Mystery Road (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

The Truth

1 JAY: So, the water is gone? TONY: It's not gone.
It's just that it fluctuates.
Fluctuates? That's a good word for it.
DOT: That place been a sorry place long before that boy died there.
It was 100 years ago.
They were killed in our name - five people murdered for some water.
MARLEY: I'm scared.
They're outside my mum's house.
SHEVORNE: If you tell them what actually happened out there, then we will both go to jail and I will lose Ava.
We think Tyson followed you out to talk to you about undercutting his drug trade.
Things got out of hand.
It's all bullshit.
So, what are you even looking for? Tyson.
Have to prove that he passed through here the night the boys went missing.
Take a look at this.
Tyson on his way out with three mates.
One of them doesn't come back.
Those three guys are the reason why Marley's not talking to us.
Get down! (GUNSHOT) You OK? Yeah, I'm OK.
Time to start talking! Did Reese tell you who raped Shevorne? No, but I'm going to find out, Uncle.
I promise.
If you don't like sunny days Then I'll make it rain Make a bird sing Any song you wanna hear it sing Fix all your broken things If I was the devil I'll take you down And put you in my house I'll make your mama love me Your sister might wanna touch me But I'll be yours and yours only If I was the devil.
We all good, man? Come on, Reese.
Just tell me who it was.
Dude, I promised her.
You going to have a swing, Marley? Yeah, come on.
Yeah? Come on.
(GROANS) Tell me who it was! Are we good? It's better you don't know anyway, bruz.
Better for who? My uncle's in jail for nothing.
He doesn't even know why she blamed You talked to Larry? I went and saw him.
I told you not to tell anyone.
Why not? Why is it such a big secret? Tell me what Shevorne knows.
We've been over this - I can't.
I'm sorry.
Want to have a joint? (LAUGHS) Whoo! Oh, man! Ho-ho! (LAUGHS) Whoo-hoo! (LAUGHS) Whoo! (GUNSHOT) (BOTH LAUGH) Stop that.
(CAR ENGINE APPROACHES) Who's that? I don't know.
I hope they've got beers.
Oi! You freaked us out a bit there.
Thought you might have been the cops.
(GROANS) (TRIGGER CLICKS) What's going on? I don't know.
Is this about the drugs? Reese! It's not about the drugs.
What? TYSON: Get the gate.
You ready? Yeah.
Let's go.
Oi! Fuck! (MOTORCYCLE ENGINE REVS) (MOTORCYCLE ENGINE REVS) (VAN HORN HONKS) (TYRES SCREECH, CRASHING) Hey! JAY: So, what happened to Reese? I thought he got away.
And where did you go? I just took off.
I ran.
They were looking for me.
A couple of days later I headed back to the road, hitched a ride into town.
And that's when you went to Shevorne's place? I thought Reese would already be there but he wasn't.
So where did Shevorne hide you? At Tipper's.
Where those mad dogs are? So then Shevorne took you back out to the shed? Reese said this wasn't about drugs.
It has to be.
What else could it be? (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Yeah, it's me.
It's OK.
Thanks for coming.
No worries.
Um, this is Mary, Marley.
I want you to stay with her until I sort all this out.
She's family.
Come on.
Now, you stay with her until you hear from me, OK? Yeah, alright.
See you.
(CAR DOORS CLOSE, ENGINE STARTS) LIZ: I tracked down Shevorne.
It was good.
It was what I needed.
I invited her and her aunties to take part in Jonathan's memorial.
They're wonderful women, aren't they? Actually, Liz, there's a problem with that.
Really? It can't happen.
I thought you said it was your property.
So, what's the problem? Detective.
I didn't think it was legal to use these in the creeks anymore.
What, are you going to arrest me? Marley told me why he visited you in jail.
Told me you didn't rape Shevorne.
Yeah, I've been telling people that for years.
I don't think you raped Shevorne either.
Why did Shevorne blame you? I have my theories.
Well, do you want to share those theories? What you gonna do with them? Put things right.
I thought it might have been one of the kids from the footy club.
That's where they hung out.
You know, kids will be kids.
Something might have gone too far.
That's one of my theories.
Let me know if you want to go fishing.
So, Marley confirmed Tyson and three others? Yes.
Can he ID them? No.
So, before Homicide gets here, you've got to bring him back Hey, hang on.
Homicide are coming here? Well, Marley didn't end up at the prison, so what was I supposed to do? They called here.
I'm not bringing him in.
Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
Someone tried to kill him.
Well, this would be the safest place for him, wouldn't it? Well, I don't know where the safest place is anymore.
How did they know that I was out there, Emma? What? Well, it was your idea that I take him.
