My Love from the Star (2013) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

The most awesome super power that I have is the ability to stop time.
You can even do that? Of course.
I'm far greater than you imagine.
I have stopped time countless of times and told you in the times that you don't remember.
I love you, Cheon Song Yi.
I felt that if I told you this while time was running then everything will just run out and disappear.
That's why I only said it while the time is stopped.
I love you, Cheon Song Yi.
I love you.
You in the time I know, and you in the time I don't know about.
I love you both.
Ever since then, there is a principle that I have strictly abided by.
'If it's hard to bear when it's lost, then I should never have it in the first place.
' Ultimately I'll be leaving.
And I won't be take anything with me.
Whether it's an object or people, I should not own or love.
That's what I had in mind.
And I abided by that principle well.
But in the last three months Everything fell apart.
Tell me.
When did you first like me? Was it in the elevator when I first met her or when she barged into my home drunk.
Ever since that indefinite time I have liked her.
I wanted to have her.
And I was afraid of losing her.
I'm thinking about what is the best thing I can do for her.
My last test is starting.
Will I be able to overcome this test? [My Love From Another Star The Last Record] I have never seen such a starry night in Seoul.
I guess it's really the best space show in 400 years.
Breaking news: NASA has reported that Comet Deep South went off its course and is coming towards Earth.
Deep South was expected to pass Earth by 350,000 km.
Its orbit seems to have changed due to other planets.
Its distance will only be 40,000 km from the Earth.
There will be lots of meteorites in the sky.
We have a meteor shower warning.
Babe! Look at that! - It was true.
- Wow.
- You want to make a wish? - They are like rocks.
The funniest thing I heard on Earth was people making wishes to meteorites.
So you're not going to make a wish? Did you see that? Look! Look! - Honey look! - Wow, look at that Mom.
- Ye Dam, make a wish.
- Okay.
What the - Did you see that? - Yeah, it's a meteor shower.
Wasn't that one different? It looked like a UFO.
Have you ever seen a UFO? Look at that.
Isn't it so pretty? Cheon Song Yi.
My dear Cheon Song Yi.
Don't wear clothes that show off your skin when it's cold.
You're prettier when you cover up more.
Like I said, no kiss scenes or back-hug scenes.
No passionate melodramas.
Don't get sick.
And don't read haters' comments.
Don't sing and cry alone.
Don't eat alone.
Don't get drunk and go into random houses.
And don't look at the sky at night and wonder if it's this star or that star.
You can't see it from here.
But I'm going to see you every day.
From there.
I will watch this place every day, where you live.
And I will try to come back every day.
I will find a way to stay with you for a long time no matter what.
I will do that.
But If If I If I can't make it back Then forget everything.
How could I? How could I forget? You think I'm really dumb? That's so irresponsible for you to say.
Do Min Joon! Answer me.
Huh? Answer me, Do Min Joon! Are you there? Are you there? It's not yet is it? It's not yet is it? You can't just go right after saying what you want to say.
I didn't even say good bye.
You only said what you wanted to.
Stop kidding me! Come out! Come out please! Please! You think she will accept you? I don't know about Song Yi.
But her mom won't be able to resist this one.
You know how much this bag costs? I'm not worried about Song Yi.
It's her mom who holds grudges.
Was I too mean? A little too much.
No, no! Let's not lose hope.
She will like it.
- Ma'am! - Hi! Oh please don't do that.
Take this first.
They are 2014 SS models.
- President Ahn? - Yes? I had to sell all of my bags because of this financial hardship.
Oh did you? That's even better.
Let me fill up your dressing room.
Have you lost your touch? Why don't you get it? The last three months really shocked me.
They were months of betrayals.
And where were you then? I was home Ma'am! Everyone is feeling sorry for Song Yi.
They are sorry for mistaking her for Han Yoo Ra's death.
The most popular keyword is 'We're sorry, Cheon Song Yi.
' There is no other chance like this.
She needs to make a comeback now.
If she's going to, then she should do it with me, Ahn Dong Min.
Frankly, no one else knows Song Yi as well as I do.
- President Ahn? - Yes? - Yoon Beom? - Yes? I don't need signing bonus or new bags.
Just do something about Song Yi.
Song Yi hasn't been eating for days.
She can't even sleep.
She doesn't even get out of Manager Do's place.
I don't know where he ran away.
I don't see him anymore.
