Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s05e13 Episode Script

Everyone's Feelings

Are we getting close to our destination? At this rate, we'll get there around noon tomorrow.
Stop asking me the same question every five minutes! Lee, don't be so antsy! What are you saying?! Our comrades are anxiously waiting for us! Our mission is to move at full speed and get there as soon as possible! You waste so much energy Shizune Senpai If the enemy has made contact with the Three-Tails That means they have a Jutsu to take the Three-Tails into their possession, right? Yes.
Probably a Sealing Jutsu, or some Jutsu we don't know about.
Once we get there, we'll have to use our Sealing Jutsu immediately.
We can't have them beat us to it.
Then it's decided! Let's pick up our pace to twice, no, three times the speed! Not that nonsense again But I fully agree.
Pakkun, lead the way! Seems I have no choice.
Everyone, don't fall behind! Well, that's about it.
What do you think, Senpai? Yeah, looks good.
You haven't turned a page in a while.
Is something on your mind? Oh, this and that Yamato, how do you think those guys intended to capture the Three-Tails? Well, it's a Tailed Beast, after all Our opponent's Crystal Style is powerful, but I doubt that it's enough to suppress the Tailed Beast Which means they must use another measure concurrently.
But back then, we weren't restrained for very long.
I can't believe that they were able to prepare for such an elaborate formula in that time.
That's true But didn't Naruto say he saw a child by the lake? That bothers me On top of that, we'll be facing that Crystal Style user very soon Let's analyze the situation and do whatever we can now.
Kakashi Sensei Let me interrupt for a little.
Hey, I want to discuss something.
Everyone's Feelings Ummyou're the one I come back to.
Come back tohuh? I wonder where he went.
He's from the Hidden Leaf It'll be a bother if he gets any closer.
Don't move from this spot.
I'm here to relieve you.
So far, there's been nothing unusual.
- Um Sakura - Huh? - Sai? - Hey! This isn't your position.
Oh, I know that, but Do you know where Naruto is? Huh? Isn't he in his assigned spot? Well, I don't see him.
That guy, did he go back early? If so, we would've crossed paths That's right.
Even Naruto would wait to be relieved of duty! No way If that wave took him, there wouldn't be any trace left Who are you?! You should be grateful! I came just for you.
Lurking around all by yourself If your purpose was to spy, you came across the worst opponent.
It seems this is no illusion Crystal Style: Jade Crystal Blade! Die! I'm not spying! I'm searching! For that kid who was with you! Answer me! Where is he?! Guren? Ihave to go.
What?! Naruto has disappeared? What is the possibility that he came under attack? I didn't pick up any suspicious scents at the site.
I think he just took off on his own.
He seemed to have something on his mind But to go off like this Naruto Geez In any case, we have to find Naruto at once.
Then we all No, like I said before It's dangerous to go into the fog recklessly.
Yamato and I will search for him.
Summoning Jutsu! It's very rare for you to summon me.
Pakkun is out on a mission, so Biscuit, I need you to find Naruto right away.
Shino, Kiba and Hinata search outside the mist.
Sakura and Sai will do aerial reconnaissance.
- Yes! - Yes! Do not act alone.
Where is the little kid? Is he okay?! This guy Why's he asking about Yuukimaru? I see He was watching that Well, it's none of your business! It is my business! Tell me! I need to take him back! Are you crazy? Take him back? He was on our side from the beginning.
No! It's my fault that he went over to your side! All because of the unnecessary stuff I said to him Unnecessary? Thank you.
You taught me, didn't you? Y-You Yuukimaru Wherever someone thinks of you is the place you go home to Hey, don't move! I'm really grateful.
I finally found the place where I can go back to.
Right, Guren? Sorry.
Yuukimaru! Don't move! So you were hiding one of your Shadow Clones.
Guren! So your name is Yuukimaru? I'm Naruto.
Naruto Yuukimaru, you're going home with me to Hidden Leaf Village.
Why? She's not the one you're going home to! She serves Orochimaru.
And this guy Orochimaru will do anything to achieve his ambition.
He's a bastard who thinks nothing of taking peoples' lives.
Anyone who serves a guy like that can't be a decent human being! Guren will protect me She's kind to me and she thinks of me It's obvious she's just using you! This kid won't return to your place! Guren Something's coming The Hidden Leaf I'm taking him by force, if necessary! Hexagonal Crystal Shuriken: Wild Dance! Take this! I won't let you get away! Naruto, stop! Stabilized and secured.
Let me go! I'm taking him! It's no use.
They've disappeared.
Damn it She serves Orochimaru.
He's a bastard who thinks nothing of taking peoples' lives.
Guren, are you hurt? Don't bother me! She's not the one you're going home to.
That kid When I see him again I'm sorry But I'm glad you're all right.
Yuukimaru! I'm going back.
