Nancy Drew (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

The Reunion of Lost Souls

1 Excuse me, Hannah? Your assistant Aristotle said we could find you here.
And while we would have waited until 10:00 a.
Eastern, the Aglaeca just sent us a crazy vision of how she's going to murder us.
So, hi.
So our theory is that the Aglaeca was a real living person before she died and somehow her life story is hidden in a sea shanty that this mirror talks about.
And if the sea shanty helps us learn about who she was and how she met her end, we can figure out her unfinished business.
The thinking being, if we fix her problems, she'll move on.
Well, it's worked for us before.
Right? God, I'm so tired.
We haven't slept for, like, 36 hours.
Yeah, well, at least you have a place to sleep.
Victoria kicked me out.
Hey, you can stay with me.
Carson moved into his loft.
You should totally stay with Nancy.
- That's a great idea.
- Did the archives bring anything up? Yes.
There's an entry in my ledger for an old sailor's song written by an unknown author in the 1800s.
Oh, it says the lyrics are the only account of the Aglaeca's death.
In 1949, the Maine Composers' Project did a single recording.
A 45 vinyl record.
The Historical Society had it until 1975, but then someone took it out on loan and never returned it.
It says the borrower's name is Mac.
There's an address, so that's some place to start.
What, you think he still has the recording? He better.
That's the only way we can find out how the Aglaeca died.
And then we set her spirit free and save ourselves from a fatal curse.
Great, brilliant.
Come on, let's go.
Captain Douglas Marvin.
Hey, you sure? It's pretty cold out.
I'm not getting into your death truck.
I want to make it to work alive, okay? Hey, um, I-I'll see you there, okay? Whoa! Hey.
Idiot tourist.
Drop your phone and keep your eyes on the road.
Is this the right address? I mean, maybe it was a block of apartments in 1975.
Maybe Mac lives in a bar.
Um, excuse me, we're looking for an older gentleman, goes by the name of Mac.
The only Mac I know is Johnny Mac, and he's been dead for over 40 years.
Hit by a semi out on Route One.
- Oh.
- All that's left of him - is his lucky flask and unpaid bar tab.
- He's dead.
Of course.
How are we gonna find the missing record if we can't ask Mac where he put it? What if we do ask him? I mean, ghosts are, you know, attracted to their most prized possessions, right? Hey, is that lucky flask for sale? No way.
The thing's a valuable deterrent to would-be delinquent customers.
What if we settle Mac's tab? - Well, that's interesting.
- You got ten bucks? I don't Accounting for inflation, since 1975 $874? We should have brought Nick.
We take all major credit cards.
Hey, Mom.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
Um, welcome to The Claw.
Sweetheart, I know it's a surprise.
Oh, no, you-you and Dad are always welcome.
Just me this trip.
Your father and I were pretty shocked when you bought this place.
But I suppose when someone bequeaths you this kind of guilt money, the impulse is to spend it on something big.
At least it wasn't a boat.
Well, it's actually been a really good return on investment already.
Still, when are you coming home? You belong in Florida.
- Here we go.
- Tone.
Yes, ma'am.
You lost two years of your life here for defending yourself against a violent drunk.
Just because some rich white lady didn't see him trying to kill you.
Why would you want to stay in Maine? Can you believe this? Some birdbrain tourist almost drove right into me.
Uh, Mom, this is George Fan, and we are dating.
Wa-Was it a blue SUV coming from the mini mart? Oh, God.
Uh, George, this is my mom, Millicent Nickerson.
"Birdbrain tourist" is fine.
Nice to meet you.
I hope you didn't injure your hand when you punched the trunk.
She punched the trunk.
When I saw her, she was smiling Seen the light shine on her hair She was young and was so willing I hit every used record shop in four towns and bought up all the unmarked 45s from the '70s.
Look at that.
More Gordon Lightfoot.
Did you have any luck at the town registrar? I found Mac's arrest record from 1973 and his death certificate from 1975.
So that could be something to go off of.
You look like you just returned from war.
I just checked my mom into the Ebb Tide Inn.
Your mom is here? You have a mom? Yeah, yeah, a mom who wants me to move back to Miami Gardens.
Got to love parents.
You need us to run interference? What I need is a good night's sleep.
I second that.
Okay, good night.
- Good night.
- Bye.
Hopefully it'll make the couch a little more comfortable.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
If we survive this, I owe you.
Just a pillow and a blanket.
Friends don't let friends get cold.
Guess we, um we skipped the friend part the first time around.
