My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

An Overlapped Path

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 7, An Overlapped Path)
(Episode 7)
I might have been wrong
about this from the start.
There were 3 suspects in 1987.
This list came from the police
who failed to catch the culprit.
Trying to find the real culprit
from their suspect list
(Woojung-ri Serial Murder Case Suspects)
I've been going at this all wrong.
(Woojung-ri Serial Murder Case Suspects)
Are you all right?
I told you I could handle it.
except for the fact that
they were suspects,
this is nothing new to me
although I only found out
five minutes ago
and I was still surprised.
By the way,
where did you get these photos?
Even I haven't seen them.
You must have investigated thoroughly.
Gosh, you put
your investigative skills to use.
I have nothing
about Baek Yu Sub.
I have so many files,
but I have nothing on him.
It didn't cross my mind
that he could be a suspect.
What kind of man was he?
Your uncle.
Baek Yu Sub.
I'm not sure.
I thought I knew him well
before I met him at the record shop today.
He was too distant to call family.
But he was too close
to be a stranger to me.
his face looked nothing
like the familiar face
I got sick and tired of.
What are you doing right now, Uncle?
I told you not to enter my room
without my permission.
Why are you doing this to me?
- Stop it. Let go!
- No.
- It's okay.
- She's mean.
("Small Door")
Apologize to me!
Don't yell at him.
We're our family.
He's your family.
You have never considered me and Mom
your family.
Did you think I wouldn't know?
That's why I don't consider you family.
Oh, no. Yoon Young.
I'm not sure
if he's really the man I used to know.
I don't know who he really was.
(Baek Dong Sik)
Then we should find out.
And that's where we'll start.
Gosh. You startled me.
- Gosh.
- Come with me.
I'm going to ask you simple questions.
If you lie to me,
I will have to talk to your uncle
tomorrow morning.
What? That doesn't sound fair.
Whatever happens, my uncle
- cannot
- So answer them truthfully.
Whose cap is that?
This cap?
Gosh. But you barged into my house
in the middle of the night.
Why are you asking me about my cap?
Should we do this tomorrow?
Bring your uncle to school by 8 a.m.
This belongs to my brother.
Why do you ask?
I borrowed it from him last night
and tried it on.
Why did you
go to Woojung Inn's alley last night?
Tell me the truth.
Come on. I explained everything.
I was out for a walk.
If you're not sure,
let me ask you more clearly.
Who made you
change your course
and end up in the alley last night?
You walked away with a man,
but he disappeared.
He made you
come up with a lame lie
like going on a walk.
Who was that?
He asked me to check if the light
in the second-floor room was on.
Who asked you to check that?
I want to hear it from you. Who asked you?
It was all Baek Yu Sub's doing.
He happened to be curious about
the room on the second floor
Lee Ju Young was staying in.
He asked his brother to check that
even when Lee Ju Young
hadn't shown up at Bong Bong Teahouse.
That means he was after Lee Ju Young
from the start.
On top of that,
he ran away when we saw him here.
He was secretly peeking at Lee Ju Young,
who was down there, and he ran.
The owner of the blue hat.
Baek Yu Sub is certainly the real culprit.
You might get dizzy
if you get ahead of yourself.
If Baek Yu Sub is the culprit,
we're going to see him again
tomorrow night
because he needs
to kill the second victim.
Are you sure you can face that?
You don't have to suppress
how you really feel.
It's only natural
for you to be distressed
because he's your family.
It's so horrible
how I have a lot on my mind.
But that's all I can spare for him.
The rest of my mind is filled
with the thought
of saving my mom and you
from that horrendous man.
Are you going to share it
with the whole neighborhood?
A story about your mother and me?
It's just that I was confused.
No one knows Baek Yu Sub
better than me.
The missing information and files.
I'll give you everything you need
from now on.
You don't even know
what you will witness from now on.
Are you sure you can do it?
(Trash can)
No matter who does what,
if it's the truth that I must know,
I will never run from it.
That way, I'll be able to protect my mom.
You're here.
I brought the clothes
you could change into.
What should I do now?
You'll need to find out
who the second victim is.
And who is that?
I'm contestant number two,
Miss Gyeonggi,
Lee Kyung Ae.
Please look kindly upon me.
No way.
You didn't have the slightest idea?
It's the aunt you never had.
I was told
that she died young because she was weak.
