My Love from the Star (2013) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

Do Min Joon! Do Min Joon! Do Min Joon! Do Min Joon! Do Min Joon! Why are you calling for me? Where were you? I went out to get some fresh air.
You scared me.
I thought you left.
Where would I go? I just have a feeling that you will go away.
I won't go.
I won't leave you.
I'm going to stay.
What do you mean? I'm not leaving.
Not in a month or two months later.
So don't get anxious.
Is it okay for you to not go? It's fine.
Is it really okay? What's wrong? - Let's go.
- Go where? A place surrounded by walls with a rooftop.
Dark somewhere no can see us.
A place where you and I can be alone.
What? You heard me talking to Yoon Jae? You could have told me that we had guests.
I didn't think that you'd come if I told you.
Long time no see.
It's been seven years.
It's been seven years since you've locked me away.
What? Yang Min Joo was imprisoned in a mental institution for seven years.
Oh I see.
And you sir, are here as a suspect for the false imprisonment of Yang Min Joo.
I am? Why me? Don't you think this is all one sided? Based on a testimony of someone who is not well.
I'm fine! I'm not crazy! I thought you were doing well studying abroad.
You wanted to leave, so I let you go, remember? You must have been shocked too.
There must be a misunderstanding.
This has nothing to do with me.
Tell me the truth.
What truth? I'm sorry.
I have plans.
If you still need to investigate, you can talk to my lawyer.
- What are you doing? - You really have nothing to say? - What? - About your wife.
About Han Yoo Ra, and About our eldest brother.
You have you lost your mind? What would I have to say about those people? This was my last chance.
The last chance I had given you before giving up on you.
- What? - I liked you.
And I respected you.
So I wanted to give you a chance.
A chance to give an excuse at least.
I tried to understand.
But now I've given up On you, Brother.
And I will also give up on calling you as my brother.
You are No longer my brother.
Is this the only room? Who says? There's another room.
You said that that room was cold.
I can't sleep in the cold.
Then should I go? Why bother? We have no choice.
We are out of options here.
Just sleep here.
I don't know if we're out of options.
But I'm warning you.
No kissing.
No okay? Yeah, my dream was to be a nurse.
But I'm sick of caring for your sickness.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I was never going to do it anyway.
Don't be so sure about the future.
I'm not being sure.
I just won't do it.
It was never on my mind.
Oh yeah? Then can I be in the bed with you without worrying? - What's with your face? - Face? - Why are you blushing? - I am? - Why are your ears red? - What? It's because I'm hot.
Hot? I don't know if it's hot.
Okay, let's say that you're hot.
- I'm going to lie down then.
- Huh? Aren't you going to sleep? I am.
That wasn't a dream, was it? When I slept on your arms on the cruise.
I don't know.
You kissed me right? You kissed me! So we had our first kiss that night.
I'm sleepy.
Turn the lights off.
Dating an alien has its perks.
What the heck? You can't turn the lights off with your super powers? I'm not at my best condition right now.
Okay, come here.
You're so aggressive for a girl.
Is this how you normally act? - Do it again.
- Do what? That just now.
What just now? You don't have shame as a girl to Yeah, that's so cute.
Do it again.
Do it again.
- You do it again! - Okay, okay! I will stop.
What kind of a girl Where did he go? He's not even answering his phone.
Infinite time passed me.
But I had no time left in me.
I finally understand that the length of time is not important.
What is important is the person I share the time with.
I'm only going to share the remaining time I have with her.
[My Love From Another Star The Eighteenth Record] Wake up.
Let's have breakfast.
- Lift me up.
- What? You know.
Lift me up like you did at the outdoor set.
So that I'll be in the bathroom when I open my eyes.
Stop acting like a kid and wake up.
At the time, I panicked and didn't know what was going on.
But now that I think about it, it's so cool and fun.
Do it for me again.
Can't you? Well of course I could.
Then do it.
Are you doing it? - How much do you weigh? - Why does that matter? You could do it last time.
I'm going up! Up! That's it? No more? Your face says that it doesn't work.
It's because I just woke up.
I feel bad for asking.
I will just walk out on my own.
Don't worry about it.
Go sit down.
I will bring it to you.
You don't need help? - It's almost done.
- No, not that.
About your powers not working.
Well it did work.
It was too short, and you looked tired doing it.
You want to take tonic? Are you compatible with deer antlers? Will herbal medicine be better? I told you.
I had just woken up.
And I was tired from last night.
You didn't even do anything last night.
I mean what did you do? You couldn't even turn off the lights.
There will be more instances where we need your strength in the future.
What should I do? This topic is rather discomforting.
No! No! Don't be discouraged! It can go well, but it also can't.
Maybe you were just nervous.
It can happen.