Yeah, I think we skipped over a lot of things the first time around.
Good night.
What the hell? Hey, buddy.
Can you get me a drink? Hey, who are you? Huh? What what are you doing in here? Hey.
Hey, what happened to your wrists? Huh.
I must have hit 'em on something.
Here's the crazy thing.
You've narrowed it down to one thing? I've seen that guy before.
Yeah, at-at Diana Marvin's party.
Hey, buddy, can you get me a drink? - I just thought he was another rude Marvin - Eh? uh, no offense, Bess mistaking me for a waiter.
And he said the exact same thing then.
"Hey, buddy, can you get me a drink?" Hang with me.
What if our uninvited guest was not so uninvited? John MacDonald.
Yeah, that's him.
Next time he appears to you, why don't you just play along a little bit? See if you can get him to tell you where he hid the 45.
Okay, I would love to help, but I'm supposed to meet my mom for breakfast at the seriously understaffed Claw.
And since Ace is on a leave of absence as a way to avoid death by freezer, I really need someone to actually work.
Not it.
Bess Fine.
But I'm not doing dishes.
I just got a fresh manicure.
I'm not dying with gross nails.
Need a, need a hand? No, I'm good.
Guy at the store said it was a one-man job.
, I think the guy at the store lied to you.
Let's do this.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All right.
Right back here would be great.
I appreciate your help.
Hey, can I get you something to drink? I can offer you water or water.
I'm good.
I should probably get going, though.
Hey, listen.
I'm guessing Nancy's filled you guys in on everything, and I'm, I'm really glad she's got friends she can lean on.
I just want to know is she okay? Yeah.
I think it's been tough, but, you know, so is Nancy, so Would you make sure she's eating? Whenever she's got a lot going on in her life, stress, she forgets to eat.
Looks like that runs in the family.
Yeah She thinks I'm a raging lunatic.
No, she doesn't.
It's just because she's only seen that side to you which doesn't exist in the real world.
I know it's not from Florida oranges.
But I also know that you didn't come here for the citrus.
Want to know why I'm here? Remember Sheila from church? Her son Eddie was killed two weeks ago in Orlando.
- Wait, Eddie Davis? - Mm-hmm.
He played JV when I was on varsity.
Wh Uh, wh-what happened? Shot dead in a park.
Police said it was a drug deal gone wrong, but that boy wasn't into drugs.
Sheila thinks it was a case of mistaken identity.
That poor family.
I left the funeral and booked my flight to see you.
Look, I am really sorry about Eddie.
But that's not gonna happen to me.
That's what I thought two years ago.
Hey, my situation was totally different.
There was no way to know But we should have known.
Your father and I spent your entire life trying to prepare you for every possible threat.
"Always keep your hands in sight".
"Remember, people think you're bigger and scarier than you actually are".
"Never back-talk, never fight back".
But it didn't matter.
We still lost you.
I want you near me.
In sight.
You have a community in Florida.
And I have one here.
I own my own business, got friends, a-a girlfriend.
No, you-you-you, you haven't had time to give George or Horseshoe Bay a chance.
You know, in fact Hey, George! How'd you like to show the Nickersons the best of Horseshoe Bay? Yes.
I would love that.
Johnny Mac.
I haven't thought about Mac in years.
Who knew his memory would earn me a lunch? I, I got your name from the funeral home.
You were the only one who signed the guest book.
'Cause I was the only one who showed up.
Mac and I dated.
I fell for a mean old drunk who couldn't keep a job.
He'd couch-surf or squat at his old orphanage that had closed down.
Before he died, he got paranoid and violent.
I finally walked.
Did he have any other friends in town? Just one.
But Buddy didn't even come to the funeral.
Guess he got sick of Mac's crap, too.
Sorry, did you say "Buddy"? Was there a There's a Buddy? Mac was such a drunk, his only friend was his bartender Buddy.
There's a whole section on the Revolutionary War, Mrs.
My fifth-graders are starting that unit.
George, are you okay? I'm smiling.
Neddy, can you find someone who works here? I want to get in this locked box of powder horns.
Look, I'm gonna get a sales clerk.
We might as well ask about the Aglaeca record while we're here.
Two birds, one sea ghost.
Hello? Anyone here? Hey, Buddy, can you get me a drink? O-Of-of course.
I'm in real trouble, Buddy.
Me and the others did something stupid.
We called out to that thing in the sea and now it's trying to kill us all.
Hey-hey, Mac, did you, uh, did you, did you get the 45 with the sea shanty? Huh? Wh-What, uh, wh-what happened to that record? Hey, hey, hey.
