Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s04e01 Episode Script

Silently Approaching Threat

I sure was young back then Good work on the Feudal Lord escort.
What's your beef?! I protected the king, the Feudal Lord just as you told me to do! Why don't you even attempt to acknowledge me?! Kinghuh? How about acknowledging me at least a little bit, Dad?! You don't understand how difficult and important a battle to protect the king is.
I understand that people died.
But sacrifice comes with a Shinobi mission.
You can't possibly understand now the true significance of protecting the king.
You just don't want to acknowledge me! Now I get the feeling I kind of understand what you were talking about.
I'm sorry I left the Hidden Leaf and just did whatever I wanted.
I have no regrets, though.
Now I feel like it wasn't so bad being born into the Sarutobi Clan.
You properly fulfilled your duty as leader of the village You were a cool dad The Quietly Approaching Threat Heave ho, heave ho heave ho Carrying lumber is a mission, too! Let's do our best to carry it.
Heave ho Wh-What's the matter? L-Let's take a little break.
We're not used to this kind of work.
You guys are a sorry bunch.
The village has been saved and the Fifth Hokage was unharmed.
But that was because of the great efforts by Brother Naruto and the others We have to do our best with whatever we can do, so we'll also be able to support the village! Well said.
You guys are the ones who will support the Hidden Leaf in the next generation.
And it seems Naruto played a huge role in the earlier incident.
Iruka Sensei.
I'm happy to have such amazing students.
I'm okay now.
If we all work together, we'll be okay no matter what happens.
Next! Next! - Next! - Yes! Next! Next! Next! Next! You're too slow! Next! Next, next! What's the matter?! Where are the next documents?! Oh, uhthat's it You're finished! I see.
Th-This is a first, isn't it? You don't usually take your work this seriously, Lady Tsunade.
You could say that.
It seems there was quite the commotion over just a couple of thieves That's pathetic, Princess Tsunade.
Just from this the Hidden Leaf Village will turn into a laughingstock amongst the surrounding lands and the Feudal Lord.
It seems your orders are slow in coming and then become forestalled! Your slow decision-making endangers the village.
It's all your responsibility as the Hokage.
Bear this firmly in mind! Those old geezers and their big mouths Who knows what they'll say if unfinished work continues to stack up Damn it! Oh, that's right.
The report from the one who was sent to contact Lord Jiraiya has arrived.
I see.
So he's back You got hospitalized again because you tried to act cool and snuck out even though your injury hasn't healed yet.
It says in this book that the bonds of friendship grow deeper if you rush to a friend who's in a jam That's a comic book, right? You're so random these days.
What? It seems women who like you will feed you.
Well, it's not like I'm testing you or anything Look you Sakura.
S-Sakura I-I can't eat anymore Oh, but if you insist I eat, then Eat until you die! Yo! Hm? I-I can't breathe Sakura fed Naruto an apple Which means Oh, for crying out loud! Why can't I have someone normal on my team?! Huh? Huh? What happened? Attacks by what is suspected to be the same two-man Shinobi team in seven locations in five neighboring lands have been verified.
Although they have not yet succeeded in invading the Land of Fire, judging from their line of action, it's only a matter of time Lady Tsunade? So the Akatsuki Organization has gone into action.
Let's do this.
Hold it.
Before doing that I must pray to my god.
You're always such a pain in the neck.
It's a pain in the neck for me, too.
But the commandments are strict, so I have no choice, do I?! You probably think you've got me cornered But you don't.
I lured you guys here, you see! Now that I know you are with the Akatsuki, I cannot let you escape.
Oh, man We're trapped, Kakuzu No problem.
Actually, this is favorable for us.
In the name of Yugito Ni 'i of the Hidden Clouds Huh? What? What's up with that, "I'll kill you," stuff? When people show me all that enthusiasm and stuff I start to get irritated.
And when I'm irritated, I become enraged.
And when I become enraged Shut up, Hidan.
okay But you know, when I become enraged, I start feeling like, "I don't care about our objective.
I just want to smash everything.
" Knock it off, Hidan.
The objective is absolute.
This mission doesn't go along with my religion in the first place.
The motto of the Jashin religion is mass slaughter.
Leaving people alive goes against the commandments.
From the outset, I'm not inclined to take part in a mission that breaks the commandments.
I may not look it, but I'm quite devout! So not being able to kill is a pain in the neck.
So how about we settle this by talking things over? Talking things over, you say? What's up with this guy? Why don't you just come quietly? Stop messing around! Huh? Looks like that's a no.
Are you an idiot? Come on.
Are you kidding me? What's up with this Jinchuriki? She's totally morphed into a Tailed Beast.
Oh man Uh-oh! Hot! Don't cats have sensitive tongues for hot stuff? So this is the Two-Tails monster cat known as the wraith And I'm a rat in a cage, no less.
This is not amusing Oh-ho.
So you made a great showing while I was gone, huh? Where the heck were you, Kakashi Sensei? Ohnowhere special.
Asuma Sensei.
I knew you'd be here.
Kakashi, got a minute? I want to talk to you Naruto, Sai Here, a get well gift! Yikes! I've had enough apples I hear you checked out what was happening outside You could say that What a nice day.
Hm? Yeahit is.
Naruto and Sakura are coming along very well.
And so are Shikamaru, Choji and Ino The next generation is growing up quickly.
They'll overtake us just like that Come on.
I still won't be giving in to them.
But this is something the Hidden Leaf should be very pleased about.
What did you want to talk about? Hm? Oh, as it happens There you are I finally found you.
Kurenai Did you need something? I heard Asuma was here, you see No kidding? So, Asuma What did you want to talk about? Uh, I'll tell you later Sorry.
Now I really want to know What're you doing, Naruto? I don't have the time to be lying around here.
I need to get back to my training That being said, you're still I'm still too weak.
That's why That's exactly why I have to get stronger to get power that won't hurt everyone Power that will protect everyone.
That's why I have to get stronger.
Naruto Well, hold your horses Right now, your training is to heal those wounds.
Kakashi Sensei! And let me make this clear to you, in particular, Naruto Huh? If you leave the hospital, what awaits is training so severe you'll wish you'd stayed in the hospital longer.
So be prepared for that! R-Right! I-I understand Okay Now he won't push things too far.
Y-Yes?! I've got something to take care of.
So I leave the rest to you.
What? Make sure you don't let him overdo things Oh man, isn't he slick! I read the report.
Does it look like Naruto will be able to learn a new Jutsu? How about it? I don't know.
No way.
I'm not sure But he can probably do it That new training approach is yielding results, after all.
And more importantly He has a clear objective.
Sasukehuh? It's already been thirty minutes.
Aren't you done yet, Hidan? Shut up! Don't interfere with the ritual! Ouch Can't you skip some of that perverse praying you do each and every time? Let's get right to the next one.
This is a pain in the neck for me too.
But I have no choice but to follow the commandments.
And what do you mean by skip?! That's blasphemy against God! One more to go for our mission.
One by one Next is the Land of Fire.
For crying out loud.
That Naruto is already starting his training, even though he's still on the mend.
Knowing who he is, there's no doubt he'll get reckless.
Getting stronger through sheer determination just isn't done anymore.
And excessive training could also have a reverse effect.
Not only that, he also has the physical idiosyncrasy that allows him to work much harder than other people.
The least I can do is help him in whatever way I can.
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