Is there anything more
you're keeping from me?
I showed you the second floor.
That means I've told you all.
You have a plan for her too, right?
Do you think it's a coincidence
that I rented a house
across from theirs?
You've had a plan all along?
Based on what I observed for a month,
today will be the most difficult
and trickiest day.
And that's because the person
we need to save is extraordinary.
(Scholastic Aptitude Mock Test)
(Ten dollars)
I found Dad's stash!
I should've thought of this earlier!
Yes! I need to save just a little more.
Save just a little more
Save just a little more
Save just a little more
Save just a little more
Save just a little more
The so-called scoundrel of Woojung-ri.
The craziest girl in this neighborhood.
You shouldn't try to understand
why or what she does logically.
You chose to stay
at a house across from theirs
because you didn't know what she might do.
And the paths the police
figured out then
are no longer trustable.
There are so many things they missed.
And I became more certain of it
after what happened last night.
Oh, dear.
In any case, her last whereabouts
that they found out
are at Bong Bong Teahouse
at 9 p.m. tonight.
It's the same path
as Lee Ju Young's, right?
She must've run into the culprit
after she left the teahouse.
But tonight, it'll be different
because we'll be there for her.
Let's catch the culprit
in earnest this time.
I will make sure we do that.
But what will we do about our school?
Her fever is
as high as 39°C?
Yes. What should I do?
I'm her only guardian.
The school is not the problem now.
Take her to the hospital.
You know the one
at the intersection, right?
Don't worry about the class.
Stay close to her and nurse her.
I guess today is not the day.
I can just stop by the hospital then.
Right. It's on the way.
By the way, do your kids feel better?
Yes. They were well enough
to be discharged,
but I insisted on keeping them
one more day at the hospital.
Good job.
Take this opportunity
to let them eat whatever they want.
Be around them as much as you want to.
- You don't have to do this, sir.
- Come on.
If I don't do this,
I won't be comfortable
when I see my son in a few days.
I was the one
who kept you there that night.
It's not like you did it on purpose.
It's cherry-flavored.
Is Yeon Woo returning to Korea?
Yes. He called me.
He wants to come to see his dad.
It's been three years.
You should be grateful
when they act all cute with you.
Your children don't stay
in your arms forever.
Do you want one?
All right. Thank you.
I'm serious.
Once I become Miss Korea,
I'll get you a mink coat.
I can't believe you're my daughter.
Do you think
anyone can afford a mink coat?
I'm not asking you to buy me one.
- I said I'd get you one.
- Oh, dear.
Mom, if I become Miss Korea
Stop hustling her and just quit drinking.
Miss Korea? My foot.
- Show some respect to your elder.
- That's enough.
Why doesn't anyone believe in me?
They said I had potential for sure.
If you bring up 500 dollars again,
I will tell you off.
You're not involved
with a bad crowd, right?
You don't know these things.
But can you help me out a little?
Are you out of your mind?
We have no money. We're flat broke.
Can I get a tutor for math?
I've been struggling lately.
The college entrance exam is
around the corner too.
I've saved some money,
so I just want a little help
with it
How can you
be so clueless like this?
Soon Ae.
I'll get you a tutor
as soon as we make some extra money.
I'm late.
Have a good day, my baby. Okay?
Mom, I have a few books to buy.
If it's not enough,
let me know, all right?
Don't tell your sisters.
I'm going to go now.
We can't be caught or miss her.
She works at a hair salon, right?
Then will she go to work?
It won't be that ordinary.
She missed work without notice,
and there's no record left
about what she did during that time.
We'll find out if we follow her.
My goodness. Be quiet.
Is she there?
Soon Ae, you did it
on purpose earlier, didn't you?
What did I do?
You don't take my dream seriously.
That's why you swooped in
to talk about yourself.
"Don't waste your money
on her pipe dream."
"Spend it on your smart daughter."
That's what you were saying.
I'm sorry that I interrupted you,
but I didn't know.
I wasn't paying attention to you.
You weren't
Now you'll just openly look down on me?
No. That's not what I meant.
Hey, do you think
you're better than everyone else?
Gosh, that hairpin.
That's the hairpin I told Dad I wanted.
But he got it for you only.
What's the big deal about getting
the highest grade in school?
By the way, there's only so much
you can get
from being on his good side.
Do you think Dad really doesn't have
money to hire a tutor for you?
