Nanatsu no Taizai (2014) s01e19 Episode Script

Machiboke no Yoseio

1 Meliodas and the others continue to fight in order to save Elizabeth.
Meanwhile, Diane has been forced into a corner due to Helbram's overwhelming power.
And that's when King intervened to fight Helbram.
Diane and King's past is about to be revealed.
Long ago human kingdoms formed a peace treaty with the forest ruled by the Fairy King.
Not only as a symbol of their alliance, but also as an agreement not to interfere with each other.
I had lost my memory around that time.
I only remember being assaulted and that man's face.
Who was that man and who am I? I've already forgotten.
Harlequin! Aah! A monster?! You surprised? Let's eat.
And I lived with the girl from the Giant Clan who saved me.
This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Where there's a kingdom, there are Holy Knights.
Where there are Holy Knights, the kingdoms are at war.
And then, there are those who took the Holy Knights' justice and freedom.
Therefore, they are legends, the Holy Knights beyond Holy Knights.
In other words, the Seven Deadly Sins! oh Wow oh oh oh oh sure er geth to come plea All the and pain The why son There rea no is oh Wow oh oh oh oh Presented by FBI Fansubs All geth to come er the sure The pain plea and rea son why no There's got don't know They I my de mons e to nough let them go fierce I'm stran hold gle fire A It's a like I ble vin in wish was ci I You're sire de lo my friend ' e Hel old gain you don't here a I But need walk in back Go take a side Just ther the side you see on o I'll i mo Those who wander and those that hesitated do no mo mo kou ma to no mo tou i yo ma sa o ko e Will surpass all sin no su be te mi tsu oh Wow oh oh oh oh All sure the and pain The come to er geth plea There no is rea son why oh oh oh oh oh Wow All come to geth er plea The pain and the sure rea no There's son why Episode 19 The Fairy King Waiting in Vain Roasted and grilled pork! Eat a lot, 'kay? I'll just have some fruit Really? Then let's dig in! While you sleep, you dream of sleeping You sure must love sleeping.
So, do you remember anything? I saw a big tree in a mysterious place.
The place where you're from? Perhaps Here, meals for both of you, Fillet, Roast.
I didn't think you could make golems, Diane.
I've heard that the Giant Clan has a strong connection with the Earth I was always alone.
I think it's because I've always wanted friends that I was able to make them.
I see.
But they can't talk and only do what I tell them.
That's why I'm glad to have met you.
Same here.
I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't saved me.
Then, then! Will you be my friend someday? We're already friends.
Really?! Yeah.
I'll give you this.
Because we're friends.
Forget the pork It tastes good.
Just try some! I didn't have my memories, but that was a blissful time for me.
That's probably why I was living so peacefully back then.
While being oblivious to what was happening at that time Dianewhere did she go— Harlequin! Well, I'll be damned! A fairy child! Meeting a Giant girl is already rare in itself.
Diane, let's go.
That human shared his food with us? That's right.
He said it's a soup of mountain birds, mushroom and nuts.
Here you go! Diane Hmm? You shouldn't trust humans so much.
Why not? Why, you say Why can't we trust humans? Those lowly humans They're always fighting their own kind for some stupid reason But they have all kinds of things we Fairies don't like culture and philosophy.
If you trust them too much, you'll regret it.
Well, if that happens, you'll stop me.
Since you're my best friend! Harlequin Harlequin! You dozing off again? Helbram my best friend? Did you remember something? Helbram is my best friend? Who is.
that? I'm Diane, stay with me! Can you hear me? Wait for me, I'll go get some herbs! Diane! Don'tgo But! Don't go I'mso lonely I don't wantto be alone Don'tleave me alone! You can't go, Brother! Without Brother, how can we protect the forest?! I can't just abandon Helbram! Sit tight just for a little while, Elaine! Elaine Wait, this isn't the time for that! Diane, let go of me! Let go of me! Oh, my! It's you guys.
Human? When you have a fever, this is the best for it.
Looks like she's calmed down a bit.
Thank you And for the soup the other dayit was really good.
The other day? Ah, that was many decades ago.
Decades? That's when I learned about the passage of time Wait, hold up! A short time for Fairies could mean an entire lifetime for humans.
There was a huge difference in time.
Let's see Alright, if you can catch me, I'll let you have one wish.
