Mystery Road (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Chasing Ghosts

1 Your missing person, Reese Dale, is my boyfriend.
His real name is Simon Lancaster.
You told me you barely knew who Reese was.
Well, you lied to me as well, because you told me that the man who raped me wasn't coming back to this town.
Dad, I could stay here, get a job.
No, you can't do that.
There's actually quite a bit of work around at the minute 'cause the rodeo starts tomorrow.
Plenty of jobs there.
How come you're not out there searching? Unless you know something - about where he really is.
Well! Here we all are.
Mum? Looks like I'm staying around, then.
Mary, don't be like that.
Like what? Shevorne? Shevorne, are you OK? I'm on my way.
Get out of my house! - No! Get out! - Where is he?! I don't know! Let her go! I don't know where he is! You know where he is! Settle down! Settle down! Sit down.
Sit down.
You're crazy.
No wonder he left you, bitch! He loved me.
Sit down! See?! Look at it! It's not Reese.
What? It's not him.
It's not the same guy.
Are you sure? The face, the eyes, the jaw, it's different.
I think you know that.
You're lying.
Did Reese Simon, have any birthmarks? No.
Tattoos? No.
Was he circumcised? No.
I thought it was Georgia.
Wherever he is, you have to let him go.
And for whatever reason it ended you can't change it.
Just forget him? You don't forget what you had.
But if he's gone and for whatever reason then you have to move on.
Hang on.
I took it from Shevorne's.
There's pictures on it.
They might help.
I would want those boys' families to wait like I have and not know.
I just want to be left alone.
I'm doing everything I can to find Reese.
Look, I don't want to get mixed up in any trouble.
I've got Ava to think about.
What sort of trouble? I don't know nothing.
You see, I'm on your side, Shevorne.
But if there's something you know about Reese, stuff he might be involved in, I need to know.
It's nothing.
Girl, you think you've got it bad Hey, where do you want to be in 10 years? I want to be rich have a big house, my girl by my side, take over this joint.
Bro, my house is gonna be way bigger than yours.
In your dreams.
Yeah, your whole.
Pass me the joint.
Where is this? What do you want, babe? It's not her house, not Marley's.
Just a quiet life.
Cattle station? Nuh.
Can you not put the light in my face, please? It's so bright.
Right, this is my song.
Take this, take this.
You have to dance, man.
This is your song.
You think you've got it bad Shake a leg.
Now, do the kangaroo.
I think it's Two Mile.
That's the burnt-out caravan.
Where Larry Dime is.
How you going, Larry? Youse right? Why don't you go and sit down by the fire there? Nah, I'm good.
Or what's left of it.
The same bags Reese and Marley had.
Come in and take a seat, please, Larry.
Sit down there.
I'll take it from here.
So, what's all this, then? I don't know nothing about the drugs.
You don't know much, do you, Larry? Nope.
You don't know why Marley visited you in jail.
You don't know why Marley's missing.
You don't know why we found the drugs here.
Yeah, well, I've been inside for 10 years, so how could I know? You don't know who raped Shevorne.
Yeah, well, it wasn't me.
No, it never is.
So why don't you stop being a smart-arse and tell me what you know? Yeah, I don't know shit.
Guess I'll walk my ass downtown Well, I'm so sick and tired of feeling lonely Come on up from underground Maybe this time I will find my one and only Got an angel on my left Whispering sweet nothings to me Got the devil on my right Says, "Look who's back upon the scene" Sin for a sin A heart for a heart Don't know if I'll stay long Seems like a damn good place to start Singing bye-bada-bye bada-bye-bada-bye.
Where's my son? Look, I'm really busy.
I've got to get to the rodeo, alright? Don't you walk away from me.
You think I'm stupid? Everyone in town's talking about it.
They're saying Reese and my boy are selling drugs.
Did you get them into this? No! Then, what's going on? Nothing.
You lied about my brother, now you're lying about my son.
I'm trying to find the good in you, Shevorne, but I'm flat out finding anything! How many times are you going to destroy my family?! How many?! Jay.
Jay! Can't sleep here.
You been out to Two Mile lately? Where are the drugs? What drugs? I don't know Don't even start.
Sit down! There was a drug stash out at Two Mile that's gone.
Did you take it? No! Why are you doing this? Yeah, good question.
Why are we more interested in finding Reese than you are? We can charge you as an accomplice, drug trafficking.
You'll go to jail.
Shevorne, you'll never get your daughter back.
It wasn't like that.
It was Reese.
He said it was one time only.
One big night, at the rodeo.
Sell the whole lot.
