Naomi (2022) s01e11 Episode Script

Worst Prom Ever

1 Last time on Naomi Your parents are aliens? They've been lying to me this whole time.
What happened to Earth-29? We found out it was an environmental disaster.
I know you're not telling me the truth.
You're right.
I have been lying.
About this.
Naomi did all this.
Brutus will send others, like the bounty hunter.
I'm Mac.
Brutus sends his regards.
Unleashing her abilities is the only way for Naomi to protect the people she loves.
Everyone Naomi knows, they are all in danger now.
They called it the Tear.
A catastrophic environmental event.
Zumbado told me about it, but, I didn't realize it had a name.
It gave the Twenty-Nine their powers.
That's right.
Are you members of the Twenty-Nine? No.
Back on our home planet, we were scientists.
We were called in to fix the Tear, but we failed.
That doesn't explain how we ended up here.
And it doesn't explain how you adopted me and all your lies.
Did Zumbado tell you about Brutus? He terrorizes the people of our planet.
He hunted the Twenty-Nine.
That's why we lied.
Because we never wanted that for you.
Neither did your birth parents.
You knew my birth parents? Yeah.
We did, pumpkin.
So you lied about that, too.
A lot of bad things happened back then.
We wanted to spare you.
No disrespect, but bad things isn't good enough.
I deserve the truth.
After Brutus rose to power, there was political mayhem.
Chaos beyond your imagination.
It was truly horrific.
We lived in fear.
No one could stop him.
That's what your birth parents wanted to protect you from.
That's what we wanted to protect you from.
We promised them if anything happened to them, we'd hide you.
We'd keep you safe.
What happened to them? We don't know.
Did Brutus get to them? No more lies.
We believe he did.
Zumbado says I'm the only one who can beat Brutus.
He says it's my destiny.
Is that true? Your powers are one of a kind.
There's no denying that.
And there's no hiding it anymore.
Maybe we should never have tried.
If you wanna run, we'll run.
Hard and fast.
If you wanna fight, we'll fight.
Hard and fast.
I don't wanna be your friend ♪ You don't wanna be my friend ♪ So you're basically the Harry Potter of space? - I don't know about that.
- You're right.
That sucker had seven books to figure out his destiny.
You've had, what, three months? It all just seems so crazy.
I haven't even graduated from high school.
Harry hadn't graduated either.
Which ones? All I know is I just lowkey don't wanna think about any of this tonight.
I just wanna have a normal prom like a normal teenager.
I fully support that.
How are we doing on the checklist? Manicures, check.
Sheet masks, check.
Jewelry selection, check.
Light yoga session? So we can be properly stretched before hitting the dance floor.
Yeah, I now understand why you budgeted six hours for pre-prom prep.
Beauty is a harsh mistress.
I am guessing from that smile that things are going better with Nathan? We're getting there.
I think he's still a little bit upset about what happened.
Which part? The part about you accusing him of stealing the disc or the part where you posted those selfies with Lourdes to make him jealous? - Probably both.
- Not helping.
Tonight is about fixing things.
We're just gonna dance, vibe, and hopefully go back to the way that things used to be.
Hey, man.
Will my little sister like this one? Yeah, sure.
I don't know.
Swamp Thing might be too slimy.
She'll like this one better.
I'm Nathan.
I've never seen you in here before.
Yeah, my mom just got transferred to town and my little sister is bummed.
I'm not really into comics, but she likes them for some reason.
Yeah, because comics are the best.
Sure, if you're a kid.
But anyone over the age of ten who's into comics is obviously You gonna finish your sentence? I was gonna say dope.
You know how many Superman comics have been sold? Six hundred million.
Superman stands for truth and justice.
He provides a way for us all to feel like ourselves.
You get inspiration from a dude who flies around fighting aliens? It doesn't really matter if he's real or not.
He's still a hero.
Not really my kind of hero.
Also, he's an adult wearing a cape.
You're entitled to your opinion.
Even if it's completely wrong.
Hold up.
Are you mad? Like for real? I was messing with you.
I gotta go.
But I hope your little sister enjoys the comic.
I wonder when the girls will be ready.
It's important to be respectful of women and their time.
- So much respect.
- Yes, sir.
Do you know I'm in the military? Uh Go easy on them, Greg.
Ah, here they come.
