MythBusters (2003) s15e04 Episode Script


1 Come on! Ha ha! Gotcha.
Whoa! Machine gun, nice.
aah! Uhh! I can't believe I can carry all this stuff.
Gotcha! Whoo! Ha ha! What?! Game over.
No! Welcome to the "mythbusters" video game special.
Nice one, hyneman.
Let's do it.
-- Captions by vitac -- Captions paid for by discovery communications So we're doing a whole episode on video games? Yes, we are.
Well, given that there are thousands of them out there, Isn't that a pretty broad topic for us? Well, you're absolutely right.
The video game industry is not only massive -- It is incredibly diverse.
However, we've boiled it down to a couple of games That I think are pretty representative And also pretty cool.
Go on.
Well, later, we'll be tackling "fruit ninja" To see if you can slice through real fruit as easily As you can slice through digital fruit.
But first up is a myth from a little game called "doom.
" That's one of those games where you're shooting monsters, right? Yes.
It is a referred to as a first person shooter, And "doom" effectively invented the genre.
You are moving through a world shootin' stuff, And as you come across things that you need, You can pick it up -- ammo, medical packs, guns, Supplies, whatever you need.
The thing is, is that no matter how much You pick up in a first person shooter, It doesn't ever seem to slow you down Nice.
As you move through that world, And I'm thinkin' that's something we should test.
Well, if we're gonna test it, We're gonna have to make a real-world version Of a "doom" level, right? Exactly.
Doesn't that sound cool? First person shooters include Some of the most popular titles in video game history.
But is it really possible to pack so much heat And still function effectively? Or is this a myth that's Doomed? We want to create a "doom" video game level in meatspace, That is, the real world.
And in "doom", you're always running around In, effectively, a military industrial complex.
So we've come to -- get this -- A military industrial complex.
From the outside, the building's got potential.
But on the inside It's out of this world.
This is gonna be perfect.
This place is amazing.
The building that we found is absolutely perfect In every way for conducting this experiment.
You think we need a geiger counter in here? it's a military facility, Which means there's reinforced concrete.
ze doctor will be right with you.
oh, my gosh.
It's abandoned, which means The paint is peeling everywhere, And there are signs and evidence of human habitation, But clearly long since departed.
It's the perfect blank canvas For us to build this real-world "doom" level.
When you play a first person shooter game, You're supposed to pick up weapons, ammo, med kits And carry it with you.
Now, the myth is that having all that stuff on you Does not in any way negatively affect your ability to succeed.
But would it? Well, that's what we're testing.
And to make sure that testing is accurate This is like making a big bed.
It's vital that their real-world course Matches the virtual world Ready? Both in terms of the spatial dimensions This is gonna be the sliding door where we start from.
And the number and placement Of monsters and munitions.
Dude, I think this is perfect.
Oh, yeah.
And to ensure that, adam's turned to the top.
Our real-world "doom" level is shaping up quite nicely, But we wanted to get a better idea Of how it measured up to the real thing, Or theFake thing -- the video game "doom" -- right.
So we're bringing in tim willits, A 20-year veteran at id software.
He's developed thousands and thousands of levels.
He's gonna take a look at ours And tell us how we're doing.
I think this space is really cool.
I mean, it has all the elements of a "doom" map.
It's got scary textures, right angles.
It's got this great c.
You know, I could show you this space in a "doom" level.
Totally virtual for the -- that's awesome.
Let's do it.
All right, tim.
This is the map.
This is what we're watching ourselves walk around in.
This is our "doom" editor.
This is the, uh, the top-down view, Which is much like a c.
This is our -- our render view, Which is a preview.
And then here is where we pick our textures or our wallpaper.
And I can have a 3-d space that is rendered in -- in real time.
This is our space? Yes.
We're here.
This is that elevator.
Oh, this is the elevator we're standing right in front of.
dude! There's, like, windows on either side and everything.
this is so cool! See, this is the hallway that we walked through.
Here's the red lights.
Dude! Uh, this is where you and I had the conversation.
Thanks to his expertise In the virtual world I can also show you the, uh, demons that you may want to use.
this guy's on fire.
Tim helps certify their course as correct.