Oh, come on! Well, maybe somebody in here worded 'em up.
Oh, for Christ's sake! Sharma - I would trust with my life.
And Muller - OK, he's a prick, but he's OUR prick.
We're all on the same side, Jay.
I know you think that, Emma, but you're too close to this town.
There are some things you don't see or maybe you don't want to see.
(LAUGHS) Like what? Well, you didn't know Shevorne was Reese's girlfriend.
Oh, come on! What, am I supposed to know every goddamn relationship in town? And what about your brother selling a worthless property? What are you talking about now? $8 million! If that's not ripping black fellas off, then I don't know what is.
Oh! You do not know what you're talking about.
There's an aquifer under that property.
That's why it's worth 8 million bucks.
The water's all gone, Emma! The aquifer's empty, and your brother knows it.
(SIGHS) So, we know that Tyson was in the car that ambushed the boys.
There were three other men.
We've got to find out who they are.
Maybe we could ask Marley.
Or Jay.
SHARMA: Right.
Well, we know one of them was taken out at the crossroads.
On a bike.
So, where's the body? Where's the bike? And if they were a local, then why didn't anyone report them missing? What's that old cliche? Best place to hide a body is? Is in plain sight.
Is in plain sight.
So, what are you suggesting? Maybe some sort of accident? Spud Jackson.
I'll have a look.
What was the blood type on the road? Uh, AB Positive.
And so what's his? It is the same - AB Positive.
It's the same.
Ooh, that's a bit of a coincidence, eh? Well, it's a start.
Are we good, Mull? Yeah.
Good, boss.
You left early yesterday, didn't you? Did you go to the pub? Talk about work, did you? Talk about the the big case? I don't need this.
Shevorne said Ava's father was just some ringer passing through.
And you believed that? You're on the wrong track.
So, the rape of Shevorne and the identity of Ava's father they're not connected? Listen, if Kerry finds out who the father is, she'll take that kid away from Shevorne.
Just leave it be, eh? (CATTLE LOW, HORSE WHINNIES) Hey.
How's the big case going? Closing in.
We know Tyson was involved in it.
He used to work here.
He knew where the boys would be.
That my fault too? No.
We just We know he wasn't alone.
I just wondered whether you knew who his mates were.
Wouldn't have a clue.
He hasn't worked here for over a year, Em.
How's the water table going, Tony? The water table? Yeah.
The water table's, uh Yeah, it's changed.
A couple of good wets, it'll change back.
Changed? It's dropped.
A lot.
Does Keith know? Not good business to spell out property flaws.
You can't do it.
You can't do it to the community.
It's on the market, Emma.
That's the price.
No, it's not fair.
It's dishonest.
It's business, and we're selling.
I'll never agree to it! Marley's locked up.
What do you want now? I want to know about you and Shevorne.
I know you two had something going on.
What's that got to do with anything? I don't know yet.
Maybe nothing.
Why do you think it was Larry that raped Shevorne? You're dumb for a cop.
Shevorne said it was Larry.
The court said it was Larry.
Who else is it going to be? I don't know.
Who else is hanging round the footy club? Lots of people.
Like who? People.
What do you keep going on about it for? There was one fucking rapist and he was sent to jail.
She was messed up for a while.
We got together about two years after.
No-one knew about me and her.
We kept it quiet, especially from Mum.
She hated Shevorne 'cause she sent Larry to jail.
(DOOR OPENS) (SIGHS) Where's Muller? He'll be back in tomorrow.
You know what he's like.
Any word from Jay? Haven't heard from him.
Why are you still here? Well, someone's got to go down with the captain.
(DOOR CLOSES) (DOOR OPENS) Detective, we've matched the blood on the crossroads to Spud Jackson.
Who's Spud Jackson? Remember the day you arrived? I was recovering a body from a car accident site.
Yeah, well, it looks like they took his body from the road, put him in his own car and pushed it down the hill.
Who's 'they'? That, we still don't know.
I'm trying to ID the white ute from the truck-stop footage.
Emma, can I have a word, please? I need to I've told Homicide we've got Marley back in our custody, so they're dealt with for the time being.
How is he? Yeah, he's safe.
(TUTS) I need to tell you something.
You might want to take a seat.
Marley told me why he went to visit Larry in jail.
Larry Dime - he wasn't the one abusing Shevorne.
Who was? I don't know.
But there's only one person who can tell us for sure.
I think she's the key to the whole thing.
(SIGHS) (KNOCK AT DOOR) SHEVORNE: What do you want? Hello? Hello? What? (SIGHS) Can we have a word? She doesn't look like her father.
What? No wonder no-one picked it.
What are you talking about? Cedric.
He's her father, isn't he? Who told you? You just told us.
