Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s03e11 Episode Script

Jet Black Signal Fire

When facing a higher-skilled opponent make up for the difference in quality with quantity! That's the basic battle skills you taught us.
How can you do this to an old man? I can't believe you'd treat someone this poorly On Lady Tsunade's orders, you are to be captured and brought back to the Leaf Village.
What's this?! He's from the Hidden Rain Jet-Black Signal Fire How To Make Friends Dictionary of Social Relationships How to Become Friends with Strangers "If a friend suddenly gets into a bad mood, "the cause might be due to changes in eating habits.
" "Like the color of soba and udon noodles" I have no idea what they're talking about! Well, neither do I Huh? What? Aren't there like Cliff Notes or something that explains human thought in a simpler way? Sakura said I should learn stuff like this through experience.
Huh?! Heck no.
With him, it'll be a fierce struggle I meanlike a wild uproar.
Oh man Anyway, we'd both go all out and it'd be really ugly.
But I think understanding each other by butting heads would work for you and Sora.
WellI'm not really good with stuff like that I have to read more about it.
I don't really get it That Sora And here I thought he was getting used to things in the village What the heck happened to him? Lord Danzo Where are Asuma and Yamato? They have been summoned Explain yourself, Danzo! Right now, when things are turbulent at the border with the Hidden Rain, why was it necessary to go to the trouble of meeting with a Shinobi from the neighboring land? Are you listening?! Wait a minute I've seen this man before! When I was with the Anbu, he went missing during a mission.
As I recall, his name wasTatsuji! So he was the spy Lord Danzo sent to the Hidden Rain? So you were sniffing around on your own, huh? I don't know what you were looking into in the Hidden Rain But you will tell me the information you know.
Was the Hidden Rain involved with the previous attack? I can't believe you haven't even figured that out yet Princess Tsunade, your conservativeness is fine with me But such complacency will destroy this village! So you had no intention of talking from the start, huh? Very well.
If that's the case Don't bother Do you think he'll talk? There are many ways to do this You summoned me, Fifth Hokage? I'm counting on you, Ibiki.
Please leave it to me.
In just ten minutes I'll get him to talk.
Tsunade Why are you losing your patience? A Hokage is supposed to act more dignified.
And you even dragged Ibiki into this.
This is unacceptable even as a strategy.
Now, nowwe'll handle this.
Danzo, Tatsuji wasn't just your spy.
He was sending us information as well He's a fellow member of the Leaf He is not a double spy.
According to the report, the Hidden Rain was not involved with the border attack.
More importantly, according to Tatsuji, it seems he was assigned the other day on a mission to track and monitor the group of four thought to be the ones who violated the hidden tombs near the Temple of Fire.
Then Just as you all feared, it seems those four were trying to get their hands on that Sora boy from the Temple of Fire.
Tsunade, you know about the past incident that boy caused at the Temple of Fire, don't you? Yes.
I don't know the how, but there is no doubt that boy has some kind of power.
Power equivalent to, if not greater than, that of the stolen Guardian Shinobi Twelves' bodies I can't believe you'd invite something so unknown and dangerous into the village.
If you're the leader of this village dedicated to protecting it at all, you should make a decision immediately.
But we can't just send him back to the Temple of Fire.
Then should we incarcerate him? No The source of the disaster threatening this village must be swiftly dealt with.
Extermination? This is your true power.
Why is this power of mine so ostracized? This time This time Old man Asuma Tsunade You're the Hokage, so you make the decision.
Think hard about how it will benefit the Hidden Leaf.
- I won't - Let go! You jerk! Let go of me, you masked jerk! Quiet down! He was hiding in the back of the ceiling.
Damn it! Not a chance! Extermination, my foot! Is my power that much of a nuisance?! You jerks are the same as the guys at the Temple of Fire! You're the seed of disaster.
Danzo! Damn it! All of you jerks Comrades, my foot! Forget Team Kakashi! Sora Are you saying I'm going to be punished with divine retribution for trusting in people just the tiniest bit?! Be quiet, Sora! Asuma! I've got something I want to ask you Did you kill my father? The former member of the Guardian Shinobi Twelve, the backstabber Asuma Sarutobi.
Are you the one who killedmy father?! Yes, it was me.
I'm the one who finished him I meankilled him I was the one.
Asuma! Kazuma! I get it now What's this?! How dare you! How dare you! How dare you! Stop! Wha--?! Thatright hand Sora What the heck isyour power? How dare youkill my father How dare you! You okaySora? Naruto! You jerk! What're you doing sticking your nose in this?! You said it, didn't you? I came to help.
No one asked you.
As long as I'm here, I have no choice.
"As long as I'm here, I have no choice," right? You jerk! Why did you attack, Sora?! The Foundation, huh?! Sora! Naruto? I'm okay.
You betrayed your comrades and my father I'll avenge my father! Sora! Wait! That idiot Don't let him get outside no matter what! All of the gates have been closed.
All right, then restrain him with the Destruction of Evil Seal! This is mortifying But no one can destroy the sealed iron walls up ahead The same dream again It's mistaken because there are two kings The Feudal Lord of the Land of Fire and the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf There will always be chaos and distrust if there are two kings.
And when anything happens, decisions will be late and the invasion of other lands will occur.
Kazuma's notion was very simple.
He just wanted to unify the Land of Fire as one AndKazuma attempted to set the two kings right But he was tricked by the very problem itself.
At the end of the day, the people of this village will stick with this village's king.
Asuma chose the Hokage, this king He doesn't understand why this village can shine The true king the Land of Fire's king allows it to shine! All for the Land of Fire That was Kazuma's cause.
Isn't that why you were entrusted with your power from Kazuma? My causeis revenge for my father.
That's fine.
But look hard at what's past that.
At the true revenge Kazuma desires.
Let's go together, Sora.
Carry out Kazuma's cause.
If you do that, I'll create as many chances as you need to defeat Asuma.
The other king The Hokage Sora! Sora! For crying out loud What a pain he is Is this as far as the scent goes? Hidden Leaf Hospital I'm always impressed by your recuperative strength.
Everyone looked all over for him.
He might not be in the village anymore.
No! I get the feeling he's still in the village.
Yeah Okay, get some rest tonight.
That Sora This Chakra? This Chakra sensation Rage? No doubt about it Grandma Tsunade! You okay, old lady?! Yeah Sora! What's this Chakra? Stay out of this! You! Why did you try to kill her?! Out of my way, Naruto! Wait! Sora! Naruto! Wait, Sora! What? The power's out in the village.
I wonder if everyone went out.
That couldn't be.
It's a power outage! Oh man, we're out of luck.
What?! I don't like the dark.
It'll be okay.
The power will be back on soon.
But it seems to be kind of prolonged, doesn't it? Come to think of it, you could be right.
What do you think, Konohamaru? I've got a bad feeling about this And things are really helter-skelter in the village right now.
I hope something strange isn't going on.
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