It's got the right look, The right size and, crucially, the right amount Of monsters, medikits, and munitions.
This is the arsenal we will have at our disposal -- Everything from handguns, shotguns To machine guns All of them shooting darts and paintballs, All of them weighted correctly To their real-world counterparts.
Now, the first time we run this level, Every time we pick up a weapon, we're gonna be putting one down.
But the second time, we got to hold on to all of it.
That means, by the time we finish the second level, We'll have everything on these tables strapped to our bodies In theory, if we make it.
I seriously don't know.
Now all that needs to happen Dude That looks so awesome.
I would put this on my house if I could.
Are the finishing touches to the arena, And it's game on.
Ha! oh! Before we cache and carry, what else is going on? "fruit ninja"! Wa-pah-pah! Even I've heard of that one.
What about it? Well, this one falls into the category of, Is it possible in real life? Go on.
Well, is it possible to slice fruit As easily as the game would suggest? Tons of people try it out online with some mixed results.
You all right? I'm good, dude.
Bro, you are straight bleeding.
I think we should give it a go.
Fruit salad, here we come.
Let's play.
This is "fruit ninja," One of my all-time favorite games.
Yes! And the goal of the game is simple.
Using a samurai sword, you slash fruit that is arcing Into view in front of you.
5-fruit combo.
You can play on your phone or your tablet Or a motion-sensing console like this.
Oh! Missed a coconut.
But I add a wrinkle to make it more entertaining.
I use a real wooden practice sword called a bokken.
This is from my personal collection.
oh, man.
If I ever meet Some fruit in an alley Its ass is mine.
But is slicing fruit with a lethally sharp sword As easy in real life as it is in this game? But how to test just that? Well, adam begins by establishing A virtual world benchmark over three 60-second time trials.
I hope someone sees this and puts me In a samurai movie.
And jamie, standing well clear, gets his geek on.
While adam is slashing the air around him like a crazed maniac Ha! I'm more interested in the motion detection technology, Because it's pretty cool.
Inside the console, there's a combination of cameras, Infrared projectors and depth sensors That work together to turn your physical movements Into digital consequences.
They basically map your moving body And the space around you at a rate of 30 times per second.
The integrated software then turns That constantly evolving information Into a virtual avatar, Which, in this case, has deadly consequences for fruit.
See what I mean? Adam is a veritable whirling dervish Of digital destruction.
And, when done, With the combination bonus points subtracted, His average number of fruit hits Is almost exactly 100 per minute.
But when adam faces off against the real thing, Will that score cut it? This is so awesome.
Right outside these doors, jamie and I have constructed A real-world simulacrum Of a level of the video game "doom" With weapons, ammo, health, and monsters.
Jamie and I will have to move through that labyrinth, Killing all the monsters, Getting to the end and timing ourselves, For time is going to be one of the critical metrics By which we compare reality to video game reality.
They're testing the myth that your avatar Can carry an array of artillery All right, monsters.
You guys feeling ready? And continue to take out opponents With the same lethal efficiency and speed.
When I say go, I want you to retreat to your position, Then, when you see jamie, try and kill him.
You might notice that some of our zombies are armed With wrenches, not guns.
These are special wrenches which I actually built Back in the shop.
They're basically a polyurethane foam Poured into a silicone mold with a piece of aluminum To keep it stiff.
Not many people think of mold making As such an active sport.
come on out to play, little wrench.
Painted in "doom" colors, What you end up with is something That looks like a wrench Oh, I love pulling masking off.
It's like christmas.
But is totally safe when you hit someone in the head with it.
Whenever you see someone swinging a wrench in a movie, It's probably one of these, So that when they hit someone in the face, They don't actually hurt them.
Isn't that cool? Will any of our monsters get to use their wrenches on jamie? That's the next question.
Well, it's time to find out, Because right now it's jamie's control.
For this first test, every time I see a new weapon, I put the one I'm carrying down, pick up that weapon and proceed.
Now I have no idea where my enemies are.
That says it's gonna be tricky.
Jamie, are you ready? I'm good to go.
Commence the test in 321.
Okay, so with jamie in our "doom" area, It's worth me clarifying a couple of things for science.