Okay, just, just Okay.
Just Nancy.
Are you kidding me right now? Could you Welcome to The Claw.
Forget it.
I'll do it myself.
Um Uh, Mom, this is Nancy.
Carson Drew's Nancy? I've heard so many lovely things about you.
My husband and I are forever grateful to your father for defending Ned.
Carson's a wonderful man.
That's what they tell me.
Um We saw Casper the friendly drunk at the antique store.
Uh, employee meeting! Oh, uh, Mom, if you, if you sit right there, I'll be, I'll be right back.
Why is Nick the only person that Buddy appears to? I think I just figured out why.
This is a picture from the Rusty Hull in the '70s.
Take a look.
So Mac thinks I'm his best friend because Buddy and I are both Black? Okay, casual racism aside, did he mention anything about where he put the record? No, he was too busy smashing up mirrors to talk about 45 storage.
What about the orphanage he grew up in? His ex-girlfriend said that he squatted there.
I can't find a record of any Horseshoe Bay orphanage.
Yeah, well, then we're just gonna have to consult a professional.
So far, nothing.
Yeah, like it never existed.
I'll keep looking once I get home, though.
All right.
- Yo.
- Hey.
A little housewarming gift.
I don't know what to say.
Maybe you can tell me your side of the story.
Help me understand how you did what you did.
Come on.
We were a family.
And I was afraid that telling Nancy the truth would change that.
And her, forever.
And then that's what happened.
You ever have these moments where you know something terrible is coming, so you-you just don't look right at it, you-you try and focus on the present where everything's perfect? All the time lately.
Listen, I don't know anything that's going on with you guys right now, but if there's ever anything that you or any of you need There's one thing.
Do you remember an orphanage around here, maybe in, like, the '60s or the '70s? Yeah.
I think it was called Fernwood.
So it-it actually existed? All I remember was that it closed when I was a kid.
And became something of an urban legend after that.
Rumor said it was somewhere out in Stratemeyer Woods.
But the place was scrubbed from all maps and public records.
Somebody worked hard to make sure this place got forgotten.
Looks like they left in a hurry.
Looks like they straight-up vanished.
I'm getting serious Roanoke vibes.
We should split up.
We'll cover more ground.
No luck.
- Ugh.
- Yeah.
Nothing over here, either.
You're gonna want to see this.
We found it in one of the bedrooms.
- Hey, there's my good friend Mac.
- Yeah, and that's Rita.
The ghost who tried to kill me during the nor'easter.
I've seen all of these people before.
There's Javier from Larkspur.
Autumn and Perry outside Claire's house.
Rita at The Claw.
They were all ghosts.
What day did Mac die on? July 17, 1975.
Check it out.
Autumn Curtis, Perry Barber, Rita Howell, Javier Perez and Mac, they all died on the same day.
What, all in freak accidents? Those were the people that called to the Aglaeca with Mac.
Hey, what about, what about this guy, huh? With the Fox tattoo.
Uh, AJ.
I don't think I've seen his ghost before.
I did find a registrar.
"Akira Jacob Nishiyama".
- AJ.
- He was an orphan here, too.
Right, so were all the others.
Can't find an obituary for AJ.
'Cause maybe he died in another country? Or they never found his body.
Where'd you find that photograph? Upstairs.
Could've been Mac's room? That's where he would've hid the 45 if he came back here.
Uh Hey, guys? There's a vent under there.
Hey, it's a perfect hiding place for a missing record.
Detective Tamura.
Lucky for me.
It's the Hero of Horseshoe Bay.
I'm fairly certain that skeleton will be identified as AJ Nishiyama.
Sorry, I'm unaccustomed to getting evidence briefings from seafood restaurant waitstaff.
What the hell were you even doing out here? We, uh, we went for a drive.
In the middle of the night? It was dark.
We got lost.
What makes you believe the bones belong to someone named AJ Nishiyama? Call it a hunch.
The motto of the armchair detective.
I prefer facts.
The coroner is on his way to the lab so he can run dental records, but thanks for your hunch.
Let's say you're a missing record.
Where do you hang out? Not at the library.
My mom spearheaded the changeover to CDs.
I objected.
What do we pay the power for? Whoa.
You okay, Nick? Wait, y-y-you-you guys don't see him in the mirror? - Did Mac do that? - Yeah.
Nick, get him to talk to you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, Mac, Mac, it's me.
It's me, Buddy.
Huh? Hey.