I promise to avoid another stabbing incident like last year's winter formal.
I still have the scar, but it makes me smile.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You look incredible.
Thank you.
You, too.
Uh, this is for you.
Who's ready for a photo? Come on.
Let's get together.
One, two, three, smile.
Excuse me.
Right here.
I can't believe Esme spent our entire prom budget on a nature reserve.
Is anyone really surprised at the low turnout? I'm not really clear on the theme.
Something for everyone.
Like Coachella.
This is definitely not Coachella.
It's called resonance.
I have a message from Brutus.
He wants you to join him.
You okay? Yeah.
- My texts aren't going through.
- Me neither.
What could have caused a blackout and for our phones to go down? It wasn't a storm.
That would be more consistent with, like, an electromagnetic pulse.
So maybe it was an accident at the military base? Maybe.
But I heard this, like, strange hum.
Last time I heard that was at STAR Labs.
Could you tell where it was coming from? Uh, pinpointing the source could help us identify it.
Not exactly.
I think it was somewhere near the bathroom The DJ has power.
Let's get back to dancing, people.
We need to check the bathroom.
Didn't you guys go to the bathroom, like, 20 minutes ago? Uh, we just needed to freshen up.
Don't question the sacred prom ritual of group trips to the ladies' room.
We'll be right back.
Major McDuffie.
Good to see you, sir.
I thought you'd gone back to Quantico.
Well, after the Steel incident, the DOD expressed some concern about the effectiveness of this task force.
You're evaluating us.
I wouldn't put it in those terms.
But that's not why I called you.
There's been an incident at STAR Labs.
You familiar with it? Well, only in passing, sir.
We've been monitoring it since the Steel incident.
Tonight there was a significant energy spike.
Agent Davis, the team is in position.
Put it on the screen.
There's a team on the ground ready to breach.
They've isolated the incident to a specific lab.
Records indicate it belonged to a Dr.
What are we expecting to find, sir? That's a good question.
We're in position, sir.
No signs of life or activity.
On your call.
Dynamic entry, in.
Let's go.
With me! Let's go.
Let's go.
Move! Move! Breach! - Clear! - Clear! Looks good.
Do you have anything, Alpha Leader? There's some kind of device.
Is that a force field? - Oh, my God.
- They need to get out of there.
Now! Everybody, let's move! Go! I think I found something.
What the hell is that? I think it's a force field.
An alien force field? I don't know, but we need to contact some adults.
Preferably one with wings.
Or one who's perpetually salty.
Zumbado is the closest.
I can be back in ten minutes.
What am I supposed to do then? Act normal.
Act normal.
Nice reflexes, babe.
Are you okay? I'm pretty sure we're trapped.
I don't know what's more incredible.
This force field, or the fact that I'm in the girls' bathroom.
I mean, this place is so much cleaner.
Separate bathrooms are so Gen X.
- The future is all-gender.
- Agreed.
But we can't fight for equality until we get out of here.
Brutus only wants me.
Why would he go to the trouble of trapping the entire junior class? And what if prom turns into a Carrie situation? Or worse.
What if it gets boring? Okay, there is still two hours left and they're out of good songs.
Which means we only have two hours until people try to leave and realize they, you know, can't.
We have to find a way to contact someone.
We could call Dee on his CB radio using morse code or hieroglyphics.
Annabelle, you're a genius.
There's a CB radio in the office.
We can use that.
I think this force field will dampen the signal.
Not if we use a linear amp.
It will upgrade the power output.
That DJ did bring an excessive amount of gear.
I mean, who does the guy think he is? Skrillex? I'll get the amp and meet you guys in the office.
Shh, shh.
Breaking into the school office We're living so dangerously.
I can't believe I'm in here by choice.
After hours.
During prom night.
Speaking of, I know this wasn't exactly the prom you had in mind.
It's way better.
This is fun.
This spy stuff is kind of romantic.
We're like Mr.
& Mrs.
From classic movie night? But weren't those two trying to kill each other? I would never take a job to assassinate you, hon.
Aw, hon.
I wouldn't take a job to assassinate you either.
Oh, I see it.
Raincheck on the kissing till after we defeat the aliens? Definitely.
I've been waiting for you in the Winter Wonderland room.
Your snow cone is pretty much melted.
I'm sorry, Nathan.
What's going on with you? This was supposed to be our night.