First, the weapons we are using are props which fire darts And not bullets, but crucially, We've strapped lead weights to them So their mass exactly matches that of the real thing.
Second, this is our control test.
Every time jamie picks up a new weapon, He'll put down the one that he had already been using.
that's two down.
I think I'm home free.
We'll do the keep-and-carry-everything test Once our controls are done.
Finally, the data.
When we come to call this myth, Our crucial metric is going to be time.
How long does it takes us to complete the "doom" course When we're carrying every weapon Versus carrying one weapon at a time? And talking of time What quickly becomes apparent is that this is not Just a sprint.
that was a bona fide kill Right in front of us.
With the monsters hidden randomly, Jamie can't simply run from station to station.
To stay alive, he has to take A more considered and tactical approach Meaning the extra gear in test two May not slow him down as much as expected.
And how was that? That was fun.
I'm shootin' guys around corners.
I'm like rambo.
How long do you think it took? Don't look.
Oh, I have no idea.
What, 5 minutes? Um, actually, pretty close, just under 6 minutes.
Yeah, that's great.
It's actually pretty exhilarating.
I'd pay good money to go do that.
Now it is my turn to go through this level, But, of course, I'm just not gonna do it in street clothes.
I'm gonna do it in costume.
Let's kill some monsters.
oh, it was actually loaded.
Like the hyneman monsters, are you ready? Adam starts with his one-weapon-at-a-time control.
Adam, you're off.
Aah! You know, you spend a lot of time Talking through stories like this, Settin' 'em up and making sure the science is spot on.
And then you're in the middle of it, and you're like, There are dudes walking towards me And I've gotta shoot them.
What could be more fun than that? Aah! Ah, you can hear the chainsaw spraying flesh and blood All over the walls.
It's horrible.
Yes! Whoo! That was fun! You're alive.
Dude! 5 minutes, 38 seconds.
Whoo! That was not only frickin' insane, But we actually, I think, got some interesting results.
First of all, jamie and I completed the course In just shy of 6 minutes Which is, frankly, longer than I thought it would take.
I was shocked, however, That there is so much tactical gameplay involved That we both took it slow and steady.
Now, of course, later, when we're doing The pick-up-and-hold-on- to-everything test, It's going to be harder, But I'm not convinced it's gonna take longer, Again, because of the tactical play.
I'm kinda feeling like it's lookin' sort of good For the myth at this point.
Later on "mythbusters," Maybe this myth isn't doomed.
one shot! The guys gear up And get their monster-killing groove on.
That is seriously the most twisted santa claus image I have ever seen.
Dealing out digital destruction in 2-d Is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
But add a dimension and fruit of various sizes Subject to real-world physics, is it as simple? To find out, the mythbusters abandon m5 For an abandoned warehouse.
This is a sparring program.
Actually, this is just an open space In which we've constructed our version Of the "fruit ninja" video game.
Note the plastic on the floor, Which we will use to contain our fruit carnage, And the small tower, on top of which will be our fruit ninja, So that we can safely throw up fruit from underneath Without being decapitated.
Now, one of the key aspects of the virtual game "fruit ninja" Is that the fruit is reaching the top of its arc Right in front of you.
So we want real fruit to reach the top of its arc, So we need people who are really good at throwing.
You know who's really good at throwing? Jugglers.
Our jugglers today Come courtesy of san francisco's own circus center.
They are all experts at the art of nonlethal objects Flying through the air.
Their names, in order, are erica, nikolas, and audrey.
In the virtual game, The fruit is pitched to perfection.
As it rises, gravity pulls it down And decreases its vertical velocity to zero at the apex.
And to match the game, That has to happen at exactly The right height in front of adam.
Throw high, catch.
Hey! Let's throw some fruit.
All right.
This is how this is gonna work.
We've got our basket full of fruit.
We've got our jugglers to throw the fruit up in the air.
All we need is our ninja up there to slice it.
I'm totally ready.
Let's do this.
This is gonna be great.
Can adam beat his 100-cut benchmark? For this test, our ninja, a.
Adam savage, Will have one minute to cut all the fruit he can.
For the most part, I'm gonna be doing that.
Oh, this feels great! you ready, sir? I'm ready.
Are you ready? Not quite, but what the hell? All right.