Don't just touch my stuff while I'm gone.
The pottery piece you broke last time It had Sir Heo Gyun's autograph on it.
I told you.
These are not the same as the fake ones you find in Yi Cheon.
[Defendant] Debrief the incident.
On March 5th, 2007, Lee Jae Kyung planned with Dr.
Shin at Haneul Mental Hospital to imprison his ex-wife, Yang Min Joo, for seven years.
When this was uncovered on February 13th, 2014 he abducted and imprisoned her once more.
Also he is the prime suspect for the death of Han Yoo Ra on December 6th, 2013.
He has admitted to his crime to the prosecution.
But now he is denying it.
But based on the fact that his personal secretary Lee Shin has testified for everything the prosecution points to Lee Jae Kyung as the culprit of this case.
Lee Shin has testified against him.
The defendant is likely going to try to destroy the evidence.
He is also a flight risk.
Hence, the prosecution requests an arrest investigation.
Counselor, you may defend.
We have nothing to say.
The validity of the warrant is hereby confirmed.
What is going on, Father? I know that you are disappointed in me.
But everything is going to be cleared.
I have nothing to do with all of this.
First, send Hee Kyung away somewhere far.
- And? - Everything that happened will fall on my secretary.
Contact his parents.
- They are not well off.
- Jae Kyung.
Yes Father? We are going to give back all the assets under your name back to society.
Good job.
- We needed the public sentiment.
- Also I have no intention of doing anything for you.
You will spend the rest of your life in this cold prison.
I pity you.
Father! Aren't you concerned about what would happen to the company when I'm convicted? - The stock price - I plan to retire now.
I'm going to leave everything to professional management.
I don't know what you've heard from Hee Kyung.
But it's not as easy as you may think.
It's the company that you've worked your entire life for.
It was.
For my whole life, I was building a company.
And I didn't know what kind of monster was living in my family.
I didn't know even when that monster ate my son away.
When you were little You made your friend go blind in one eye after having a fight with him.
I shouldn't have covered it up with money.
It's all my fault.
I didn't think you'd do that to Han Kyung.
Did Hee Kyung say that? That I killed my brother? And you believed him? That voice file was been fabricated.
It's Hee Kyung's trick to steal the company! You can't get fooled! First get me out of here.
I will prove everything when I get out.
- Hee Kyung is lying! - Stop it already! It's over.
Why do you think I came in here without contest? You can't do this to me.
I won't accept this.
I have a lot to accomplish.
I'm going to get out.
On my own.
You think I can't? Just don't get in my way, do you understand? Don't do anything.
[I'll be nice.
] [I miss you.
] - Aren't you going to read your text? - What? You said that you were going to check your text.
What? It's not here.
It's not? Chicken and beer are here.
What are you doing in the dark? How did you know that I was here? Your mom called.
What are you doing here? - Let's go home now.
- No.
So where is Do Min Joon, whom you are waiting for? When is he coming back? No why did he leave? I told him! That if he leaves you alone, then I'll take his place.
How could he leave after I told him that? Hee Kyung.
He did everything in his power for me.
What I can't stand right now is that it took me too long to realize that.
I couldn't do anything for him.
I couldn't even say good bye.
He's going to do his best there.
He told me to wait.
I'm sure he's trying over there.
He may end up not coming back.
But I won't forget him.
I won't forget anything.
And I will wait for him.
Then eat something while you wait.
I was asked to do some favors.
Favors? I may be leaving soon.
When Cheon Song Yi is left alone, I'm worried about you the most.
On the other hand You give me the most relief as well.
So let me ask you.
What? Stay with her.
I'm going to do that even if you don't ask me.
Who do you think you are? I'm asking you to stay with her.
Not to take my spot.
That's for me to decide! Just like how you do it your way, I'm going to protect her my way.
Really? - He said that? - Yeah.
So eat.
Your mom is worried.
Oh yeah, I got you some porridge too.
Want some? What? It's back alive.
- What is? - He must have arrived safely.
He must be okay now.
He must not be sick anymore.
What are you talking about? Nothing.
Plants! Don't get sick now.
I will take care of you from now on.
Yes Mrs.
I just dropped Song Yi off.
Yeah she ate her porridge.
Okay, don't worry.
What's that? Isn't this Do Min Joon's? Why do you have it? He gave it to me.
This? To you? Why? Min Joon, why did you call me? Oh.
