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The Haunted Ring

1 - Previously on Nancy Drew - The D.
's looking to build a case out of Tiffany Hudson's murder.
I'm looking at a decent four-pack: town screw-up, ex-con, city girl, and Nancy Drew.
She told me if she could turn back time, she could have changed my life.
This is almost $5 million.
It's an odd clause in your prenup.
The only way you inherit her estate is if Tiffany died of natural causes.
Trespassing does not make me a murderer.
I just want to get out of this town.
A diamond ring that went missing the night Tiffany died.
Did I just invite a killer to a sleepover? Bess Marvin: socialite, liar, thief.
Why did Bess say she lives with her aunt when she lives in a van? Why did she have Tiffany's ring? Could Bess be the killer I'm chasing? Did you hear that? It's an old house.
It creaks.
Is that the porch light? Does an old house do that, too? Nancy! I don't know.
P-Please, please.
I'm at The Claw.
Help! Nancy Drew 1x04 The Haunted Ring Everything all right? We're fine.
This is Bess.
She needed a place to stay for a couple nights.
Any friend of Nancy's is welcome here anytime.
Thank you.
What happened here? I think maybe a fuse.
Wait here.
Okay, I'll go check the box.
What are you doing? I couldn't get back to sleep.
You never talk about your mom.
Because there's nothing to say.
So that was definitely not a fuse, Nancy.
It was something.
Well, I think it was a message from Lucy, like the time she told you not to go into the morgue.
I'm choosing to believe "weird glitch".
Because my other theory is that it was Lucy warning me that you're the killer.
I don't want to go.
It's your last winter formal.
But I want to stay here with you.
You have been here, and I love every second we spend together, but I don't want you to miss out on any more of your senior year.
I guess I'll try and have some fun.
That's the spirit.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I have too many dead women in my life.
Don't use the microwave.
Never heard you talk about Bess before.
You guys know each other from high school? Uh, no.
We work at The Claw together.
She's just in town for the summer visiting family.
She's a Marvin.
Ah, exactly what I needed.
Just a dash of sugar, please.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How's Diana doing? - Uh, oh, my aunt? - Mm-hmm.
Um Yeah, she's a hoot.
So the surgery went well? Um yeah.
Hey, I am not gonna be home for dinner, but I will leave you some pizza money.
I can buy my own dinner.
Where you gonna be? With Ryan.
He's my client, and today is Tiffany's funeral.
So sad.
I can't imagine what her family are going through, knowing she was murdered.
Actually, the Hudson family got the autopsy report back.
Tiffany died of natural causes.
- Natural causes? - Mm-hmm.
Like what? Some rare, untreated disease? It's not some theory for you to pick apart, Nancy.
The family's been through enough as it is.
Seriously? So a private coroner, who Ryan Hudson probably paid off, gives some super vague cause of death, and that's the end? It's a tragedy.
Leave it at that.
Uh, hello? If nobody thinks Tiffany was murdered, that means we're not suspects anymore.
Except I don't believe the autopsy.
Someone murdered Tiffany, and it could be you.
Nancy! What are you doing here? You know, just taking a drive.
Nice to stop and smell the saltwater.
- Tiny Vessel looks good.
- Thanks.
Marvin and I just took her out for a spin.
I hope the Marvins aren't missing Bess too much.
- Bess? Bess who? - Diana's niece Bess.
She stayed the night at my place.
I've worked for the Marvins almost 20 years.
I've never heard of anyone named Bess.
All right.
Hey, I wanted to see how you were.
Ah not great.
If I cash the bonds Tiffany gave me, I look suspicious, but the more they sit here, the more they feel like a ticking bomb.
I wish I could help.
Well, you see the news about Tiffany? The autopsy? Yeah, that's propaganda.
But if that's the story they want, they'll make sure it sticks.
I'm not giving up just because the Hudsons know how to spin a headline.
Believe me, I want justice for Tiffany, too, but this is literally a get out of jail free card.
We can all move on.
You can reapply to Columbia.
Nick, Lingley's here about his motor.
Come on.
