My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Goodbye 2021, Hello 1987

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(Episode 1)
In retrospect, it was truly an odd night.
The vehicle is going off course.
Rerouting now.
Recalculating a new path.
Every single thing about that day
went wrong in the most natural way.
And that doesn't happen every day.
The darned weather, the crazy GPS,
and the cell phone.
(Yoon Hae Jun)
And that was when it showed up
in front of me.
Oh, no.
(Seoul M0508)
(Time Traveling System)
(Time Traveling System, Owner's Manual)
In there, the manual explained
how to use the time machine.
The time machine that shows up
in novels or movies.
What's this?
I had been a reporter for seven years.
I had been chasing only facts.
So that was nothing but a fantasy to me.
I had no intention
of taking the lead role
in an absurd fantasy.
But there was one factor I overlooked.
My darn curiosity.
(Time Traveling System, 2021)
(Time Traveling System, 3089)
(Owner's Manual)
(Time Traveling System, 3089)
(Seoul M0508)
Year 3089. You want to know
what I saw in 3098?
That's not the important part.
It's what came after that.
(Time Traveling System, 2021)
(Time Traveling System, 2037)
(Seoul M0508)
What did I see in 2037?
How am I to make sense
of what I saw there?
What did you see there?
I'm not sure.
Anyway, after that incident,
my life started to go off course.
Look at me, yapping about
this ridiculous story to you kids.
I think he's crazy.
on hosting the 1988 Seoul Olympics.)
I feel bad for him.
We should just listen to his story.
Do you have the thing I gave you earlier?
I'll come back and settle the tab later.
Eat as much as you want.
- I'll see you in 15 minutes.
- Okay.
The friendly neighbors made the village
a much better place to live.
More teens are getting addicted
to hallucinogenic drugs.
It went from superglue and butane gas
to vanish and benzol.
They have become
the new drugs to the teens.
Let's hear it from Reporter Lee.
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 1, Somehow in 1987)
I know you worked really hard.
- You took great care of the elders.
- Gosh.
- Goodness.
- I have you to thank.
- Come on.
- Oh, my.
- Let's have a drink.
- Okay.
All right. Everyone.
As you all know,
our village, Woojung-ri, was selected
as a crime-free village
five years in a row.
Gosh, we have clean water.
It's peaceful here.
Isn't this a great place to live?
Don't you agree, everyone?
- Yes!
- Of course!
Let's have a drink, everyone.
Did he win the award?
Seriously. He loves being
the center of attention.
That nuisance.
Come on.
- It's nice to see him so happy.
- As if.
He played the biggest role
in making our village
a great place to live.
And he's respected
by everyone in our village.
- He's our light.
- Gosh.
Let me introduce you
Principal Yoon Byung Gu
and our committee chairman!
- Gosh.
- Go ahead.
- What is this? I told you no.
- No.
- Say something.
- Stop it.
- You ought to say something.
- Right.
Gosh. Thank you.
- Great.
- Nice.
I mean, I didn't do anything.
First things first. I should thank
the good-natured people
in our village first.
I have our children to thank
for growing into such fine people.
That's not true.
You blindly believed each other
when you knew so little about each other.
No wonder you ended up in a tragedy.
What's he talking about?
- What did he say?
- What is that about?
About 30 seconds later,
you will hear screaming
from the hill in the back.
Six delinquent teenagers
will start running
in six different directions.
All of them will be high on superglue.
And the three of them
will be girls from this village.
What on earth is he talking about?
Some kids from our village
got high on superglue?
No way.
A TV reporter got the tip
before the incident.
The reporter is coming here
all the way from Seoul.
- A TV reporter?
- A TV reporter?
The reporter will arrive in five minutes.
So you have
about 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
You must fix this
before the reporter arrives.
Who are you? You don't look like
you're from here.
How dare you interrupt our picnic
and make such absurd accusations?
Kim Hae Kyung, a senior from
Class One at Woojung High School.
My second-eldest daughter
is in that class.
- Lee Eun Ha in the same class.
- My Eun Ha?
My adorable youngest daughter?