Jacob has this really big robotics project and I was just trying to help him.
Homework during prom? I know.
It's lame.
Can we just forget about all this and go back to having fun? Yeah, that's what I want.
You, me, having fun like we used to.
But? I'm not sure that's what you want.
It It is, Nathan.
I promise.
I don't know what you want me to say.
That makes the two of us.
- Hey! - Hey.
I can't believe Greg and Jen let you have a party while they're out of town.
Coolest parents ever.
Yeah, they really are the best.
- Who is that? - Who? Oh.
That's Nathan.
I met him at Levon's last week.
That's the guy who insulted Superman? You neglected to mention that he is fine.
Because I don't care what he looks like.
He's a rude jock and I'm not interested.
Really? Yeah, that feeling is not mutual, because that boy is straight up staring at you.
And coming over this way.
Look who it is.
It's Annabelle.
- Uh, I'm Annabelle.
- Oh.
And good goodbye.
I'm I'm gonna get some pizza.
Hey, thanks for the recommendation.
Little sis loved the comic.
Oh, of course, 'cause she's an actual child, right? I think you got the wrong impression of me.
I'm actually kind of an okay guy once you get to know me.
And what makes you think I wanna get to know you? Well, maybe the fact that we keep running into each other? Some people might call that fate.
I call it living in a small town.
Must be a nice change after all that moving around, though.
Being an Army brat can be tough.
I know.
How'd you know I'm an Army brat? I did my homework.
You think I ended up at this party by accident? You just called it fate.
Fate means you're supposed to be in a certain place with a certain person at a certain time.
Fate is never an accident.
That's shockingly insightful.
I'm full of surprises.
Army brat, how many times have you changed schools in the middle of the year? Three, including now.
I did four.
It's the worst.
So bad.
Can I get you a drink? This is my party, but yes, you can.
Are you taking a picture? I definitely thought there would be a lot less science stuff at prom, but, uh, memories are memories.
Got it.
Signal officially boosted.
Dee, it's Naomi.
Are you there? I think the correct terminology is "come in.
" Dee, it's Naomi.
Come in, Dee.
Are you there? Come in, Dee.
Maybe he's not there.
Naomi, what's wrong? Yes, uh, Dee, we're at school and there's some kind of force field.
It's not exactly a force field.
Naomi, I'm coming there.
Stay there.
Dee? Dee? Dee can't hear you anymore.
Brutus sends his regards.
Who is this? My name's Julian, but you're asking the wrong question.
The right question is, where am I? Meet me in the East Wing, alone, or everyone at this prom will wish they'd never been born.
Julian trapped everyone in here just to get to me.
You said Dee's wings can sense aliens.
Maybe the adults are on their way.
But if we can't get out, how can they get in? - Nathan.
- What the hell is going on? Are you okay? What's wrong? I'm fine.
It's nothing.
Why won't you just tell me? You know what? I'm leaving.
Nathan, wait! - Don't go, please.
Just talk to me.
- Talk to you? So you can ignore me? Ditch me? Lie to my face again? Nah, I'm good.
Nathan, stop! I know tonight's been weird, but I have a good reason.
Can you please just trust me? Why should I trust you? You obviously don't trust me.
You know what? This isn't working.
What are you saying? Exactly what I said.
This, us It isn't working.
There's a force field surrounding the entire school and we're all trapped in here.
You need to work on your excuse game.
You're serious? That force field is here to keep me inside.
There's someone in the school right now.
They want to hurt me.
Why would someone want to hurt you? I found out I'm not from here.
I know that.
You've moved around a lot.
So have I.
It's different than that.
There are things I haven't told you about myself.
Things I've been keeping from you.
I know that, too.
I keep hoping you'll tell me when you're ready.
I found out that my parents didn't adopt me.
They found me.
What does that mean? They found me as an infant, alone, on a rock, in the forest with alien markings.
The markings were from another planet.
The planet where I'm from.
What are you saying right now? I'm not from here, Nathan.
I'm from another planet.
I'm not human.
I'm something else.
Wait, what? I don't understand.
I don't either.
And I'm I've been trying to accept it and understand it, but, I can't.
And I'm so scared, and I I've wanted to tell you.
But I was scared you wouldn't understand or accept me.
I'm still afraid of that.
I don't understand any of this.
But, I'm here.
