Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s07e06 Episode Script


Separation That must be it.
I've finally found you.
Hold tight, Hotaru.
I'm coming back with Shiranami right now! MisterShiranami? I found you.
Are you Shiranami? You fell for it.
How could you leave without a word? Sir Utakata, I still I take it that you are Lady Hotaru the granddaughter of En no Gyoja? Wh-Who are you?! My name isShiranami.
Shiranami?! Release! We finally meet, Lady Hotaru.
That crest is bestowed only to those initiated in the use of the Forbidden Jutsu.
Can you really beSir Shiranami? I don't blame you for being surprised.
I came after hearing Naruto's story.
Naruto?! Then you really are Sir Shiranami! Where is Naruto? I must thank him He's no longer here.
He asked me to take care of the rest, and left.
I see Naruto too Naruto told me that you wanted to revive the clan.
Huh? Ohyes.
If you are truly serious, then could you listen to what I have to say? Sir Shiranami? I'm told Tonbei is alive and well and that he's planning to use the Diremption Jutsu to destroy the Forbidden Jutsu.
You know Tonbei too? We trained together for a time.
However, I am opposed to Tonbei's intentions.
Why? Long agomy father was ordered by Lord En no Gyoja to guard the Forbidden Jutsu.
My father was a hero who protected the honor of the Tsuchigumo clan along with the Forbidden Jutsu.
That is, until he was killed by one who was after the Forbidden Jutsu.
My father's death motivated Lord En no Gyoja to move the Forbidden Jutsu to the fort on Mount Katsuragi, and he let me escape out of the country.
I promised myself that one day, I would return to the village for the sake of the Tsuchigumo Clan! Sir Shiranami Lady Hotaru.
My father was killed and I was forced to run away because we were the only two survivors who knew how to use the Forbidden Jutsu.
He went through the same anguish But I've become strong and now I'm back.
If we join forces, we can revive the Forbidden Jutsu! There is no need to destroy the Forbidden Jutsu! The restoration of the Tsuchigumo Clan is my dedicated wish too! Let us fulfill the dreams of my father and Lord En no Gyoja! Beyond this mountain is my secret hideaway.
Lady Hotaru! Hotaru is gone? I searched around the entire fort.
I did relay Naruto's message that he "found Shiranami.
" She went after Utakata Could that be it? All right, we'll postpone the ritual preparations for now.
Finding Hotaru is our top priority.
Sai, send out as many search mice as possible.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll! Is that for Tonbei? Huh? Oh, yes I must let him know.
At least a short note to Sir Utakata Off you go Let's go, Sir Shiranami.
You're making this difficult What? Go.
What's? If you do as you please! I thought I had come to terms with it So why am I thinking about my master now? What is that? A word manipulated by chakra? A carrier pigeon? From Hotaru?! To Sir Utakata, I will work to revive the Tsuchigumo Clan with Sir Shiranami.
Thank you for all you have done.
From your student, Hotaru.
Hotaru So she met up with Shiranami That means I'm finally free of her.
Who are you guys?! Don't tell me you have Shiranami--! What a simpleton.
He's concerned about Boss Shiranami.
If we let you see the girl with the Forbidden Jutsu, all our plans will be ruined.
You're telling too much.
No need to worry.
This is Boss' special barrier, which takes away an enemy's chakra! It's just not possible for anyone inside the barrier to resist.
Wh-What?! D-Damn you! He'sstrong.
Don't panic! Just stick to the Boss' strategy and use the next jutsu! Multi Mugenhouyo! Let's see you free yourself from this What?! This is nothing! Damn I can't believe he can still move after losing so much chakra! No time to be impressed.
Let's get this over with! You're I couldn't help but overhear what you said.
So the leader of the bandits is Shiranami.
Where the hell did you take Hotaru to?! Wh-What's with this guy? This is bad, Akaboshi.
The Boss should be in the village by now.
Time for us to go too! - Right! - Right! This isthe village of the Tsuchigumo Clan? Are you awake, Lady Hotaru? SirShiranami? Come on out, everyone.
Lady Hotaru has come home.
These people are Did something happen to the villagers? I used a jutsu to make them obedient, that's all.
What?! I had no choice.
It's all for the sake of getting the Forbidden Jutsu.
Sir Shiranami! Did you trick me?! I didn't trick you.
What I told you earlier is true.