What are you talking about?
doesn't think of sending you to college.
How do you know?
You're the only one who doesn't know.
Hey, what do you think he wants for us?
He wants us
to marry someone
from a good family at a young age
and live in luxury.
He wants to make Oh Bok study more
and have a great job.
Those two are his only wishes.
You're going in the wrong direction.
Are you going to live like that?
- What?
- I'm not going to live
the way he wants me to.
I can study without a tutor.
If you need money to live your own life,
make use of this.
I've never looked down on you.
Is she telling me to read this
and become smarter?
She's still walking all over me.
(Ten dollars)
Goodness. It's so annoying.
I can go alone.
She would want me
to follow Kyung Ae instead.
I resent my grandpa for the first time.
It was my mom's lifelong wish.
She didn't go to college in the end.
It wouldn't have been so rare back then.
Just because it's common
doesn't mean it's not tragic.
I'm just saying he wouldn't have known.
How he would feel later
about holding his daughter back.
What is she doing now?
Whatever she's doing,
we have to watch
until the culprit shows up.
We can't create any more variables.
How have you been, pretty girl?
I heard you finally got it.
By the way, who are they?
Isn't it obvious?
They're going to prepare
for Miss Korea with you.
She's going to win second place
in South Jeolla Province.
She will win first place in Daegu.
Then she will win third place
in North Gyeongsang Province.
Hey, I paid 500 dollars.
You said I would win 2nd place.
Sorry. You will win second place.
All right.
What about you, pretty lady?
What place do you want to win
in Gyeonggi Province?
Second place.
Second place? No, first place.
All right. Hop in.
Get in now.
Let's go.
(Wanted for Fraud)
Get in.
Why are you stalling?
I don't have time. Get in now.
What do you think is happening?
Was it today? The day she gets scammed?
She gets scammed? What do you mean?
They promised young girls
that they would win Miss Korea
for only 500 dollars.
- Come on.
- I noticed their operation
on my first day here.
Well, even if she got money,
she had to use it
on alcohol and settlement money
after fights.
So she didn't have any money
to get scammed.
But that money
My mom gave the money to her!
There's nothing we can do.
Of course, there's something we can do.
The 500 dollars is enough
for her college tuition.
I bet you came from a rich family.
Were you the only child?
How could you understand that?
You never had to live as a girl.
That's why you're laid-back like this.
What on earth are you saying?
Give it back! No!
Goodness. What's gotten into you
all of a sudden?
We should go to Seoul together now.
I just don't think
I can go through with this.
I have this dumb but smart sister.
I can't stop thinking about her.
Her scholastic aptitude test
will end next year.
So I'll participate then.
I'll do it next year!
Gosh. What are you talking about?
You silly girl.
- Hey.
- No.
What are you doing? Let's go!
- Gosh.
- That jerk!
Gosh, come on. Be quiet.
- Gosh.
- Wait.
- Get Kyung Ae first.
- Okay. Aunt.
- Gosh.
- Where are you going?
Goodness. Get your hands off me.
Give back my money, you jerk.
Hey. You little
Gosh. Oh, no.
- Gosh.
- Goodness.
- It's about Soon Ae.
- Yes?
How do you know her?
I wasn't going to ask because
I didn't want to put you on a spot.
But my curiosity got the best of me.
You just transferred to our school.
Forget it. We're friends.
It's fine as long as we get along well.
Don't you agree?
It's whom you're thinking.
My crush.
The girl I fell for at first
But you know what happened.
I confessed my feelings to her,
and she dumped me hard.
She said she was seeing someone,
so she couldn't accept
my feelings for her.
Gosh. You're so honest.
Thank you for telling me.
What was that?
Gosh, what's going on now?
Come on.
- Hey, should I let you have her?
- What?
- Should I?
- What?
Have whom?
Soon Ae. Should I let you have her?
It was a joke.
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
Why now? Already?
I wasn't supposed to see him here.
If he knows that I'm the guy
who chased him that night,
did Baek Yu Sub get involved now
because of me
or Lee Kyung Ae?
Then was this supposed to happen?
Or is this a new incident?
We're okay. Are you all right?
Thank you.
It must not have been easy
to get involved.
I was just passing by and thought
I had to do something to help.
You were just passing by?
Gosh. What you guys did was amazing.
You should wait here for a bit.
I just called the police.