Be there in a second, Josh.
I gotta go.
Good luck.
Is that Laura Tandy, Tiffany's sister.
Orphan, global playgirl.
She now holds the distinct honor of being the last living Tandy.
Who's driving this clown car? Ms.
Tandy, this is my colleague, Detective Hart.
- We're sorry for your loss.
- Are you, Chief? Because if you were, you'd have solved my sister's murder by now.
I talked to Tiffany last week, she was fine.
A healthy 28-year-old woman doesn't just drop dead in a parking lot.
Well, until we have additional evidence, the case is closed.
What about the fact that my sister had money, and her husband was broke? He was also cheating on her.
That may be true, but it's not necessarily a motive.
I guess I'll have to do your job for you.
She's fun.
Ace's phone.
This is Ace.
Laura Tandy's in town.
I need you to follow her, see what she knows about Tiffany's death.
Laura's back? Her sister's being buried today.
It shouldn't come as a shock.
Don't you have paid law enforcement - to do this kind of thing, though? - Sure.
But you and Laura have a history.
And you and I have a deal.
What is wrong with you? I think I'm coming down with something.
- Go home.
Now! - Really? The Blood Bucket Curse says I'll die within the year.
I made it through day one.
I still have 364 days to go.
I'm not taking any chances.
Right on.
You all right? Yeah, totally.
See you.
Tiffany died of natural causes? I don't believe it.
I'm still waiting on the toxicology results.
Oh, my God, do not Nancy Drew this up for us.
If Tiffany was murdered, we need to find out the truth.
No, we don't.
Have to.
Not anymore.
If Tiffany was murdered, that's her bad luck, not ours.
I can't live with a fake exoneration.
All right, well, the rest of us totally can, so you need to get on board.
Hello? I H-Hello? W-What do you want? Stay back.
Help me! - Bess.
- Are you okay? It came out of the vent.
- Get back to work.
- What happened? I don't know.
I I-I could hear voices.
I could hear voices, - and-and then all it went dark.
- Hold up.
Are you wearing Tiffany Hudson's engagement ring? - Shh - Oh, my God.
Did you do it? - Did I kill Tiffany? - No! - Of course I did not.
- So you just happened - to have her ring.
- Yeah.
I Listen, okay? I found that ring, okay, on the ground in the parking lot the night she died.
I didn't know it was hers.
I just thought it was a random lost ring.
By the time I realized it was Tiffany's, we were suspects.
- I couldn't give it back.
- Really? I like sparkly things, okay? They calm me.
- Okay.
- T-That's the answer you're going with? You know, this isn't even about the ring.
- Okay? Something is out to get me.
- Okay.
Ghosts don't just attack people like that, though.
Do they? Well, whatever's in the walk-in just did.
If it attacked you, I don't think it's Dead Lucy.
Oh, so there are two ghosts now? Excellent.
Bess, can you think of any spirits that you've pissed off lately? I don't know, maybe the one that you stole from? Do you think the ghost in the freezer is Tiffany? D-Do you think she's mad about the ring? Do you think the ring is haunted? Oh.
I might know someone who can help, okay? It's gonna take me a minute to find her.
Hi, Ace.
Oh! Wow! This is random.
Is it? 'Cause you've been tailing me for the last two hours? These are for you.
For your effort.
There's a lot of people that look like me.
You're probably mistaking me for someone else.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
I was just walking.
You're still doing the bumbling stoner thing, huh? Don't worry, it's still cute.
But what's your deal? We hang out all last summer, you don't call, you don't text.
Now you're, uh, stalking me? I just didn't know what to say.
Yeah? But I bumble just as well un-stoned.
- Okay, let's catch up.
- Let's catch up.
I'm sorry about your sister.
Our last conversation was a fight.
She said she was working up the courage to divorce Ryan.
I told her to suck it up.
Now she's dead.
Have you heard anything? I know it's a small town, and people talk.
Don't the police have any suspects? Some friends that I work with got brought in the night it happened, but the cops let them go.
Well, what did the cops talk to them about? Tiffany called 911 the night that she died and there's an audio recording of it.
