Nanatsu no Taizai (2014) s01e21 Episode Script

Ima, Soko ni Semaru Kyoi

1 I will always protect you.
With Meliodas' help, Gilthunder is now free from his 10 year-long bound, and managed to defeat his father's murderer, Hendricksen.
Upon the Sin of Gluttony, Boar's Sin, Merlin's appearance, Vivian's ambition had also fallen apart.
At the same time, Hawk heard ominous footsteps in a dark and mysterious place.
So this is the kingdom's treasure, the Horn of Cernunnos.
It sure is huge.
Hey, Goddess or whatever, can you hear me? Hello! Hey, if you can hear this, then In exchange for my life, please bring Elaine back to life.
Hey, did you hear me?! Thought as much As if such a convenient thing exists.
It's no use then— Who goes there? Master?! What the hell are you doing there?! Rather, why the hell?! Like hell I know! Where is this place?! And where is Elizabeth?! This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Where there's a kingdom, there are Holy Knights.
Where there are Holy Knights, the kingdoms are at war.
And then, there are those who threaten the Holy Knights' justice and freedom.
Therefore, they are legends, the Holy Knights beyond Holy Knights.
In other words, the Seven Deadly Sins! oh oh oh oh Wow oh come All to er geth sure pain The the plea and no There is why rea son oh oh Wow oh oh oh Presented by FBI Fansubs geth the plea All come and er pain The to sure There's no rea son why I got mons They don't know de my go let to them e nough I'm fierce fire It's like a hold A stran gle ble vin ci was in I wish I You're old my sire Hel lo friend ' e de gain here a you But I need don't take Just side a in walk Go back the ther o I'll on see side you sa no mo i Those who wander and those that hesitated yo kou mo to i ma ma tou mo no do mo o Will surpass all sin ko e no tsu su te be mi oh Wow oh oh oh oh The pain the plea and come geth er to All sure is no There son why rea oh oh Wow oh oh oh All come to geth er plea sure the and pain The no There's rea son why Episode 21 Now, the Imminent Danger Are you scared? No, Lord Meliodas will definitely come.
Besides, now you are here too, Father.
I see But, soon we will come to be separated.
Huh? You do know about my ability, Vision, right? It's limited only to myself and my immediate surroundings, but I can sense what will happen in the future by some vague words and images.
Did you see something? Very soon, I will be rescued from this inviolable room by a Crimson Pig.
A pig? So you were sent to this place by that masked magician? Yeah, she was probably afraid of my terrifying power.
Anyway, let's get out of here.
We have to rescue Elizabeth as soon as possible! Sorry, but you can go on ahead so long.
And why's that? I can't just give up easily, after all There's still something I have to do.
That's right, there is still something you have to do.
Wh-Who's there?! The Goddess Clan! GoddessClan? Show yourself! Where are you talking from?! Unfortunately, that's not possible.
Because of the Ancient War, we have lost our power and it will take some time before we can regain our original form.
What an air of authority However, bringing back a mere single Fairy Clan is not a problem at all.
I know I'm the one asking for it, but Does the Goddess Clan grant everyone's wish this easily? You're really just gonna take my life and— No I have no intention of taking your life.
In exchange, you'll be given a mission.
Hey, Ban, no matter how you look at it, this seems shady! Yeah, maybebut, just shut up, Master.
Silence, pig! D-Double hush?! Got it, I'll do anything you ask.
You must kill a certain person.
Kill, you say? Ban, this is dangerous—! That's an awfully grim request for a Goddess.
Will you accept it? I already told you, I'll do anything.
So who do I kill? That person currently goes by the name Dragon's Sin of the Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas.
Guila! Thank goodness You bitch How dare you I'm gonna kill you! You can't! What's with this midget? He's Zeal, my little brother.
What about the battle?! Where are the Seven Deadly Sins?! We no longer have any reason to fight them.
We have lost to them.
By the way, I still haven't heard your answer yet.
Why did you drink the Demon's blood? Vivian, where is Princess Elizabeth? I-In the King's chamber You heard her.
Ah, she's running away! What should we do? Leave her.
More importantly We have to go and rescue Elizabeth.
Then, we should hurry.
This is in front of my father's chamber.
I was going for inside, but I was rejected.
It must be my worthless disciple's doing.
Alright, stand back, everyone.
Wait, Captain.
Hmm? Even your strength can't break this barrier.
This is Perfect Cube.
It's a spell from the Demon world that reflects all powers, no matter how strong that power is.
That's right, even if you all attack it together, you wouldn't even leave a single scratch.
Too bad for you Serves you right! How did you erase the magic? Absolute Cancel Absolute Cancel I merely cut off the magic my disciple cast to this room.
That's cheating Yo.
We haven't even been apart a single day But I wanted to see you again so much! There, there.
HEY! You've gotten old, Baltra.
You haven't changed a bit.
Well, yeah.
U-Um HEY! Dreyfus! It's been a long time since I saw you too, Dreyfus.
What exactly is going on here? Hendricksen is dead He wasn't able to repent for his eternal sin.
Sin I witnessed it.