You count us down, jamie.
"fruit ninja" in 3, 2, 1, go.
Right from the get-go, It's clear that, compared to the game, Adam, a trained swordsman, Is having more difficulty making contact.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, my gosh.
I'm missing everything.
Ha! The fruit seems to be moving much faster Than the virtual equivalent.
yes! Ha! Ho! But once he gets his range, He starts to make an impact on the scoreboard.
Yes, pineapple! Tomato! aw, yeah! ha! 30 seconds.
30 seconds, already? This is too much fun! Too close to me.
Uhh! Oh! quick! Oh! A whole thing of bananas! 3 2 Whoo! Ho ho! Whoo! That was perhaps more fun than should be allowed.
I think my scoring was pretty poor on that.
You got a few pieces of fruit.
I caught a piece of a few pieces.
yes! It is such a crazy experience Standing on top of this elaborate platform With the three jugglers Oh, yeah! Hurling fruit into my sphere of influence, Only to try and catch it with the edge of my sword.
And the satisfaction when my blade Actually does catch the fruit, cleaves it in two, it's just It's so much more satisfying Than actually playing the game Pineapple! On a screen.
I mean, it doesn't even compare.
With the test complete, the chopped fruit Is collected and counted Ah, look at that, perfectly in half.
To reveal a disappointing score of 30.
I am literally eating the fruit of my labor.
So our ninja, a.
Adam, Sliced 30 of the 100 or so pieces of fruit, Which is way lower than he got on the virtual game.
But it in his defense, the jugglers were off On two fronts.
More fruit, more fruit! First, they didn't throw fruit at a fast enough rate, Meaning getting a really good score was impossible.
And second, they threw some fruit so close to him That it was too difficult to cut.
Too close to me.
Ah, oh! So they're resetting a little further back Hee-hee-hee-hee.
To make it easier for 'em To hit the perfect apex, right in adam's zone.
But will it be enough to triple his score? I have my doubts.
all right.
I've had a little bit of a breather.
We're about to go again.
The jugglers have mastered their arcs, And we're gonna try this test for real.
I think I'm gonna do much better this time Than the first one.
"fruit ninja" in 3, 2, 1.
Oh, yes! Ha! pineapple.
Yes! From the first fruit to be beheaded, It's obvious adam's improving.
Ha ha! Yes! Bananas are mine! With the jugglers now right on target Coconut.
Ho ho ho.
ah, yeah! Every piece hits the apex at a cuttable height.
30 seconds.
30 seconds?! And adam appears to be taking out his targets With video-game-like ease.
There's an apple.
15 seconds.
But as the clock counts down And concentration and stamina flags, His hit rate slows, Meaning the result is up in the air.
Aah! Whew.
That is cool.
I'm noticing three things that are quite different Between virtual "fruit ninja" And real-life "fruit ninja," our version.
First and foremost is that it's harder than I thought To hit fruit flying through the air.
Second is that the fruit is much smaller in real life.
The best I can tell is that an apple in the game Is about the size of a watermelon in real life, So it's much easier to hit.
In addition, the size of the fruit Is tied to the game's apparent gravity.
If they were scaled correctly, They'd be moving considerably faster.
Third is the slicing itself.
In the game, you just move your hand in the direction That you want to slice, and it slices the fruit.
In real life, the actual edge of the blade Has to be pointing in the direction That I'm slashing, And that requires a level of coordination That means I have to stay super, super concentrated.
Ah, I'm missing them all.
Aah! Aah! It's fun, but it's also difficult.
And that difficulty is reflected in the score, Because even with perfectly pitched fruit, Adam only chopped a few pieces more Than half his virtual score.
But that's given jamie an idea.
With an annual turnover of $100 billion Game over.
What?! Video games are massively popular, And first person shooters pride themselves On their intense realism.
But exactly how real are they? It's time to find out.
With a control under our belt, It's now time for jamie and I to run our "doom" level again.
This time, though, instead of putting down weapons When we find a new one We are keeping everything.
I got ammo.
The question is, will it take us radically longer? Will we die? Frankly, we don't know.
What we do know is that there's a lot to lug.
Along with two ammo boxes and three medical kits, There's nine "doom"-approved weapons Which, when combined, have a total payload of 80 pounds.
