MythBusters (2003) s14e03 Episode Script

Commercial Myths

Effective We need to start now.
This is just wrong.
This is terrifying.
Come on, jamie! the team feels the fear and doubles the danger For two crazy commercial myths.
I'm going to need some psychotherapy after this.
First, adam and jamie are at the end of their tethers are you kidding? This is a hobby? Holy [bleep] testing if you could bob for an apple [ laughs ] He did it! in the midst of a 100-Foot bungee jump.
What did i get myself into? [ Grunts ] Then, kari, tory, and grant get some serious air Taking on an ad that serves up sky-High sport.
But can you play tennis a little scary.
I'm not going to lie.
on the wing of a plane in flight? Whoo! Who are the mythbusters? Adam savage i got the chicken! [ Laughs ] and jamie hyneman.
I'm ready.
Between them, more than 30 years of special-Effects experience.
Together with grant imahara start the car! kari byron fire! and tory belleci let's chop this car up! Narrator: they don't just tell the myths bye-Bye! they put them to the test.
--Font color="#ffff00" captions by vitac -- Captions paid for by discovery communications There's a commercial out there That shows a guy bungee jumping off of a platform 100 feet Into a little barrel full of apples.
And when he comes up, he's got an apple in his teeth.
I see a lot of bungee jumping in our future.
Because when the crazy commercial in question aired, It took the harmless, age-Old act of apple bobbing And added a frightening 100-Foot fall.
But can you really get the drop on a bungee apple bob and pull it off injury-Free? Well, with jamie's famous fear of heights it really is quite hairy.
this could be his worst nightmare.
That is absolutely awful.
[ Laughs ] To my mind, there's three things we've got to investigate In this.
One is, can your depth of your drop of bungee jumping Be made precise enough so that when you hit the water You don't hit the bottom and kill yourself? Two Can you actually aim where you fall in bungee jumping To hit a target as small as a barrel? And three, if all of that works, Can you actually come up with an apple in your teeth? And we have to do all this? I was thinking that we could start out with buster doing it.
Well, better buster than me.
Yeah, that's what i was thinking.
So, to test this bungee bob, It's off to cunningham pool in vallejo, california.
To conduct this experiment, We're going to need a few key ingredients.
First and foremost are apples and a barrel to put them in.
We've chosen a fairly large one.
A crane to do our dropping from and a bungee basket.
It is from this platform 100 feet in the air That all of our bungee drops will happen from.
Narrator: but before the mythbusters start jumping, Firstly, they're bringing in a fall guy.
We need a buster who can stand on his own, A rigid buster who weighs as much as we do But can actually stand up so he can drop consistently.
Jamie: and so, meet buster's latest incarnation, Bungee buster.
He's made out of pvc plumbing parts That will be all glued together and filled with sand and water To achieve the correct weight.
He'll serve as our analog for our initial testing.
Narrator: now that buster is rigid enough To hold the correct fall posture okay.
With the harness in hand, that's about 196.
That's our target weight for everything.
he'll need to weigh exactly what jamie does.
And there we go.
We're right at 195.
Everything is going just as planned.
So, with their fall guy complete, It's time to test part one of this myth.
Can our bungee experts tune buster's fall So that when he hits the water, He won't hit the bottom of the barrel? If i had to hazard a guess, i'd say jamie is in the basket now Probably complaining about the height.
He doesn't like them.
Oh, man.
I hate heights.
[ Chuckles ] This is terrifying.
In three, two, one.
Yeah! That was beautiful.
A perfect touch.
Narrator: with a maximum depth of just 18 inches, That was a perfect drop for a bob.
The question is, is it always that easy? In three, two, one.
Come on, baby.
Aw, that was perfect! [ Chuckling ] yeah! Fantastic.
Two in a row absolutely the same.
We've got our mark.
Adam: buster did really, really well.
And our bungee experts really can dial him in So that he drops at the same spot every single time.
I I really think it's time for us to jump.
And by us, i mean you first.
[ Laughs ] Don't get me wrong.
When i do it, i'm going to hate it just as much.
So, now that buster has proven That the depth is repeatable and safe, It's time to try it with a much more human analog.
You ever have people barf when they're at the very end Because of all the food in their stomach Just wants to come straight back out? Had just about everything.
