Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s04e09 Episode Script

Last Words

HOKAGE Asuma Asuma! Last Words Asuma I'm finished.
I'll just be another minute.
Damn it Damn it You son of a gun! Damn I'm so powerless Feathers?! What the hell?! Do you think you can beat us with crows?! I wasn't born yesterday! Blindfold! A back sword! Shikamaru! We're here to help you.
Take Shikamaru somewhere safe! Yes! Don't let your guard down, Choji! Okay! Reinforcements Are you okay?! Forget me.
First Captain Asuma Asuma Sensei! He still has a heartbeat! Choji! Take Asuma Sensei to the Hidden Leaf Hospital right now! Ino, you go along with him and use your Medical Ninjutsu to heal him as much as possible! Hurry! I got it! Right! I'm not giving up my bounty.
Damn! We'll hold them back.
Meanwhile, you get Asuma out of here! You can struggle all you like, but you'll be sacrificed to God That's why Can't you wait a little longer?! Seriously, it is just getting better.
It's time to seal the Two-Tails Come right away! This is the top priority.
See, I told you It's almost there! Knock it off, Hidan! Are they communicating with someone?! We'll be right back Be prepared! They're high maintenance Let's go, Hidan.
Damn that pigheaded leader I'll curse him next time! What's going on?! Are they pulling back?! Asuma Sensei! Ino, Choji! Hurry up and get Asuma out of here! Now! I'm telling you! Stay still until we get back! He's about to die! Later, losers! Choji! Ino! Hurry up! I'll use my Medical Ninjutsu! Right! Nomore I'm done Even I know that You all must realize it, too.
Shut up! Don't speak! Ino! Okay! Here And here, too?! They got four vital spots.
There's nothing more I can do Now I think I finally realize why the Third didwhat he did Ialways took too long I have some last words I'd like to say to Ino, Choji and Shikamaru - Sensei, you shouldn't talk anymore! - Choji! Ino, you, too.
These are Asuma Sensei's last words Listen carefully.
Ino Yes You're strong-willed, but dependable Both Choji and Shikamaru They're clumsy so please take care of them Yes And don't let Sakura beat you Not in Ninjutsu or romance.
You're a kind man who cares for his comrades That's why you'll become a Shinobi who's stronger than anyone else.
Have more confidencein yourself.
Andyou may need to diet a little.
That might be impossible, but I'll give it my best shot! AndShikamaru You're so sharp and have great instincts as a Shinobi You could definitely become Hokage.
Wellyou're lazy so you'd probably hate it I never oncebeat youat Shogi Oh yea, the story about the King If you were to liken the Leaf Shinobi to a Shogi piece, Shikamaru In the end, you would be a Knight.
Then what would you be, Sensei?! I'm nothing.
I'm just A sacrificial piecehuh?! Thendo you know who the King is?! The Hokage, right?! That's what I thought until just recently But it's not like that.
Then who is it? You'll understand when the time comes.
I'll tell you who the King is Lend me your ear.
Asumayou! That's why I'm counting on you, Shikamaru It doesn't matter now, does it? Even though I quit smoking They're in my pouch I want one last smoke Oh! Sorry about that.
I'm Asuma Sarutobi, and I'll be leading Team Ten from today.
It's not going to be easy, so I hope you're all ready! Oh, please don't cry! All I said was that I'm going to be strict! The smoke is getting in our eyes! BARBE-Q More rice! Also bring four more servings of kalbi! Thanks for waiting! Choji, have you ever heard of the word restraint?! The bill went up to at least 3,000 ryo.
I'm saying this not because I'm stingy.
I'm just worried about you.
If you keep eating like this, eventually you're gonna be fa--! That word is taboo! "Fa-" what?! Is there something wrong, Shikamaru?! O-Oh H-He said you can order the deluxe course meal.
What--?! Wow! Really?! Asuma Sensei, thank you for treating! Waiter, bring two deluxe course meals with extra rice, please! I'm stuffed! I'm satisfied! Here Oh Who're they for?! Ohnobody in particular S-See you later Say "Hi" to Kurenai Sensei for me! What?! How didyou know that?! Shogi?! What a pain You can create a variety of situations by utilizing the individual characteristics of the various pieces.
It's the perfect game for a person like you GUIDE TO SHOGI who's good at coming up with strategies.
You should be able to figure out most of the rules if you read this book.
The rest you'll pick up as you play.
It'll be troublesome, but I'll have it down in ten minutes.
I-I lost You don't have to go easy on me Seriously.
You're the only one who passed the Chunin Exam this time.
As your Jonin team leader, I'm very proud of you.
Ino and Choji, you two keep working hard! Choji, Ino, you guys did well And now along with Shikamaru who passed last time, all members of Team Ten are legitimate Chunin.
And nowI will no longer be in charge of you guys.
From here on, each of you will become a captain and lead new teams.
These earrings are my congratulatory gifts to each of you.
Don't ever forget that you were members of Team Ten! Sensei! He died as a true Shinobi.
After all I hate cigarettes The smokegets in my eyes I see.
Ahhow about Kurenai?! You guys inform everyone about the funeral.
I'll tell Kurenai No I'll do it.
I'll let her know.
Captain Asuma left me a message for her Next time: "Sad News"