Park Yu Ri, also in the same class.
Wait. She's my granddaughter.
Are you sure you want to take this risk?
According to
the Toxic Chemicals Control Act
- What?
- What was that sound?
- Somebody screamed, right?
- Yes. Over there.
Has it been 30 seconds already?
This concerns our children.
Let's believe him.
No. That's not true.
I didn't do anything.
Drink it. The water here is still clean.
By the way, who are you?
Missing your footing
on the cliff over there
and ending your life
at the age of 19 was your fate.
And I just changed your fate.
You are
so handsome!
- What? Hey! You little
- Eun Ha. Gosh.
- Unbelievable. You crazy girl.
- Eun Ha.
- That little brat.
- Gosh.
- Snap out of it.
- You little brat.
- Snap out of it.
- Gosh. Look at that.
- Hey. Unbelievable.
- Let's go!
Go straight. Faster.
- Come on. Hurry.
- Hey.
What are you doing?
- Snap out of it.
- Grandma. Grandpa.
- You What did you do?
- What is this?
- Gosh. What on earth happened?
- What is it?
Come here.
- Come here. Gosh.
- Let's go.
- Come here.
- Stop it.
- He's
- What?
Do you want me to push you?
You're the one who coaxed others
into sniffing superglue.
You may have made yourself
look like you were at risk,
but the others were the ones
who suffered death.
I'm not willing to help a delinquent
who killed two of their friends.
So tell me if that's what you want.
I'll push you.
What's with that jerk?
Get lost, will you?
("Out of 10 Who Sniffed Superglue,
2 Suffered Death")
Hold on.
Let's go check.
Goodness, that scared me.
- Gosh.
- Gosh, they survived.
He saved her.
You think your life is hard
because your mom is different.
What does he know?
Your mom lives for you
even if you're a little different.
So don't ever do something like this
with your friends.
I can't be bothered too.
Even without you,
there are tons of people to save
in this village.
My goodness!
- Hello.
- The hero of Woojung-ri.
You're amazing.
You're the best.
They know whom to send us.
("Woojung-ri Chosen as the Town with
No Crimes for 5 Years in a row")
Goodness. Dad!
You brat. You just recognized him?
The next story is about teen delinquents,
which has become a serious social issue.
There are teenagers who got high
on superglue right here.
Gosh, where on earth are they?
Gosh, pull yourself together!
Gosh, you.
How should we thank you?
It was just a one-time thing.
They're still young,
so you should all embrace them
and lead them well.
That's what adults should do.
It's as if you read my mind.
How did you know all those, though?
The exact timing
of when things would happen.
You were precisely on time.
Tell me about it.
- Sir!
- Wait.
Young Ho, Young Soon.
You dropped this earlier, sir.
I did?
(Teaching Certificate)
- This could've been bad.
- What?
I actually dropped this.
Oh, gosh.
Mr. Yoon Hae Jun?
You were a teacher?
Coincidentally, he's moving
to our village from Seoul.
- What?
- Oh, is that so?
Excuse me for asking this,
but have you found your new post?
No, not yet.
There's a vacancy at the school
I'm running.
- Oh, is that so?
- Yes.
What a coincidence.
I teach Korean language.
Right. Mr. Yoon.
That's how I began my fake life
in that village in 1987.
(Teachers' Office)
- Sir!
- Move!
I'm going first! Sir!
I became a teacher,
which I'd never wanted to become.
And I got myself a house
in a rural village,
which I'd never wanted.
That's how I spent the whole month.
Why must I have done that?
(Seoul, 2021)
The serial murder case of Woojung-ri
that occurred in 1987.
The people you killed 34 years ago
were still alive there.
No. I didn't kill them.
I know.
That's why I went there
to find the real culprit.
That way, both of us can survive.
What on earth are you talking about?
You're being discharged
in the morning, right?
I'll see you in Woojung-ri.
I'll tell you what on earth
I was talking about.
So make sure
to stay alive until tomorrow morning.
("The Culprit of the Woojung-ri
Serial Murder Case Kills Himself")
("The Woojung-ri Serial Murder Case
Culprit to be Released Tomorrow")
Where are you, Yoon Young?