Well, i guess this is the whole rig.
I'm all trussed up like a pig And ready to go to slaughter uh [laughs] or something like that.
Narrator: this is one ride the beret can't come on.
And jamie has the long trip to 100 feet To contemplate what he's about to do.
How you feeling? As good as i'll ever feel.
[ Laughs ] That's all we can ask, right? Yeah, this is just one [bleep] thing to do.
Now, you want to kind of stiffen that chest out a little bit.
There you go.
Hands behind you, and i've got you.
So, when you're ready.
There you go.
Just put your hands on your butt.
This is -- This is just wrong.
I'm going to have you lean out just a little bit.
And then, we're going to do the countdown.
Are you ready? Yeah.
I'm going to have you lean out.
I got you.
Here we go! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Narrator: next, the team is on the ball For a high-Flying stunt.
So, like adam and jamie's myth, Our next myth is also about flying.
But it's flying with a twist.
See, a top-Ranked tennis pro plays a match with his wingman.
Oh, okay.
I know what you're talking about.
I've seen this video.
It's where they're playing tennis On the wing of a plane while it's in flight.
And they're both strapped to the wings.
The plane takes off.
And then they start volleying the ball back and forth Despite how fast the plane is going.
Narrator: this commercial elevates the game of tennis To 5,000 feet As novak djokovic and his partner Rally across a wing.
But is this just an advertising flight of fancy, Or could you really play a high-Altitude grand slam? Okay.
So, what this myth really boils down to is, Can you actually have a tennis rally On the wing of a plane in flight With winds rushing past you at 35 miles an hour? Wait, why only 35 miles an hour? Well, i did a little research, and it turns out, The plane in the clip is an antonov an-2, Which is capable of flying at speeds as low as 35.
All we need to do now is learn how to wing walk.
I mean, you guys have played tennis before, right? No.
Looks like this one just got a little harder.
Tennis lessons? Narrator: so, before takeoff, first thing's first.
They've got to get the team match-Ready.
Kari: so, we've come to u.
Berkeley to get a couple tennis lessons From their head coach, peter wright.
Because let's face it.
Just because you put us in these outfits Does not mean we know how to play at all.
We are seriously going to need some help here.
Narrator: well, kari and grant may be tennis first-Timers okay, remember, firm wrist, out in front a little bit.
Firm wrist, out in front.
Good, there we go.
This is it.
Yeah! and tory hasn't played since high school tory's a natural.
Look at this guy.
Out there in front.
Nice and firm in the wrist.
but with a little expert guidance from their coach tory: hey, we're not sucking as bad as i thought we were going to.
Kari: okay.
Narrator: they soon get into the swing.
This is no problem.
Who's that djokovic guy? Grant: we're able to volley consistently.
But, unfortunately, that's not the whole story, Because this tennis match happens On the wing of a plane in flight.
It's a calm, clear day, and we're volleying fine, But that is more like volleying in a storm.
Instant storm! Kari: all right.
So, this is how it's going to work.
We have our fans over here that are going to simulate our headwind.
We're going to start at 15 miles an hour and then amp it up.
You guys ready? Tory: let's do it! Narrator: at 15 miles per hour, it's clear that the wind Is affecting the trajectory of the ball.
Bring it up to 35! [ Wind accelerating ] Grant: it's when the wind machine goes up to 35 miles an hour Where it gets interesting, And the ball no longer travels in a straight line.
Sometimes it does a corkscrew.
Sometimes it just drops.
This is much harder at air speed! Aah! But after a little bit of adjustment By turning my back to the wind and aiming my racket upwind, I find that i can get a pretty decent volley going.
[ Laughs ] Yeah! So, yes, it's difficult -- Very difficult -- But not impossible.
Narrator: the team was able to volley In winds of 35 miles per hour, Which means this myth is cleared for takeoff.
Now all we have to do is learn to wing walk.
That should be a piece of cake.
Narrator: coming up, can the hyneman conquer his fear of heights? Jamie: this is terrifying.
And later, it's anyone for tennis? Let's do this.
Whoo-Hoo! [Bleep] this is scary.
[ Tires screech ] Narrator: jamie hyneman hates heights.
I hate heights.
Jamie hyneman doesn't understand extreme spots.