Will that be more than a match for the mythbusters? Well, first up, it's jamie, Whose control run took 5:53.
Ugh, that's awful.
Jamie, are you ready? I'm set.
Startin' the test in 3 21.
Like last time, Jamie immediately encounters a backpack, Equipment sling, and handgun.
Where are ya? But unlike last time When he finds gun two, he doesn't drop gun one.
Don't mess with me.
I wonder if he's gonna carry the ammo in his backpack.
Knowing jamie, he might connect up all the slings on the weapons And just drag them behind him.
So you might be thinking that carrying 80 pounds of gear Would definitely slow you down.
But I want to point out, there's two wrinkles to this story.
First, we've set up a test that requires tactical gameplay, Which means there's not much rushing in the first place.
Next! And second, there's adrenaline.
Adrenaline, the so-called flight-or-fight hormone, Is released in times of stress, And it basically preps your muscles So they can work harder and faster for longer, And believe me, jamie is feeling some stress right now, And his adrenaline is pumping.
Adam's theory may be sound Crap.
Because halfway through, Jamie's kept up with his control.
That is seriously the most twisted santa claus image I have ever seen.
But that doesn't last long.
Because soon, the combination of weight and bulk Starts to take its toll.
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh.
Okay, this is getting to be absurd.
Ugh! He gets in such a tangle That the final ammo box gets kicked to completion To reveal a duration that's double.
Well, christmas has come early.
How was that? That was awful.
Really? That just took all of the fun out of it.
Really? Yeah, I mean, uh, after the first couple of guns, Stuff starts fallin' off.
It was like, okay, I could take my time and spend a half an hour Neatly packing and hooking everything on, But Yeah.
That's not the way this is supposed to work.
well done.
Have a rest, and then I'll gear up.
Ugh! Ugh! Now it's time for me to go through the "doom" level, Picking up everything.
And I know jamie said That it removed the entire fun quotient, But, frankly, I think I might be better At distributing the load than he was.
He was just carrying everything like a bag of groceries.
I can't wait.
Here we go.
Ow! Adam, are you set? I'm ready, sir.
Adam has a plan To bring this myth back from the brink.
Jamie ignored the backpack and packed his weapons poorly.
Adam, however, is going to Lock and load efficiently he's dead.
Using the utility backpack And equipment slings properly.
one shot! But there's no getting around The actual mass and bulk of the gear.
It's starting to take its toll.
Here we go.
Aah! And in the heat of the action They'll never hear me coming! His neatly packed plan begins to come undone Uhh! Oh, crap.
Another ammo case.
this is killin' me.
As he slows to a painful-to-watch crawl.
Yeah! Oh! whoo! Aah! You made it.
Yeah! That was a freakin' nightmare! Isn't that awful? Uhh, I was doin' okay until about halfway through.
And then And then I just couldn't strap anything else to my body.
I'm just gonna Just take a nap right here.
uhh! Now, based on jamie's and my performance, It would seem that the myth is busted.
But while we are in reasonable shape, We're nowhere near close To that dude that you are controlling When you play "doom.
" That's where this guy comes in.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to brendan schaub.
He is a ufc heavyweight contender.
And at 6'4", 245 pounds And an expert in many martial arts, He is in every way Equivalent to the dude you are controlling When you play "doom.
" We're gonna run him through this level, And then we'll make that call.
As adam has comically concluded Oh, my gosh.
I'm missing everything.
Aah! Mastering the three dimensions Of real-world flying fruit Is not nearly as simple as the game would have us believe.
The fruit in the game is larger And floats in the air for longer, Meaning the numbers just don't add up.
But jamie's not done yet.
Samurais and ninjas and swords and things like that -- They're fine, but they're a little passé.
Jamie's gearing up for something You should not try at home.
He's following the "mythbusters" mantra That if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
Welcome to "fruit chainsaw.
" Nowadays, we use chainsaws.
Oh, yeah! Tackling fruit with a sword is one thing.
But with a chainsaw Hmm.
It's something else.
I mean, all you have to do is touch it, And thanks to that chain goin' a bazillion miles an hour, You've got instant fruit salad.
yeah! So if you find yourself having to hack away at flying fruit It's hard to beat.