Is there, uh, is there any way I can hear it? Can you pull one of your hacker moves? I'm kind of out of that business.
Ace, please.
- And then, right there.
- Mm-hmm.
When did you start wearing your wedding ring again? Uh, today.
Felt appropriate.
And that.
Here you go.
Now, listen, my family would like you to read this statement after the funeral.
Your family is founding a nonprofit in Tiffany's name? - Yeah.
- Good.
That'll go a long way with the community.
Autopsy report must've been a relief, - knowing what happened with certainty.
- Yeah, it was.
Speaking of which, um, what's the next step in me getting my money from Tiffany's estate? Well, I'll need a signed copy of the autopsy report from the medical examiner and Tiffany's death certificate.
And I'll file those along with your prenup in probate court.
A British passport? Bess Turani.
No wonder Jeff never heard of Bess Marvin.
She doesn't even exist.
What the hell are you doing? You tell me, Bess Turani.
How dare you go through my stuff? You've been lying about who you are all summer.
- Why? - I-I don't have to explain myself to you.
Oh, so I give you a place to crash last night, the least you can do is tell me who you really are.
Hey! Team meeting.
You have to toast the bread, otherwise it gets all soggy.
Mom, Nancy, Bess.
Your mom is our help? Eh, I'm a clairvoyant.
I mean, the dead can't speak through me, but I see things.
- Mm-hmm.
- Usually at the bottom of a bottle.
George never appreciated my gift.
You're Kate Drew's daughter, right? Shame about your mom.
Death always takes the good ones first.
All right, I briefed her about the freezer.
Yeah, can I show you ? Okay.
Um Oh, yeah.
Ragged scratches, they're not too deep.
That's definitely the work of a new ghost.
Uh, one that doesn't understand what it's doing, like Tiffany.
Okay, and why-why can't Tiffany just talk to me? Oh, most ghosts don't have the power of speech, unless they're speaking through a medium.
They usually express extreme emotion in, like, dangerous and unpredictable ways.
Like when George was little, she'd pee on the floor and bite you to get your attention.
- Thanks for that.
- Does Tiffany want - to hurt me? - No, no, no.
This seems like a cry for help.
Mm, she's not gonna leave you alone - until you help her.
- I-I okay, and how do I do that? Hey.
Two circles: one's the living, one's the dead.
This middle where they meet, those are the souls stuck in between, the confused new ghosts that think they're still alive.
- Like Tiffany.
- Wait, but why is she freaking out now? Because today's her funeral.
And she sees that she's no longer attached to her body, but she doesn't understand why.
Where's the ring? When she was alive, this was likely Tiffany's treasured possession.
So, in death, she's drawn to it, like a beacon.
To get rid of the ghost, just place the ring back on Tiffany's finger.
Put it on the corpse? It'll help guide the ghost back into her body.
And then, take this.
Not this.
Not this.
Ah! This one.
- And why a mirror? - Mirrors attract spirits.
So place this over her heart so the ghost sees its reflection when it rejoins the body and knows that it's in the right place.
Otherwise, it can get distracted and end up somewhere else entirely.
And the most important step - refill my glass.
- Okay.
We're done here.
Tiffany's services will be taking place at the Horseshoe Bay Funeral Home.
That's our best shot.
You know, I don't think I can do this.
Okay? I was already attacked.
By Tiffany who knows what else she could do to me? I'll do it.
- Oh, my God! George! Thank you! - Oh.
Okay, Bess.
Whoa! - Thank you! - Whoa.
I'll stand by the door and let you know - when the coast is clear.
- And I will be there for moral support.
Hey, um if you don't want to do this, considering your history with Ryan That's exactly why I should do it.
I was the other woman.
I mean, what I did to Tiffany was wrong.
I mean, the least I can do is help her find some peace in the afterlife.
I was actually gonna say you don't have to come.
Why wouldn't I come? I just thought the whole funeral thing might be hard.
I can handle it.
That autopsy is a lie.
Tiffany had a puncture wound behind her left ear from a needle.
- No mention of that anywhere.