I have to leave on a journey.
Is it the journey I'm thinking? Do you need a bicycle with a basket in the front? It's not like that.
Anyway, it's going to take a while.
I wanted to ask you for a favor.
Okay ask me.
What is it? Listen to your sister while I'm gone.
Be good to her and do as she says.
That's a bit Even if you ask me The telescope Didn't you say that you wanted it? - You can have them.
- Both of them? Both of them.
I'll die if she tells me to.
Don't give her a hard time.
Protect her next to her.
Thank you.
Can I give you a hug? No, you can't.
What the heck.
He left me in the hands of so many men.
By the way, when does his trip end? Where did he go? Cheon Song Yi's phone is off again.
What the heck? I gave her two weeks for personal leave.
She's back to her old self because people are liking her again.
Should I just fire her? One sec.
- Oh, my head.
- Director.
Huh? - Are you going to fire Song Yi? - Huh? Because you should.
There are articles about people trying to sign with her.
People want her back and the script is now leaning towards her.
Frankly, I didn't like it.
Why don't we just fire Song Yi? The movie will be a blockbuster with me alone.
You think it's going to fail? I didn't mean that I'll fire her.
I just want to.
Can't you get a hold of her? You're friends.
We're not close.
How do you want it? - Short cut.
- Shorter than this? I want to cut my hair and cut away my attachment along.
Man again? Why did you break up this time? I thought I was playing a push-and-pull game with him.
Even though all I did was pulling.
And? - Then my trusted friend - Oh my! I was the one who gave her the advice.
It worked out all thanks to me.
She's a bitch! You don't need to say that.
You cut your hair every time you break up.
That's why it's so short.
Hi! What now? Cut my hair too.
Shave it.
Clean! Hey! You can't! You think anyone can look good with short hair? You need the basics and confidence! Half of your looks is from your hair.
You can't! Hey, is it that funny? It's so funny! 'I'm not buying.
' Do Min Joon! He's so funny.
Do you know how much I cried with the origami cranes? I know exactly how his face must have looked.
Tell me more.
Tell me more about him.
Nothing happened for me to tell you.
That's everything.
Then tell me that story again.
'I'm not buying.
' Cheon Song Yi.
Song Yi, are you crying? Long time no see, Bok Ja.
It's been ten years since I changed my name.
Call me Hae In, please! What's wrong with her? Because of Do Min Joon.
Hey, Cheon Song Yi! The director says that he's going to fire you, if you skip again.
This is your schedule for tomorrow.
Do I have to do this for you? Se Mi! Don't you have any? You've met Do Min Joon too.
Nothing funny happened then? It can be anything.
Just tell me.
Huh? Do Min Joon.
Come to my room.
What are you doing? Nothing.
Are you really Cheon Song Yi? How long will it take? Until it doesn't hurt to talk about him.
How long will it take? Will that day ever come? When it doesn't hurt to think about him? What are you talking about? You're only thinking about him.
You can't stop thinking about him.
It's harder to not think about him.
But at some point, you will realize that you're thinking about him.
Then you think, 'Oh, I was actually thinking about something else until I thought of him.
' That's when it doesn't hurt.
That means you can have other thoughts once in a while.
You sound like an expert at this.
So how long does it take? Are you kidding me? It took me 15 years.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
It must have been hard.
If it really takes that long How am I going to live? Se Mi was right.
Right now it's harder to not think about him than to think about him.
So I went to all the places we went together alone.
I looked back.
And I missed him.
I looked for traces of him.
And I waited for him.
And that day came.
Our 100th day celebration.
Our plan was Namsan Tower.
I think that's when it started.
I thought they were delusions.
But then I felt like I really saw him.
No, I did see him.
I saw Do Min Joon.
But it's just impossible.
Was I going crazy? Me too.
I must be losing it.
You know last time You're all healthy now.
I'm relieved.
- Mr.
- Yes? Sir! I thought it was really weird so I went to the hospital.
He said that it was a dissociative phenomenon from acute stress.
Going somewhere far where we can never see each other again gives as much stress as death.
He must have meant the world to you too.
Mom! What I found was a new asteroid.
What? What I found with Min Joon's telescope.
It was actually a discovery of an asteroid.
What are you talking about? When I first saw it, I wondered what it was.
But then I kept seeing it, when I looked again and again.
So I reported the location, brightness, and cycle of revolution to the academy.
