Narcos: Mexico (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

El dedazo

1 General Zaragoza! The French are retreating! Send the cavalry! After them! Fire the artillery! Bring the prisoner forward.
You go that way.
I'll go this way.
Stop right there! Get up and start walking! - Get up and walk! - Just a second.
Enough! Walk! Downstairs! On your knees.
You're a spy for the enemy.
Say your line.
"Long live France!" The hero killed her with one shot! Will they be angry? It's Mama's favorite rug.
If they ask questions, I'll do the talking.
The gentleman will see you now.
I wanted to congratulate you on your brother's nomination.
He's going to make a fine president.
We're very proud.
It's time for a younger generation in Los Pinos, right? Exactly.
Huh? From what I've read, your brother seems like a smart man.
He's brilliant.
Whereas I'm simply clever.
Come on "clever" usually pays better.
You're in the hotel industry, correct? Yes, but I have other businesses as well.
Import, export You've done well for yourself.
Can't complain.
I've worked hard.
Hard work.
Always the cornerstone.
Bet you come across a lot of pretty girls in the hotel business.
You have tennis courts at your properties? Yeah, one or two of them.
Why? I've always enjoyed the sight of a woman in a tennis skirt, with those white shoes they wear.
I'd like to invite you to spend some time at my hotel and be my guest of honor.
What do you think? We could arrange a tennis match for you, I'm sure.
I don't care much for Guadalajara.
Prefer the beach.
I have properties all over.
Whatever you'd like.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about all the things I can offer you.
I'd I'd like the opportunity to help you and your brother, obviously.
You donate to the party? Of course, every chance I get.
Then you've already helped immeasurably.
My brother's going to do great things for this country.
I came to propose a relationship.
A more "direct" one.
I can be an asset to you and your brother.
Not only professionally, but personally, a friendship.
I'm someone who believes in that.
Who doesn't need a friend, right? Mm-hmm.
A discrete friend.
And more importantly a generous one.
I appreciate your enthusiasm, but we're not in need of all that.
I can't be certain what the future holds for the "hotel business" but I can tell you one thing about my brother and I.
We value family and loyalty.
Juan Nepomuceno Guerra has been a loyal friend to our family since my brother and I were boys.
I'm aware of that.
I've heard that story before.
And I'm I'm not going to lie.
I've had disagreements with Don Juan.
Well, I hope your issues can be resolved amicably.
Because if anything were to happen to Señor Guerra, my brother and I would be very upset.
Juan is quite a character.
What I can tell you is that my brother's going to be everybody's president.
We look forward to your vote.
What kind of fucking politician doesn't want money? You're sure he speaks for his brother? Always.
They're a team, hammer and nail.
- I've heard things.
He's a player.
- A player? A player would take the money.
- Why the fuck doesn't he want my money? - No idea.
Find out what's going on.
I want every fucking detail.
And Guerra? Can't touch him.
But the old goat can take another shot at you any time he likes.
I know.
I'm going to Sinaloa.
Safer than Guadalajara.
Got more on that "situation" between Tijuana and Sinaloa.
Now what? They're still at it? We told them no more bullshit violence.
But I'm not sure the boys were really listening.
Game over.
After Chapo's thing, 'Mon went after Cochi's favorite mariachi.
Hey, asshole.
Get down.
Please, mister, I'm begging you.
Grab his good hand.
You know "Cielito Lindo," man? No! Don't do it! And Cochiloco he didn't appreciate that.
Hey, hose that shit off.
Call Benjamín and Palma.
It stops now.
Settle on a number for the taxes they ducked, that ends it.
Let me know as soon as you find out something on the brothers.
Let's go, Clavel.
You think that shit works? Couldn't tell you.
I went to bat for you.
Keeping your team down here, it wasn't easy.
Well, this new angle we got, it feels promising.
This new informant you trust him? Not exactly.
But he hasn't steered us wrong yet.
The cash keeps Félix on the right side of the government and the plaza bosses.
This CI? He can help put all that into play.
If we can weaken Félix without having to go back and cut in State, then I can live with there being things I don't know about.
As long as no one else knows about them either.
So this CI, some kind of trafficker? Law enforcement.
Félix was in Panama last month.
Meeting with members of the Cali cartel.
What was on the agenda? Not sure, but it ended with Félix committing to move more weight.
Lots more.
Why now? El Padrino's feeling the pressure.
Does this tie into the reports about the tension between his plazas? We think they could be related.
There's been talk of major construction somewhere outside Juárez.
Construction of what? Runways.
