Nancy Drew (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

The Secret of the Old Morgue

1 Horseshoe Bay's most infamous Sea Queen wore her crown for only one night.
People say she still haunts our town, a town I never thought I'd be stuck in until life dropped a real mystery into my lap.
Welcome to The Claw.
Can you bring something to my wife? She's outside in the car.
Hudson? We told you all we know.
We're not suspects.
I'm looking at a decent four-pack: town screwup, ex-con, city girl, - and Nancy Drew.
- George, it's way too soon for this.
I'm not in high school anymore, and you're not married.
Come on.
What are you doing with Ned Nickerson? Stay away from that kid.
Manslaughter? "Found guilty after the testimony of a single key witness: Tiffany Hudson.
" What the hell? Your father is worried about you and so am I.
Not just as a police officer but as a friend.
Is that what you were to my mom? I tried to record the fireworks, but all I got was Tiffany Hudson, murdered by a ghost.
Why is it always the ones you love most who have the most to hide? What's the dress of a girl who was murdered 20 years ago doing in my attic? Are you doing okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Nancy, I am so sorry for keeping things to myself.
I need you to know nothing ever happened between Karen and me while your mom was still alive.
But then she was here I thought I knew my dad, but if he could lie about Karen, he could lie about anything.
Including what really happened to Lucy Sable.
and that's when things started to change between us.
We wanted to tell you.
We just didn't know how.
Is there anything you want to ask me? Yeah.
Are you the reason she's known as "Dead Lucy"? Nope.
I watch the sunlight slowly fade Into the darkness of the night The hunted hang around Hello.
So heavy now I don't wanna fight What do you mean they want to do an autopsy? Yeah.
Yeah, we need to get ahead of this thing.
Nancy Drew.
Twice in two days.
Tell me you're here to confess.
May I please see the cold case file on Lucy Sable? Oh, returning to your favorite pastime of interfering in my work.
Why the sudden interest in Lucy 20 years after the fact? Just a concerned citizen.
Chief, that was Judge Fontaine.
He signed the injunction.
Our coroner can't touch the body.
Court's allowing Ryan Hudson to move Tiffany to the district morgue in New Hampshire.
He says he wants the autopsy handled by a more qualified expert.
They're picking the body up at 8:00 p.
They're railroading your investigation, aren't they? This is why suspects don't get to hang around in a police station.
Looks like Lucy will have to wait, which means the only thing I have to worry about is the other murder that needs solving, the one where I'm a suspect.
The only way to clear my name is to find the killer, who could be closer than I'd like to think.
Ace puts up the slacker front, but he's smarter than he seems I got a big mirror.
even if he's got a thing for unattainable women.
Bess says she lives in a mansion with her rich aunt, but if that's true, why is she working here? George plays the tough girl, but she's a pro at keeping secrets.
Big secrets.
Like the identity of the older man she was caught hooking up with junior year.
But none of them has a motive.
- The only one who does - - is the one I desperately wish didn't: - the guy Tiffany put in jail three years ago - with her eyewitness testimony.
- Who I also happen to be sleeping with.
Oh, um I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
- Nick, hi.
- I was just wondering if you'd be my date to the Seawater Ceremony.
That is if they haven't canceled it 'cause of everything that's happened.
No, no, highly implausible.
Ghostly superstitions are a big part of our tourist trade.
It's a whole thing that's happening tonight.
I'll tell you about it later.
Well, in that case, what do you think? I'll meet you at the beach tonight.
God, I hope he's innocent.
Nancy Drew 1x02 The Secret of the Old Morgue Well, Tiffany Hudson's not the only dead thing around here.
- I Too soon.
- Is it? Mm.
Don't just stand there, guys.
- Post something on Yelp.
- What do you want us to post? "We promise our waitstaff didn't murder anyone"? We all know who murdered Tiffany.
Dead Lucy.
We have it all on video.
What did the cops say when you showed them? I didn't show them.
- But - All they would do is take my phone away and log it as evidence.
