Nanatsu no Taizai (2014) s01e13 Episode Script

Hakai no Shito

1 Meliodas and the others were attacked by the Holy Knights.
During their battle, Meliodas was sealed within the Goddess Amber, and Veronica, Elizabeth's sister, perished.
After Helbram appeared, the Seven Deadly Sins were cornered.
It was then that Meliodas broke free and emerged with jet-black marks all over his body.
My insides They're burning up How did he break out from the Goddess— H-How dare you! You've gotta be kidding me! How could such a light swing be so powerful? We're in trouble! Super Recovery Spell! Thank you.
This can't be happening! I thought it was impossible to break out of the Goddess Amber! I don't know.
But this feeling of extraordinary magical power That's This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Long ago, the Holy Knights fought alongside three tribes to seal away the Demon Clan.
It was known as the Holy War, and memory of it has long left the minds of the people.
However, a new Holy War has begun.
The battle to banish the Seven Deadly Sins unto oblivion.
're samayoi tou mono mo tomadoi kou mono mo Those who wander looking for answers, those who question in confusion subete no tsumi wo koe Will go beyond all sin.
Disciple of Destruction Episode 13 That thing is really dangerous.
Yo, Jaricho.
It's Jericho! Sorry, but thanks for healing me while you two were at it.
You've got some nice stuff on you, like these Incantation Orbs.
When did he—? Don't look away! You Are you really Cap'n?! Lord Meliodas Elizabeth, are you okay? Hawk, what in the world happened to Lord Meliodas? I don't know Are we even sure that's really Meliodas? L-Lord Meliodas? Hmm? This is What's going on? He should have been sealed within the Goddess Amber.
Don't even bother.
Now's not the time to be fighting you.
Wh-What? That appearance You're Allow me to correct myself.
It seems you're fundamentally different from Guila and Jericho.
Well, what a fortunate miscalculation this turned out to be.
You were mixed from the beginning, right? This unparalleled power You're on a completely different level from the others who drank the demon blood later.
It's no wonder that the Goddess Amber couldn't contain you.
Well, that's fine.
More importantly, let's see what you're capable of, shall we? Oh ho! This wild, murderous intent How wonderful.
Well then, I'll have to get serious too.
Eh? Damn, I accidentally split him in two! So those jet-black marks moved and protected you? You're unscathed after a direct hit from my sword.
Quite impressive.
Well then, how about this? Hunter Wisp! Hunter Wisp Bull's-eye! Yeah! I see, I see.
Although his power has increased dramatically, he has lost his ability to use Full Counter.
Perhaps this is due to his loss of mental faculties or because of an alternate personality.
Further research is required.
Well, well, this is truly fascinating.
Whose crazy power is this? He's as strong as Master Helbram! Guess'll be on mah way since I've gotta look after Guila 'n th' rest.
Wait just a second! You plan to leave just like that? Why did you use your power on a defenseless opponent and an innocent civilian, you bastard? That opponent was a criminal who was plannin' on overthrowin' the kingdom, y'know.
Between someone who put herself in harm's way to protect a civilian, or the scumbag roly-poly who kills innocents, who's the bigger criminal?! Who're you callin' roly-poly? Well, well, this is truly spectacular.
But you won't be able to defeat my Link power.
You might say it's a bit like your friend Ban's power.
It's not as dirty as his Snatch that steals other powers, but My power, Link, lets me take on the powers of others who have allied themselves with me.
So it doesn't matter how strong your powers are! And that's how it's going to be! Unbelievable! His power is still increasing! He hasn't yet reached his final form? Fine, then.
I'll lend you a bit of my own.
For a moment, I didn't know what was going to happen.
But to defeat that rampaging Meliodas in one hit, Great Holy Knight Hendriksen is an absolutely terrifying man.
Now that the Seven Deadly Sins have been merrily annihilated, all that's left to complete my mission is to bring back Meliodas, the Princess, and the sword.