What on earth is going on?
We were just passing by
and spotted these con artists.
Arrest all of them.
They could have been involved
in a human trafficking operation.
You will score a good one.
Goodness. He must be a detective.
- Let's go.
- Right.
- You're a detective, right?
- Are you a cop?
- Are you a cop?
- Can you help us?
- They took our money!
- Okay.
- Can you help me go back home?
- Please.
- I'm begging you.
- Please.
- My mom is going to kill me!
- Please help me go back home.
- Please.
- Help us.
- My mom will be furious.
- What are we going to do?
- Can you call my mom?
- Please.
- Mom!
- I need to go home.
- She'll kill me if I don't call.
- Darn it.
Did they really disappear together?
Do you remember
what we decided to do
if something were to go wrong?
Yes. I do.
Then be careful.
If This is only hypothetical.
But this must never happen.
But if it doesn't go as we planned
or we end up losing the suspect
Are you okay?
It's nothing. It stops pretty soon.
Was there a night you actually slept
since you got here?
From what I observed, you didn't.
Sleep isn't important.
You said this world
was filled with tragedies.
Why are you going this far?
To you, they are all strangers.
Saving every victim doesn't mean
you will live in the future.
If you only have to find the real culprit,
there must be a simpler and easier way.
I just thought you had other options.
The ground was way too cold.
(March 2022)
By the time I went there
after finding out about my death,
everything had already happened.
It was March.
And I had been murdered
two months earlier.
The only thing I could decide
was the year,
so if I had wanted to run into
the culprit there,
I must've had no choice but to wait
until it became January again.
For the whole ten months.
They say everyone dies,
but it was an awful death.
Just because of a coincidence
of running into a scumbag
at that time and place,
my life ended at once.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
It was too cold
to be abandoned there on the ground.
But I found out
that there were more victims like me,
and that's when I became afraid.
That I wouldn't be able to stop him
even when I knew the truth.
Knowing the truth means
I have the power to change fate.
it's hope that comes
with heavy responsibility.
You should search the places
Baek Yu Sub might be.
What about you?
I'll go to the spots
where the murders actually occurred.
("A Mysterious Murder Case,
Body Found with Hands and Neck Tied")
("Another Body of a Woman Found,"
"A 20-year-old Woman Killed")
(Sun and Moon Record Shop)
And you know
what it means, right?
I'm just hoping that I won't find
the dead body myself.
("A 20-year-old Female College
Student Found Murdered")
("A Student Teacher Found Dead
by the River of a Peaceful Village")
Because it would mean
that it is already too late.
(Woojung General Store)
Do you think it's too late?
We haven't found any traces,
so I believe she isn't dead yet.
Then where and what do you think
she is doing?
We have looked everywhere.
She might be doing something.
If something really didn't happen,
she must be doing something somewhere.
Don't you think we only searched
the places
where a murder could've happened?
The spots where a murder
might've taken place.
If she had been with Baek Yu Sub,
she would have
It can't be.
Then the boundary would be too big.
What time is it?
It's 9:10 p.m.
Bong Bong Teahouse.
That's her last whereabouts,
which the police recorded.
But things have changed already.
- She can't be there
- But she could be.
I know that you became more afraid
because of the variables,
but you never know.
There are problems
that reach the same conclusion
no matter how much you try to change them.
- That's how time works
- That's how time works
Love doesn't know how fast time goes
A feeling hidden like a fog
Love shines like the morning star
- Yesterday
- Yesterday
- Today
- Today
And tomorrow
- Don't block the entrance.
- I always want to
- Hear this from you
- Will you take a seat already?
- Sing with me! I like you
- I like you
- You like me
- You like me
- I like you
- I like you
- You like me
- You like me
It's what I want to say every day
It's a heart-fluttering moment
You said they shouldn't spot us.
Let's take a seat for now.
It's love that only we can exchange
You like me, I like you
Ko Min Soo was
one of the suspects too, right?
He served time for over 30 years
as the real culprit.
But he denied all charges until the end.
That was Ko Min Soo?
Why? How?
There were a few pieces of evidence,
but what decided his verdict
was the witness.
She said she saw him
murder the victim in person.
It was his sister, Ko Mi Sook.
The very Ko Mi Sook?
One of them must be lying.
At least, we'll find out tonight
who is telling the truth.
- Sing another one.
- All right.
