Song Yi.
Yes, I did.
I'll be managing every detail of Cheon Song Yi's schedule.
But don't worry.
I will not get rid of her, because of you.
What? Did you come to tell me that? What do you think will happen if I told the world about you? This accident put not only Cheon Song Yi but your brother in danger.
Tell them.
But you're someone the world cannot accept.
If my identity is revealed, so will yours.
Which one would be more shocking? You're scarier than a serial killer to the people.
A monster.
How many were there? Cheon Song Yi, Han Yoo Ra How many people have you killed or tried to kill? Why take the risk? You already have so much.
Do Min Joon.
Listen carefully.
There are many people in the world.
But only few are needed.
The rest are unnecessary.
Like pests.
And sometimes, one of those pests gets on my nerve.
Then the right thing to do is to eliminate them.
Only then we can evolve.
That's not evil.
It's for the common good.
And in my perspective, you are much needed.
Only if you change your mind Then everyone can be happy.
You will lend me your power.
And I will have your back.
Then we're invincible.
Of course, Cheon Song Yi, the person you want to protect so much will be safe.
How is that? I will think about it.
Under the condition that you won't touch anyone.
I understand that you lack faith in me for now.
Think about it.
Because I will honor my word this time.
She will get engaged with Hee Kyung! Wake up! Wake up! Let me sleep just a bit longer.
Wake up! Sweetheart! I got the bell pepper and olive oil.
Good job! What are you doing, Sweetheart? I'm making an omelette.
But it's burnt.
I like my eggs burnt.
Really? That's good.
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it, don't do that.
She says it tickles! She says to stop! Stop it! It tickles! It's so sweet.
Oh yeah? - Bye! - Okay.
I'm going to miss you.
I got you fried chicken and beer! She won't have a problem with her daily life.
But you've received surgery for organ damage.
There's a risk for bleeding and secondary infections.
You also had pulmonary edema.
Stay away from aerobic exercises that make you breathe hard.
If she experiences fever or have pain in the gut, immediately return to the hospital.
Thank you.
Thank you, doctor.
See? He says no exercising.
And you want to shoot the movie again? It's okay! I just have to be careful.
I need to make a comeback for you to see me on TV, big screen, and in the papers.
Song Yi, if it's for money I've been thinking a lot.
A human can live for what? 100 years max? Most people don't get to live 100 years.
But how much time in that life am I doing something I really want to do? Or the time I eat something I really want to eat? Talking with the people I love? Or the time I speak from my heart? The time I can hold my dad's hand like this? We have a lot to make up compared to other people.
I want to hold onto your hand for a long time.
I'm going to be in acting for a long time because I love it.
I'll have to watch out for the calories.
But I will try to eat all the good food in the world.
I'll just think that I died once when I fell from that wire.
I'm going to spend the rest of the time given wisely.
The director called.
They will use a double for the wire scene.
He asked if you can resume tomorrow.
Are you going to be okay? Where's Yoon Jae by the way? Did he even say hi to you? He keeps on avoiding you.
I need to get going.
Song Yi, I will see you soon.
I will come back.
Come back soon.
Promise? Oh, Song Yi really doesn't like it.
But all of our staff is ready.
But still She said that it's too much.
She did say that But what she's going to do? Everyone is here already.
Hi! I'm Cheon Song Yi's mommy! It's great to work with you.
Leave it to us and go.
We will take care of Cheon Song Yi.
Right? I think it's better without me.
I'll count on you then.
Mom, I said no! Just tell them to leave! Hello? Mom? What the heck? I thought the car was here.
- Get in.
- Oh! Do Min Joon, my next door neighbor! Why thank you, but someone is picking me up.
That someone left.
What? Why? I told them to go.
- Did you confirm it? - Yes.
He said that the termination fee was transferred.
You can go now.
The contract between S&C and Cheon Song Yi has been terminated.
I already sent the documents over.
- But still - I'm Cheon Song Yi's legal representative.
You cannot escort an actress who is no longer under your contract.
If you keep on doing this, I can claim a court order to have you stay away.
How did you send them? Why do you care? I said no! I'm going to count to three! Let go! One! Two! Three! Three and a half! Let me hear the reason.
Why are you doing this to me? You said that you needed a manager.
I'll be your manager.
My Manger From Another Star? What do I pay you with? Meteorites? Solar power? - Stop messing around.
- Mess what? Mr.
Do Min Joon! Haven't you noticed me speaking formally to keep a distance from you? I don't think we're close enough for you to speak informally.
Speak formally to me from now on.
Do you even know how much older I am? Why do you want to be my manager all of a sudden? Interested because I'm a celebrity? Bored because your winter classes ended? Or do you want to see if there's any connection with that girl in the past? Whatever suits you.