Well, you can't tell anybody.
I know what people think about me.
Especially Kerry.
She hates my guts.
If she knew that's her granddaughter, she's going to take her away from me, alright? She's all I have, OK? You can't take her away from me.
Yeah, yeah, it's OK.
It's OK.
We won't.
We won't tell anybody.
OK? Just Do you want to sit down? Shevorne was Larry Dime the person who sexually abused you? It was a long time ago.
What does it matter now? Oh, it matters.
Larry spent 10 years inside.
10 years.
I charged him because you named him.
Listen, if it wasn't Larry Dime, then who was it? If your attacker is still out there, we have to know who he is.
I can't tell you.
We can protect you.
You can't protect me.
You couldn't protect me then.
You can't protect me now.
Well, why didn't you come and tell me? Why didn't you come to me then? I couldn't, alright? Why not? Because you don't understand! Well, then help me! Help me understand.
Who was it? I can't say.
Why not? Because he runs this town.
Keith? Keith Groves raped you? Yes.
He made me say it was Larry.
(SIGHS) KEITH: Afternoon.
How are you? How are you going? Hello.
(SIGHS) Larry Dime.
Keithy Groves.
What do you know? Don't get too comfortable, Larry.
Comfort breeds contempt.
Them coppers know I'm an innocent man.
You know another thing, bruz? I'm thinking about running for council again.
Stay out of trouble, Larry.
Don't worry about that.
That's my middle name - Larry 'Stay Out Of Trouble' Dime.
You have a good day, Keithy.
We're going to need you to make a statement.
If I say something, I'm gone.
The last person I told is dead.
You told Reese? Yeah.
He got wild.
He reckoned he was going to take care of it.
Pay Tyson to touch him up or something.
I just thought he I just thought he was talking shit, you know? But then I saw all that, and then Marley went missing and Like, if I'd just kept my mouth shut, if I just fucking kept my mouth shut, like Keith told me to, "Just keep your mouth shut," then this would have never happened.
This Reese wouldn't be dead.
He would be alive.
He wouldn't be dead.
I just I didn't know.
Shevorne, Reese's death isn't your fault.
We can protect you.
You should come in to the station.
That's the safest place for Oh, no, I'm not going there.
If they see me go in there, then Keith's gonna come after me and Ava.
I'm not doing that.
What about we take you to Auntie Dot's or to one of your cousin's? I put Larry away for 10 years.
Auntie Dot is going to kill me, alright? Look, you can't stay here alone.
Well, where's Crystal? Can't I stay with her? Hey, bud.
Can you do a favour for me? Can you take Shevorne here and stay with her in here just for a little while? Yeah.
Hey, Shevorne.
Don't you go anywhere or talk to anybody until you hear from us.
Alright? Right, be safe.
So, we know Reese wanted Tyson to rough up Keith.
We're assuming that Tyson told Keith.
Keith turned it back against Reese.
Then it all got out of hand.
There were two others out there with Tyson and Spud.
Was one of them Keith? Maybe, but it's not his vehicle.
Hey, boss.
Have a look at this.
See that canvas canopy on the back? Yeah.
That doesn't come standard on that model.
It's got to be ordered and fitted on, and in about a 100km radius, there's only one person who's had that done.
Who? Chris Kollias.
Keith's business partner.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Where's Chris? Don't know.
Probably at the pub.
The Saturday night Marley and Reese went missing - any idea where he was? Yeah.
Did he say who he was out with? Vince Pierce.
Runs a tattoo parlour.
Where does he clean his ute? Out in the loading dock.
Back mirror.
So, how do we prove Keith sent them out there? Who's the weakest link? (TATTOO NEEDLE WHIRRS) Looking to get some ink, Detective? (NEEDLE WHIRRS) (TURNS OFF MACHINE) OK, firearms renewal.
Well, according to this, it's all up to date.
Yeah, that's weird.
Just follow me, thanks.
Oh, well.
We always go by the computer readout, so Come on, Emma.
It's all a bit formal.
In the interview room, please.
Sit over there.
Oh, righto.
What's Chris doing here? Chris? He's making a statement.
A statement about what? About Reese Dale.
What about Reese Dale? Well, he said that you killed him.
So, this is what it feels like to be a crim, eh? (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
Got anything you want to confess? (CHUCKLES) Me? Come on! (SIGHS) Like what? You tell me.
(PRINTER WHIRRS) Ah, this is how it works.
So, you keep going until the person breaks.
Something like that.
And he said that Keith sent you all out there to rough up Reese, things got out of hand, you pulled the trigger and you killed Reese.
Yeah? Well, that's a load of shit.
You've got no proof.
Chris is giving us the proof right now.