Really?! Alright! Over here, over here! Take this! Eh?! Diane!! Clothes, clothesyour clothes! I gotcha! Eh? Oh Enough about that, your clothes! Clothes? But I don't have anything besides this.
Eh? Thank you, Harlequin! I made them by tanning the hide of a Dusk Bison.
Pigtails, pigtails, pigtails! Um That tickles! Hey, can I make it too? Okay, I'll show you how later.
Actually, my clothes are self-made too.
Huh? What's wrong now? Self-made? I madethese clothes? What do you think? I made them myself.
Did a human teach you? How rude! I just happened to see them make it! Harlequin, I thought you said you hated humans? I've only said not to trust them! Brother, your job is to protect the Fairy King's Forest! Fairy King's Forest That is my Harlequin! Ah! S-Sorry! No, look over there.
Houses in a place like this? There are so many little houses Since when? Ooh Could it be Are you Dianette and Hereqin? Ooh! Mister Hunter! No, nothat Hunter is my deceased Grandpa.
I run the general store here.
Grandpa? To think that you guys exist Grandpa told me that he met rare lovebirds, a Giant and a Fairy, a few times.
Lovebirds? I-It means really close friends.
Then, are they lovebirds too? Well, lovebirds are between a man and a woman Look, like them.
Humans live short lives, so they make an exchange of vows between two people called marriage and then they live together.
Together? Harlequin, do you love me? Y-Yeah, I do love you You said you'll grant me one wish, right? Then I want you to love me forever.
Now, let's get back.
I promise! I will always love you, and always be by your side! It's fine as long as you always love me.
Diane The Fairies that went with Helbram were captured?! It was an old warrior with an eyepatch At this rate, we'll What should we do, Fairy King? Your Highness? I'mthe Fairy King, Harlequin.
Protector of the forest and got here after chasing my best friend, Helbram, who went to the Human world And then I remember everything.
Harlequin The village! We have to go! It's dangerous! Stay here, Diane! I'll go by myself! When it's over, I'll Go find your friend, and return home to everyone.
I'll definitely come back to you.
I promise.
Definitely Okay.
But, I was That promise is more important than anything else.
Hey, are you alright?! Hey! You're! It's been hundred of years since then, how are you still alive?! That's what I wanna ask you! When you were killed because you were caught off-guard, I killed him when he was off-guard to avenge you! Then, I'm Helbram? Is that you, Helbram? It's you, isn't it? What's with that appearance?! So I won't forget my hatred towards the humans.
Hatred? Yeah, that's right.
The humans the humans that I once admired They tricked my friends, and ripped off their wings!! They promised them a lot of money One by one piece by piece Slowly so they didn't damage the wings Hey Can you imagine it? The feeling of seeing those I trusted pluck my friends' wings out in front of my eyes Rip, ripsnap, snapthe sounds and everyone's cries echoing begging for help as their wings are being torn off while they're still alive! Hey, try and imagine it! The feeling of having those sounds echoed in my head for yearsno, hundreds of years! Hey, try and imagine it Try and imagine it, Harlequin! Helbram I detest humans! That's why I've been killing them for five hundred years! But it's never enough! No matter how many I kill, I can't get away from that sound I've killed and killed but I can't escape that sound!! That's why! That's why I will eliminate the humans from this world Not even one I won't leave a single one—! If that happens If that happens, you'll stop me.
Since you're my best friend! I have to atone for my sins For leaving my friend in suffering for a long for a really long time For not even knowing of his suffering For not keeping that important promise I made with Diane But I'll never forget.
The massacre done by a single Fairy that continued a long period of time.
The responsibility lies on the Fairy King and his "sloth" for allowing it to happen.
Therefore, you're sentenced to an imprisonment of a thousand years! My feelings for you will never change.
Hey, Diane If by chance we meet again someday I will Why hasn't the Sacred Tree forsaken you?! How can you use so much of Chastiefol's power?! It's warm My wound! When the Sacred Tree is hurt, it produces pollen to protect wounds, and heals them.
You're pretty lucky If you weren't near Diane, you would've died already.
The Sacred Tree exists to protect the Fairy World.
It has no sentiment of evil.
Do you still want to do this, Helbram? Even now after seven hundred years, you still want to continue killing humans? It's not "continue" Rather "I can no longer stop"! Holy Knights, give all of your magical power to me! It's coming It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! I can't affordto lose here! It's alright now.