That's the one thing we're still trying to figure out.
Who the hell's gonna run transpo between Colombia and Mexico now? The new Matta-Ballesteros.
Amado Carrillo Fuentes.
Used to be some kind of pilot, among other things.
Now Félix has him buying up passenger planes.
Federation's building their own air fleet.
Running it out of Juárez.
Yeah, if we can pin down Félix's distribution hub, then we can unlock his entire route network.
Track shipments as they cross the border, pick them off one by one.
That's right.
Bleed the motherfucker.
Starve him of his cash until the government cuts him off.
You know, hangs him out to dry.
Well Amado just bought a one-way ticket to Belmopan, Belize.
What the fuck for? That's where Aero Tropical is based.
It's an airline.
Or it used to be.
They have just declared bankruptcy.
They're liquidating their entire fleet at an auction next week.
I want regular updates.
I got a couple things that I need your help tracking down.
What the hell is all this? Just some equipment we need to work a new lead.
Be sure to use your knees, bro.
Grab my bag.
Hey, boss.
Good to be back home in Sinaloa? When are you coming home? I'm not sure.
Have some business I need to handle here.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
I just need to figure some things out.
Hang on, I can put the baby on the phone.
No, no, no.
Maybe later.
I'm a little busy right now.
I'll call you later.
I didn't expect to see you again.
But here I am.
And with such lovely company.
Thought it was a good idea for all of us to meet.
We need more.
At least 700 kilos this time.
Business must be good.
We've been saving our allowances.
Right, doll? Give me two weeks.
I hear things are changing in Mexico.
"Changing" how? Cali's going to start moving product through the Gulf with Juan Nepomuceno Guerra.
But I don't see why that should change our arrangement.
Going forward, maybe we can make this an exclusive relationship.
Knock ten percent off every load over 400 kilos, you're the only supplier we do business with.
Félix has competition now.
He's weak.
We need to push harder.
It's time to expand.
Every time I sit down with him, I feel like I need to wash my hands.
WHO WILL YOU PICK IN THIS ELECTION? ON JULY 6TH JUÁREZ NEEDS YOUR VOTE Amat, don't forget to vote, huh? This is it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And I thought our last place was a shithole.
Home sweet home.
Welcome to Juárez.
All right, got it.
Indian motherfucker.
Listen up! I spoke to Azul.
Says this shit with Tijuana has to stop.
Hey I mean it, man.
Come on, Chapo.
Damn it, man.
Fuck those pussies.
Félix says it's over.
So it's over.
We have to negotiate a price.
Kid's hurt, man.
Look at him.
Put his heart and soul in that fucking tunnel.
Your shit with the steamroller didn't help.
Ramón fucked with a musician, man.
That's like picking on a child.
Fucking asshole.
Okay, fuck it.
I'll talk to them.
At the end of the day, shit's just money.
Go back and forth a little first.
Just not too hard.
For real, Cochi, don't mess with Ramón.
Fuck him, with his shirts.
I'll just talk with Benjamín or the other one Eduardo? Javier, the kid? The other one, with the mopey face.
- Francisco.
- Him, Francisco.
He loves me.
I'll talk with him.
Just settle it.
But don't offer too much.
Sounds good.
See ya! Mommy! Next, we have a 1979 Boeing 727, registration number N-1779.
Featuring forward and rear galleys.
Currently featuring 12 first-class seats and 136 coach seats.
And this aircraft is ready, willing, and able We can get in through the north side of the fence.
Bad sight line for security.
Cut through.
Two in, one outside for lookout.
We need radios.
A ladder too.
We can get in through the rear airstairs, under the fuselage.
You figure it's open? Can you even lock up a fucking 727? Either way, I can pop the lock.
Stole a lot of cars back in the days, huh? Got me my first promotion.
Comandante was a big Buick guy.
One million.
Can I get one million? One million? Carrillo Fuentes used to be a cop, right? He did two years at the DFS.
I'm sure he served with distinction.
And stole anything that wasn't nailed down.
Sounds like your kind of cop.
How many of these things is he fucking buying? I definitely went astray somewhere end up sitting here with you two broke motherfuckers.
I got an amen to that.
Sold to the man in black! Son of a bitch.
And up next, one of my personal favorites on auction today.
We have a nineteen-seventy Hi.
Keep fucking walking, man.
I mean it.
Relax, 'Cisco.
Fuck, man.
I hate fucking clowns.
What did the new doctor say? Wants to do more tests on her.
There's some specialist up in San Diego.