You're on your way, right?
I know it's your day off,
but she's only looking for you.
I'm almost there.
I knew I wouldn't be able to rest.
What is it again?
It's a video this time?
What's it about?
You know that video.
The one you sang really adorably
when you were young.
I was worried because it lagged a lot.
You said it could be converted
into a file for a flash drive.
Okay. I'll do it for you next time.
It's been over a year
since you promised to do that.
It's not like I forgot about it
on purpose.
Are you still busy?
You must be so tired.
Still, you'll come home,
even if it's late, right?
Why must we celebrate
Dad's birthday every time?
You've never even gotten a flower
from him on your birthdays.
He doesn't even come home
on a regular basis.
It'll be just the two of us
even if we prepare a meal for him.
It's because he's busy.
Doing what?
Drinking and scuffling with his friends?
Come on. Don't be like that.
I'll make lots of delicious dishes.
I'll make japchae, your favorite.
Don't go through so much trouble.
I won't be there.
I'll send you more money.
You should buy some new clothes
and get some fresh air.
Stop watching the old videos.
It's frustrating.
I'm hanging up.
So you are asking
why the murderers in my novel
were women only?
I'm not sure.
I guess you don't find it weird
that an old woman like myself
writes a novel.
Just as any man
can commit a murder,
any woman can commit a brutal murder.
I only choose the stories
that I'm more familiar with
to write a novel.
Shall we move on to the next question?
(Author Talks with Writer Ko Mi Sook)
This is your first novel released in 1987,
"Small Door."
It's the only story
where there aren't any murderers.
Here it is. Your favorite novel.
Right. It drove me to this inferno.
It's the novel I love and hate
at the same time.
You wrote this when you were only 19.
Isn't it dull to talk about the past?
Rather than talking about that,
I'd like to
introduce the most important person
in my life right now.
Over there at the back.
Do you see the glowing woman at the back?
She's the editor in charge
I mentioned earlier.
She's also my soulmate.
Most of my success
is thanks to her hard work.
Gosh, I can't believe it.
Who planned this?
I can't even write well these days,
and they made me come
and answer ridiculous questions.
Until when will they
jabber on about the old novel?
There are so many other novels
that have sold over a million copies.
And they're still talking
about my lousy first work!
Come on.
You're belittling your work again.
Don't you know
how many people became fans
because of your first novel?
I'm the first fan of yours.
Without the lines from your novel,
I would be
Hey, do you think
I'm interested in your story?
Shall we go back to the studio?
Let me relieve some stress.
Hello. My daughter.
I'll start the car right away.
How cold she is.
Did I ask you for money?
I just wanted to see her face.
It's not like
I rewatch the video
because I don't have money.
Gosh. That's expensive.
I'm sorry for keeping you waiting
for so long.
- Can we see a size 36?
- Yes, ma'am.
What about the restaurant?
I booked a place right across the street.
You can go as soon as Yi Na gets here.
I sent Professor Park the location.
Did you see the introduction I sent you?
Don't you see the dark circles here?
It was so interesting
that I stayed up all night.
That's good.
It won't be torn to shreds this time.
You hate my sentences.
No, I don't. Why would you say that?
It's received well
only when you review it,
so I can't really complain.
Anyone can edit it.
Of course. It was all written by you.
Let me take them.
This work is going to be a success.
I have a good feeling.
They say good shoes take you
to a good place.
Why are you wearing those shoes, then?
- Move.
- I want a pair.
- What shoes are they?
- Let me see.
- Stop it!
- Please don't push me.
- Don't push me.
- Watch it!
It looks like a flea market.
Why are they making a fuss
over some tacky shoes on sale?
- What's with you?
- Come on.
- Yes, that's size six.
- I'm sorry.
What a pathetic life.
- They're nice.
- Size 6.5, please.
You may be poor,
but you should have some class.
Keep that in mind before you get older.
- Mom.
- Hey.
Yoon Young, how have you been?
What are we eating today? I'm starving.
You haven't eaten since you had to
follow my mom around, right?
