Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e02 Episode Script

Formation! New Team Kakashi!

Won't you reconsider this one more time? Reconsider what? The issue regarding Naruto! It's too risky to allow Naruto to take part in this mission.
If something were to happen Don't make me say it again! Team Kakashi, with Naruto and Sakura, will handle this mission.
I've explained my reasoning! I understand that Butit's not really "Team Kakashi" because he can't even go with them! The situation is different from when we dispatched them to the Hidden Sand! That's true You'll probably get mad if I say this.
But I'll take care of that Jinchuriki.
In the previous mission, the enemy was clearly after Naruto Wait! Hey! We were able to prevent that because we had Kakashi Sensei with us, who knows Naruto very well Naruto! But we won't have Kakashi Sensei on this mission It's understandable that Shizune would be concerned Don't worry, Sakura.
That point has been taken under consideration I'll find two members to fill in the holes left by Kakashi and Sasuke.
Make sure to tell Naruto as well! Yes, ma'am Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll.
Naruto! Just keep charging at him! Ninja Art: Shadow Sewing! Who the heckare you? I'm on my way Tsunade I need to speak with you Let me see you for a moment.
Formation! New Team Kakashi What did you want to talk about? Since you two advisors are here, this probably isn't going to be pleasant! As it happens Shizune recently came to us seeking our advice What do you want to talk about? It's about Naruto Uzumaki.
From now on, do not assign missions with a possibility of contact with the Akatsuki to Naruto Uzumaki You knowthe reason, don't you? Yeah I've been hearing about it from Shizune.
From here on, make sure he works in a four-man squad with more skilled Shinobi and increase surveillance on him as well as protection.
Furthermore, you should decrease the amount of missions you assign him as much as possible, and limit the scope of his activities.
Got it, Tsunade? If Shizune has asked for your advice then you should know what my answer will be.
Lady Tsunade No way! Tsunade Naruto's not just an ordinary kid.
He's a Jinchuriki! Under normal circumstances, the logical thing to do would be to keep him in the village and under surveillance It may not sound like it, but this is a compromise.
I agree that he should work in a four-man squad.
But Naruto shouldn't have so many restrictions placed on him! Even if we keep Naruto in the village, the Akatsuki will definitely come after him, come after the Jinchuriki Even in the recent incident in the Hidden Sand Village, they went after Gaara, the Jinchuriki, even though he was in what was considered the safest location in the village.
There's a strong possibility that they'll take a similarly hard-line approach in regards to Naruto as well.
If that happens, at the end of the day, the Leaf Village will be in danger as well.
If Naruto stays on the move, the enemy won't immediately be able to figure out what he's doing.
First of all, Naruto does have talent He's a Shinobi who should be a great asset to the Leaf Village.
That's a pathetic objection, Tsunade.
You call yourself the Hokage? I'm trying to compromise too, you know! Then can you ensure that, until then, Naruto won't get taken out by the Akatsuki?! And can you ensure that if the Akatsuki take the Nine-Tails from Naruto, it won't bring about bigger calamity for the Leaf Village?! As promised in that bet, that unlucky necklacewill be mine.
That's enough! Don't protect me anymore, Naruto! I told youThat kind of stubbornness will get you killed! If you die, you'll have nothing No dreams or anything! That's enough! Move! Run! It'll be okay Until Until I become the Hokage, there's no way will I die! Here's a spell that makes dreams come true.
Narutowon't be beaten! I believe that Ifthat judgment turns out to be mistaken what will you do? If perchance, the Hidden Leaf Village and the Land of Fire become endangered by my decision then as the Fifth Hokage, I will protect them with my life! Very well If you're willing to go that far, do as you like.
However In exchange for that, you will use the Shinobi we select as the additional members of the four-man squad.
Danzo Come on in! You're Long time no see Princess Tsunade.
To think you'd show up I see So the new team members will be from The Foundation, huh? You're sure weak.
Are you sure you have any "balls" with that kind of skill? Wha--?! You little! I asked who the heck you are! We'll be seeing each other againNaruto.
Hold it! Who was that? Choji! I thought you'd be here! For crying out loud! Asuma Sensei's angry and wants you to get a move on! Sorry, Ino We got attacked by some weirdo Some weirdo? By weirdo, do you mean Isn't that Naruto?! No when I said weirdo, I didn't mean Naruto Naruto! Long time no see! - Don't bother, Choji.
- How have you been! This atmosphere's such a pain - Hey, you've gotta tell me your stories! So you will be arranging the two additional team members? No Just one member So you also weren't expecting the team leader, Kakashi to be out of action, huh? Since Kakashi Hatake is recuperating right now, an additional member will be required on Team Kakashi's next mission.
And we don't have much time until the mission.
This should be left up to you, Lady Tsunade Kakashi's withdrawal is unexpected for me as well I was just at the point of wondering what should be done Then you should select someone very skilled from the Anbu Black Ops under your direct control to lead the team.
Yes! That would be good.
You've no objections, right, Tsunade? Leave the selection to me.
Is that okay with you? How about it, Danzo? Then, I'll do it as I please L-Lady Tsunade! Geez, I don't like this! I-I'm very sorry But I had absolutely no intention of betraying you I'm not talking about you! What? I'm talking about that man.
I'd also thought of having someone from the Anbu Black Ops under my direct control replace Kakashi.
I have someone specific in mind ButI never thought they'd suggest that from their end.
I totally thought they were going to force one of their own subordinates on me Does this mean one person is enough for the surveillance of Naruto? Orare they after something else? UhUmmLady Tsunade? Of course, I've got tons of things I want to say to you ! Yikes! That said, the formation of Team Kakashi is a more immediate concern.
You're going to work really hard! Oh, y-yes, ma'am! That was fast I heard it was a matter of urgency You know why you're here, right? I have a general idea.
I want you to take Kakashi's place.
It's an honor to be able to work in Kakashi Senpai's stead This isn't an Anbu Black Ops mission.
It will be a regular mission.
Therefore, take off that mask and I will give you a codename.
During this mission, you'll be known as "Yamato.
" I understand An additional member a new recruit from the Anbu Black Ops Training Division will be dispatched to Team Kakashi.
From theFoundation? However What is it? Keep a close watch on his actions.
Whatdo you mean? Danzo recommended this new recruit.
The man called Danzo used to be in the Taka faction that opposed the Third Hokage He formed the Anbu Black Ops Training Division as a detached unit within the Anbu Black Ops and took the position of chief.
I'm sure you've at least heard of his name, right? The Foundation has since been disbanded and he has fallen from power.
But I still can't figure out what he's thinking Perhaps you're worrying too much? Never mind Meet up with the team immediately.
Yes, ma'am! Hey, Sakura! This is the spot where we're supposed to meet, right? Yeah No doubt about it.
Nobody's here yet, considering Did Granny Tsunade really arrange new members for us? It'll be okay.
We just got here a little too early, that's all.
We've still got a little bit before the meeting time.
I hope they don't turn out to have the habit of showing up late like Kakashi Sensei Hi Hey! It's you! You're the guy who was up on the roof earlier Ummas of now I will be taking Kakashi's place in Team Kakashi and This is going to be a nasty mission.
Our mission is to capture the Akatsuki spy who has infiltrated Orochimaru's organization at Tenchi Bridge and bring him back.
This is an opportunity for us to obtain information on both Orochimaru and Sasuke Uchiha.
If things go well, we will obtain a precious source of information with which we can draw up plans for both the assassination of Orochimaru and the retrieval of Sasuke.
Keep your wits about you and be sure to proceed through this operation with caution.
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