Ruth might take her.
We'll see.
Fuck, man.
God's going to protect her, man.
I've been praying every night.
Thanks, 'Mon.
- You want some? - I left it there on the table.
Hey, Benjamín.
You remember Ivan? He works down at the nightclub.
He's got something you want to hear.
Go on.
Tell my brother what you told me.
Hold up.
Hey, man.
Take a walk, okay? Benjamín.
Come on.
He doesn't mind, right? Or do you? Nah, man.
It's cool.
What the fuck, man? David's cool.
I know him, man.
I trust him.
Who the fuck is he? Hmm? Some fucking American you met in prison? Gave you cigarettes? Doesn't mean I trust him.
Use your fucking brain, man.
What is it? Sorry.
My cousin's a cop, right? State police, in Guadalajara.
So we get to talking, tells me about how last week a call came in.
In this nice neighborhood.
When he shows up, there's a couple of cars.
One's all shot up.
But whoever was inside long gone.
The other car was bodyguards.
They tell my cousin it's been handled.
Put some money in his hand.
"Fuck off," basically.
But this car that's been all shot up? My cousin's seen it around town.
He recognizes it.
He knows who the target was.
What did you find out? Did some digging.
I know why they aren't interested in your money.
He and his brother are about to make a bunch of their friends rich.
Oil, steel, and railroads rich.
What the fuck are you talking about? I'm talking about his plans for the economy.
With the 1988 election approaching, a new generation of leaders in the PRI had big plans.
And their new candidate was the perfect man for the job.
Educated in the States, this guy would be the kind of president D.
and Wall Street were looking for.
And he was gonna shake shit up all right.
Under his leadership, the PRI would drop its old ties with labor unions and gut the subsidies that kept food prices down.
Communal farms called ejidos would be chopped up, sold to corporations.
But the main event of his economic revolution? That was known as privatization.
Idea was large-scale nationally-held industries would be sold off.
Telecoms, steel, railways you name it.
And guess who'd profit? The political insiders who got to buy these assets at bargain-basement prices.
In 1987, there was one Mexican billionaire on the Forbes' list.
By the time the administration ended, seven years later there were 24.
And don't think they weren't reminded on a regular fucking basis, by the president and his brother, who put them there.
So why don't they want your money? 'Cause they don't fucking need it.
The brothers have cut deals that will make them millions.
Bad news for your relationship with the party.
What's left of it.
All right, talk to me.
Are we clear? Okay, hold on.
The guard's still there.
Guard's moving.
He's making his round now.
All clear.
You've got three minutes.
Go! V-three-C-M-R-six.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa a sec.
Hold up, hold up.
All right, we got one.
Two minutes.
Get a move on it.
Now get that fucking door open.
Fuck! Head's up.
Security's on the move.
- Oh, shit.
- I'm almost in, almost in.
- Walt.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We see him.
We see him.
- Ossie, come on.
- Almost.
- Ossie! - Walt, you're running out of time.
Come on, Walt, go.
Go, go.
The ladder, Walt.
Pull it! Pull it! Pull it! Pull it! He's going out again.
You've got three minutes.
Move! Hey, guys.
I think we got something.
Tracker's up.
Fuck, what happened? Shit.
Come on.
Six for six, baby.
He's a goddamn artist.
Nice work.
Thanks, man.
Yes, Benjamín.
What is it? I need to talk to you about this shit with Sinaloa.
I've already handled it.
- Told them to make it right.
- Yeah, I know.
Cochiloco's on his way up here to offer us money, make this all go away.
Then what's the problem? They're going to make peace.
The problem is the Arellano Félix family isn't interested in peace anymore.
We're interested in sending a message.
To everyone.
Benjamín, you're upset.
You need to be an adult about this.
They stole from us.
And now they're going to pay you back.
That's not good enough.
Look, I'll make that decision.
I've already made it, for myself.
Maybe you should start thinking about what the Guadalajara Cartel would look like if Tijuana pulled out.
That will never happen.
Don't even think it.
This fighting between your plazas makes you look weak.
I know someone took a run at you last week in Guadalajara.
Shot up your car.
And that makes you look even weaker.
I don't think you want to answer the questions that losing my organization would raise.
Keeping my family happy should be very important to you right now.
What did you have in mind? Welcome to Juárez, boys.
What the fuck you smiling at? One of the tracking units is on the move.
What? Left Belize about 8:00 a.
our time.
Stopped over in the state of Chiapas for a couple hours.
- Refueling.
- Yeah.
Started traveling north again about four hours ago.