Why do people like doing things that get them terrified? But to test the myth That you could apple bob from the end of a bungee cord this is just wrong.
jamie hyneman is about to take a giant leap from 100 feet.
Here we go! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
[ Groans ] Adam: nice! Excellent form, jamie.
That's just one of the most [bleep] things that i have done.
[ Laughs ] You're upside down, you're accelerating like [bleep] And it's just "ugh!" [ Laughs ] Did you hear the, like [groans] [ Laughs ] [ Groans ] [ Laughs ] let's do it again.
Let's get it over with.
Narrator: calibrating the bungee for jamie Unfortunately involves a bit of trial and error.
Here we go again.
And after that error, He's got to repeat the trial to dial in his depth.
I'm going to need some psychotherapy after this.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
And that's more like it.
Like buster, jamie was dunked just enough To survive a vertical apple bob.
Was that a refreshing splash there, jamie? [ Coughs ] I was a little bit more conscious Of what was actually happening.
I saw the water coming up.
Yeah? It didn't hurt to hit it, though? No, it didn't hurt to hit it at all.
That's just awful.
So, now that they've wet the hyneman's head, The next mythical metric is accuracy.
How is that for position? Man: good, perfect.
Looks good? Okay.
Jamie: this time around, It's going to be target practice.
Here we go! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Yeah! You hit it! Whoo-Hoo-Hoo! Narrator: despite the fact jamie had very little control over his fall, He still dunked his dome inside the stand-In barrel.
Yeah! Jamie: i saw the ring coming up.
I think i hit it pretty well right in the middle.
And i guess i'm doing what i'm supposed to be doing.
Narrator: and because adam was the apple-Bobbing champion Of his school now they should stay on.
The next step is adam making the jump.
Holy [bleep] Here we go.
I'm going to lean you forward.
Okay, wait.
All right, lean me forward.
You got me? Yep, i got you.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Whoo! Yeah! Yeah! [ Groans ] whoo! [ Sighs ] Ugh! I'd like to go home now.
Being his first try adam: my face hit the middle of the barrel.
Doesn't get any sweeter than that.
Ah, man.
If i never do that [bleep] again, It's way too [bleep] soon.
Yeah, you're just going to have to bleep it, Because that's real.
Pbht! 1 narrator: well, now that they've got the depth and accuracy sorted, How do they like them apples? After a spot of turbulent tennis, It's time to take to the skies.
Or is it? All right, bad news.
Well, good news for me, because i'm scared of heights.
The insurers think that us wing walking Is going to be too dangerous.
We're not allowed to go up in a plane.
Seriously? How are we going to test this myth? Grant: okay, i've got a substitute.
How about we build the wing out of a platform, We affix it to the back of a truck And drive it down the runway at alameda? That's a really good idea.
I mean, essentially, this myth Is about the ball's behavior in a headwind, right? I love it A low-Flying plane that doesn't get off the ground.
Now, we're just going to have to have a successful volley.
That might be harder.
[ Laughs ] Narrator: so, to find out if you can play tennis at altitude, The team is going to have to bring this myth A lot closer to the ground.
But building a plane on the back of a truck Is not something you can wing.
Okay, so that makes a total of narrator: and with the safety of the mythbusters at stake, Grant is dotting his is and crossing his t-Beams.
And his final design has a 40-Foot wing And a 15-Foot tower, Along with a network of supports that will keep this fixed wing Firmly in place on the back of the truck.
Grant: so, now that we've built our wing And we've got the measurements Of the actual truck we're going to use, It's time to build the thing that connects the two, Which i call the tower.
That's quite a thing.
It's got a lot of crossmembers and supports.
But without all those things, the people on the wing Would be flapping up and down several inches, Making it not only very dangerous But also damn near impossible to play tennis.
Narrator: the tower and supports are super heavy-Duty To brace the wing.
It's a good thing this thing doesn't have to fly.
Narrator: and finally, After three days of cutting, welding, and triangulating, They're ready to assemble their flightless flying machine.
This ought to do.
Oh, my god.
This is perfect.
Tory: we've outgrown the shop.
Our build was just too big.
The wings were too wide, and we couldn't build it there.
Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to get it out the door, Over the bridge, and through the tunnel to the runway.
Let's build a plane.
So, we came out here to an actual hangar, Which is perfect, because we're making an "airplane.