I'm not going to wear this.
Let him fuck you over? Those pricks.
Sign there and date it.
You probably don't realise, but sometimes we don't need you to confess.
If somebody else gets in first, tells their story, sometimes they get the best deal.
Yeah, but what about if it's a group of mates? They're tight? There's always someone who cracks.
Maybe someone who was just tagging along.
Maybe he's a bit of a lackey, a bit of a dogsbody.
There's always someone who loses their nerve.
Well, lucky this is all just hypothetical, isn't it, Emma? Yeah.
VINCE: This is Chris and Tyson's little game.
They said that Keith wanted to teach Reese a lesson.
Now, I don't know what the hell Marley was doing there.
They made a run for it and then Chris bloody freaks out, grabs the gun and starts shooting.
Reese bled out.
I couldn't do anything.
Why did Keith want to scare Reese? I don't know! Ask him! Ask Chris! Chris! (MUFFLED SHOUTING) Um So, what's your firearm type? Well, what happens now? Constable Sharma, cuff him.
Right, hands behind your head, please.
Huh? Hands behind your head! So, what's the make? CHRIS: Well, I've got a couple of .
I don't know what brands they are.
What's going on? Chris, you prick! I'm not going to jail for you! Where is the prick? Turn around! Put your hands on your head! Turn around! Oh, come on, Emma! What, you're going to believe that crackhead? Chris Kollias, we're arresting you for the murder of Jonathan Rutherford.
(SIGHS) We'll take that as a yes.
Shit! I left my phone at home.
Do you want to just use mine? No, I have to call my cousin.
They're supposed to have Ava tonight.
Yeah, just use mine.
The number is in my phone.
(SIGHS IN EXASPERATION) Hey, where are you going? Dad said to stay here.
I'll be, like, five seconds.
No-one will see me.
I'll go.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'll go.
So, where are your keys? It's charging next to my bed.
Don't go anywhere.
I'll be back in a sec.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Well, what do you know? Keith Groves.
(DIAL TONE BEEPS) He didn't seem very talkative.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) You've got Shevorne's phone.
Is she here? She's working.
Well, I've been down the pub.
She's not there.
Do you know where she is? I don't know.
Dad? Dad, call me back! Shit! Dad, it's me again.
Shevorne's gone with Keith.
They headed out on the north road.
(PHONE VIBRATES) I'm so sorry.
It's OK.
Hey, it's OK, Shevorne.
Come here, bub.
Come here.
(SOBS) It's my fault.
I'm so, so sorry.
It's OK.
What are you looking at? What you've done to this girl - you're a dog.
Is that so? (TRIGGER CLICKS) So, what are you going to do about it, then, eh? Eh? Typical.
So, are you going to kill me, Keith? Not me.
She is.
See, no-one's gonna mourn for you.
You're a paedophile.
Shevorne here, she'll be the hero who couldn't live with the pain.
Another suicide.
Please, I Shevorne, shut it.
(GUNSHOT) (GROANS) Shevorne.
Shevorne! (SOBS) Shevorne! Come back here.
I want to talk to you.
(GROANS) Sharma, we need an ambulance out here at Two Mile now.
Someone help me! Help! Go.
I'm sorry.
(SOBS) I'm sorry.
I'll do anything.
Please, please, please.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
This was all your fault.
It was your fault for opening your big mouth.
So, open your big mouth.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
Open it.
Please! Open it.
Please, no! Please! Don't kill me, please! (SOBS) I'm sorry.
Please! Please, don't.
Keith! Drop the weapon.
Put your hands on your head.
Please just think of my daughter.
Please! It doesn't have to end like this.
Larry's alive.
There is a way out of this.
Come on, Keith.
Open it.
You, um you OK, Shevorne? Yeah? You OK? Yeah? (POLICE RADIOS CHATTER) Well, I find it hard to hear That's all you left behind Am I making myself clear? That's all you left behind And I have no place to go That's all you left behind After all this time Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm That's all you left behind Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm A feather and a knife So, pour me another drink That's all you left behind In the dark night, she still sings That's all you left behind And after all the time After all this time Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm That's all you left behind Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm A feather and a knife Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm That's all you left behind Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm A feather and a knife.
What's this? It's a cheque from Dot and the NWAC.
$2 million.
That's all yours.
They want to buy you out.
What about you? Well I set up a partnership with them.
I'm staying.
To do what? Don't know.
(CHUCKLES) Well, nothing's alright for a while.
I can't imagine myself down south trying to wear heels.
Yeah, might be a bit late to start that.
(CHUCKLES) Can't leave here.
End of the line, you and me.
I'll miss you, sis.
Looks like you've got some paperwork to do now, eh? I'll see you around, Emma.
See you around.