Then what? Then we'd have enough money.
For what? To leave town, forever.
What happened to the drugs? I don't know.
Shevorne I went out, after they went missing, and the drugs were gone too.
Who else knew they were there? Eric.
The backpacker.
Where's Eric? Gone.
Sacked him.
When? Yesterday.
Does it matter? Why didn't you tell me? Why would I? Because Eric's on bail for drug charges.
We're still investigating them.
Yeah, well, I'm the one paying the wages.
We believe the backpackers are in possession of a large amount of ice.
Not much I can do about that.
Where'd they go? Don't know.
Don't care.
So, your brother, he's extremely helpful, isn't he? He's being a pain in the arse.
He didn't know the boys went missing.
He gave them an illegal rifle before they went.
He just sacked our two main suspects.
I don't know how your brother manages to run a multimillion-dollar property.
Do you get giddy at all, Detective, up there on your high moral ground? Your family's squeaky-clean, are they? Hey, stranger! So how's it going with your new boss? She's not my boss.
Still got to work with her.
Yeah, well, she's the one with the problem.
Yeah! YOU'RE her problem.
Do you always do this to people? You push 'em away, then you blame them for it.
Yeah, well, I'm just trying to do my job.
That's a good excuse.
See, I would've thought that getting along with people was a part of your job.
You know, I reckon the reason why you ended up out in that desert all by yourself with them bikies, 'cause you just won't bring anyone with you.
You won't let anyone else in, Jay.
No, the reason why I didn't take any of those cops out there with me from that station is because they're corrupt.
Yeah, right.
So, what? So this senior sergeant bird - she corrupt, is she? Is she a part of this whole, you know, "the world's against Jay" conspiracy, is she? What are you talking about, Mary? Do you really want to be alone? No, I don't.
Nor do I.
Look, I'm just trying to look for a couple of missing kids, Mary.
Yeah, I know.
If you had've stuck to our marriage the way you stick to your job, we would've had a chance.
That's not the reason why we failed.
Yes, it is.
Your daughter didn't come home last night.
Nor did you.
Yeah, well, I was working late.
Really? You were working late? Yeah, right.
Listen, Mary, I really don't need this shit right now, please.
THAT'S why we failed.
That, right there.
Well, hello, slut.
Been hearing a lot about you.
Brayden Cooper? You know him? Piss off, Jaz.
You want to be banned from the pub? We weren't doing anything.
We're mates.
He's coming for you, slut.
What was that all about? Stuff from back home.
I thought I could leave all that shit behind.
Shit always catches up with you.
I think my boyfriend's dead.
My dad'll find him.
He won't stop till he does.
OK? Look at that.
How 'bout these notions They're deep as ocean Calling out my name, screaming out in vain Singing hallelujah You Tyson? Yeah.
How's that wild kid of yours? Under control? Yes.
How can I help you? Just looking for these two people.
Eric Hoffman and Genevieve Leclaire.
He's got a Dutch accent and she's Scottish.
What do you want me to do? I don't want you to do anything.
If you see them dealing drugs, call the station.
Hey You know, it's going to get pretty messy tonight.
Two backpackers, all this mob.
Yeah, I know.
Just do what you can.
"What you can.
" Here you go.
What can I get for you? What have I got to do to get a drink? Crystal.
Hey, Dad.
There's a guy over there from Have you seen the backpackers? No.
Where were you last night? Stayed with some mates.
You been in town for five minutes.
You don't have any mates.
I'm busy.
You stay away Eric and Genevieve, do you hear me? You don't go anywhere near them.
Why? What have they done? It's none of your business.
Look at him go! Hello, Mr Detective.
What are you up to, Genevieve? Just like you - taking in the sights.
Where's your boyfriend? Around.
You feel like having some fun? You wouldn't be trying to sell me some of that fun, would you, Genevieve? Are you in the market? I'm always in the market.
Why don't you show me what you've got? I think you're trying to trap me.
I will get him, Gen.
It doesn't matter whether you go down with him.
Now's your chance to save yourself.
Tell me what you know.
You don't know him.
Yes, I do.
Know a lot of Erics.
And when you go down, they always run.
So why don't you think about it, Genevieve? Wait here.
Hey, Larry.
Larry! What are you doing? Why are you talking to Shevorne? You know you're not allowed to go anywhere near her.
You're going to tell me what's going on right now, or I'm going to bounce you back to jail.
Yeah, I want the truth.
About what? Marley? Larry, you want to do another 10 years? You ask Shevorne.
You ask her.
She's the one hiding stuff, not me.