Ten years ago, on the morning of the Kingdom's Founding Day, you and your accomplice, Hendricksen, killed Zaratras That deplorable scene Later, I was so scared and told Gil everything.
But we were found out by Vivian.
Both of us were monitored, and had to obey her every command.
I see Even then, Vivian was already unhealthily obsessed with Gilthunder.
But, even that bound has been severed by Meliodas.
It's my loss.
Like they've said, along with Hendricksen, I killed the Great Holy Knight Zaratras.
At first, I felt only jealousy towards my brother But somewhere along the line it turned into hatred I am deeply sorry.
But, how does that have anything to do with the current events? It was to realize the Holy War.
Holy War? It's a phrase passed down in Britannia's old song.
His Majesty has predicted that it will happen in the near future.
But His Majesty ordered us to put down our swords I intended to put an end to the incident from ten years ago by carrying out the Holy War.
By framing the Seven Deadly Sins as the enemy for the Holy War, there would no longer be anyone that knows the truth.
But Hendricksen had other plans.
That's cheating! It's not fair! No one told me that woman would come! Thanks to that, now everything's a mess! Gil Gil! My Gil! If you desire him that badly, then just take him back once more.
Huh? Ever since that incident ten years ago, Hendricksen has changed drastically.
I had no idea that he'd go as mad as to attempt to resurrect the Demon Clan.
How did things end up like this? All I want is to be a father that my son could've been proud of.
Griamor is still alive.
I'm sure even now, he's keeping guard over Veronica's remains Father Dreyfus As of now, you are to be stripped of your position as Great Holy Knight.
Until you are given your sentence, wait in the underground.
Yes, Your Majesty.
I will take him.
Father! Let me have a look.
He's severely weakened.
He needs immediate treatment.
Lady Merlin, please help my father! Please, we beg of you! I will do everything in my power.
But, His Majesty can't rest well here.
I would like to treat him in Camelot, if that's alright.
The two of you need not worry.
Elizabeth, remember what I said about my vision earlier.
Vision? A Crimson Pig Margaret, let's leave it to Lady Merlin.
As long as you're fine with it.
I'm confused myself, but looks like everything's settled now.
Now that it's decided— Sir Meliodas! Our meeting was guided by a powerful destiny! So please, lend me your strength as Camelot's Great Holy Knight! Sure thing! R-Really? Then, let's— When I feel like it.
There's restoring the town to do, and I still have the Boar's Hat So I can't go right away.
No way He dodged that pretty well.
Merlin, when will you come back to the Seven Deadly Sins? When I feel like it Sheesh, she stole my words.
Oh, damn, I was supposed to ask her about ten years ago.
S-Say Lord Meliodas, will you really leave me some— T-The castle has! Are you alright, Elizabeth? Y-Yeswhat in the world is going on? Are you both alright? We're missing one person.
Yeah Dreyfus has disappeared.
What the hell is— Which brigade are you from? Go back to your post! Let us Holy Knights take care of over here— Memeza, Memeza, Memenomaza.
Blood, awaken.
Hey, do you hear me—! What the hell happened? The castle just collapsed! But none of their magic power has disappeared.
Let's hurry and join them! Wait, Guila and Jericho don't look too good! That's no ordinary injury! Big Sis! I regret nothing Demon's blood or whatever power is power! This feeling of some pitch black power surging from inside of them This is probably similar to Dale.
I'll make my brother take back what he said making fun of me for being a woman! Now's the chance! Diane! Wait, King! What do you plan to do?! I'm going to kill Jericho! Diane can barely move right now! I'mfine! But what's going on with Guila and Jericho?! Most likely the Demon's blood in the New Generation went out of control! No! It's being forced to go berserk! Captain! Gil, you—! What the hell's going on?! I don't have time to explain right now.
I'll tell you later.
Captain, by being made to go berserk Don't tell mesomeone is causing this? Yeah.
Both Guila and Jericho are of the New Generation.
And not just them For every New Generation to go berserk at the same time, don't you think that's unnatural? At the same time, you say? Look.
T-This is Diane! As expected, you have great judgement.
The New Generation is based on those who couldn't become Holy Knights, they're failures.
They suffer from an inferiority complex and their hearts are twisted with rage towards themselves.
This ancient spell is to heighten those feelings and eventually overcome them.
Y-You are So you're alive Hendricksen! Hendricksen?! But, that appearance This guy must have drunk the Demon's blood.
This is a wonderful blessing.
True compatibility with the Demon's blood greatly enhances the body and amplifies your power.
All my research and experiments were worth it.
Hand over Elizabeth.
If you do so, I'll let you live as a show of mercy to one of my kind.
Don't lump me with you.
You're neither Human nor Demon.
You're just an idiot! I expected something like that.
Then, is this expected too? Of course.
Another enemy?! How—? You just died earlier! Helbram! It's useless trying to talk to him.
He was dead from the beginning.
You were the one who killed him, right? You What did you do to Helbram? King! Apparently you Fairies never rot after you die.
For almost 200 years, his corpse has been going around the black market for a high price.
I bought him and gave him a temporary life with the forbidden technique of the Druids, Enslavement of the Dead.