Anyway, kids have been making fake Lucy videos for years.
McGinnis wouldn't believe her.
Well, won't we know more soon? Aren't they gonna do an autopsy? I overheard that the Hudson family got a judge to block it.
They're moving the body tonight, which is exactly what you would do if you were trying to cover up a murder.
You're looking in the wrong place, Drew.
Ryan Hudson wouldn't kill his wife.
Why is his family trying to hide behind a special autopsy? So you can doctor the results.
Hide the truth.
I mean, I'm willing to bet if they've got a judge in their pocket, they've got that coroner in New Hampshire, too.
Although if we had someone say a forensic chemist who owed you for solving a perfume-related mystery for him in the ninth grade, he could perform the same kind of toxicology tests for you.
- That's a very specific hypothetical.
- Yeah.
I-It may not be a full autopsy, but it could be enough to figure out how Tiffany died.
All I'd need is some of her blood.
And how are we gonna get some of her blood? Also, ew.
Stay here.
I got it.
Standard public building break-in.
Been doing them since I was 14.
Hello? Yeah, I'm going out for coffee, and then I'll pick the bucket up at the hardware store.
Yeah, I remember.
Yeah, and I'll bring it to the beach later.
Pick a lock, steal some blood.
Done by the time he's back.
Except there's no lock to pick.
Guess they use key cards now.
Gonna have to come up with a new plan.
Hello? Get it together, Drew.
You don't believe in ghosts.
Right? So, it turns out the security system in the morgue is a little insane, so we're gonna have to try again tonight.
You can't go there at night; the morgue's haunted.
Oh, here we go.
Wait, what it's haunted? Yeah.
By our old friend, Dead Lucy.
They say she wanders it after dark, searching for a long-lost body.
About ten years back, some kids snuck in, trying to see if those stories were true.
One died one disappeared, the other lost his mind.
- Oh, my God.
- I know.
I bet that's why the security system's so souped-up now.
Right? Okay, we're not gonna let a ghost story stop us from our one chance of gathering this evidence.
So we're gonna work together to break in to the morgue tonight.
Wait, who said we were gonna do anything? Well, as fellow suspects, you should be highly incentivized to help me.
We may not be able to dismantle the security system, but we can get the coroner's key card.
He'll be at the ceremony tonight, so we'll break into the morgue while he's there, and the blood will be packed up and shipped off by 9:00 p.
Oh, but what about the van? You said it was supposed to arrive by 8:00 p.
Unless we get it canceled.
Ryan arranged the transport himself, so he could call it off, or we could cancel it for him if If we got the name of that medical examiner, we could call and impersonate a Hudson flunky.
All we need is Ryan's phone.
He jogs up near Hunter's Creek every afternoon.
Leaves his stuff there.
You can get it then.
What? I cut through there on my lunch break, okay? Can you cut through there again today? Oh, and steal his phone.
- You steal his phone, I can break into it.
- Hmm.
- Noted.
- Why can't you do it? Because I'm gonna be getting the tool to break into the car.
- And you're the one who knows where to find him.
- Fine.
My mom's car.
Nick said he could get it up and running again.
But if that's all he's up to Whoa.
It's not ready yet.
What brings you by? Not that I'm complaining.
I need something to break into a locked car.
Because I'm trying to figure out exactly how Tiffany died.
I can help.
So, uh, you feel like telling me more? I don't want to get you in trouble.
Don't tell me you plan on doing something dangerous again.
I won't.
Tell you.
George? Hey.
I've been looking for you.
Is this about why you ghosted me? I need to know why you're moving Tiffany's body.
Word travels fast, huh? Look, people like to come after families like mine, you know, sell a story.
Tiffany was She was heavily medicated.
I didn't need that showing up on Page Six.
So This way, the autopsy's done in a bigger jurisdiction with more discretion, so my family's privacy is protected.
That's it.
Really? 'Cause everyone thinks that you're hiding something.
What do you mean, everybody? You? - No.
- George, come on.
You know that I would never do anything like that.