Your dad must be waiting. Let's go.
Let's get going first.
We'll talk after lunch.
Yoon Young?
Are you out of your mind?
Aren't you afraid of cars?
You have such bad hearing.
I've been calling your name.
I've been calculating
how much I spent today in my head.
Fine. Don't yell at me.
I wasn't yelling.
This is good. Try these on.
What are they?
Come on. If they don't fit you,
I should exchange them.
Do you want me to put them on you?
No. Later.
- No!
- Yoon Young.
I told you I'd try them later. Get up.
Okay. Fine.
- Done.
- They're perfect, right?
Is it because you're pretty?
The shoes are glowing.
They say good shoes take you
to a good place.
Who believes that? That's silly.
Hey, these are not cheap shoes.
I didn't buy them at the store
where you saw me standing.
I paid the full price
at their brand store.
They're good ones.
That's not what I meant.
Who asked for them?
I told you to buy clothes
for yourself, didn't I?
I don't really go anywhere
to show them off, anyway.
That's exactly why!
So don't dress up like this
- This
- What?
How many times have I told you
to throw this away?
Why do you like
this tacky, ten-year-old scarf?
Just look at the people around you.
Who wears something like this?
Take a look.
I shouldn't have gotten that for you.
Okay. You're hurting my ears.
Stop yelling.
Do I embarrass you that much?
You work with smart, high-class people,
so people like me are a joke to you.
Why would you put it like that?
But you know what?
I wouldn't ignore you
even if you wore filthy shoes
or an old-fashioned scarf.
would never ignore you
whatever you wear or do.
Do you get it?
I won't
I won't hang out with you either.
I hadn't let her leave like that
Could things have taken a different path?
I won't spend time with you either.
- Do you need a bag?
- Yes.
I thought I had enough time
to make up for it.
(Writer Ko Mi Sook)
(May 9, Sunday)
(Power Off)
It's Mom. Have you eaten?
After all, she's my mom.
who is always there waiting for you.
(Wedding Invitation,
Baek Hee Sub and Lee Soon Ae)
Yes, this is she.
But Mom
My mom
It seems like there is a suicide note.
Have I ever
even imagined a world without my mom?
- When I say,
- Mom!
no one in this world
- can answer now.
- No!
(May 9, Writer Ko Mi Sook)
(I'm done with you.)
(You'll have to look for
another publishing company.)
Were you not able
to reach your father yet?
I don't understand why she was here.
This place, Woojung-ri.
I've never heard of it.
It's pretty far from our house too.
We'll have to investigate more.
But you should check this.
I think it was intended for you.
Is that you, Yoon Young?
Your dad caused trouble again.
I can't let this slide this time.
Do you know how many plates
he has broken so far?
Gosh. What?
Come on! Don't throw up on that!
You're unbelievable.
Send me your bank account number
and the amount.
For all the damage he has caused so far.
I'll wire it to you now.
I was worried that you might not come.
No. I was worried that you couldn't come.
I'm glad to see you.
Who on earth are you?
How did you know?
You need to be clear.
Are you asking me how I knew
that you weren't the culprit
from 34 years ago? Or
are you asking me how I knew
that you were going to hang yourself
the night before your release?
I already told you the answer last night.
Do you expect me to believe
your ridiculous story? Really?
You want me to believe
that you were really there?
Come on.
Are you mocking me because
you think I'm out of touch
with the real world
because I've been rotting
in prison for 30 years? You jerk!
Sixteen years.
I was going to work my head off
for 16 years and retire young.
So I could fish and read books
in a quiet village like this.
I wanted to lounge around.
That was my dream.
That was the route I chose.
In 2037 So 16 years from now,
I wanted to check
if my humble dream had come true.
I was going to check that
and come right back.
(Time Traveling System, 2021)
(Time Traveling System, 2037)
I couldn't.
My dream couldn't come true
because I had died too young.
Exactly a year from now,
I will die in the year when I turn 35.
Do you want to know
what my death has to do with you?
That's because
the culprit who kills me
is the real culprit
of the serial murder case
in Woojung-ri in 1987.