What's with you? Surely, you knew that if you went off on your own, you were bound to encounter that Crystal Style user? I know.
But I I just had to find him Don't make excuses.
You're lucky; you could've been dead by now.
You put your comrades in danger because you gave in to your emotions.
How can you face Lady Tsunade, who put her trust in you and sent you on this mission? Okay, I was wrong.
This mission involves a dangerous, unpredictable foe.
Recklessly acting on your own could spell death for everyone.
Don't let yourself forget that.
Shall we return? Yes.
By the way, Naruto, you said you saw a child at the lake.
Huh? What about it? Something's been bothering me.
Tell me the details of that incident.
Guren! I'm glad you're okay.
But I couldn't use my search net near the lake.
Forget it It seems we haven't lost any fighting strength Although, there's at least one I would've preferred to lose.
So I'm blessed with the luck of evil.
It's mutual.
He's weakened, but it's tolerable.
He's exhausted.
Let him rest.
Unfortunately I don't think we can afford to hang around here.
I just can't imagine why those guys would take an ordinary kid along, when they face a huge challenge in snaring the Three-Tails.
He's no ordinary kid, I tell you What if he possesses some special power against the Three-Tails? Now that you mention it He did something and it seemed as though the Three-Tails stopped moving.
It figures You mean a human was controlling a Tailed Beast? I don't know what trick they used, but we're dealing with Orochimaru It's probably no mistake that they intend to use a child to capture the Three-Tails.
Which means, this child We can't just ignore him.
What do you mean by that? We wait for an opportunity, and then we take him.
Take him? As long as they don't have the boy, they have no method to capture the Three-Tails.
And I can't believe that Orochimaru will be satisfied with just capturing Three-Tails Sooner or later, he'll think of ways to create a Jinchuriki that is easy to control.
For him, a boy with the ability to synergize with a Tailed Beast is merely a useful tool.
I won't let him do that! You're absolutely right.
Besides, I'm sure they would want to examine his powers back at the village.
Well, it all depends on Lady Tsunade's reply.
Naruto! This isthe loving smack? This is far more effective than us trying to lecture him.
Kakashi Sensei, I gave Naruto an earful.
Was he sorry? I'm sosorry Never mind that.
There's good news! Reinforcements from the Hidden Leaf? Our foes respond very quickly.
No doubt, they will try to seal the Three-Tails.
No way! The Three-Tails belongs to Lord Orochimaru.
Of course! And that is why, this time, Guren You must use Yuukimaru to suppress the Three-Tails.
But Yuukimaru is still Don't worry.
If we build up his stamina and allow him to rest a bit, we'll be able to use him.
He's going to give him that drug again But Yuukimaru still looks awfully weak.
If you force him Are you sure he'll be all right? Well, I wonder Don't look at me like that.
You should know that Yuukimaru is simply a tool to capture the Three-Tails.
Unless we make use of him now, there's no meaning in his very existence.
But if he collapses and the plan fails My credibility will be totally ruined! Guren, I'm hoping that the plan is a success.
That's why I Well, it's irritating.
You tend to stick your nose into other people's business too often.
Guren You The main thing is to prevent the Hidden Leaf from sealing the Three-Tails, right? Well then, I'll destroy the Leaf! Had an argument? I've never liked that four-eyed jerk! Does he want to kill Yuukimaru? Oh What? It's unlike you to worry so much about Yuukimaru.
Don't be ridiculous.
I'm just concerned about our mission.
Concerned about the mission, eh? Reinforcements are here? Who? Just wait and see.
I've had it I can't run any further.
Sakura, who's come to help? You're so reckless, Naruto! It's okay! Recklessness and youth go hand in hand! Stop affirming his actions! Hey! You guys! Let me go over Lady Tsunade's orders.
Our new mission is to seal the Tailed Beast, the Three-Tails.
And, to protect the child from the enemy.
He seems to be connected in some way to this Tailed Beast! With the mission change, you'll be divided into the following teams.
Sealing team, Guarding team and the Crystal User Counter team.
Got it.
And, how will we team up for this? Yeah, about that I have an idea.
Next time: "Regroup!" Kakashi, I'm back now.
Oh, thanks.
"Oh thanks"? Can't you put more appreciation into your reply? In addition to my appreciation, could you deliver another message? Hey! Can't you be more kind to me?! KakashiSensei.
If you don't mind, you can also use my "Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll.
" Information drawn by my ink will change into small animals, protect themselves, and deliver messages outside.
Oh, that's handy.
Then let's get to it.
- Wait a minute! - Huh? You can't trust scribble like that! I'll show you what Ninja Hounds are made of! I won't let an ink bird take my chance to show off! Oh no.
He's off Did I do something wrong? No.
It's for the best.
Huh? Oh no! MAKE-OUT PARADISE BEST QUOTE COLLECTION I gave him the wrong scroll! Tune in again!