Don't be discouraged, Do Min Joon.
Okay? Go get'em! Cheer up.
I said stop! - Stop it! - But I want to! So is it not working or I was just wondering.
I had fun with it, but it's not working anymore.
Hey! Cheon Song Yi! Where were you last night? Why are you coming home now? - I was working.
- You're lying! I already checked your schedule last night.
You didn't have a scene last night.
Manager Do, you tell me.
You must have known her schedule.
Did you two Did you go on a vacation somewhere? You know I Talk to me.
I asked him to go.
It's not important who asked.
It's important that you went.
You did go! I don't know if this is because you went to Harvard and stayed in America.
But I raised my daughter conservatively.
How dare you take my daughter on a vacation? I'm sorry.
Sorry? What do you have to be sorry about? Cheon Song Yi? You say it.
Did my son just take you by your wrist? No, I asked him to go.
See? Then tell me, Manager Do.
Are you going to marry my daughter? - What are you talking about? - What? Why can't you answer the question? Did you take her without even having that on your mind? Please take care of your son.
I think this is wrong without having a plan for the future.
I did nothing wrong raising my child.
He never even dated a girl before he met Cheon Song Yi.
It was her that flirted with a naive kid.
He's been behaving differently nowadays.
Song Yi flirted with whom? - Hey! Did you flirt with him? - Yeah.
I kind of did.
They say you need two hands to clap.
It means that the burden does not lie on just one party.
Furthermore, it is my intention to fully understand you for blaming the man.
I owe my apologies.
How old was your son again? So you decided not to go? Yes.
I don't know anymore.
There's nothing I can do.
You want to stay despite the danger of your death.
Well if you think about it, everyone dies.
We all share that fate.
That's how I'm going to put it.
But there's nothing wrong with your body, is there? - I - Yes? Nothing.
I'm fine.
Is it too far? Is it too heavy? Do Min Joon.
Do Min Joon.
Can you hear me? Can you hear what I say? I'm sure you can.
You know it's only been a short while, and I missed you already.
Can't you teleport right in front of me? Huh? Huh? Do Min Joon! Why aren't you answering me back? Are you teasing me? Why aren't you answering me back? Stop it! Stop it, stop it stooopp it.
Do you know how much it excites me to think that you're listening to me? Huh? Aren't you coming? I'm waiting for you.
- Okay, I'm coming right now.
- Really? Hurry up.
What are you doing? I'm waiting for you.
Wait a sec! Okay.
[Cheon Song Yi] Hello? What the heck? Aren't you coming? Oh I don't think I can go.
Why not? You can't even teleport now? It's not that I can't.
Under the circumstances, it's just - Honey, stop! - Crazy bastard! Crazy bastard! Do you know what you have done? Did you know what you were doing? Father.
Jae Kyung imprisoned his wife for seven years.
His wife? Who's his wife? She's a toy I had given him.
I let her in the house because he liked her.
She must have done something to get on his nerves.
That's why he did that.
And you make your own brother be summoned by the prosecution? Don't you know who he is in the world? I did it to figure out who he is.
To know who he is and what he has done.
I had to know for myself.
Get out! The only son I have now is Jae Kyung.
You have no rights as my son as of now.
Get out! Get out! Get out! I will answer all of the questions as his legal representative.
An attorney may only participate given the condition that it does not interfere with the investigation.
But he is only a witness for this case.
A witness? Excuse me.
A victim, who was under false imprisonment for seven years has pointed to Lee Jae Kyung as the plaintiff.
I have the psychiatric medical history for Yang Min Joo.
They are records from 2002 to 2004.
That's when Yang Min Joo and Lee Jae Kyung were married.
I believe her testimony cannot be given credibility given her mental state.
That's from ten years ago.
This is a doctor's note we got yesterday.
Although she shows anxiety from post-traumatic stress her physical and mental states are not deprived.
All of her physical and mental conditions are normal enough for her to give accurate testimony.
Can you see this Mr.
Lee Jae Kyung? Can you see it? According to Yang Min Joo's testimony, she was imprisoned by you for seven years.
Do you admit to that? No.
If she was imprisoned in that hospital, then it's a problem between her and the hospital.
We did homework on that too.
The history of phone calls Yang Min Joo placed to your cellphone from the hospital.
How do you explain this? Oh, I did receive rather weird calls regularly.
But I thought they were prank calls.
I didn't think it was a phone call from my ex-wife from a mental institution.
Is there something wrong with that? You planned with the hospital to We don't have any evidence of that.
There is a problem of making him a suspect solely based on the victim's testimony.
Since there's a disagreement between two testimonies.
I request a cross examination.
- Do you concur? - I do.
But about my ex-wife.
Where is she right now? I can't tell you that right now.