It's heading our way.
You're telling me we already got a fucking bite? Sal has got the signal up.
Yes? - Yeah.
- Yes! Left here.
Left! Turn, turn! Hold on.
Fuck, man.
Try not to kill us, huh? Well, which is it, man? What are you doing? I was going in with you.
Why? Fuck, no.
Stay with the car.
This is what came in from Badiraguato Boss.
Get out, Miguelito.
When'd you get here? How are you, Güerito? We need to talk.
Afternoon, Mrs.
Boss is in there with him.
I'll just drop this for him in the shop.
Please give this to Mr.
Palma when you get a chance.
You can call me Guadalupe.
Very well.
I'm keeping an eye on things out here.
Basically in charge of security.
You're not from Mexico.
Well, I hope you enjoy Sinaloa.
So far I like what I've seen of it.
Well, goodbye.
Fuck! - What? - I lost the signal.
What are you talking about? Fuck! Pull over.
Is there a problem? Lost the signal.
Think we can get it back? Well, I'm trying.
We were right on top of the thing.
Goddamn it.
Signal's back.
Holy shit.
This gives us everything.
All right.
Find a spot and set up surveillance.
Three-man teams.
Sal, me and Amat work the first rotation.
This is it, boys.
Fuckin' A.
Look, I know things got carried away with Tijuana.
But we're gonna pay Benjamín.
I promise.
Cochi's on his way right now to talk to him, make it right.
I know Cochi's been sent to handle it.
But he's not coming back from Tijuana.
What? Cochi's been in the game as long as anyone.
They can't just Miguel Ángel, please.
This doesn't have to happen.
But it is happening, Güerito.
We were just fucking around.
Trying to make money, you know? We got caught, so now we'll just pay the tax.
It was just fucking around.
This is what we do.
We're not fucking accountants, man.
We're not cowboys either.
Things are different now, Güero.
Félix Cochi's one of the plaza's top guys.
We do not kill each other over bullshit.
Over fucking money? Cochi's one of us, Félix! Doesn't that mean something? How long have you known him? About 20 years.
Since I was a cop.
Twenty fucking years.
And now just because those pussies in Tijuana get their fucking feelings hurt No, Güero! Because you can't control your plaza.
You can't control your men.
You don't have the balls to be the boss.
Because you're weak.
You're right.
But please don't do this, Miguel Ángel.
Call Benjamín and stop it.
Let's go.
It's done.
I came here so you'd hear it from me.
Going back to the house, boss? Give me the keys.
I'm driving myself.
No, no, no.
No snacks before dinner.
But I'm hungry.
After your homework.
Go on.
Tell your brother, too.
They never stop eating.
Want your coffee? Papa.
Papa? - What is it? - Nothing.
It's nothing.
What are you looking at then? I said yes, now I'm not playing.
Come here! Come here! Give her back! Come here, boy! What the fuck do you think you're doing out here? Hello, María.
What are you doing, Miguel? I'm sorry to show up like this.
I've been thinking about you.
I don't care what you've been "thinking" about.
Things are fucked up right now.
You don't need me.
Remember? I haven't forgotten.
And I don't need you.
None of us do.
You're like you're like a disease, Miguel, look at you.
I don't want you near me.
Or my children.
You hear me? Understand? So no more showing up here.
No more following the kids to school.
You aren't wanted.
You're not welcome here.
So get the fuck off my property, and don't come back.
Hey, let me see those.
Take a look.
How many planes you say this dude bought? Six.
Why would you need six fuel trucks? Unless you're planning on refueling all six planes at the same time.
Félix is planning on bringing the whole shipment at once.
Why the fuck would he do that? Take the chance? Félix Gallardo is over-extended.
Fucker's desperate.
If all that coke comes in at once, and we hit it? Burn it to the ground? We don't have to play hit-and-run and bleed Félix slow.
He loses that shipment, Colombians will put a bullet in him.
The fucker doesn't survive the weekend.
Walt, you gonna cut Heath in on any of this? Not yet.
I'd say we got Félix lined up.
And that would just complicate things.
History shows us that political errors are always paid for.
The people and history are not forgiving.
Those who have betrayed the people of Mexico will soon face justice! They will be called to account for their sins.
A new day is coming.
Some will be punished, and others will be rewarded! Mommy, he's doing it again.
Héctor, stop bothering your sister and eat.
I'm not doing anything! Is everything okay? Huh? You haven't touched your dinner.
Héctor, what's wrong? Nothing.
Leave it alone, babe.
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