Nancy Drew (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

The Fate of the Buried Treasure

1 46 hours to destroy the Aglaeca before she destroys us.
Give me some updates.
How is the dybbuk box looking? Well, as far as mystical spirit-trapping devices go, this thing's junk.
Why? In order for a real dybbuk box to work, it needs to be made from a certain kind of mahogany wood, uh, that is blessed by this rabbi who died in 1761.
According to AJ's notes, he figured that out halfway through building, hence junk.
There's another option.
I found an operational dybbuk box.
Made in 1756, blessed by the rabbi, all the things.
- On loan from a private collection - at the Museum of Antiquities just outside of Boston.
I have a plan for how to get it.
Did AJ even say how the box works? Uh, yeah.
We, uh, we fill it with meaningful objects from a ghost's life and a totem from their death.
That's the bait.
Once they get drawn inside, they're trapped.
Ghost in a box.
Our portents were pieces of the Aglaeca's death.
So Owen's portent sand should work as a totem.
And as for something from her life, well, we have to figure out who she was.
The sea shanty said her name was Odette Lamar.
Per Marvin family records, she was a wealthy heiress from France and Captain Douglas Marvin's first wife.
And a brilliant businesswoman.
Bypassed a paywall for an academic library.
Found some rare research.
Yes, the Lamars owned land in France, but Odette was the one who figured the soil was ripe for vineyards.
She turned the family holdings into a prosperous olive oil business.
According to history, Odette married Captain Douglas Marvin aboard the Governance and died of consumption.
But according to the shanty, she was betrayed, robbed and murdered.
I found her picture.
They took everything from her.
And she wants to take everything from us.
We won't let her.
Ace, you will get the box.
We'll fill it with portent sand.
Bess, you and I will find something that would have been meaningful to Odette.
AJ left behind a bunch of equipment.
Ghost-tracking stuff.
George and I can see if anything there might help.
Let's finish this once and for all.
Um, and what if we don't? I already wrote my obituary.
You what? "Loving son, Scout, vintage automobile enthusiast".
"Beloved member of the Marvin family.
Known for her quick wit and sublime sense of style".
Have you no faith? We can have faith and still prepare for other possible outcomes.
The only outcome is that we win.
- Mr.
D! - Hey.
Brought you some coffee.
- Come on.
- Thanks.
I appreciate these visits.
I really do.
But, you know, I'm doing okay.
The coffee's always good, though.
Actually, I need your help.
There's an 18th-century dybbuk box in a private collection at a museum outside of Boston and I want to borrow it.
Well, I'm not really sure how I can help with that.
And I'm on my way out.
Uh, well, y-you could help, uh, by posing as the Hudsons' lawyer, and requesting a loan of the piece on behalf of the family.
Did Nancy ask you to do this? Classified.
I can't lie for you.
What if you had assistance? Mm.
"Ryan, would you like a coffee?" "Yeah, sure, that sounds good".
I said sorry.
I didn't know about your lactose intolerance.
Thought you made a promise to see this through So, Nancy still mad at you? Sometimes kids get mad at their parents.
- Happens.
- Yeah, so mad that the parent gets kicked out of his own house.
I left to give her space.
- You know - Hey, you know what? Let's play a game.
I'll start.
It's called "What if".
What if you were a farmer, and your favorite chicken gets sick? - Are you the chicken? - No.
It's not about me.
This is a hypothetical game.
Now, there's a chance that the chicken could get better all on its own.
And there might not be any need for you, the farmer, to worry.
So, tell me, would you want to know? Well, it's kind of hard for me to have an opinion about being responsible for a chicken because I never got the opportunity to raise one.
No, no.
It's not about you you, it's hypothetical.
Shouldn't the farmer do whatever's best for the chicken? You would say that, wouldn't you? Okay.
Who won? No one.
And I don't get a coffee.
This is awesome.
- Have the coffee.
Take the damn coffee.
- Thank you.
Drive the car.
Hey, you.
- Lisbeth.
- Is this seat taken? All yours.
I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd drop by.
How are you? I miss you.
I miss you, too.
I know that this is complicated, because of my job, and because of your family, but I want to fight for us.
Whatever it takes.
I-I want to know what my future looks like with you in it.