Do you, uh y uh, y-you want a drink? Where did you hide it? The-the-the record? That's what I hid? Tell me where it is! Okay, okay, just-just calm down.
Are you okay? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
He's gone.
At least at least he didn't come out of the mirror this time.
Wait, he can come through the mirror? Uh, yeah, yeah.
If-if the mirror breaks, I think.
But he-he, um, he yelled at me to tell him where I hid it.
Well, it looks like Mac was as desperate for the 45 as we are, so I guess we're on the right track.
Nick, what are those bruises on your neck? They're ghost hands.
Trust me, they hurt.
Hey, have you seen the big dustpan? What's that? From the junk bin.
Remember when we put Bess in charge of purchasing? Ah, right.
The sous vide machine and peppermint coffee.
I just found a home for some of it.
Really? God, nobody on Earth likes peppermint coffee except for Carson Drew.
Have you been to s to see him? Well, it kind of just happened.
I saw him struggling with a futon frame.
Looked like he needed somebody to talk to.
That's all.
Well, I mean, he could have talked to me.
For 19 years, he could have talked to me.
You're right.
You're 100% right.
But with the Aglaeca coming after us, we might not have years.
Hey, what's up, Detective? I've got some info on that John Doe in the wall.
Figured I'd share it.
Thought you didn't have time for amateurs.
Well, I wanted to ease your mind.
You seemed to care about those bones you found.
And that's it? No ulterior motives? Are you this argumentative with everyone who tries to help you? Can I answer that? Oh, good, I'm on speakerphone.
Hello, everyone.
Well, through actual police work, we matched the dental records.
Victim's name was Buddy Fowler.
Broken wrist and forearm suggest he was beaten pretty badly, probably right before someone fractured his hyoid and C6 vertebra.
Buddy died of strangulation.
I'm thinking the fight happened elsewhere, and then the killer hid the body.
Any hunches on why Buddy the skeleton ended up in that particular room at a long-lost orphanage where you and your friends just happened to be conducting an unwarranted search? Can I get back to you on that? I eagerly await our next chat.
Ace, when did you become Forensic Fred? John Sander's been sending me links.
Further my knowledge.
Check that out.
Common result of strangulation.
Okay, so Mac strangled Buddy And now he thinks I'm Buddy.
So now he's gonna try and kill you? Who's going to kill you? Ned Nickerson.
You'd better start telling me the truth right now.
There's a ghost who wants to kill you because he thinks you're his Black best friend? I know the existence of the supernatural - is hard to believe - Excuse me.
I travel with my Bible, prayer shawl and anointing oils.
You don't need to convince me of the supernatural.
What I want to know is why you want to stay here, Neddy.
Stephen King is right.
Maine is filled with terrifying ghosts.
Ma'am, we also have lobsters.
- We have blueberries.
- Ah, yeah.
They're both delicious, but not together.
Ned, we are going back to Florida.
Mom, no.
We are not.
Why? Because of your girlfriend? If you really cared about my son, you would tell him to go home where we can protect him.
Look, I don't tell him to do anyth Okay, this isn't about George, Mom.
I'm a grown man.
I'm not going back.
And if you can't deal with that, if it's too painful, then don't visit.
Mom Hey, I'm sorry things got heated with your mom.
It's not your fault.
Also Look, George and I were gonna tell you when things calmed down, but after everything with Carson and with Owen, it just it just wasn't the right time to talk.
You don't have to explain anything.
For what it's worth, I'm, I'm really glad that you guys are happy.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Uh, so is everything gonna be okay with your mom? Considering that was the first time I ever said no to her, probably not.
But she's leaving, and I can't help thinking this might be the last time I see her.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
You still haven't talked to Carson? No.
I am soldiering on without his empty assurances that everything's gonna be okay.
And yet You miss it.
Yeah, I know.
I guess it's up to us to solve our own problem.
You're working on a theory.
It's just that the dates line up.
So, Mac died July 17, 1975.
That's the same day that Buddy disappeared, according to his missing persons report at the time.
You said that Mac accused Buddy of hiding the 45 from him.
And you think maybe that's why Mac killed him? Mac left behind a significant unpaid bar tab.
I-If Buddy knew how much that record meant to Mac, h-he could have taken it and used it as collateral.
And Mac never found the record, so maybe the 45's still at the bar.
So I think we should go back to the Rusty Hull.
I'm sorry that I snapped at you before.
I am generally foulmouthed, prickly and distrustful.
But I have a mother who is a neglectful alcoholic, and I've had to raise three little sisters on my own.
It was really hard, but I adapted, and life hasn't made me nice; it's made me vicious.