Good luck, now.
Here he goes! Here he goes! Here he goes! Here he goes! Let me in.
Cuz! Let me in! I just want to see Ava.
I want to see my bub.
Cuz I miss her.
I miss her.
Cuz, you can't come here like this.
I miss her.
You get her next weekend.
Like always.
Please, I just If you're sober.
Goodnight! Let me see her sleeping.
I just want to see Ava.
Give me my daughter.
Hey! I want my daughter! I just want my daughter.
Where you going? Work.
Again? The job's not done yet - I've still got to do the clean-up.
Well, good for you, bub.
Hey, you make sure you get a reference from them.
It'll help you get a job back home.
Mum, can't we just stay here? Here we go.
Mum, we can move here, all of us, as a family.
A family? What, you mean, like, the three of us? 'Cause, he didn't come home last night.
Don't know where he is.
He's always done this, bub, since you were a little tacker.
You and me, we're a family.
He left us.
He had to move to the city to be a detective.
Yeah, that's what he says.
He didn't have to go and be a copper.
There were plenty of jobs he could've got back home, but he chose that.
And he always chooses work over us.
He doesn't.
Bub, come on.
You've gotta get real.
Look, I think it's really good that you're having a nice time with your dad right now, but when this job is over, he's gonna be gone again.
You're gonna be left behind again, bub.
G'day, Crystal.
Saw you at the rodeo.
Your dad around? You want to jump in for a spin? Ta-da-ta-da! Confirm - we have a vehicle meeting that description Godverdomme! The cops, yeah? Roger that.
Just stay calm, yeah? We go back.
Muller? Get out of the car! What you doin'? I'm going for it.
No, stop! No.
No way.
Get out of the car! He's got a gun! Stop! Nee.
Get out of the car! No, Jay! My daughter has nothing to do with any of this.
She's only been in town a few days.
She's managed to get quite involved.
What we need to do is nail these two and they might be able to tell us what happened to Reese and what happened to Marley.
Yeah, fine.
But I still want to talk to Crystal.
OK, let's do it.
Alone, I think.
No, not a chance.
She says she'll only talk to you.
There you go.
Just you, boss.
Ha! Thank you.
Sharma, turn off the speaker.
You know they had about $11,000 in cash and still had drugs in the car? Yeah.
They're good people.
They helped me.
They say anything about selling the drugs? Hang on a minute.
I'm just going to bring you over this side.
The light's a bit kinder.
And this guy, Brayden Do you want to talk me through that attempted kidnapping? His uncle was one of the bikies back home that Dad busted.
No! No! No! Put me down! No! No! Is that Crystal? My God! Hey! Stop! Genevieve! You right? What happens here? Mind your own business.
It's OK.
Listen, dickhead.
Her father's a cop.
You know that, right? So why don't you get back in your car and fuck off back where you come from? Come on, Bray.
You watch yourself.
See you round, Crystal.
You OK, Crystal? Yeah? Let's get out of here? Hey.
You want to come to Darwin? Yeah.
Yeah? Great.
Let's go.
Does your dad know about this? About the kids back home and what it's like for you? No.
Maybe you should tell him.
I can't.
It's hard for him, too.
Being a black cop.
Look, I don't want to be another problem for him.
Crystal you're at a police station.
We just picked you up heading for the border with a couple of drug dealers.
I didn't know about the drugs.
The stuff with Brayden - just please don't tell Dad.
She's not part of it.
I'm letting her go.
What did she say? Well, you'd have Why was she with them, anyway? Well, you you'll have to ask her that yourself.
But if I could just say this - that if you come down on her like a ton of bricks you might not get very far.
The backpackers have lawyered up.
Travis? Yeah.
He's on his way.
They won't talk until he gets here.
I wonder if Genevieve would like a cup of tea.
What do you think? I'm not talking to you.
I'm waiting for the lawyer.
I'll be doing the talking.
So, you're both going to be charged.
No bail this time.
You'll be in jail until the trial.
When will that be? What do you reckon? Six months? At least.
We'll be in jail that whole time? For the amount of money you had on you, for the drugs still in your possession, for evidence of conspiracy to sell at the rodeo.
This is the bit where you call your family in Scotland from Australia and you tell them you're never coming home.
Or you can help us out.
Tell us where the drugs came from.
I'm not talking.
OK, take her back to her cell.
Let's go.
Wait! Wait.
When can I see Eric? You can't.
I mean, not until the trial.
What? In six months? But isn't he here? Can't I just see him once, just for a minute? What do you think? 'Cause you're right - he's just two seconds away.