And I want that, too.
I-I really do.
My parents are in town.
And I would love to introduce you to them.
Are you free for dinner tonight? Um, tonight? If-if you're busy, it's really not a big deal.
No, no, no.
No, n Um, no, you know what? I-I thought I had a thing.
I-I don't.
I'm free.
- Tonight.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
But I-I need to go.
Um, me and Nancy made plans Yeah, it's all good.
It's all good.
Alunni's Restaurant at 8:00, okay? I can't wait.
- Okay.
- Bye.
A day ago you were unsure, and now you think we can win? What changed? We found a solve.
The dybbuk box can work.
It's all about execution.
Wait, Jesse? What are you doing here? Uh, plumbing issue at school, we got sent home.
I-I lost my house key.
Okay, excuse you, what is so important on your phone that you can't even look up at me? Marine biology livestream.
All right, you know what? It's actually a good thing you're here.
I started working at The Claw when I was 14.
You're 15.
It's time you start to learn how to run this place.
- Let's go.
- Me? Run this place? - Uh-huh.
Come on, sweetie.
- George, I don't want to do this.
- Okay - Come on.
Go grab a uniform.
It'll be fun.
- Where are the uniforms? - In the back.
Uh uh, G-George? Are you sure she's up to this? Look, if something bad happens to me, Jesse will have to take care of Charlie and Ted.
I need to teach her how, okay? And what about your mom? Exactly.
So, I did ask Aunt Diana about Douglas Marvin and Odette, but all she knows is that some of the Lamar vineyards ended up under Marvin control - Mm-hmm.
- um, but they were sold off a few years ago, so Mm, I didn't get anything from Hannah either.
She's not answering her phone, so her temp at the historical society said we should talk to Hannah's assistant Aristotle who leads this walking tour.
- Right.
- Apparently he knows a lot of obscure facts.
- Ooh.
- Up ahead is St.
John's Chapel.
Of note is the intricate, hand-carved confessional booth, built by one of our town's founders, the good Reverend Hudson.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for information on Odette Lamar.
She was a passenger on the Governance.
Odette Lamar was the wife of Douglas Marvin.
She died tragically of consumption at sea before she ever reached Horseshoe Bay.
Ah, yes, that is what you think.
Beg your pardon? The Governance should have had a ship's manifest.
Do you know where I could find it? Uh, there's an accurate reproduction on display at Captain Marvin's cottage.
Great, thank you.
Good morning.
Welcome to St.
For the record, Odette wasn't just a wife.
She had an olive oil empire in France.
So maybe you should include that on your tour.
Cool factoid, but irrelevant.
How is that irrelevant? This is a Horseshoe Bay historical tour.
The only reason Odette matters in Horseshoe Bay is that she married a town founder.
A founder that murdered her.
Odette didn't die of consumption.
Douglas Marvin and the men on that ship killed her and took her wealth to build this town.
What are your sources? My source is credible.
I trust her.
Well, history isn't feeling, it's fact.
And how do you know the facts? Were you on the ship? Did you witness the marriage ceremony? No.
There was a marriage certificate.
Maybe it was falsified.
Stop yelling at me.
This is a nice tour for nice people interested in real history.
You've ruined the vibe.
The founding fathers shaved Odette's head and humiliated her and bound her with rope and then they threw her into a dark and frigid sea where she was choked by seaweed and her lungs filled up with seawater until she couldn't breathe anymore and then they stole everything that she had ever worked hard for.
So, that is your Horseshoe Bay town history.
This piece expresses a feeling of thick, underlying tension.
Yeah, I'm not getting that at all.
Well, it's coming from somewhere.
So what's this, uh, what's the deal with this dybbuk box thing? How's it connected to Nancy? Has it got something to do with the ritual? You know, in the woods where she needed my blood because I'm her real father? Blood isn't what makes you a father.
Actually being a father is what does that.
Drew, Mr.
I appreciate you coming down here.
But I have consulted with my colleagues and I'm afraid we cannot loan out the dybbuk box.
There must be some sort of rental agreement for a request like this? I can assure you we will return it intact.
It's not an issue of trust.
It is far too valuable to rent.
Which makes it something worth owning, right? I tell you what, Gwen, um why don't you just, I don't know, pick a number? We got to be quick.
