Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e32 Episode Script

The Kazekage's Return

Gimme a break I wouldn't have thought that my Self-Destructing Clone would be eaten away too I'll show you my ultimate work of art Art is explosive! I somehow made it in time Then again, I managed to flee because that acted as a diversion My arm's getting sucked into space?! What a Jutsu! What I lost was only up to about my elbow.
I must search for my right arm and ring So this is Sasori's true form, huh Here it is! Zetsu, here it is! I wonder if I can now become a member of the Akatsuki One slot has opened up after all You idiot It ain't that easy Oh come on, why don't you just let him join Tobi's a great kid Let's go.
Give me a sec, Zetsu! I'm sure It's around here somewhere.
Uh, hey, Zetsu! Wait, please! Zetsu Return of the Kazekage How much longer? They'll be in sight soon! Gaara That's Hehwhat a lavish welcome.
Awesome! There are so many people! Just as would be expected for the Kazekage Yeah I'm so glad you're safe It's thanks to everyone Naruto Uzumaki, I am truly grateful! No, I I really wasn't able to do anything.
Lord Kazekage, the villagers are waiting for you.
Right this way Well, shall we go? Wait.
First You're right Let us pray that Granny Chiyo's soul rests in peace.
A moment of silent prayer Big Sister We're home Huh, are you leaving already? You should stay a little longer That's right.
At least another day until you've rested up.
I'd love to do that, but There's something I must report to my Master, the Hokage, immediately I see And if the Akatsuki have begun to attack villages, I feel uneasy being away from the Leaf Village too.
That's why you want to get back as soon as possible, right Yes, that's exactly right.
But in that physical condition Not to worry I have comrades I can rely on.
Yeah! Leave it to me! By the way, we have already sent the first report out through Takamaru, but there's nothing written as to whether the two Akatsuki members are dead or alive Shouldn't you inform your village about it? I'll report that directly to the Hokage.
There are other things I'm concerned about too Granny Chiyo from the Hidden Sand Village is the only casualty, and the Kazekage has returned home safely.
Guy's unit and Kakashi's unit have completed their missions.
They anticipate returning to the Leaf Village in three days' time.
All right.
Uh Lady Tsunade What is it? The last mission went well.
But as Master Jiraiya stated sending Naruto, a Jinchuriki, into a place where there are people targeting the Tailed Beasts I question the wisdom of that It's true that former Black Ops Unit member Kakashi is accompanying him, but why take such a high risk by sending Naruto? It's for the very reason that he's a Jinchuriki.
The only people who can really understand Jinchuriki are those who are Jinchuriki themselves.
Besidesthat guy has a mysterious power Everyone starts wanting to place their bets on him.
So that's Granny Chiyo's grave.
CHIYO She said she didn't want a grave.
But I thought it would be better to have one.
I felt that everyone needed a place to gather Everybody, say your farewells Okay.
Let's go.
Okay Sakura, Naruto It's about time to depart.
Okay! Let's go, Sakura.
Granny Chiyo, thank you Uh yeah Normally I suppose people shake hands and say goodbye but I'm not really good with that kind of stuff, so I'll just leave it at this Sensei! You guys are too slow! Uh I'm sorry, Guy.
When I use that new Sharingan, it takes a toll on my body for quite a while Hurry! H-Hey! What is it? That'skinda disgusting Old men giving each other a piggyback That's more sickening than I imagined.
Oh man That's annoying I see! It's training, isn't it! Now this way, it'll be faster! Move, move, move! You guys You think you can keep up with me?! And when movement gets thrown in, it's even more sickening.
- Neji - I refuse! It looks like Deidara was done in too There's no question that his cause of death is from an explosion Don't you agree, Zetsu? He's probably laying there dead somewhere around there Get your hands off, you jerk Hey! He's alive! What happened to the Jinchuriki? I've met my quota Oh dear, oh my You barely made it, Deidara You all right? Guess not.
Tobi, even the patience of a saint has limits Try saying something again and I'll decide your cause of death myself No doubt it'll be death from explosion.
That'spast the limit Death from suffocation I've already pulled some strings from behind So that you'll be posted with Kakashi's squad.
Not only are you close in age with Naruto Uzumaki, but you are also stronger than anyone in the village of the same generation And more than anything, I admire your superb talent for painting From today until the completion of this mission Your name isSai.
Right Don't put on a fake smile like that in front of me.
I'm sorry It said in the textbook that in order to charm people, you first have to be able to smile.
I've been practicing, but I still have difficulty in creating facial expressions.
According to information I've acquired, Sasori is to meet with a spy he sent to Orochimaru at Tenchi Bridge in the Village Hidden in the Grass ten days from today.
I see A clue to Orochimaru's whereabouts? Lady Tsunade, please allow us to continue on with this mission.
But this information itself may be a trap to lure you in.
That doesn't matter.
If it is a trap, I'll fight with all my might.
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