Yeah! Beautiful! Jamie's chainsaw was unbelievably effective.
I was really kind of worried that the fruit would Skip off the edge of the blade, but Oh, man! It was actually so much more awesome-looking on camera Than the sword.
I'm thrilled.
I want to keep going.
Can we do some more? I've got to say, This is some of the sweetest-smelling carnage We have ever produced on this show.
How do you want to call it? I'm gonna say it's much harder to play "fruit ninja" In real life than it is in the game, But it's also much more fun.
What do you think? I'll let you know.
I'm waiting for the chainsaw version.
Ah, they are totally gonna do that now.
let's get out of here.
It may be game over For the false physics of "fruit ninja," But coming up The denizens of the "doom" dungeon Brendan, are you ready? Let's do this.
Face a more accurate avatar.
Boom, right in the face! Cue our real-life video game superhero.
right in the moneymaker.
We're gonna pause for a second in our slicing and dicing, 'cause, if you don't mind, there's something I'd like to cover.
When do you think the first computer games were played? They had digital computing around the time Of the second world war.
Didn't you work with the british codebreakers on that? And shortly after that, They had to be starting to play games with them.
In fact, you are totally correct.
The first computer games came about in the 1950s, Just after the advent of the first computers on machines That could handle about 200 computations per second.
Video games as we know it Really blew up in the '70s after games like "pong," And kids today play at a completely different level, On machines that manage a mind-boggling 2 trillion, With a "t," operations per second.
So, basically, you're talkin' about 20 million times what the "apollo" mission Had to get to the moon The eagle has landed.
Just to make life hell for some digital fruit.
Yes! Isn't that awesome? Technology, man! Back to our regularly scheduled programming.
Adam and jamie have just failed to fire In their first person shooter.
But an accurate avatar, they're not.
Almost there.
That's where this guy comes in.
This is the moment of truth.
Jamie and I have run this "doom" level once each, Carrying all the weapons, With an average time of just over 11 minutes.
Now it's time for brendan to do the same.
Brendan, are you ready? Yes, sir.
I'm ready.
Let's do this.
Like adam and jamie, Brendan starts with the one-weapon-at-a-time test let's do this.
Which he tears up.
Yeah! oh, right in the face.
got him.
Right in the moneymaker.
Brendan completes the control in a mere 4 minutes.
Good job.
Thank you, sir.
But how will this ultimate fighter fare When he has to collect and carry? Brendan, are you ready? Yes, sir.
Let's do this.
Start the level In 321.
Right from the double doors I'll bet he's gonna kick our butt in this.
We'll see.
Useless backpack, check.
Brendan tackles the course With the same energy as before.
right in the face, sniper! That's a very fast first encounter.
2 guns and 18 pounds has no effect.
got him.
33 pounds, the same.
Uhh! Even the dreaded chainsaw Impedes him not at all.
aah! Okay.
And while he's groaning Like there's no tomorrow I'm not sure whether that's the bad guys or brendan.
It's almost as much fun to listen to As being part of the actual level.
He's so fast, That before the guys know it Yes, sir! Dude! Yeah! That was magnificent! Man.
I think -- you know what? I forgot to use the backpack.
I was just carrying all this stuff.
it's chokin' me a tad.
I'm not gonna lie to you guys.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
It's snug.
Oh, my gosh.
You beat us Carrying everything, when we didn't have to carry stuff.
It's amazing what a little bit of adrenaline will do to you When you've got zombies chasing ya.
It's a stunning result, because even loaded down With nine weapons, three medikits And two ammo boxes, brendan's time Was not slowed in the slightest.
Uhh! But that's not all we've learned today.
You know what? These, uh, these zombies, demons, really Right in the moneymaker.
They don't like being hit in the penis.
For whatever reason, I'm just really good at hittin' 'em there.
got him right in the.
Money shot.
In the groin.
I don't think the -- the extras are too happy about it, The volunteers, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
How do you want to call it? You know, it's funny, Because we got most of the way through this set of tests With me being convinced this was gonna be busted All the way down the line.
And then, after brendan's run, Got to say I think it's plausible.
I think you're right.
Let's get back to the real world.