" And the best part is, behind those giant doors is our runway.
Grant: so, all of our pieces have been unloaded, And now it's time for assembly.
We're welding together the two wing halves To give us a 40-Foot wingspan.
Nicely aligned.
Next, we're welding this tower onto the wings And adding extra supports So it'll give us another 8 feet of height.
And after we're done with that, we flip it all over And put it on top of this big-Ass truck.
This doesn't look dangerous at all.
Narrator: at 15 feet off the ground, The guys may not technically be flying, But they may as well be.
Oh, this just doesn't seem like a good idea anymore.
Kari: this is terrifying.
This is so high off the ground.
If this thing flexes at all, One of them is wetting their pants.
Narrator: and with 40,000 pounds of steel in place, The guys weld it to the truck bed.
I would have to say, out of all the welds on this thing, These are probably the most important.
Kari: yeah! Grant: there you go.
Like a glove.
Just like we planned it.
All right, so our makeshift airplane is finally complete.
We've got a 40-Foot wingspan That is supported by about 4,000 pounds of steel and cabling.
It should be very sturdy.
We have our safety rigs in place so the boys will be safe.
We have an anemometer strapped up there So that we can get precision wind speeds.
It's completely supported by a turbo-Diesel tow truck.
Now all we've got to do is try it out on the runway.
Narrator: yep.
After four days of intense endeavor tory: this is awesome.
they now have the closest thing possible to a plane.
This is definitely something you don't see every day.
So, with their no-Fly zone established, It's game on for this myth.
Narrator: the mythbusters are at the end of their rope Testing if you can bob for an apple on a bungee cord.
Jamie: so now, we've got our height and our weight dialed in To where our heads are penetrating the water Just a few inches.
And we've also nailed the accuracy.
Yeah! So now it's time to bring in the hard part, Which is biting onto one of these Or, more accurately, one of these, Because this might break your teeth or your nose.
We don't know yet.
So, these foam ones, We'll see how we do with those first.
So, what do you think? Are you ready to go for an apple? I'll be quite honest with you.
I don't need to stand on ceremony to tell you That is pretty much The most unpleasant thing i have ever done.
[ Groans ] Whoo! You want to take this one home? I thought i was off the hook, But, hey, you know, if you really don't want to do it, I'm getting used to it.
I'll deal with it.
Thank you, sir.
[ Laughs ] [ sighs ] Narrator: jamie's taking this one for the team.
Adam: target's in place.
Our hyneman's getting himself rigged up.
And all we need to do is fill our barrel with some apples.
Narrator: but wrapping his jaws around an apple in the blink of an eye Isn't going to be easy.
How are you feeling? Horrible.
[ Laughs ] 3, 2, 1.
Jamie: what did i get myself into? I didn't hit the target.
I'm not sure whether that was me or the lineup.
Even a little gust of wind is enough to push you off.
I don't have a whole lot of choice.
Either i'm going right into the ring or i'm not.
So, jamie missed the target but not in a direction we expected.
And he missed it because of that flag.
No, no, no, not because of politics or anything.
Because of the wind that is blowing that flag Blew him slightly off target.
Narrator: thanks to the wind, targeting jamie's jump Is nowhere near as reliable as earlier.
And that's making this myth look more and more like just that -- A myth.
3, 2, 1.
[ Grunts ] Adam: oh! [ Grunting ] Where's your apple? There's no apple in your face.
I bit something, and i pulled it up.
Apparently, it was water.
I bit the ring.
Oh, you bit the ring.
[ Laughs ] Narrator: yep.
They don't call it apple bobbing for no reason.
All of the apples bobbed out of the path of jamie's jaws.
So, he bit down on the only thing not moving.
I was like, "i'm not leaving here without something.
I'm biting down on something," and i did.
Adam: [ laughing ] that's the funniest thing i've ever seen.
The title of this is "we almost caught a hyneman.
" [ Both laugh ] So, after a day of jump after jump after jump, Jamie's ready to call it.
Every time i tried, it was like The stress equivalent of having an automobile crash.
And i was desperate to get that apple.
But no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't do it.
I'm going to call it busted.
Narrator: busted.
But it's not the end of the line for this myth yet.