But we can't let a stranger in! You think we will be in danger? Mom! How is she a stranger? She's Jae Kyung's wife.
You went to the wedding too.
You said that she was in the mental hospital.
She's a witness for Yoo Suk's case.
And didn't you hear that she was falsely confined? Whenever it concerns Hee Kyung, you're just Hey! What took you so long? I waited for you.
It's Song Yi's graduation tomorrow.
I need to give her flowers.
You're graduating too.
That's not important.
It's about my girlfriend graduating.
Graduation gift.
What is this? A pen? It's not just a pen.
It's a recording pen.
Let me see that.
Hee Kyung! Congratulations, Brother.
Hee Kyung! Congratulations, Brother.
Whoa! I use it like as a journal.
Take memos with it.
It will come in handy.
You graduated already.
- You're a big boy now.
- Are you coming tomorrow? Of course man! Hee Kyung! Congratulations, Brother.
- Where are you? - Why? Just I thought we'd have breakfast together.
Oh no, I'm outside for something urgent.
You should have told me if you had something urgent.
Are you alone? I'm with a friend.
What friend? - Lee Hee Kyung? - No, there's someone.
I'll call you later.
Okay, then call me when you are coming back home.
What the heck? She said that she wanted to see it.
How do I look? It's different from a professional shoot.
By the way, was this even agreed upon? Because I don't think he is interested.
I feel like you're getting way too ahead by yourself.
It's almost as good as agreed upon.
Like how? He was going to leave for somewhere far away.
But he gave up on that for me.
- Where? - You don't need to know that.
- But does he not have to go? - That's why he said he's not going.
He must have said that he was going because he had to.
Maybe it's because you were weeping and begging him not to go.
You said that it's best you don't see each other if he's leaving anyway.
You didn't do that? Are you not coming back? You're not coming back? What happens if you don't go? Why now? Can't you just stay here with me? - Not really.
- I bet you did.
Make sure with him first.
See if nothing goes wrong if he doesn't go.
You could be ruining someone's life.
Also if you want to try this on, then agree with the man first.
Do it when he says anything about marriage.
I can't help but notice that you have zero dignity.
Hyung! I have something to tell you.
(Hyung = brother) Come in.
I'll get straight to the point.
I like you.
Mom is the problem.
But I will deal with her.
I will write a "good behavior contract" that I won't leave home again.
I think that's going to work.
She may approve then.
Approve what? Your marriage.
Huh? I don't expect much.
I'm a firm believer of the man's character.
And you have the innocence for the love of the stars.
You had me right there.
I know what you're talking about, but But! Promise me as a man to another man.
That you will make my sister happy for the rest of her life.
My sister went through a lot.
Her father left.
Her mom lost her mind.
Mom lost her mind for money and made her go through a lot.
I see.
Just don't let her cry.
In that sense, you have my blessing.
I was wondering why Cheon Song Yi talked without listening.
I guess it runs in your family.
But you need to see someone else.
Yes? There's no valet here? I think he went to the bathroom.
Then you park it.
I'm not very good at driving.
I wouldn't want to scratch your car.
Just do it! Don't make me be mean to you.
You get paid here! Aren't you going to work? You want me to get you fired? What the heck? Sweetie! Is this one of those brake problems? There's no one inside.
Who are you? If you're so bad at driving that you need someone else to park for you Then think about owning a car again.
What? What a load of crap.
Something crappy really happened.
That sucks.
You are the man from the elevator right? Yes.
As you already know, I don't deserve to be her father.
Nevertheless, I have a question.
Are you healthy? Yes.
That's good then.
Life has taught me that money is useless.
Glory means nothing when it's over.
Health is the only thing out there.
As long as you're healthy, you can protect your loved ones.
I didn't know it back then.
After I lost my money and fame I believed that I could no longer protect my loved ones.
I was a fool.
Nevertheless, I should have stayed.
We should have stayed together.
Now that I look back, there is no way I can be granted those lost years again.
No matter what happens in life If you can stay with Song Yi then that's good enough for me.
If you could do something that I could not Have a drink.
How are we going to go home? You can't catch a cold.
- We're home.
- Sober up! We have to walk 30 more minutes.
Why go in there? Hyung! Min Joon Hyung! What's going on? What? When did you get here? Just now.
What happened? He didn't call all day.
What's he doing here? What did you do to him? Did you spit on him? He drank? Gosh.
Move! He is not someone to be treated like that.
- What? - Don't ask.
I won't say anything.
Min Joon! Shh.
Yoon Jae, I Your secret is safe with me.
Yeah, okay.
Can you do me a favor? What do you want? There's a misunderstanding.
I'm not one of those.
How is it? Don't ever make soups again.