Next tour gets here at the top of the hour.
Hey, what's up with you? Rich people tchotchkes are usually your catnip.
Mm, yeah, Lisbeth's invited me to dinner with her parents.
Oh, a big step.
Yeah, yeah, she-she wants to work things out.
And I do, too, but Am I filling her with false hope? If-if I might die? I mean, it's not even like I can tell her the truth about what's going on and it's like what do I even say? You can tell her that you love her.
I mean, it's one truth, at least.
Hey, come look at this.
That is Odette's necklace.
And this is Douglas's second wife Agnes.
Oh, my, he must've given her Odette's jewels.
How cliché.
But it's proof that Odette's possessions made it off of the ship and into Horseshoe Bay.
And if Odette cared enough about that necklace to have herself painted in it Then that's exactly what we need for the dybbuk box.
It's got to be somewhere in this cottage.
- Oh, my God! - What?! What?! Wha-What is it?! It's a bed.
It's not funny.
It's really not.
What happened down here? Did someone live here? Look at these marks.
Someone was desperate to get out of here.
Oh, no.
Okay, stop it! It's not funny, okay? It's not me, Bess.
Oh, no.
Something touched my arm! Go! We've got to get out of here! The door's locked.
No! Help, somebody! The captain's cottage was a national historic landmark lovingly maintained by the Horseshoe Bay Historical Society, who purchased the house in 1982.
Uh Uh, please feel free to have a look around.
You again.
So, what happened in the cellar? Douglas Marvin's second wife Agnes was cared for there after she went mad.
She died a few months later.
Douglas was unlucky in love.
What do mean when you say Agnes went mad? I don't know how I can be any clearer.
- Well, I don't - Okay.
Um Did she happen to leave anything behind? Like a-a necklace perhaps? Uh, that hymnal is the only personal item recovered from the cellar after Agnes died.
- Are you ten years old? - Why is there an inscription from Reverend Hudson in there? The reverend provided spiritual guidance to all the members of his congregation.
And he likely left this hymnal for Agnes as a gift.
- O Okay.
- Hey, it's the true crime lady.
Hey, tell us more about the murder.
Uh, i-if you'd all like to follow me into the next room, there are a few items that I would love to draw your attention to.
Just around this corner here, this way.
Come on down the hall.
Okay, so do you think there will be any clues in it? Maybe.
Maybe she was just crazy.
Either way, I think that it was Agnes that was haunting the cellar downstairs.
And as far as we know, she was the last person that had Odette's necklace.
So we have to go back into the cellar? I know, I know.
- Excuse me, excuse me.
- Just one second.
When you have a second.
You okay? Um, hi, how are you? Welcome to The Claw.
What do you want to eat? What was that? Hi, how are you? Welcome to The Claw.
What do you want to eat? I can't hear a damn thing she's saying.
Speak up, young lady.
Oh, excuse me, miss? Dessert on us.
I'm so sorry.
She's new.
- Jesse, you didn't even try.
- I don't want to! It doesn't matter whether you want to or not! It's about learning responsibility.
One day, I'm not gonna be here, and you're not gonna get to live in your underwater bubble anymore.
Ted and Charlie will be home soon.
And Charlie will get in with her key, but then Ted will need me not you to get the Goldfish crackers down from the high cabinet.
I'm responsible, too.
Just not the same way as you.
Team meeting! Freaking team meeting.
I couldn't see Agnes's ghost.
It was more like an imprint she left behind.
I could feel her, but-but if we could find a way to communicate That's as far as you got? Harassing a ghost imprint about a necklace? I know it's a long shot, George, but While you take your long shot, I'm gonna be in reality with our customers.
Just give her some space.
What is this? Uh, in layman's terms, ghost-vision goggles.
They, uh, they register infrasound.
Uh sound waves at a frequency too low for humans to hear.
Animals give off infrasound, weapons, too, and according to AJ's research, so do ghosts.
- So if I wear these, I could see Agnes? - I think so.
It's just a matter of, uh, adjusting the settings and expanding the bandwidth limit.
- Since when are you a mad scientist? - Hmm.
Well, I always liked figuring out how things fit together.
I used to take apart everything with a wire and a battery in my house.
It drove my mom crazy.