[ Growls ] Can a bit of mythbusters' ingenuity Finally grab some forbidden fruit? At the alameda runway, The mythbusters are finally cleared to fly.
So, it's game faces on As our two best tennis players serve up some science.
Tory: now, in the video, you see the two tennis players Rally about 20 times back and forth.
But, for us, we're only going to try to do five, Because we figure five is enough.
That's going to prove the concept.
So, that's the magic number.
If we can get five, we can confirm this myth.
Starting to get a little nervous.
So, while we're up here on the wing at 35 miles per hour, There's a lot to think about.
We're dealing with a massive headwind, The wing's going to be vibrating and flexing, And we've got to keep our balance, And we've got to play tennis, all without moving our feet.
It's going to be a lot.
Narrator: and for that reason, they won't just be harnessed to the wing.
They'll be tethered to it, as well.
Tory: all right.
Make sure you get this right.
Let's do this.
Then, it's over to captain byron for takeoff.
Okay, here we go.
[ Chuckles ] Whoo-Hoo! [Bleep] this is scary.
I'm not going to lie.
[ Laughs ] it's a little scary, yeah.
Narrator: remember, this is the first time The boys have set foot on the wing, And a fall could spell disaster.
[ Grunts ] But as kari accelerates, The guys slowly get their air legs.
Just getting the racket to, like, swing is difficult.
Aah! With the air speed reached 35.
Holding here.
Narrator: it's go time.
And almost immediately, it's clear That rallying up here is a whole different ball game.
[Bleep] The wind, coupled with the bounce and the danger, Is making this a lot harder than their earlier fan test.
I don't know if we returned one ball to each other.
I think we did one.
We need to get at least five in order for this to be confirmed.
All right, well, Seeing as this is the first time we've ever tried this, I think one out of 1,000 is okay.
We're going to do better this time.
You ready? Ready.
The second time around, it's silence on the court As tory and grant concentrate hard on hitting the ball.
[ Laughs ] But after five minutes at 35 miles per hour, Their longest rally is just two hits.
I felt like we were getting close there.
Ah, we're still pretty, pretty off From making this confirmed or busted.
Hi! [ Laughs ] How was it? Yeah, you know what? I give up.
I mean, the guys in this video were world-Class tennis experts.
I've had one lesson.
That was really hard.
The ball does such crazy things.
It's hard to swing your racket.
But i think it is possible.
And bear in mind, the guy who was in the commercial, Novak djokovic, Is one of the top-Rated players, if not the top-Rated player, In the world.
I'm not him, unfortunately.
I think we need somebody better than me.
Narrator: so, to give this myth a fighting chance, They're swapping rookie imahara for tennis pro tyler browne.
Kari: now, tory's a pretty good tennis player, But tyler's a pro.
So, hopefully, this will up our tennis game.
We're going to throw them both back up onto the wing And try this test again.
Tory: did you ever think in your wildest That tennis would lead you to this? Not in my lifetime.
Grant: 35! Oh! Ooh, that was four.
Narrator: from the start, Tyler and tory are consistently returning the ball.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! We did it! You did it! [ Laughs ] Narrator: and after just four minutes At wind speeds of over 40 miles an hour [ laughs ] tory and pro tyler Are confirming this myth all over the place.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah! Whoo! [ Laughing ] we did it! [ Laughs ] [ Chuckles ] that was great! I think we can confirm this.
I mean, even in the strongest winds, We were still able to keep the rally going.
On your best rally, i counted 12.
We got into this rhythm, and it was just like bam, bam, bam.
I think it's confirmed.
I think it's confirmed.
Well, there's one more thing i want to do.
Now that you've proved you can do it at this distance, I think we need to extend you out further onto the wing And look a little more like the video.
That sounds terrifying, but i think we should go for it.
Yeah! Narrator: after the break jamie: i think they have a lot simpler rigs For taking the top of your head off in surgery.
Adam: come on, jamie! [ Grunts ] Do not try what you are about to see at home.
We're what you call experts.
And we have advisors to keep us safe.
Narrator: this crazy commercial caper is busted.
But now what the mythbusters want to know is, Could you bungee bob with an apple apparatus? So, we've got build a machine That can be strapped to the head that can catch an apple.
What about using something like A face shield or a welding helmet? You know, those things have that ratchet That really grab on to your head nice and snug.