Although I should add that my old man, who died protecting the Forbidden Jutsu, was actually killed by me! I killed my old man after trying to take the Forbidden Jutsu from him! Lady Hotaru! CONTROL It's useless.
You're already under my jutsu.
The Forbidden Jutsu The Forbidden Jutsu is finally within my grasp! It's just a dried up branch.
Rather than tracking the soil like that, wouldn't it be faster if I just used my Multi Shadow Clones? And destroy any trace left of Hotaru? Looking at this imprint There's no doubt about it.
These are footprints of someone who was carrying a body under his arm.
Hey! You're sure? Every search begins by analyzing all traces that are left behind.
That's one of the basic rules for a ninja.
For someone who boasts about their master, neither you nor Hotaru received adequate training from your masters, have you? That's not true! Seriously That's what happens when you're obsessed over something as stupid as masters.
H-Hey! Hold on there! There's nothing stupid about it! I learned all sorts of things from the Pervy Sage.
Taijutsuninjutsu That goes without saying.
I mean, really great jutsu.
But he wasn't just strict He also taught me what's most important about being a ninja The guts to never give up.
What I received from my master was valuable.
It wasn't stupid or useless.
You had a master too, didn't you? Memories of my master Mission accomplished! Ninja must perform their missions swiftly.
Right, Master? You fool! Huh?! Your mission was to track the stolen scroll! Who said to bring it back?! Your life is precious! Do not waste your life! A ninja never runs away from a battle that must be fought.
However, a ninja never fights an unnecessary battle! Still I'm glad that you are all right.
Master He cared for me That's what I thought.
But That poweris too great for you to be its vessel.
S-Stop! It wasn't me he cared about but the "power" inside me.
He merely saw me as its vessel.
Butif what Tsurugi said is true Hey! Is this it?! Huh? Oh, yeah Hey, this is the village of the Tsuchigumo Clan! It is? But the tracks all led to this place.
I wonder if something happened? The bandits attacked Hotaru here.
And the villagers here didn't think highly of Hotaru.
The fact that the Forbidden Jutsu was shunned in this village is pretty obvious.
And if Hotaru was attacked right in this village The bandits and the village are connected, or the village just turned a blind eye to it.
In any case, the bandits are using this village as their hideout.
Also, the footprints that were left behind They just don't seem natural.
Maybe he became overconfident after he got the Forbidden Jutsu Or maybe he's planning to ambush us.
You mean, a trap?! I'm not sure.
But tracking them has gone too smoothly.
"Beware when the chase seems too easy.
" Anyway, let's be careful.
Seems you did learn stuff from your master.
After we rescue Hotaru, you should teach her some of that.
Let's go! H-Huh? Are you sure this is the place? I think so.
Thank you.
Just for that, here! What's going on?! Here they come.
What? These guys They've joined up with the bandits to come after us? Yeah, this is different.
They're being manipulated.
What?! How dirty Here they come! We can't proceed any further without hurting the villagers.
So, what do you suggest we do?! What happened to your earlier enthusiasm? It's hopeless, eh? Those guys are controlling the villagers Get 'em, guys! Don't give 'em a moment's rest! Sai! Captain Yamato! Naruto! Sakura! Naruto! You idiot! Stop going off on your own like that! I-I'm sorry But how come you're here? We were looking for Lady Hotaru, who had disappeared from Mount Katsuragi.
We had Sai push himself.
I'm really not cut out for physical labor.
I didn't expect to use so much chakra.
Here, have a food pill.
I'll have one later.
What are you talking about? What if something happens to you? It's my special food pill.
So get energized! You know, that thing tastes awful Stop fraternizing! Shoot! We won't let you go past here.
You can't interfere with the Boss' ritual.
Wordbind Jutsu.
My years of painstaking preparation are about to pay off.
Your heart must also be rejoicing over the Forbidden Jutsu's release.
What is this?! Sai! Sakura! Captain Yamato! Wood Style! Captain Yamato! You two, go on ahead! Leave this to us, Naruto! Go, Naruto! You must save Hotaru! Guys, I'm counting on you! We'll save you right away, Hotaru! Hey! What do you mean chakras are being gathered past here? The chakra existing within the atmosphere and terrain are being drawn towards a single direction! Hotaru must also be there! Damn it I don't get it! What is Shiranami planning to do?! Time is running out! If you have time to talk, then get moving! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Forbidden Jutsu Released" We're coming, Hotaru! Tune in again!