- How do you know about a puncture wound? Because I put it there.
You what? When I broke into the morgue, I stuck a needle behind Tiffany's ear, and I stole a vial of her blood.
Nancy, for God's sake, you can't keep doing - things like this! - I want the truth! Nobody is looking out for Tiffany! Everybody is so busy looking out for the Hudsons instead.
- Ryan is my client.
That's my job.
- And you have no concern that the autopsy's a complete lie? I have more important things to concern myself with, like paying off medical debt.
And your bail.
How convenient for you.
To have a daughter and a dead wife to blame your selling out on.
You can tell a lot about a person by the way they act at a funeral.
Ryan hasn't looked at Tiffany's casket once.
Bess appears to be too terrified of the Marvins to talk to them.
And Nick is wearing his heart on his sleeve.
I wish, um, you could've known her before everything that happened.
Well, we all would've had a very ambitious book club.
Ned Nickerson.
Tiffany spoke so highly of you.
Thank you for being such a good friend.
Uh, yeah.
Of course.
Um, she was one of a kind.
Did you talk to your friend? Yes.
She doesn't know any more than you do.
Glad to have you back in the family.
With respect, Everett, your son is my client, not the Hudson family.
- Thanks.
Thanks for coming.
- Yeah.
Hang in there, okay? Hey, you're on door duty for George.
Wait, what? Are you coming with us, then? I'm just going to look for Everett.
You wait for me out front.
Excuse me, dear? Do you work here? I'm sorry I slept with your husband, and I hope this brings you peace.
Tiffany is in here now, Dad.
Thank God that's over.
Well, it's a shame you never got her pregnant.
What a waste of a marriage.
You're talking about my wife.
That never meant much to you when she was alive.
I'm sorry you had to hear that.
Where were you? I almost got caught.
I told Bess to watch the door.
Okay She didn't.
Oh, God I'm sorry.
A situation occurred.
What type of situation? My Lyft is pulling up.
Why don't you carpool with the Marvins? I mean, they're all right here.
I'm sure they have plenty of room for family.
What? - What do you want from me? - Answers.
Why are you in Horseshoe Bay? Who are you really? I think I'm a Marvin.
But I don't know for sure.
How is that possible? I grew up in a crappy neighborhood in East London.
My mum would talk about these Marvins, some fancy family that we were descended from.
They sounded so perfect, and when things got really hard, I dreamt that I was one of them.
I didn't know if it was one of my mum's stories or the truth, so I came here to find out.
And? I have a genealogy kit in my baggage.
I need DNA from one of them.
You told everyone your last name was Marvin.
- Why would you do that? - I didn't realize how small this town was; I didn't know everyone knew everyone.
Once you get DNA proof, what happens? I'll present myself.
Where? At high tea? I don't think you've thought this through.
I I didn't ask for your opinion.
Hey, just because family isn't that important to you, - does not mean - Okay.
You don't know about my life.
And you don't know about mine.
It means a great deal to us to see so many familiar faces who loved Tiffany as much as we did.
Tiffany was a beacon of light: loving wife, daughter-in-law, sister, and friend.
Who always brought with her 911, what's the nature of your emergency? Help me Please! Please! I'm at the Claw! No! That was Tiffany right before she died.
That was not the voice of a woman who died of natural causes.
That was the voice of a woman pleading - with her killer.
- This is neither the time Everett Hudson is a liar! You didn't care about Tiffany.
Neither did Ryan or any of you in this family.
My sister was scared of you, but I'm not.
Tiffany was murdered.
And I'm gonna prove it.
I'd like to apologize for the interruption, ladies and gentlemen I'm going easy on you out of respect for your dad's sacrifice, so I'm not gonna ask how you stole that 911 recording - for Laura.
- I didn't.
I'm just gonna remind you we had a deal.
And if you're in breach, I can revoke that deal, prosecute you to the full extent of the law.
We're done here.
Hey Nancy.
How you holding up? Fine.
Why? Just if there's anything that you needed to talk about I'm here.
Lucy Sable.
Did you know her? Uh, we were in the same class in high school.