That's perfect.
There we go.
My first thought is something like a bear trap, Something like a, you know, pair of jaws With a spring-Load and a catch.
Touch an apple, and it grabs on to it.
I'd want to have it actually work off of my own mouth.
We want this to be able to open quite a bit further Than i can open my mouth.
Right, so we'll need to have A little bit of a mechanical advantage on it.
If you're going to have it work off of your jaw, We're going to have to move a point here down.
The plan is to create a mechanical jaw That jamie operates by opening his own mouth.
There you go.
That movement looks good.
That looks really good, And that looks like that's our nodal point right there.
Jamie: okay.
Tell you what.
Do you want to start working on the chin strap, And i'll start working on a set of teeth? Okay.
So, the guys divide to conquer.
Jamie takes on the chin While adam gives their jaw teeth.
[ Growling ] That looks like it'll grab an apple.
Let's go see jamie.
Narrator: and now to put it all together for the ultimate robo-Gob.
This is insane.
It is totally insane.
Now let me see.
Go ahead.
Put it on.
[ Laughs ] [ Growls ] Let's try it out.
Their device has got a bigger mouth than jamie and even adam.
But will it work upside down and underwater? That's not bad.
Well, let's fill the tub and put some apples in it.
Go ahead.
Narrator: to test it, the guys have rigged up A down-Home apple-Bobbing bungee.
Adam: okay, man.
3, 2, 1, go.
2, 1, go.
Hey! [ Laughs ] He did it! Okay, now let me down.
Let him down.
It is possible.
That's their first successful bob so far.
And it's clear that their device Has the kind of jaws that this stunt needs.
At alameda, tory and tyler are spreading their wings.
So far, to my surprise, This myth is going really, really well.
I mean, we got the plane.
We got the proper wind speed.
We've got the boys actually having a really good rally Up on the wing, Because tory's upped his game with a pro.
Grant: yeah! You did it! Now, before you criticize the fact That they're a little too close together And it doesn't look entirely like the video, We're going to address that.
We're pushing them out to the outer edges.
Narrator: at 32 feet apart, Tory and tyler will be more exposed.
It's a little bouncier this time, that's for sure.
So, can they still rally in wind speeds of 35 miles per hour As the wing flexes and bounces beneath them? Tyler, you ready? Yep.
Wait, why did you shake your head when you said yes? Because i'm scared.
Once again, captain byron slowly accelerates the truck.
Grant: 25.
Narrator: but way out on the wing, for tory and tyler, Every crack in the tarmac is magnified.
Whoo! Oh! Tory: there's a lot more bounce the further out that we are.
That's causing us to panic when there's a huge bump, And we're like, "forget the ball.
I'm not going to die.
" Not only that, the wind is starting to pick up, Which is making it a lot more difficult to place the ball.
I'm noticing that i'm having to hit a lot further into the wind So that way it'll blow back into the other player.
Narrator: attempt one didn't result in a five-Hit rally.
But for attempt two, they're switching ends.
We just need to hit it five times.
[ Horn honks ] This time, tyler is hitting into the wind.
Grant: 35 miles per hour.
Whoa! [ Chuckling ] oh! We were close! We were like four.
We just need to get one more.
Yeah! Whoo-Hoo! We did it! Whoo! Narrator: 15 feet from the ground, Traveling at over 35 miles an hour, At a distance of 32 feet, Tory and tyler incredibly confirm the myth.
Dude, i can't believe it! Dude, we had a complete rally! They may have used cg, but it is possible to do in real life.
Yeah, i had my doubts, But we did prove that it's possible.
How often does that happen? The internet was true! Kari: this is life imitating art.
I cannot believe this actually worked.
I mean, how often does it happen That we find some crazy cgi internet video And we can replicate it in reality? Tory: that was so much fun! But i was so worried That we were not going to be able to pull this off.
We kept trying and trying, could not get a volley going.
But, finally, we were able to get it.
And the best part is, we've confirmed this myth! Narrator: before the mythbusters perfected their robo-Gob jamie: go.
adam first took a turn at the vertical apple bob unaided.
[ Laughing ] All right, stop.
I kept on bouncing an apple off my lips.
As wide as i can open, i'm not getting any purchase on them.
And they're just going to move away Unless you had a really big mouth.