Then I received a temporary number from the IAU.
What? I have no idea what you're talking about.
So is that a good thing? - It's good! - Why? I can name the asteroids I discover! Such as 'Yang Mi Yeon'? No! 'Do Min Joon'.
What? Why name it after that alien or con-man who broke your sister's heart? He's on a journey.
Anyway, I hope I get it.
They said that it takes about three years for them to verify it.
Three years? That's like forever! [Three years later] You are the 21st person to find a new asteroid in Korea.
Your work was verified three years after your discovery.
You can now name the asteroid.
Are you a college student right now? I flunked for three years.
I see.
I heard during the one year process of discovery, observation, and collection of data It requires a lot of professionalism.
It's difficult for ordinary people.
How was it possible for you? My mentor, the person I respect the most helped me a lot.
- Is he the one the asteroid was named after? - Yes, that's right.
He was Do Min Joon, whom I named the asteroid after.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you! - Thank you! You should have stayed at your shop.
Why come here? It looks much better when you have someone to take care of you.
Let's go to next interview.
Yes, this is Manager Hong.
Yes, we're on our way.
Let's go.
My business is running smoothly nowadays.
You just grow up and come to me okay? I don't want to ruin my life.
Stop playing games.
Did you hear? Lee Jae Kyung gave up on his appeal.
Yes, it's weird that S&C isn't doing anything about it.
I know.
He was moved to a protection chamber at his guard's request.
- Why? - He's crying about the people he killed coming back.
When people with antisocial personality disorder have their crime revealed and see no way out they can experience bipolar disorder.
I think that's he's case.
Serves him right.
But Lee Jae Kyung said a while ago.
What? He saw Do Min Joon.
He really lost it.
Look here please.
Hee Kyung! Thank you.
Look at the response already! I have a good feeling about this drama.
- I heard a funny rumor.
- Huh? That your company is investing in half of the production cost.
Oh did you? That's possible.
My company has been investing a lot lately.
Is this a coincidence? Five pieces in a row? Your company always invests in my pieces.
Really? Five pieces in a row? I didn't know because it was really none of my business.
This isn't a coincidence.
It's fate.
Lee! You came to the set.
Yes, I was passing by.
We're so thankful because you're sponsoring so much without asking for much.
Sponsors like you make us want to work harder.
Okay! Thank you! Thank you for sending catering all the time! Thank you! - Thank you! - Thank you! None of your business? Fate? Your insight always makes you pick the best ones.
It's an investment.
Song Yi! Do Min Joon Do Min Joon! Do Min Joon! - Do Min Joon! - Stop, Song Yi.
Do Min Joon! It's okay.
Calm down.
- Hi.
- Yeah! What happened? Why did you cry at the set? Why did you right before the awards ceremony? - Are you okay? - Daddy.
Yes? I miss him.
Song Yi! You can't cry.
- Your makeup - I miss him.
I want to touch him.
I'm dying to be with him.
I told you not to go out with so much skin showing.
- Do Min Joon? - Yeah, it's me.
It's me.
I'm sorry.
I took too long, didn't I? Am I back for good? I don't know how I can explain this.
He was back, but then he soon disappeared.
- Where did he go? - Where is Do Min Joon? - Cheon Song Yi! - Cheon Song Yi! Three years ago, when I left this place.
I was sucked into somewhere.
It's called a wormhole.
After I went back and recovered everything I tried really hard to come back.
I didn't need the long time over there.
I only needed the short time on Earth.
After trying many times, I succeeded for the first time.
I could stay only for five to ten seconds.
That was my first success.
Of course I had to disappear without saying a word.
I was not mistaken or delusional.
On my second success, I had enough time to say a word.
Unfortunately, it wasn't Cheon Song Yi.
It must be all better now.
I'm relieved now.
- Mr.
Jang! - Yes? After that I tried countless times.
And I failed countless times.
I had scared someone unintentionally when I was successful.
Do Min Joon, you! Did you lose everything? Money, family, fame, and your people.
I came to check in on that.
The important thing is that I can stay longer and longer.
Yes, that's what's important.
He's staying for a year and two months this time.
I'm perfectly happy.
'Once there was a rabbit, who found a way back home.
' Is disappearing without a heads-up difficult to bear with? Of course it is.
But it also makes me love him more.
Because every moment that we're together could be our last.
And that makes every moment precious.
I'm home.