After Naomi called, I went to the school and checked every entrance.
All of them are blocked by the same type of energy field.
We have to get inside.
That's Earth-29 tech.
The force field is virtually impenetrable.
My daughter is trapped in there.
This is your fault.
We never wanted this for her.
If you had left her alone, this wouldn't be happening.
With all due respect, I'm the one who told Naomi the truth.
Naomi's powers were starting to manifest.
There was no hiding it, no denying it.
You know that.
I don't care if I have to call in the entire military and bomb that building, we're getting Naomi out.
There could be another way.
Greg, the device on the quantum machine, tell me what you saw before the feed went dark.
Not much.
When the soldiers got close, a force field activated and blew them back.
I believe this is Mac.
I've seen her use technology like this.
Who the hell is Mac? She works for Brutus.
Part of his inner circle.
- If they're making a move - She's not alone.
You know who's with her.
Not for certain, but I suspect that Brutus has sent someone more formidable.
He goes by Julian.
I've never heard of him.
Julian is a high-level enforcer He flies under the radar.
They're isolating Naomi.
Attacking her when she's most vulnerable.
How do we bring down the force field? It's connected to whatever device is on that quantum machine.
We have to get inside and destroy it.
Bell's lab has been sealed off.
There are soldiers everywhere.
There's another way into that lab.
I'll need your Nth metal.
Shutting down that device will take time.
How do we protect Naomi? Until we get there, Naomi's going to have to protect herself.
It's nice to have another bro in the know.
Look at us! The fearsome foursome.
What are we going to do? Well, we will definitely not be sending you on a meeting with a psychotic assassin in the East Wing.
I don't have much of a choice.
Seriously, babe, I will lock you in this classroom if I have to.
How can we stop this Julian guy from doing whatever to the rest of the people at prom? We need to buy time before the adults come.
I've said it before.
What this school needs is a good panic room.
What if we made our own? If we get everybody in the same location, we could make sure they're safe.
I am so on board with this "hide until help comes" plan.
Winter Wonderland might be big enough to hold everyone.
Then, all we need to do is get everybody in there and keep them away from Julian, until TBD.
We can handle that, now that we're a four-person team.
Come on.
You won't want to miss this.
Winter Wonderland is about to be lit.
And don't sleep on our sno-cone mixologist.
Oh, it's a rainbow! What up, Port Oswego juniors! Guys, we are about to make prom history.
I'm talking a special musical guest that will blow your minds! Whoo! So don't go anywhere.
You do not want to miss this.
I'm head of the prom committee and I do not approve this message.
Everybody, make some noise if you want Esme to chill! Well, it looks like Annabelle could use some back-up.
Uh, you go.
I'll stay and get the stragglers inside.
I'll be right there.
- It's not SZA.
- It's not not SZA! Esme.
The DJ's freaking out.
He said you never gave him the second deposit, so he's gonna bounce.
What? I have a signed invoice.
Nice work, newbie.
Those people are sno-cone savages.
Where's Naomi? In the hallway with the stragglers.
No, she's not.
The hallway's empty.
She's going to the East Wing.
I knew we should have put her on sno-cone duty.
So you're Naomi.
You're brave to come alone.
I'm the one Brutus wants.
Do you really think you can save everyone? Your classmates, your friends.
Annabelle, Jacob, Nathan.
This isn't about them.
Actually, it is.
They're trapped behind a force field in the doorway.
Your friends went looking for you.
That made it very easy for me.
Let them go.
You have a lot of friends, Naomi.
Your parents, Dee, Zumbado.
People who will try to protect you.
What I want to see is who you are with none of them around.
If this works, the energy released will create an explosion and shut down the force field at the school.
- You ready? - Ready.
The containment field destabilizes your energy wave.
We learned a few things after your meeting with Mac.
- Why are you doing this? - I'm giving you a choice.
You can save your friends, or your classmates.
Both are trapped behind energy fields that will incinerate them.
This deactivates one, but sets off the other.
You get to choose.
I'm not doing that.
That's how long you have to decide.
Why was there no explosion? Because this is a decoy.
Naomi's on her own.
Please don't do this.
It's already done.
Naomi! You're okay! Not exactly.
This energy field is going to incinerate all of you in about three minutes.
Same for everyone else.
They're stuck in one, too.
This is the worst prom ever.