But you can only revive someone twice, and with each time, their soul erodes and their performance declines significantly.
No no that's too much! You should be happier.
I'm giving you a wonderful opportunity The opportunity to kill your friend for the third time.
It's the beginning of an enjoyable show! Damn it! Ugh, damn! Hey, hey is this for real?! Hendricksen! Well done, Vivian.
Lord Meliodas! Gilthunder! Vivian, you bitch! You're all mine now, Gil! Do you have any idea how much I love— Gil! Lord Meliodas Why Gil too?! That's not what you promised me! Oh, but it is.
Now this man is yours.
Once he is a corpse, he will never leave your side again.
Forever This can't be— Well then I'll thoroughly finish you two off.
Stop right there! As you wish, I will go with you.
In exchange, don't lay a hand on those two! Elizabeth Elizabeth, what are you Good girl I intended to only let Meliodas live, but I'll throw in Gilthunder free of charge.
You can't Don't go Elizabeth! Lord Meliodas Please let me be the one to protect you once in a while.
Shall we go, then? Don't go, Elizabeth! Lord Meliodas Please don't ever forget the promise you made to me I've decided to find the Seven Deadly Sins with Elizabeth, and put a stop to the Holy Knights.
Even if you were to die, I'll fulfill the promise I have made to you.
Elizabeth!! Captain Ban, please lend me a hand! Elizabeth has been taken away by Hendricksen! Again?! What the hell do the Holy Knights think the princess is?! Hawk, you came too? More importantly, you look half-dead! Get some rest! Alright Ban, let's go rescue Elizabeth! Of course you'll come with me, right? Right?! H-Hey T-That's right! First, we have to help Diane and the others! Yeah, yeah! Hey Ban, you're not thinking of something weird, are you? Ban, why are you keeping silent? Yeah I love you, Captain! That's why I don't want you to suffer.
Don't dodge.
I refuse! As expected of you, Captain.
What kind of sick joke is this, now of all times?! You guys, knock it off already! This isn't the time to be fighting among yourselves! Hey, Captain I've always tried to avoid saying anything or thinking about it, but I'm gonna ask you now.
Are you from the Demon Clan? d i o i n i m i k n o e s a z k d e n a k e a w i s k e a d o y m t a g i m u a a With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope k i i m o n n o s z a i d a k e e d e s a k i a w m a n g e o y k u i m t a i a d i i s a a s h i h w a r u i k i n d k i k z r h k i s e u u e a a w k r a m o The scenery is filled with color as you leap forwards a h i h s u r i k m i n i a a w s e k e h i s k i w a i o r z u d u k a k a r m a m o w s t i e a k e t a s i m o i m a e h i m a n e d a d h m a r n a t i o Here I am, with my tears showing yet again h o r a a m t a k i i m o n a m e d e a n i m a d o w i m s e t e h i s m a o u z e o e t n a n a g e a t i n t h a a a m r n u r k a e d i a t But you always remain by my side, no matter what a n i n g a a e t m o z u o t a h a n e r i a n e d k u e r t a o a d t o u k n i s r m a e w k o i m r u u e a s k t i r u n u m t u o d a k a r w By defending someone, you spawn a sin for someone else d a e r a k o w m a o m i r n u u k t o d a r e k a i n s t u i m o w u s t u k u u i o w i k r t u h i a o d o i h e t s o y n a u s k r r a w o o k o k r u Learning of love, you grow stronger the longer you live i k i r u o h o d i a o w s h i t e o k k o r o a w t u s y o k u n a u r e r u s t o o i n n k m u i w o a o k a u k u z u k n I'll absorb the wounds from your past e m n o o k u n i u u t s r u k a k o n o i k u z a w o a u t a w a g h i k n a s i h o s m a r Echoed in the chasms of your eyes a w t a s h i g a o n i m o h u s k a r a e i s m a e i k d s k a o a z i n o e n o t y k e g n a m i i i i u a w m a d k n With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope k i m i o n s o n a i z d a e k d e e s k a i w a m a n g e k o y u m i a t i n i u r a a m u r k u s k u h u t g i a a s i w e r k a Rotating to and fro, spreading its glow u k u r k u r u a m w a t e h i a k i r a g s a u s a i a a r o s k u s t e i t i a o k g w a a e r n w k a u w r a The seasons pass while our jolly voices remain unchanged k a a w r u k i e s t s u t o k a a w a r a n i a w a r i g o e n e a i a i d o i o m n o w m y i k n a i r a But you'll never become a mere memory i k m i w a o o m i d e n i n a a r n a i y o k k r o n o k i a i u r a Because you're always with me k o k o n i i u r k a r a Now, Lady Elizabeth, just a little further.
No, it all ends here.
If I'm gone, then you can't accomplish the Demon's resurrection, right? When did you Now, be a good girl and hand me the blade.
Hendricksen That voice Dreyfus Next Time I am Gustav, Jericho's older brother.
I'm sorry for all the trouble that my sister has caused.
Next time on the Seven Deadly Sins: "What I Can Do For You".
Even though she's like that, she does have her cute side.
What I Can Do For You Episode 22 Until Next Week!