But we moved in different circles.
Who do you think killed her? All we know about the killer are the bloody knife and the tire tracks they left behind at the crime scene.
So you think somebody stabbed Lucy before pushing her off the cliff? I think that you're asking me these questions to avoid talking about who else is here.
Have you been to your mom's grave? Hey, Tiffany.
I'm sorry for my half-assed apology earlier.
You deserve better from life.
And from me.
I'm sorry that I ever felt sympathy for Ryan.
I should've had your back all along.
I hope you're at peace.
One of these is supposed to be from you.
Not that you couldn't bring your own.
It's just sort of a ritual I've been doing.
- I'll come back, then.
- Hey, hey.
This tension between us, it has to stop.
I can't go on like this anymore.
What can I do? Nothing.
Seriously, Nancy? I wasn't with Mom when she died.
I didn't get to see what she was going through or what she was feeling.
I was in a gym, dancing with my friends.
I had my phone.
You could have called.
And instead, you made me believe that everything was okay.
And I never got to say good-bye because of you.
It's what she wanted.
She wanted you to remember dance parties and homemade pizza nights and the time that the projector broke at the drive-in, and you guys acted out the entire final scene of When Harry Met Sally, verbatim, for the audience.
She didn't want you to remember her suffering.
She wanted to protect you.
What about what I wanted? There was so much more that I had to say.
She knew how much you loved her.
That's all that matters.
That was enough.
I was trying to honor your mom's wishes.
I thought I was doing the right thing.
Maybe I wasn't.
Whatever you're feeling, you can carry it with you, but you can't let it consume you.
Thanks for bringing these.
I have to go.
Hi, Mom.
A lot has happened since you died.
Most of it's been pretty weird.
I am starting to believe in ghosts.
It took me a while to get there, I think, because I was waiting for you.
I thought, if ghosts exist you would come to me.
Why haven't you? Am I not enough to keep you here? Because I really need you.
Good afternoon.
The Hudson family is honored to announce the establishment of the Tiffany Hudson Educational Outreach Center, a nonprofit dedicated to improving academic opportunities for the children of Horseshoe Bay.
The organization will launch at a garden party tomorrow afternoon.
Can you tell us more about the autopsy? What kind of "natural causes"? My client is confident I the results.
Can you verify the accuracy of the autopsy? Uh, that's it, we're done here.
Thank you very much.
My opinion is that the autopsy report is inconclusive.
Are the police reopening the investigation? We're done here.
Thank you very much.
You just made a huge mistake.
If you want to fire me, go ahead.
It won't be that easy for you to leave this time.
What does her sister have to say? Mr.
Hudson We're done here.
Again, thank you very much.
We just ask that you respect our privacy at this time.
Ace, come on, wait.
I suck, I know.
I You did me a favor getting that 911 recording, and I totally betrayed you.
It's water under the bridge.
I really did miss you.
Why'd you ignore me? You left.
Off to Paris, or to wherever it is you go.
It's tough to keep track of time zones.
Okay, then.
Good night.
You threw me.
When I was with you, it was intense.
Still is.
If there's anything I've learned, it's that, uh, when it feels good, you shouldn't fight it.
Why would this video play the night Bess came to my house? Help me.
I'm at The Claw.
No! Maybe I've been looking for the wrong thing.
Bess was telling the truth.
She didn't kill Tiffany to steal her ring.
Tiffany dropped it herself before she died.
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
It's okay.
Hey, uh, I'm-I'm really sorry for putting you on the spot at the funeral today.
I needed a distraction, and you were an easy target.
All I wanted to do was to see what the Martins were like.
To imagine myself in their world.
I think that's why I've avoided 'em, though, 'cause if it's all a lie It'll hurt, but you can't be afraid of the truth.
I know you didn't kill Tiffany.
I'm starting to think this is not a coincidence.
I've seen this shape before.
It's a map of Horseshoe Bay.
And the epicenter of the crack is my high school? Karen did know Lucy.
Why'd she lie? Help me.
P-Please, please.
I'm at The Claw.
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