Look, why don't we, um why don't we reschedule for tonight.
Dropped your phone.
I got to get back to work.
Hey, what else is everybody saying about me? You really want me to answer that? Hey, Carson! - Hey.
- Hill-topper.
- That's Hudson.
- Yes.
I didn't know the townies still used that term.
If you came to talk to me about your image problem, you might start by not calling them "townies".
See, that's exactly the advice that I need.
I'm sure your parents have a publicist.
Well, they do, but I want a lawyer.
I decline.
You really think that I had something to do with my wife's death? Carson, I'm innocent.
Then your legal needs are minimal.
People here in this town, they they trust you.
So you can buy me a little goodwill with the locals.
Their opinions aren't for sale.
But you know that.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have come to find me.
Well, now, give yourself a little bit more credit than that.
'Cause I know that my parents had you on retainer back in the day.
Here's my pro bono advice: Stop acting like you have no connection to the town you summer in.
If you ever did stand trial for you wife's death, these people are your jurors, and to them, you're still just a rich teen cruising Main Street in your Porsche, making fun of them.
Well, come on, I was just a stupid kid.
I remember.
So what do I got to do to change your mind? Nothing.
Promised my wife I'd never work for another Hudson.
No dice.
He took his phone jogging.
I saw you take it out of his car and then hand it back to him.
You were spying on me? You were helping him.
Best case scenario, you were covering for a killer; worst case scenario, you are the killer.
Whoa, what? Why would I kill Tiffany? You handled her food that night.
So did you.
But I'm not sleeping with her husband.
Come on, George.
It's obvious.
He asked you to "reschedule" for tonight.
So now you have super hearing? I can read lips I learned how to online.
Yeah, and everyone thought I was the weirdo in high school.
Nothing's changed.
You're still judging me and jumping to conclusions.
I'm not jumping - that is real evidence - You know what's real? Being called a slut by your friends.
When I sat down at a lunch table, your friends would wipe the seat off.
- My friends were idiots.
- Yeah, but they were your friends.
Were they not? Although where are they now? From what I remember, they lost interest in you the second you became the girl with the dying mom.
All that's left is for you to tell my secret and laugh at me.
Just like old times, right, Drew? Get out of my way.
Why are you guys so mad? - The plan's off.
- What happened to Ryan's cell phone? He took it with him.
The medical examiner's van is on its way here as we speak.
Coroner's meeting up with it at 8:00, right? What if we found a way to delay the van? Enough to get what we need from the morgue? Yeah, there's only that one road that leads into the morgue.
Right? You have a working car? - On it.
- Take Bess.
- On it.
- I'll get the key card.
We'll be done by 8:30, and you'll be home by 9:00.
And we'll use the seawater bucket ceremony as our cover.
Once a year, on the final day of the Summer Festival, the town gathers for the bucket ritual.
Get a bucket of seawater, put it outside your door, kick it over when the church bells strike midnight.
If there's still seawater inside, you live.
But superstition says if it's turned to blood, you're marked to die in the coming year.
You're planning something.
Something no one's told me about.
- Your record I mean, if we get arrested - It's okay.
It's okay.
I'll sit this one out.
Just be careful.
Someone got lost on their way to the yacht club.
Can I buy one of those buckets? I've never seen a Hudson show up to a town event like this before.
He's just doing this to prove a point, show that he's one of us.
Looks like it's working.
Image rehab the grieving widower.
Yeah, and it doesn't take much, apparently.
Who would ever trust a manipulative psycho like him? You'd be surprised.
Hey, sorry.
- Appreciate it.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
There's something that you need to know about.
It's so good to see you.
Thank you so much.
- No, Ryan - You be good.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Your support means so much to me right now.
Thank you.
No, I just got here.
I know you're on the beach.
Where on the beach? Well, I don't know where that is.
I'm Where? I'm losing my mind.
I'm losing my mind.
That's better, right? - Better than that being real.
- What's wrong? Did you not get the key card? No, I got it.
Um I think I may have seen something.
- Never mind.
It's crazy.