Hence the, uh, mechanic's job at J.
And then building the locket holder in my car.
I never knew that about you.
Well, you never asked.
Let me make these adjustments real quick.
Hang tight.
So, uh, is anybody gonna finally tell me what this box is for? You know, since it's mine.
We really appreciate it, but, no, I can't.
Okay, well at least I'm helping Nancy.
Hey if you think that buying your way into her life is the way to forge a relationship, you're wrong.
And if you had all the answers, you'd still be living in your house.
I'm just gonna call her back hey.
Hey, we got the dybbuk box, but Great, um, I haven't tracked down Odette's possessions yet, but I think we have a lead.
Something with Douglas Marvin's crazy second wife.
And some ghost-vision goggles that Nick is working on, so Hello? - What are ghost goggles? - Who-Who's Odette? No, that's nobody.
Um nothing to worry about.
D, Mr.
I'll keep a lookout for any lost or wandering tourists, okay? And I'll be just outside the door.
And in your ear.
Can you hear me? What do you see? I can hear you.
Everything just feels very normal.
Yeah, same here.
I mean, unless my hypothesis is wrong, it Nancy? Wait.
I saw her.
Agnes, you're not alone.
Agnes, talk to me.
Bess? - Hey, are you ? - It was like-like an echo of Agnes's madness, it's like living in a nightmare.
- And what about the necklace? - I didn't get that far.
She's all over the place.
- Another dead end.
- No.
The dead have helped us before.
She was trying to communicate something with me.
We just need to figure out what.
You really didn't know it was me? Come on, Carson.
You can honestly tell me that you didn't know that I was Nancy's father? Lucy asked us to protect her baby from the Hudsons.
I thought you were part of the problem.
You had no right to judge me.
We were told you weren't safe, Ryan.
I'm sorry.
I know that doesn't make up for what you lost.
For what I took from you.
Nancy sounded off.
You think she's in trouble? Maybe.
She's not ready to talk to me yet.
She might be willing to talk to you, though.
What would I what would I say to her? Try being honest.
Sometimes that helps open her up a bit.
Thank you.
I, um, I bought you that box that you wanted.
From the museum.
So I hope it helps with whatever's going on.
Thank you.
- Yeah, I hope so.
- Yeah.
I feel like you're waiting to say something.
Yeah, yeah, I would like to.
Um Look it's just that, this whole time, I felt like I was being robbed.
You know? Like Carson Carson took away my chance at being a father.
Look, the truth is, is that when you were born, I was just a kid.
You know? I-I didn't know what to do.
If I'm being honest with you, I still am not really sure.
But I-I need you to know that that I'd like to try to figure it out.
You know, if-if that's something that you're into, I-I don't even know if-if you're interested in figuring it out, but Yeah, I might have a mild interest.
That's cool.
That's really cool.
So, um, so, what-what are you working on right now? Uh, this is a it's a puzzle I'm trying to solve.
Like, a music puzzle? I-Is it? I don't Well, you've got a songbook here.
Those letters right there are music notes.
Look, and right here you got A, A, E, A, E.
Do you read music? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, my mother forced me to take piano lessons on that grand in our living room, so I learned "The Song That Doesn't End" and I played it for six hours straight one day.
Showed her.
That's why Agnes dog-eared this hymn.
- That's what what? - That's it.
- I'm right? I - Yeah.
I just solved something before Nancy Drew? - I need to concentrate.
- Okay.
We'll pick this up some other time.
"I confess to you, my God.
Such delightful gifts as these safely hid beneath thine angel's watchful eye".
Agnes wasn't crazy.
She hid a cipher in the hymnal.
Well, if ever there was a time to believe in God "I confess to you, my God".
Confessional booth.
If I am Agnes "Safely hid beneath thine angel's watchful eye".
My God.
"I can no longer remain silent".
My husband murdered Odette Lamar on the Governance and conspired with others to cover up the crime.
I reaped the benefit of the wealth he stole from her for years.
But then I discovered letters Odette wrote to an Englishwoman.
It was clear that Odette would never marry Douglas nor any man.
At night I heard my husband cry out, haunted by his evil deeds.
I turned to Reverend Hudson for comfort.
I thought I could trust him.