By the way, how much is your utility bill? Why? Is it because it's winter? My energy bill was huge this month.
I heard it has changed to a progressive billing system.
I got hit hard.
And this place is leased.
Utilities on top of rent is a lot of money.
Do you need Fast Cash? No, it's not that! We live next door to each other! We eat together and sleep You know.
I think it's a waste to pay double-rent and utilities.
What? Speak Korean.
Forget it.
- You want to go there tonight? - Huh? Where? Namsan Tower.
You said that you wanted to go.
Should we? I will make myself pretty.
You should make yourself gorgeous.
Like I need to try.
She's in my room.
She ate well in the morning.
I keep on asking you to do favors for me.
It's okay.
It was my brother trying to protect his witness.
It has nothing to do with you.
Don't worry about it.
I had always thought that something was wrong when I was married to him.
He was a great man in everyone else's eyes.
But he seemed like he was always hiding something.
Then coincidentally, I found something I should never have found.
I found a voice pen in his late brother's room.
Was something recorded there? Does it have to do with my eldest brother? Jae Kyung doesn't know that it exists.
I stored it somewhere safe away from him.
I should have called the police right away.
It's all my fault.
I was too scared.
Where is it? The pen.
[Pawn Shop] February 23rd, 2002.
Team meeting in the morning.
Hee Kyung's graduation present in the afternoon.
Jae Kyung wants to talk to me in the evening.
We're going out for a drive.
Have some juice.
Jae Kyung told me to give them to you.
I'm going out to see my friends.
Mom and Dad will be late tonight.
Yeah? I'm going out with Jae Kyung too.
No one's going to be home tonight.
Han Kyung, let's go.
Jae Kyung, I'm not feeling well.
Why? I don't know.
I feel like I'm drunk.
You're not getting drunk.
It's a paralysis.
What? Your hands and feet will go numb.
You will have a hard time walking.
You will hyperventilate.
Your tongue will go numb.
Eventually you will fall asleep.
What are you talking about? Then you will be found in the middle of an expressway.
Your death will look like a traffic accident from drinking and driving.
Jae Kyung! I've been wishing that you didn't exist for a long time.
You were just in my way.
Just because I was born after you, Father had never given me a chance.
Spare me.
You want to open the trunk? Huh? Trunk? Okay.
You see the mop there? Can you bring it to me? Can't you do it yourself? You could have used your super power.
Get in.
- Isn't that Cheon Song Yi? - Is that her boyfriend? [Cheon Song Yi Do Min Joon] What the heck? Come here.
This is a must-do for new couples.
It's something only the kids do.
Like this.
Keep it.
Put it here.
How do we unlock it later then? It's there to never be unlocked.
Our relationship is locked here forever so that it will never be unlocked.
It symbolizes eternal bond.
Ka-ching! You're mine now.
We're bonded.
You don't seem happy.
Yeah, I am.
What? I'm Cheon Song Yi.
Aren't you a bit too 'naive'? You're way too passive.
Be aggressive about it.
Oh my.
Oh my! Baby! - I'm touched! - You like it? Yeah! Baby! - It fits perfectly! How is it? - It's pretty.
I love you! Can I help you ma'am? - Do you have cold water? - Yes.
Are you finished? - Not yet.
- Hurry up and let's go.
Is something wrong? No! We locked the lock.
Ate the food.
What could be wrong? Cheon Song Yi.
What? Hello? Okay, I will be right there.
Who is it? There's something urgent.
You should go home first.
Just by myself? Go home.
Not your home.
(Literally 'our') Yours? Your place? Yes, there's something I need to tell you.
Okay then.
- Cheon Song Yi.
- Yes? I'll be right there.
Wait for me.
Okay, I will be waiting.
Hurry back home.
[Last three months on Earth] A new fate has begun.
The asteroid I've been waiting for 400 years.
I can finally return home in three months.
Drunk girl.
Bad drunk habits.
Obnoxious and ignorant.
I hate them.
Such a girl moved next door.
There's someone I don't want to forget.
Right when I have to leave for another planet.
Today I told Cheon Song Yi about my identity to lose her.
Hoping that she'd run away from me in fear.
If I miss this chance to return, I may I may disappear here.
I will end up dying here.
Is it okay if you don't go? It's okay.
Is it really okay? Are you going to meet the parents? Or a job interview? Propose.
Cheon Song Yi.
Dear Song Yi Hey Song Yi.
Hey, you can have it.
This isn't it.
Can you open the trunk? Are you done? - Not yet.
- Hurry up and let's go.
Cheon Song Yi I don't know how long I can live next to you.
So maybe I shouldn't say this right now.
But I will do my best.
So I that I can be with you for a long time.
I don't know how long that's going to be.
But I will do my best to love you.