I thought she was going to
break up with him.
(Woojung-ri Serial Murder Case Suspects)
I need to go see my mom.
Right now? That's sudden.
Tell me who was lying, okay?
Lee Kyung Ae,
my aunt.
Please take good care of her.
Let's go for the second round!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
This is so great.
- You were great as always.
- Thanks.
Where should we go?
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Why that little
Let's go!
- I have to go.
- See you.
- Good night.
- Bye.
- You're leaving already?
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Bye!
- Good night.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Where are you taking me?
I have something to tell you.
That's where Lee Ju Young last stayed.
Darn it. What was that about?
(Inn Entrance)
(Inn Entrance)
What are you doing?
You said you had something to tell me.
You wanted to break up with me.
I'll break up with you
since that's what you want.
But you have to let me have
what I want too.
Hey, Yoo Bum Ryong!
It's too much of a shame for me
if we just break up
without doing anything.
I invested so much time in you.
Don't you think?
Let me go!
Help! Please help!
I told you. I just want to have
another drink with you.
Hey, just because I sat at your table,
it doesn't mean I became your friend.
I only sat there for a second
because of other people.
I don't associate
with pieces of trash like you.
What a nice way of talking.
If you don't want to hear
any more of it, get lost.
I already feel like crap today.
I was going to leave quietly today.
You hit me first.
Are you okay, Soon Ae?
Hey, forehead. Are you okay?
You punk.
You're not my friend anymore.
Let's go, Soon Ae.
Darn it.
Darn it.
What do I do? I think he's dead.
What now?
He won't die.
Wait. Hey!
I think I broke a bone.
(Lee Kyung Ae, Lee Ju Young)
(Cause of death: Asphyxiation
by cervical compression)
I broke a bone.
You probably can't tie
any strings for the time being.
Can you call my mom for me?
Let's go, Lee Kyung Ae.
Why did you disappear earlier?
- Didn't you hear me tell you
- But
to stay put until the police came?
Are you sure we can just leave
him like that?
He's drunk too.
What if something happens
It's okay.
I'm the only witness.
I'm the only one who saw you push him.
So be careful for the time being.
Don't drink too much alcohol,
and go home early.
He'll probably demand a high price
if you get caught.
You know that, right?
If I cut down on alcohol
and go home early,
how am I supposed to look
at my parents' faces?
It'll be embarrassing
to face my sister too.
I'm 22 years old,
but there's nothing I know how to do.
I'm already so pathetic.
But now, I've even gotten scammed.
I don't deserve to live anymore.
I'm sick of myself. Gosh.
I can't believe this.
Honestly, Miss Korea
was a bit far-fetched.
But from what I've seen so far,
it's somewhat true that you are
the Kim Wan Sun of Woojung-ri.
You dance at the club,
and you're pretty good.
You're also good
at making your friends laugh.
You also have
good fashion sense.
Even if you don't become Miss Korea,
you can appear on TV.
As long as you know what you want to do,
you're still young
if you're 22. It's okay.
Is that
really what you think?
You're not trying to trick me, are you?
You've already lost all your money.
What else can I do?
Darn it. That money.
I was really going to give the money
to Soon Ae to pay for her tuition.
You're not trying to trick me, are you?
Don't you dare use it all up on alcohol.
I secretly took it back from him earlier.
Take it with you.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my. Gosh.
This I can't
Can I give you a peck?
You can't. Go home.
Hey, Lee Soon Ae.
- Do you know what happened today?
- Kyung Ae.
- Kyung Ae.
- I'm sorry, Soon Ae.
I'm sorry about what I said earlier.
- I'm sorry.
- Kyung Ae.
I got mad at you.
(Lee Hyung Man)
Thank you for everything you did today.
I couldn't see the culprit.
I thought I could escape from the fog,
but things got messed up again.
We only have one chance left.
But things have gotten more clear.
So for today, just being able
to watch that scene is enough.
Who are you?
Mr. Yoon.
Yoo Bum Ryong?
She's dead.
She's dead, Mr. Yoon.
She's dead.
It ended up happening.
(My Perfect Stranger)
What happened?
Explain everything you saw and did
from start to finish.
She never left?
The time and place have changed,
but the same person died.
No one has ever died there.
Everything's back to square one,
and this is our end.
She's not even from this village.
Why did she have to die here?
Why do you look so serious?
You're making it obvious.
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