Don't follow me.
It's uncomfortable.
Come when you're done.
I'll be waiting.
No, Do Min Joon.
Don't wait.
- Cheon Song Yi, I - Do Min Joon.
We are nobodies to each other.
You said so yourself.
There is nothing between us.
You said that you dislike me.
Then act like it.
Let's go.
- Wait.
- Okay.
Are you feeling better? Yeah.
I heard that Hee Kyung is not awake yet.
He will wake up soon.
The doctor said that.
What? Should I have gotten hurt so badly that I wouldn't get up? Are you unhappy because I'm here? I'm tired.
So can you let me go? A few days before the accident Hee Kyung said to me That he doesn't want to see me even as a friend.
He said that he won't see me.
He said that he doesn't want to make me unhappy.
Because He is unhappy from liking you.
Can you understand why I hate you? How could you understand? Hee Kyung may be a good friend to you.
To me he was The one thing I wanted even if I had to lose everything.
And that one person was only looking at you.
What could I have done? In your eyes, when you had everything without even a chance to be jealous I may have looked like I lived in a nasty slum hole because I hated and coveted things behind your back.
But I Cheon Song Yi When Hee Kyung jumped to catch you from the fall I had prayed that I died instead of him.
I'm sure Hee Kyung felt the same.
That's why he jumped.
And that made me finally give up.
So Cheon Song Yi.
Let me ask you for a favor.
Can't you embrace Hee Kyung? - Yoo Se Mi.
- Hee Kyung is unhappy because he can't have you.
But you won't be unhappy just from staying with Hee Kyung.
He will love and cherish you for the rest of your life.
Can't one of us be happy at least? - Director Lee.
- Long time no see.
May I have a word? There are too many people watching.
You're only a witness, so by the book we should have sent a formal notice.
So thank you for your cooperation.
You're welcome.
Let's get started.
What do you want to know? What? Why was Jae Kyung called in? Did it have to do with his ex-wife? Call our connections in the prosecution service.
Look into it and make sure the press doesn't find out.
If it weren't for Hee Kyung, I could have died.
Yes, I heard.
Have you told anyone about that other than the detective? No, except for Hee Kyung.
Yeah? I thought you were in a coma.
What if I tell the world about your identity? What do you think will happen? Not only did you put Cheon Song Yi in danger, you also put your brother in danger.
Tell them! But the world cannot accept you.
If my identity is revealed, so will yours.
Which one will be more shocking? You're scarier than a killer to the people.
A monster.
How many were there? Cheon Song Yi, Han Yoo Ra How many people have you killed or tried to kill? Okay we're starting! Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! I'm Cheon Song Yi.
When do I go? The earlier scenes are taking longer.
You will have to wait for a while.
Then you should've told me! What? It would have been better if you told me.
But everyone was so busy.
You should wait inside.
It will take a couple of hours.
A couple of hours? Good! I love waiting in the cold weather to shoot one scene.
This is the first time it happened to me.
It's quite refreshing.
Cut! Okay, that's good.
Director, Scene 28 is a day scene.
We can't shoot it now, because it's dark.
Is that Cheon Song Yi's? Tell her that it's postponed.
- Good work, Director.
- Se Mi! I liked the emotions you could show us today.
Is it from dating? I'm not dating.
The scene tomorrow is - Okay we're done for the day! - Thank you! Kid! Tell Cheon Song Yi that her scene got canceled.
What's the schedule for tomorrow? Tomorrow? Good work.
What the heck? It's cold.
Hello? Excuse me? No one's here? Hello? Did everyone just leave me here? Really? But I'm Cheon Song Yi! Unbelievable! I told you to leave.
- I said I'd wait.
- Why? Why wait for me? I have to| I have to protect you.
Protect what? I'm too stupid to understand without specifics.
Tell me so that I can understand why you're doing this.
Are you a player? Or are you having fun confusing me? After this you're going to say that you're sorry that you confused me.
That I look like your ex or whatever.
You made a fool out of me.
You said you never liked me once! You never liked me or had your heart flutter for me Or wholeheartedly worry about me.
You said that you never pictured the future with me.
You said that I was a replacement for her! Just in case you didn't get this, let me make this clear.
Now I dislike you too.
I dislike you even more because you do this.
So get out of my sight, I mean my life.
Also Know how selfish you are.
What are you doing? It's the most selfish thing I can do to you.
It must be broken.
Are you Cheon Song Yi's father? And you are? Cheon Song Yi missed you a lot.
If you are there for her when she wakes up, she will like it a lot.
Are you a close friend? I I like her a lot.