But he was my husband's partner in this wretched scheme.
Now they claim I am losing my mind.
I am to be locked away today and silenced forever.
I have requested one final visit to the chapel.
I have sworn I wish to confess my sins, but I wish to confess the truth.
I shall leave this letter, along with Odette's beloved possessions, so that part of her may rest free from the hands of her persecutors.
And I shall do my best to ensure receipt of these treasures by someone of good faith who can interpret my message, and who is willing to believe, so help me, God.
I believe.
Don't worry, dear.
She'll be here soon.
Yeah, yeah, no, I know.
I'll put it away, she just It'll be fine.
She gets really excited picking shoes.
George? Hey.
- Any word from Jesse? - No.
And what if that's her last memory of me? Me pushing her to be something that she's not and then yelling at her for it.
I mean, who does that? Someone who really cares about her family but is also going through a lot and doing the best she can.
Yeah, well, I don't want to be going through a lot.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to have to leave my family.
This isn't fair; this whole situation sucks.
All right, okay, okay.
I love you.
You what? I love you.
You well, you take care of everything and everyone, and Oh, I know I know you don't need anyone to take care of you.
But you you need to know you're loved.
Okay y-you asked me before what changed from yesterday to today, what-what do I stand to lose, and it it isn't the $4 million and change in my bank account and the USB drive full of secrets that could bring down the Hudson empire.
It's It's us.
I want to beat the Aglaeca so we can have a shot.
I'm that good in bed? I mean it.
I'm not ready to say it back.
Good, good.
'Cause I'm not I'm not looking to hear it back.
No, but you you saying that, it kind of well, it kind of makes me love you a little more.
That's not healthy.
Okay, go.
Go be with your sisters.
I'll finish up here.
There you are.
Charlie texted.
She's going to Emma's house for dinner, and Ted's staying at school for Shakespeare Club.
So you've been out here by yourself this whole time? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, for a while.
Still need a key to the house, and I wasn't sure if you were still mad at me.
Not mad.
Look I don't say this often enough, but I'm really, really proud of you.
Even when I'm being hard on you.
And I wasn't mad earlier.
I was just I was rushing you.
And that is not your fault.
It's mine.
Why are you being weird? Because I love you.
I needed you to hear that, because I need you to know that you are not all alone in this world.
I just wish that someone had told me that at your age.
That's all.
An octopus cares for its eggs for 53 months and then it dies.
Are you telling me all this because you're going to die? I know you kicked over the blood bucket last month.
Ted saw you scrubbing the porch.
Okay, well, I don't believe in curses, and neither should you, okay? Really.
Don't lose this one.
Well, how'd it go with Lisbeth? Yeah, I-I saw her and I was a coward.
No matter what I say, I'm gonna break her heart.
You know, I can't tell her the truth and I can't lie.
So I just walked away.
I am so selfish.
No, I couldn't do it, either.
I thought about it, and they can't save us.
My dad would probably die trying, and I can't live with that, so I so I wrote him a letter.
Gonna leave it for him if the dybbuk box doesn't work out.
I found the necklace.
And letters.
Beautiful love letters Odette wrote to this woman in England.
Agnes Marvin saved them all.
She found out what really happened to Odette and wanted to share her story.
- So she wasn't crazy? - No.
She was brilliant, actually.
That hymnal was the only thing that Agnes had in the cellar with her, and she used it to write a message which led me to the truth.
Oh, looks like we have everything we need.
Let's go trap a monster.
Dybbuk box, on demand.
Guardian of the mighty sea, we summon you.
She remembers the necklace.
Does that mean it's working? We know everything, Odette.
About how your life in Horseshoe Bay was destroyed before it even began.
About how they lied about your death.
We're here to set history right.
Nancy? Nancy, be careful.
I get that you're pissed.
You were robbed of everything.
We want to tell your story! We-we will help you if you let us! Good thing this wasn't a rental.
N-Nancy, what were you thinking? Did you see her hand? - It almost looked human.
- Don't go soft on us, Drew.
She may have left to go get her strength back.
But she wanted to kill us.
She almost killed you.
The real takeaway for me was the sand it turned into seaweed.
It was the same seaweed wreath as my portent, and it hurt her, and if we can hurt her Maybe we can kill her.

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