Adam: i just want to point out that i was the apple-Bobbing champion Of my fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-Grade class But only because i was always willing To go to the bottom of the barrel To get purchase on it and pull it out triumphantly.
But grabbing it off the top, the surface of the water? It's just not going to happen.
We have been bobbing for apples from the end of a bungee cord.
And so far, we've determined that bungee jumping Is a process that can be made precise enough To hit both a perfect and safe depth And a perfect x-Y coordinate, like a barrel.
But we have been unsuccessful in catching an apple with our teeth From said barrel.
So, jamie and i have built a mechanical mouth, Which we have bolted to jamie's head.
And any minute now, he is going to make the final leap And attempt to catch an apple in his "teeth.
" Narrator: yep.
The unassisted apple bob is busted.
But can the hyneman, now half man, half machine, Snatch the apple from the jaws of defeat? Argh! I've got to say, i'm not looking forward to this.
Even after doing that jump a half a dozen times, I'm, like, dreading it.
I mean, it's over in just a fraction of a second, But it's just awful.
I think they have a lot simpler rigs For taking the top of your head off in surgery.
On top of that, i have to wear this thing, Which is not unlike some sort of torture device.
And then, if i don't get it the first time, I'm going to have to just keep doing it and doing it Until i get it.
Narrator: yep.
There's only one way to test their apple-Bobbing jaws.
And unfortunately for jamie, that way is down.
Man, this is awful [ Laughs ] Ugh! All right, jamie.
Whenever you're ready, let's make apple-Bobbing history.
You got me? Man: i got you.
Leaning out.
Here we go! 3, 2, 1.
[ Grunts ] [ Groaning ] Narrator: a new day means the cord has to warm up.
[ Grunts ] And that, along with the wind, Is not good news for the hyneman.
So, i wasn't in line, and i didn't quite reach, right? Adam: yep.
And if you cycle quickly, you should reach.
And they're going to move the target slightly To where you were actually landing, Because the wind's picked up.
[ Grunts ] [ Laughs ] I want to go home.
Ugh! Adam: jamie's first attempt at bobbing for apples With the mechanical mouth didn't work.
It wasn't a failure.
The bungee cords didn't go long enough.
Cycling quickly should take care of that.
And the target was a little off because the wind has picked up.
So, we're going to move it about 18 inches that way.
And, hopefully, this is the last dive he has to ever do, ever.
Narrator: well, i think we can safely say That jamie hopes that, too.
Yeah, i tell you what.
I've got to get it on this one, or that's it.
I've had enough.
This is it's just It's all too weird.
The tension is building.
It's starting to get to me.
Narrator: jamie's fear of heights Is trumping the desire to replicate the circumstances.
So, this will be his final bite of the apple.
All right, jamie.
Whenever you're ready.
The wind has gusted.
Man: you've got a strong east wind right now at the flag.
What do you think? I think we can get this done.
I'm going to have you lean out, and we're going to go for it.
Okay, here we go! 54321.
[ Grunts ] Adam: [ laughs ] Narrator: that was an epic attempt.
And when you play it in real time jamie had hardly a second to operate the jaws.
Well, he got something.
Jamie's got a taste for that ring, and he's never letting go.
How are you feeling, captain? [ Laughs ] [ Whines ] In theory, this thing could grab an apple.
But how many times am i going to have to do it to get it right? And, i mean, i'm up there.
And it's It's -- It's just all too weird.
You know what? It is.
I mean, look at me.
[ Laughs ] i know.
I'm upside down.
As if it's not bad enough, You've got this stuck to your head.
"Aah! What's happening? Let me out of here.
" That's it.
We're calling it.
Bobbing for apples is busted.
Bobbing with a what-Would-It-Take rig On your head maybe, maybe not.
Who cares? I'm going home.
We're done.
In a final analysis, jamie performed like a champion.
He made the dive.
He made many, many, many dives.
He hit the target perfectly, Except the wind had twisted him around.
And instead of an apple, he got a ring.
But we are calling it there.
We have found the hyneman's limit.
We have found the savage's limit.
It would have been your limit, too.
This myth is totally busted.
You cannot bob for apples from the end of a bungee cord.
Well, that's it.
You got anything clever to say For the walk off into the sunset? [ Crunches ] Nice.