- No, no, no.
I love crazy.
I think I might have seen a vision of a drowned corpse.
Which normally, I would think was nothing, but it Wait, it's Dead Lucy.
It's like Ace said.
She doesn't want you to go into the morgue.
Nancy's had a warning.
- Ooh.
- Yeah.
From Dead Lucy.
She doesn't want us to do this.
That's definitely not what I said.
- Well - So forget I mentioned it.
It's a moment of weakness.
Just keep telling yourself that.
We're ready.
You know what you saw.
Either you're going crazy or Bess is right you're being haunted.
No sign of the coroner's van yet.
Easy, now.
We'll go slow, slow, slow Are you talking to your car? Her name is Florence.
And which one is Tiffany? Ace.
- Okay, here we go.
- He better stop.
- Thanks for stopping.
- Sure.
- Yeah, you know, she just stopped.
- Mmm.
Tire gave out completely.
It all happened so fast.
You know, he panicked.
Well, it doesn't feel like a puncture.
We called for roadside assistance, and they'll be here.
It's gonna take a while, though.
- Well, lucky you, I've got a jack.
- You got a jack.
- Yeah.
I'm Lisbeth, by the way.
- Hi.
Give me five minutes, we'll get you back on your way again.
No rush.
Hello, Tiffany.
It's almost done.
Nancy's still in there.
Do something.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you sweet thing.
Oh, my goodness.
Is this normal? You got to be kidding me.
- It's leaking.
- Okay.
Your car will understand.
Okay, almost ready.
Um You, can you give me a hand, please? Okay, yeah.
- Hey.
- So, I need you to put your finger - on, uh, that part right there.
Okay? - Um - Uh - Now, can I push it? Yeah, sure.
Just right - Oh, yeah.
Yeah - there.
Right? Yeah.
And not too hard, just about that much.
Okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Is that right? - Yeah.
- Okay.
That's perfect.
Yeah, just like that.
Um, so, Lisbeth, where did you, uh, learn how to do this? The tissue sample room, where they keep what's left of the dead who don't leave their entire bodies behind.
Like Lucy Sable.
Blood from the rocks she fell on.
A broken crown with strands of her hair still in it.
All that was left of Horseshoe Bay's most infamous Sea Queen.
Who needs a cold case file when they've got this? George, what are you doing here? Saving your ass.
I figured you'd be dumb enough to get caught.
And you may not believe me, but I need to know how Tiffany died just as much as you do.
Watch out.
I owe you one, for high school.
Give me the blood.
Okay, worst-case scenario, they arrest you and they take it away anyway.
Best-case scenario, you can trust me.
Give me the blood.
Come on, come on.
Take these, too.
I'll explain later.
Hey, turn around slowly.
Hands where I can see them.
Where's Nancy? I mean, something must have gone wrong.
So, that Lisbeth.
She was something else, huh? Saw you got her number.
That's nicely done.
Oh, yeah.
Bess, I get it, and I just you and me, we're cool.
Yeah, Ace, um, the thing is, is I don't really date anybody.
Boys girls.
Why not? I don't know, I've I guess I've just been on my own for so long, I've never let myself drop an anchor to get close to someone like that.
Oh, I can be your anchor.
Your platonic anchor.
Call it a platanchor.
If you let me.
Are you asking to be my friend? Yeah.
Nancy got arrested.
I got a bunch of dead people's parts.
- Ooh, what parts? - Wait, Nancy got arrested? I'm gonna put these in the fridge.
Nobody touch them.
Face forward.
Face left.
Face to the right.
Nancy, you do realize that this only makes you look more guilty.
Trespassing does not make me a murderer.
I only did it because I wanted to clear my name.
I just want to get out of this town.
Then please, take my advice and stay Karen, I can't do this.
Not with the one woman who completely broke my trust.
I-I'm just trying to help you see that it's not worth it.
Okay? That this was all for nothing.
Or not.
Can I get a cup of coffee? Tiffany's phone, logged as evidence.
- Bingo.