This will deactivate the force field.
I just have to turn it.
Okay, good.
I did not want my last moments on Earth to be spent in school.
What's the catch? Touching one triggers the other.
He's making me choose.
He's making me choose between you and everyone else at prom.
I don't know what to do.
Yes, you do.
There's three of us and fifty of them.
It's an easy call.
Hold on.
This is technically a dead man's switch.
It It works on a relay.
It seems instantaneous but it's not.
It still has to send out an alert that activates the other field.
I really hope all this science talk ends with us not dying.
If I can touch the second field before the alert makes it from the first, I can deactivate both.
Jacob, how long would I have? Probably a second.
From one end of the school to the other in less than a second? That seems impossible.
You'd have to be Superman to do that.
I'm not Superman.
You're not.
You're Naomi freaking McDuffie.
You just have to believe it.
- Naomi! - Are you okay? Babe, are you okay? I did it.
Oh, baby, are you okay? Yeah, Mom, I'm I'm fine.
We're all fine.
The force field came down, but Julian disappeared.
Did you guys find him? No.
But why would Julian just leave? We probably won't like that answer.
The important thing is that you're okay.
Ready, pumpkin? You know, I think I might meet you at home, actually, if that's okay.
Thank you for coming down here.
I think Jacob and I are gonna go see if there's any sno-cones left.
He's making me a sunrise surprise.
It's mango, cherry, coconut and chocolate.
That's the surprise.
See you guys later.
And thanks for, you know, saving all our lives.
All right, POHS juniors, grab that special someone and head to the Winter Wonderland dance floor.
It's time for the last dance of the night.
It's our song.
Should we head back inside? I don't want to share this moment with anyone else.
Let's dance right here.
Can you be my friend? ♪ Can you be my lover Up until the very end? ♪ So the bright one is Mars.
And later, we can look for the Milky Way.
So, is everything up there named for a candy bar, or what? Don't you want to learn about the vastness of space? Oh, yeah, that's definitely why I asked you on this date.
Hey, do you think we could spot some aliens? The telescope only spots things that are actually real.
I need somebody ♪ Who can love me at my worst ♪ - Damn, I love this - This song is my jam.
What'd I tell you? Fate.
Shared taste in excellent music is a coincidence, it's not fate.
You really don't believe in destiny? You do? Hell yeah! Hey, think of the millions of things that had to go right for this date to even happen.
You mean me giving you a second chance? I'm serious.
You had to be born, I had to be born.
Your dad had to get transferred to Port Oswego, same for my mom.
And then I had to insult your favorite superhero.
A million decisions, just so we could be right here, right now.
Fate is never an accident.
I'll be there whenever you want me ♪ I need somebody ♪ Who can love me at my worst ♪ Let me show you love, oh, ♪ I don't pretend, yeah ♪ That super-speed thing, did you know you could do that? You know, I could feel myself getting stronger, but, no, I had no idea.
That happens a lot, actually.
I just discover all these new powers.
I can't believe my girlfriend has powers.
That's pretty dope.
You're taking this really well.
I'm full of surprises, I guess.
I'm actually surprising myself.
Tonight was the most scared I've ever been.
I almost lost you.
But you didn't.
I'm right here.
This time.
This is real.
There's real danger involved.
And I hate the thought of putting you, or anyone I care about in danger.
I can't live with me putting you in harm.
I just can't.
Yeah, I know what it's like not to be able to protect someone you care about.
I learned that tonight.
I hear you.
But if it was hard not to be able to protect someone, imagine being the one putting people in harm's way.
You being hurt because of something that I did, I just I I can't do that.
Tonight is just the beginning.
You know, I've been denying my destiny for a really long time.
Maybe I wasn't ready.
Or maybe I just didn't want to let go of everything as it was.
And everyone.
You don't have to let go.
I know wherever your destiny is leading you, I can't go with you.
And I can't protect you.
But it doesn't mean I'll let go.
We can't be together.
But I'll always be on your side.
I'll always be with you.
This isn't what I wanted.
It doesn't matter what we want.
It's fate.
And it's never an accident.
You've always had a greater destiny, Naomi.
Whether you believed in it or not.
You're a hero.
A hero? You're the first person to ever call me that.
I'd recommend getting used to it.
I thought you didn't believe in superheroes.
I do now.

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