No way Dammit! Am I the only fighter left? Go away or I'll turn you into flattened pork! Now then, let's capture you before we have another rampage.
Don't tell me he's just going to get taken like that? Lord Meliodas Lord Melio— Quiet.
You can still run, right? This is too dangerous.
Are you just going to leave Lord Meliodas here? L-Let go of me! I'll let go of you once we get out of here alive! I've never seen Ban this nervous before.
That Holy Knight must be really dangerous! Griamor! Veronica! Fleeing in humiliation How fitting for criminals such as yourselves.
Too bad you won't be getting away.
As soon as I have their hero, I'll— Oh, so you were alive after all, Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane! Captain Uh, hello? I'm sorry for interrupting your touching reunion, but how about we strike a deal? You.
If you hand over Meliodas and Princess Elizabeth, I won't lay a hand on you or your friends.
Was it you? The Helbram Horoscope of the Day: It would be wise not to do anything rash and foolish.
You won't be able to defeat my Link power with just your measly Gideon.
Were you the one who did this to Captain?! Retreat, Helbram.
What about retrieving Meliodas and the Princess? Retreat immediately! Yessir! Mother Catastrophe! Mother Catastrophe They're here! Retreat at full speed! What is this? What is this?! Stop talking and keep moving those hooves! So this is the true power of a Sacred Treasure.
No, this is the true power of one of the Seven Deadly Sins being drawn out by a Sacred Treasure! Don't stop running! Move it like you mean it! The Link was broken! Could Master Helbram have? See, didn't I say it was too dangerous? Yeah Hey! Lord Meliodas! Yo! Lord Melio— Now, we can call it even for the time being.
Lord Meliodas! I'm sorry.
What's wrong? Lord Meliodas Lord Meliodas Hey, Elizabeth Yes? Let's put some underwear on.
Captain! Don’t touch her! So, King, are you okay too? I don't know if I'd say I'm okay Quit making a fuss over a little scratch.
What? Griamor! Looks like you're fine.
I'm a failure as a Holy Knight.
I even disobeyed Lady Veronica's last order to protect you But But I Thank you.
For always thinking of Veronica until the very end.
My sister loved the shore of Lake Pernes, where we'd always play together and where we share many memories.
Would you please bury her there? I will definitely stop the Holy Knights.
I'll stop them for sure.
When did you become this strong? Are you surprised? That I'm such a big girl? No.
I'm glad you're all right.
Hauser, take the old man and that roly-poly and run away right now.
What do you mean, run? Or do you still want to capture me? Let's meet again.
Until then, stay on your guard.
Will he go back to the kingdom after this? Beats me.
At least now we know there's some discord within the Holy Knights.
Anyway, Cap'n What happened to your sword? Guess it was stolen.
I-Isn't it something important to you? Is that okay? It's not okay at all.
The situation is dire.
But As long as you're fine, Elizabeth, I'm fine.
What, so it's all right even if I'm not fine? What are you talking about? There's no way that you're not fine.
I'm not fine at all.
You're surprisingly tough.
I feel like eating some pork.
That's a bit blunt! If I'd been just one step late in retreating, I would've been done for.
Well, at least we have the spoils of the war, so I suppose all is well.
One of the keys to the revival of the Demon Clan.
A fragment of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness.
The day terror returns to Britannia is near! What did you say? Veronica is dead?! During the Seven Deadly Sins' raid on Byzel, it seems she and Griamor met an untimely death.
Impossible! There's no way Griamor would've died so easily! Besides, how are we supposed to report all this to Princess Margaret? Where's Great Holy Knight Dreyfus? He's shut away in his quarters.
You want to go home, you say? This drill is to prepare ourselves for the Holy War.
L-Let me return to my home You all just need to stay quiet and listen to what we tell you.
In the past few days, the Holy Knights in Hendriksen’s faction have increased dramatically.
And they're all New Generation.
Hendriksen's and Dreyfus's factions Up until now they were even in power, but now that balance has crumbled.