You can rest now Helbram.
Hey long time no see Harlequin That helmet was actually my present to you I thought you would like it I got it from a human though But I'm such an idiot Now that I look at it properly it wouldn't suit you at all That's right you really are an idiot I'm sorry, Diane I let you experience all that alone.
Thank you King Leave the rest to me.
Harlequin That name sounds so nostalgic Whose was it? I can't remember It must be from a dream.
Eh? You must have been dreaming.
May I ask something? No matter how I look at it, I can't believe that you guys are trying to overthrow the kingdom.
But then, why did you suddenly infiltrate the kingdom? To rescue the kidnapped Princess Elizabeth.
Kidnapped?! D-Don't tell me Elizabeth is in the kingdom right now?! It's a war! The Seven Deadly Sins are attacking us! Sir Hendricksen, why don't we wrap up things on our side too? Your attitude alone is becoming of a king, Arthur Pendragon.
He's a brat with immeasurable strength and intellect.
Judging by what he said, he already has a grasp on the situation over here.
The question is what and how much he knows exactly The King's imprisonment? The kidnapping of the Princess? Or the Demon Clan's resurrection plan? Are you thinking deep thoughts in the midst of battle?! Come at me seriously Show me the power that made you the new King! O-Ouch But, we're not done! Do you intend to hold back until you die? Then, why don't you try harder to force me to use it? As you wish Black flames? Now, die! Hellblaze Wave Hellblaze Wave! My attack was reflected? You've acquired quite some dangerous magic power while I've been gone That voice You're Well, well, well Well, well, well Well, well, well I'll be taking Elizabeth back now.
k o i k n i m a s d i a a o d k e e s n n z y k w a m a g e e i o u i d i a t m a With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope i k i m n o s o n z a i a d e k d e e s k a i w a a m n e g o y k u i m t a i d a k i m u r i e n k e i a w s k a s i i s h u i r i d z u k w h k a r a h a o a The scenery is filled with color as you leap forwards a h i s h r u i k m i n i a w a s e e k i h s i k w a i o r z u d u k a k r a m t a a k i m r s i m i n n o e a d a e a h w h t e s i m o a a t a m d i m o e Here I am, with my tears showing yet again h o r a a m a t i k m i o n m a e d e n a i m d a w o i m e s e t i h s m a e o m z t a n a u o h a n e r n g a r i n a a e t u k e d i a t t a But you always remain by my side, no matter what a n n i g a a t e m o z u t o h a a n r e n a i e d u k r e t a a k m r e k a w o i a o t m o u r k d r e u w a u u k u s t o r i n m u s t n i d a By defending someone, you spawn a sin for someone else d a r e a k w o a m o m i r u n k u t o d a r e k a i n u s t m i o w u s t u k k d o o k h u o a u h i e w s i r i k a w r o y u s t t o o u r i a n k o u r Learning of love, you grow stronger the longer you live i i k r u o h o d i a o w i h s e t k o k o r o w a u s t o y k u n a u r k u u t o u u s k a n i r o n o k i z u n k a o m e w I'll absorb the wounds from your past e m n o o k u n i u u s t r u k a o k o n i k z u a w h s a t a w a i a r n k m o o h g s i a u Echoed in the chasms of your eyes a w t a s h i g a n o m i h o s u k a a r w i d a a e d e g k e s a u a n k e i i y k i m m i t a i n s a z k m i n o o n o With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope k i m i n o s n o a i z a d e k d e e s k a i w a a m n g e k o y u i m a t i n i a a m s r w u u a a t s k e h a u g i k i r r k u u Rotating to and fro, spreading its glow u k u r u k u r m a a w t e h i k a i r a g a s u s i n a a a s e t o w a k t a u r u e i a s i g o r w k k a w r a The seasons pass while our jolly voices remain unchanged k a a w u r i k e s u t s t o k a a w r a a n i a w a r i g o e m e a o o i a k i m w a n r d a i n n i i y o But you'll never become a mere memory i k i m w a o m o i d e i n a n a r n a i y o a k i o k n r o k i a r u Because you're always with me k o o k n i i u r k a a r Next Time What the hell Where the hell is this place? When will I get more screentime?! Next time on the Seven Deadly Sins: "Charm of Courage".
It's dark It's scary Charm of Courage Episode 20 Ma! Until Next Week!