What on earth
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(Seoul M0508)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
That was the culprit's signature in 1987.
This was also found
at the scene of my murder.
So obviously, you were
the first guy the police looked for.
But you
had died even before me.
You said that you didn't kill anyone.
And you couldn't live
with the injustice anymore.
The night before your release
So it was yesterday.
You hanged yourself in your cell.
No way.
How did you know that?
It made no sense, right?
How could a dead man kill me?
So I decided to believe
that you were innocent.
You tell me now.
Can I?
Can we find
the real culprit?
We must.
That's why I'm driving off course.
And that's the only way
you and I will have a shot
at a decent life.
(Dear Yoon Young)
Yoon Young.
I'm sorry for making you upset earlier.
I won't
I won't hang out with you either.
After you moved out
I couldn't help but feel
that we were growing apart.
So I probably just wanted to act grumpy.
Ribbit, the frog is singing
The son, the grandson,
and the daughter-in-law
Gather around
They sing all night long,
but no one is listening
Lately, I can't stop thinking
about your childhood.
When you were a kid,
you used to sing that frog song.
I'll play with you forever.
Even when you become
a white-haired granny,
I'll play with you every day.
So you have to play
- Your tiny mouth used to fidget.
- with me. Okay?
Your beautiful hands.
Goodness. Oh, no.
If I ever get to travel back in time,
I want
to go back to that day
and hold them one last time.
Your tiny, beautiful hands.
Yoon Young.
I never forgot it.
If I could,
I would like to play with you
for the rest of my life until
I become a white-haired granny.
With love, Mom.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Yoon Young.
Why didn't you answer the phone
when Mom called?
She called you three times
before she died.
You ignored her calls again, right?
Let's go.
We should leave. Let's go to your mom.
And where exactly could Mom be?
How will we go see her?
- Yoon Young.
- Dad.
Do you know why I tried so hard
to leave home?
It's because I hated
seeing you and Mom together.
That's why.
You always fought when you were together,
and you always left home
whenever you fought.
Then Mom would always wait for you.
I hated seeing that every day.
That's why I ran out.
Even when I knew
that Mom would be left alone.
But Mom told me she missed me.
If she could travel back in time,
she was silly enough to say
she'd come to see me again.
I really want to turn back time, Dad.
If I could go back to the past,
I would go way back.
So that Mom wouldn't have to
love you
or me.
She wouldn't need to live with people
who make her lonely all her life
and fool her.
I'll make her live happily
all her life by herself.
I'll make sure she lives.
But I can't.
It's impossible!
It's tacky!
I'll get you something better.
Let's go to a department store.
Not all good things are expensive.
This one is nice.
It's perfect. I love this.
The color looks good on you.
My daughter is getting me this
with the money she got
from her first part-time job.
With these little hands
Gosh, I can't let her spend it,
but she insists.
It's nothing.
She goes to the college near here.
I came here to take a look
around her campus.
Thanks to my daughter,
I got to visit a college campus.
- It must've been nice.
- Yes.
Who knew this day would come?
(Seoul M0508)
Laying silk in my heart,
standing at the end of your alley
I'll welcome you with beautiful candles
I become a butterfly,
walking the fragrant flower path
(Time Traveling System: 2021 to 1987)
I'll fly and land in your heart
Our words become a song and a poem
I'll sing a song for you
after I lay a carpet in my heart
Do you know how it feels?
My heart with a carpet in it
Laying silk in my heart,
standing at the end of your alley
I'll welcome you with beautiful candles
Come on!
The shoes that my mom bought me
Where did they take me that day?
(Seoul M0508)
(Time Traveling System: 2021 to 1987)
(Celebrating the Hosting
of Seoul Olympics)
- What's wrong?
- Come here.
It doesn't even cost that much.
Come on. You should check it out.
It's such a good bargain.
It's really nice.
(H Teahouse)
(Sun and Moon Record Shop)
(Records, cassette tapes, photo books)
I'm sorry.
Are you all right?
Your forehead is bleeding.
What's with my shoulder?
It's nothing like that.
I'm all right.
Wait. You're not okay.