Perhaps this is another precursor to the Holy War.
The chilly morning air is tightening up my body.
Guess I'll do some training to make up for our last battle! Veronica May you rest in peace.
I will turn this kingdom back into a place where laughter fills the air like when we used to have fun in the old days.
Even if it costs me my life! It'll be all right.
We'll definitely return the Kingdom to its former glory.
You've got Captain on your side! Not to mention other comrades.
Comrades? Yeah.
We're comrades now, okay? Are you making fun of me, King? Come at me seriously! Do it like you want to kill me! To kill you, huh? Why? I just wanna crush the Holy Knights and take back the Kingdom as soon as possible.
That's all.
Take back the Kingdom? That's quite a surprise.
I thought you didn't care about other people's business? Aren't you the same way? Well, yeah But I do have a specific reason: to help out Diane.
That's all.
If that's the case, I do too.
We'll save the kingdom, and as a reward, I'll be taking the Horn of Cernunnos stored underneath it.
Horn of Cernunnos? Isn't that a ceremonial artifact that lets you communicate with the Goddess Clan? What are you going to do with it? Wait, are you—?! Yeah.
I'm going to revive Elaine with the help of a goddess.
Ban That's why we should continue! Come on! I guess I have to accept him, don't I, Elaine? You're worried about Captain, aren't you? I thought so.
I'm struggling with it myself.
Captain's appearance That was— Just see what happens if you keep talking! I'll smash every tooth out of you! B-But even you must know— Like hell I do! There's no way that he's the same as that monster! There's no way that can be true.
Ban Cap'n said, "Come with me!" He said that to someone who had spent his entire life as an outcast.
To a shitty person living a shitty life! Elaine and Cap'n are the only two people in the world crazy enough to accept a person like that.
I didn't think the Holy Knights could gain such power this quickly.
I guess I can't hold back in fights anymore.
Sweet Guess I should throw this away.
When the skies are crossed with shooting stars, Britannia will be visited by a dreadful menace.
It is an omen of the beginning of a trial of ancient origins.
A Holy War between the guiding hand of light and the bloodline of darkness.
Captain Lord Meliodas I promise.
And for the person who fought beside me for so long This battle that has raged on for 3,000 years I'll put an end to it once and for all! With just your presence, the world begins to look like a kaleidoscope.
kimi no sonzai dake de sekai wa mangekyou mitai da hashiru kimi ni awase keshika wa irodzuku kara The scenery fills with color as you run onward.
Here I am, showing you my tears again.
hora mata kimi no mae de namida wo miseteshimatta nani ga attemo zutto hanaranaide kureta But no matter what, you always stay by my side.
dareka wo mamorinuku to dareka ni tsumi wo tsukuru By protecting someone, you create a sin for someone else.
Learn of love, and grow stronger the longer you live on.
ikiru hodo ai wo shitte kokoro wa tsuyokunaru But I'll drink down the scars from your past, me no oku ni utsuru kako no kizu wa watashi ga nomihosu kara watashi ga nomihosu kara Reflected in the depths of your eyes.
kimi no sonzai dake de sekai wa mangekyou mitai ni With just your presence, the world begins to look like a kaleidoscope.
kuru kuru mawatte hikari ga sasu Spinning around and around, shining its light.
kawaru kisetsu to kawaranai waraigoe The seasons change while our laughing voices remain the same, kimi wa omoide ni naranai yo But you'll never be reduced to a memory, koko ni iru kara Because you're right here with me.
You've got some nerve to show your face around here.
State your business.
Veronica has died.
It was the Holy Knights, wasn't it? No, the Seven Deadly Sins.
That's impossible! Together with Elizabeth, who is now considered a wanted fugitive, they're planning to seize the kingdom.
The day draws closer that you people receive divine punishment.
The Seven Deadly Sins are the ones who shall die.
Gilthunder The traitorous Holy Knight.
I will never forgive you.
Princess Margaret.
I shall consume all of your hatred.
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