Which is why I'm the perfect person to watch Nick's back.
I'm here now because Nick is in trouble, and I really don't think you should leave while you two are still in a fight.
So how do we get him out of trouble? Hey, man, can I talk to you? Would, um would this be enough to rent the place for the night? We just want to hang out.
Bar's closed! Come on, let's go! Don't serve any minors, and I'll be back for last call.
Let's go find that record.
I'll check behind the bar.
We'll go look in the back.
What they took from you Sometimes they do Mom? Heard you all could use some help finding a record.
I brought Vicious.
Vicious? The jukebox.
Hey, how's it going back there? Anything? Yeah, there's nothing Buddy hid it in plain sight, and it's still there.
Get back What they took Oh, no, he's coming.
We need to hurry up.
I think she's on to something.
Hey, Nancy, did you find something? It's in the jukebox.
Come on.
Where's my record? Okay, Mac Oh, my God! Nick, what's happening? We need that 45, Drew! I am trying.
On with it, Nancy, quick.
Oh, my Lord.
Oh, my God.
Nick, come on, get up.
No, it's too dangerous.
Get back.
Uh, Nancy.
Break the mirror, bring him out.
Nick, watch out.
Nancy, come on.
- Got it.
- Have you Heard the tale Of the captain's bride? Marvin loved Odette Till the day she died And now the Aglaeca She will always be.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah, still breathing.
What was that? The Aglaeca Class of 1975 reunion.
That was our future.
Nickerson? Oh.
I wanted to see you before I left town.
Leave you with something.
Cut those into strips.
Yes, ma'am.
When I saw how ferociously you defended Ned from that ghost, all I could think was, this girl really cares about my son.
I do.
This is his favorite, chicken and dumplings.
It smells amazing.
Now, you have to use canned biscuits for the dumplings instead of dough from scratch.
That's the key.
I don't share that with just anyone.
Thank you, Mrs.
Marvin loved Odette Till the day she died Okay, so apparently Captain Marvin's wife Odette Lamar, she was a wealthy heiress from France.
They had this whirlwind romance and got married on board the Governance.
Then she died of consumption before they reached land.
Wait, she died of an illness? I don't know, that doesn't seem like enough to create an angry ghost.
Maybe the clue's in the song.
Let's see if I can analyze the frequency - Have you heard the tale - look for anything interesting.
Of the captain's bride? That wasn't part of the original recording.
Do you think you can isolate it? It's it's in French.
I'll translate it.
That must be Odette.
She's haunting the song about her.
Maybe her voice summoned Mac and his friends tonight.
"Hear the truth.
I was no man's wife.
They stole my fortune and took my life.
My chaperone betrayed me.
The captain moved against me.
Now you ask of me but do not pay my toll.
So seven days later I'll come for your soul.
Sending omens beyond your wildest fear.
Finally, this song, the last you ever hear".
It's a song to her victims.
Last thing they ever heard.
You buried the lede.
Seven days.
The Aglaeca comes to kill you after seven days.
We have exactly three days left.
Last chance on that plane ticket.
No, ma'am.
But thank you.
If there's anything else you want to tell me, now is the time.
Mom the most painful moment of my life was when the judge read the conviction at my trial and you burst into tears.
Oh, Neddy.
I can't go back home until I've proved that I'm not that scared boy in a courtroom who who made his mother cry.
I have to make it work here.
If that's your journey.
It is.
At least let me pray over you.
No, let me pray over you.
Please, Lord, keep Mom safe in her travels and let our family always be connected.
And please help us to always love each other no matter what.
Take it easy, Mac.
I hope someone was with you at the end.
Hey, these flowers are from Harbor Day.
Just a couple days ago.
Who's the card from? I can't read it.
It got rained on.
Hey, those same white flowers are also on this grave.
- Oh, my God.
- Guys, this is Rita's grave.
Hey, there's more white flowers here.
Autumn Curtis.
Here, too.
It's Perry Barber.
This is Javier Perez.
Somebody's been keeping tabs on the Aglaeca victims from 1975.
"Forgive me.
Uh, but-but forgive them for what? Kitsune m Kitsune means "Fox" in Japanese.
The sixth person in the orphanage Polaroid had a Fox tattoo.
It has to be AJ.
And if he's leaving flowers, he's still alive.
And he knows how to defeat the Aglaeca.
Three days Three days to beat the Aglaeca or die trying.
There's no other way out.
She'll find you wherever you are.
It doesn't repel spirits, it attracts them.

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