He's just down that corridor.
He can probably hear us.
What do you need? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? Yeah.
You just want to see him, don't you? Yeah.
I understand that.
Thank you.
You'll just have to give us a bit of information first.
You better run You better run Is that Erroll? Yeah.
Who's this? Are you driving? Yeah.
Just, heading outside of Patterson, mate.
You're talking illegally on a mobile phone while driving? Yeah, get stuffed, Bruce! This isn't Bruce.
Yeah, right.
Look behind you.
And it won't be long But a kingdom will surely come You better run You better run.
What's that, mate? Never seen that.
Someone must've planted that, mate.
Don't do this, mate.
Just take it.
You know how much that's worth? It'd set you up for life, mate.
That's 20.
Piss off - it's less than a kilo.
No, I'm talking 20 years' jail.
Agh! You Fuck! Fuck! Aagh! Fuck! I can't bloody do 20, mate.
I've got Ross River fever, man.
I can't I can't do 20.
I could do five.
Yeah, I just bring it up from the big smoke, mate.
I've got drop-offs all the way through to Darwin, all those little towns.
Who's your drop-off here? Tyson Zein.
You weren't expecting that, were you? Mr Security? Yeah, that's a perfect cover.
How did Reese and Marley become involved? I know them from the cattle station.
Reese - he must've seen Tyson and me talking at the truck stop a couple of times and he cottoned on, so next time I was up there picking up the cattle, he come to me with a proposition - you know, sell to him instead of Tyson.
He's got balls for a kid, I'll say that.
And did you? No, no, no, no.
I mean, he knew enough to get us in trouble, so I just said I'd sell him a couple of bags - you know, separate.
Well, the boys are missing.
What happened? I figured they must've made their money and pissed off out of town.
Well, either that, or Tyson found out what they were up to.
You reckon he'd do something? I'm gonna need everybody's names.
Tyson and all his suppliers from the city.
Mate, I'll give you everyone in Patterson.
But I'm not naming anyone up the chain.
Do you want a deal? Mate, I just want to live.
$100,000 in cash, half a kilo of ice - all from his house.
You were right from the start.
They were ambushed, taken from the ute.
Tyson wanted his drugs back.
If Marley escaped he would've come in by now.
You know, this means they're probably dead.
What have you done with the boys, Tyson? Don't answer that.
You should talk to me.
It's in your best interest.
You know how this works - an early plea can make the difference of 10 years.
I'd like to talk to my client.
Come on.
We'll roll our dice in court.
You've got nothing to link him with the boys.
Can I have a word? Why did you shut him down? He was about to give us something? My client has the right to silence.
And Kerry has the right to bury her son.
If he's dead.
Is he? Well, I don't know.
Neither do you.
You don't know! Do you even care?! Do you even give a shit?! Or have you just become another fuckin' lawyer?! What about if it was your son out there? Well, we'll never know, will we, because we never had one.
Come on.
Emma, look, I'm sorry, but No.
You always said you became a lawyer so you could defend innocent people who couldn't defend themselves.
But what's this? How do you justify Tyson? Everyone deserves representation.
That old cliche.
We've had this argument a thousand times.
Yeah, but this is not theory, Travis.
This is real.
Real people.
People we know.
OK, so what do you want me to do, Emma? Go back out there and advise my client against his best interests because this particular crime is somehow more important then any other? Because you say so? Just throw the oath I made out the window? I don't get to pick and choose who's guilty and who's not.
If he's not guilty, why won't he talk? I'm not saying Tyson Zein is innocent, but it's your job to prove he's a murderer.
And it's my job to make sure you do it right.
And this is why I left you - 'cause of this kind of bullshit.
You walked away because you talk about the truth but you don't like hearing it.
Please, Travis let him tell us where the boys are.
Let Kerry have her son back.
I can't advise him to do that.
Fuck! Here.
Hey, bub we need to talk about Marley.
Where's Tyson? Where's the mongrel? Don't hide him.
I want to see him.
He's already gone, on the prison transport.
You think he's dead.
We don't know for sure.
My son is not dead.
I would feel it in here.
I'm his mother.
I would feel it.
What do you want, Shevorne? I think I know where Marley could be.
"Was"? "Was Reese"? Every time you talk about him it's in past tense.
What's that? As if he's dead.
OK, enough.
Back off.
Leave it alone.
If a body turns up I can't help him.
Or you.
What story are you trying to spin now? She named you in court.
I didn't do it! Something happened here! Somebody got hit by something! Like that road train! Please! I don't know where he is! I don't know where Reese is!