The last text she sent, - to an unnamed contact? Hey.
Someone's here to see you.
They're charging you with burglary and criminal trespass.
I will do everything in my power to get these charges dropped, but there are limits.
You're not a kid.
This girl detective stuff isn't cute anymore.
I'm doing this to find the truth.
Well, if you would just let the cops do their job for a minute instead of breaking into morgues and filing cabinets Yeah, I saw what you did in my office.
What other choice did I have? You had the choice to trust me.
Yeah, well, I tried that, and then I saw you with Karen And you figured that I'd lost any claims to professional integrity, right? Yeah, kind of.
Here's what I can tell you.
If someone had broken into my confidential files, I can imagine a scenario where they might be worried about Ned Nickerson's connection to Tiffany Hudson.
They might even speculate that he'd had a motive to kill her, but what I can also tell you is that a high-profile witness like Tiffany would've testified behind a screen to make sure the defendant never knew her identity.
So Nick never knew who Tiffany was? As his former attorney, I can't comment on that.
Why didn't you want me seeing him? Because I wanted you to spend this next year getting your life back on track, not getting attached to a kid with a troubled past.
There's a list of questions that I ask all my clients at this point.
I have questions first.
I found a dress in the attic.
A dress? Yeah, you know, pink, bloodstained, in a trunk.
I didn't know it was still up there.
That was a prop I used to scare your mom with years ago.
I got it at a thrift store, threw some food dye on it, and we had some laughs, and-and I guess we must've left it up there.
Because I re I I remember seeing you and Mom digging it up in the backyard when I was a little kid.
Mom said it was just a dream.
She probably would've said anything to get you to go back to sleep then.
That trunk belonged to your great-grandma Rosalind.
After she died, we found out that she had buried her valuables in it.
What valuables? Those bone china teacups and the silver steak knives in the pantry.
Yeah, yeah.
The ones Mom loved so much? Yeah.
Okay let's go home.
Um, I'm in police custody.
Your bail was paid an hour ago.
I just wanted you to talk to me.
Hey, how'd you get the money? I took on a new client with a generous retainer.
How generous? Ryan Hudson.
So you sold your soul to the devil, huh? I had to get you out of here.
And as your lawyer, I am willing to do anything to protect you.
We're done in here.
Thanks for getting that stuff out of there.
I'm sorry for what I did to you in high school.
I didn't spread those rumors, but I didn't try to stop them either, so I'm part of what hurt you, and I'm sorry.
I'm not going to hug you.
I owed you for not outing me to Bess and Ace, even though you knew everything about me and Ryan.
He told me he has nothing to hide, but he does.
And I realize now, there's no end to that.
He wants to keep me hidden, even though his wife isn't here anymore.
You know, all this time, I thought it was Tiffany, but it's not, it's me.
I'm the kind of girl that you keep a secret.
You deserve a lot better than - I know that, okay? - Okay.
I'm aware.
- Okay.
- But sometimes my actions don't line up with my awareness.
Don't tell me they ditched out without turning off the lights.
- Guys.
- Uh, we're still here.
We were just in the storage room.
As friends.
Don't make it weird.
Anyway, we thought you might need this to mail the body parts to your scientist.
Thanks, guys.
- Okay, so after living - in this superstitious town for 18 years, I'm starting to think there may be something to those superstitions.
Namely, a dead girl who is somehow connected to Tiffany Hudson.
Not saying I believe in ghosts, but if Dead Lucy is out there listening I'm gonna figure out who killed you, too.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Just happy to see you.
You, um you want your surprise? Yeah.
Can I? Okay.
So your mom will always be with you.
Even when you have to take the locket off to go get into trouble.
Thank you.
As midnight approaches and with it another year, who will live and who will die? Only the buckets will tell.
Stay here.
Be right back.
Protection? Ah, bucket.
All right, let's see who Tiffany texted right before she died.
Or maybe let's put a hold on that.
So ? Only water in our bucket.
Which means we're safe.
Death passes us by another year.
And that's good to hear after the day I had.

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