Your face is pale too.
You should go to the hospital.
It's not because of you.
So you may mind your own business.
Don't take back what you said! All right?
Gosh, did I work out too much?
That was close.
(Baek Hee Sub)
(Moon Night)
(The 3rd Woojung-ri Family Walkathon)
Even if you were to vanish far away
Like the floating wind
Please stop by for a moment
We play the trendiest songs.
There's also a band performance
later at midnight.
I'm sorry, but I'm really tired today.
Can you please just let me pass by?
Did you exchange blows with your friends?
It must've hurt.
There's no better reason to stop by.
You need to relieve your stress.
Why is everyone getting in my way?
Are you interested in that?
I hear the prizes are pretty nice.
You get a Walkman
if you come in third place.
So I'm going to compete
with my younger sibling tomorrow.
That number is a typo, right?
What number? It's tomorrow.
"May 10." A Sunday.
Is it "The 4th" instead of "The 3rd?"
No, not that. The "1987."
It's 2021 right now.
What's wrong with you?
Are you badly hurt?
(May 10, 1987)
(Sobangcha at Club Moon Night!)
(Club Moon Night)
Just go home. I won't keep you any longer.
Is it really 1987 right now?
Don't you know that the 1988
Olympics will be held next year?
A nightclub?
You want to go clubbing?
did you think we'd go
to a playground at this hour?
No, but still.
We're still students.
"We're still students."
Hey, Lee Soon Ae, are you making it
obvious that you're the top student?
We'll be 20 years old soon.
What's so bad about going clubbing
a few months early?
you guys got caught sniffing superglue.
Will you be okay?
That's why
we brought you along.
You better be careful
when talking to my mom this time.
We were
at your house studying all night, okay?
I don't like lying.
Do we really have to take her with us?
Of course.
She needs to be our accomplice
to get our story straight.
She told my mom last time
that we weren't hanging out,
so I was nearly beaten to death.
Do I really need to
die before I can get married to Hae Sung?
But are you going to let her go like that?
Of course not.
We don't want to be stopped
at the entrance.
Gosh. Darn it.
What should I do about this?
What should I do about this?
(Jeon Young Nok)
So you're saying
this year is 1987?
If you're ill, go to the hospital.
Don't act like this
in front of someone else's business.
My gosh.
Stop joking around.
Didn't I already tell you
that I'm not in the mood?
Is this a filming site?
Where exactly are we?
this is Woojung-ri.
And I don't know what you mean
by "filming site."
Forget it.
I can just look it up.
What is that?
(Please check your connection
and try again.)
Is there no service here?
Does the Internet not work here?
- Is there no service?
- What kind of service?
What's wrong with this neighborhood?
Take care. Don't ever come back!
Gosh, I almost dug my own grave.
- It's this, right?
- Yes.
- We look great.
- Let's go.
Darn it.
Watch where you're going.
Okay. I'm sorry.
Ribbit, the frog is singing
The son, the grandson,
and the daughter-in-law
Gather around
They sing all night long,
but no one is listening
I'm sorry. I'll explain everything.
You must already be in a state of shock.
But the situation is worse
than you'd expect.
We have just
arrived in the year, 1987.
And there's no way
to go back.
We're stuck here.
Are you serious?
Don't be too scared.
I'll do whatever it takes
This is real. Goodness.
Excuse me.
You're laughing?
(We thank Kim Hye Eun)
(and Kim Hyeon Mok
for their guest appearances.)
(Time Traveling System: 2021 to 1987)
(My Perfect Stranger)
Is this real?
My mom is alive?
- Mom?
- Please, don't do this.
Are you going to hit me?
Mom, what's wrong? Why would I hit you?
Okay. We will start a crackdown on minors.
What are you punks doing here?
- Get over here.
- She doesn't attend our school.
Yes, you, right there.
Why are you feigning ignorance?
Are you sightseeing?
Why did you go into the club?
He suddenly looked at me
What's your name?
My name is Baek Hee Sub.
Where were you until this hour?
Did you say Woojung-ri was your hometown?
Why there all of a sudden?
I had something I needed to finish.
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