Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s08e03 Episode Script


What did I really lose that day? ano hi honto ni ushinatta monotte nan dattakke For the life of me, I can't remember.
tou ni wasureteshimatta yo We slowly lost sight of each other in the twilight yuugure de futari sukoshizutsu mienakunatteitte And yet we're stuck here - unable to go home.
sore nanoni bokura kaerezu ni ita Weak, frail souls lost in the world dokoka ni kowaresou na moroi kokoro We act strong to hide their fragility.
tsuyogaru kotoba de ootte kakushiteru Hide their fragility ootte kakushiteru So farewell, but even forced apart sayonara aenakunattatte Our stories go on.
bokura wa tsuzuki ga aru kara Even in a world without you, I run.
kimi no inai sekai datte hashiru yo To someday get past the pain.
itsuka no itami mo koete koete Someday "Decryption" "Decryption" HIDDEN LEAF INTEL DIVISION Initially, Jiraiya-boy's purpose was to gather intelligence.
It appears he never intended to battle Pain.
But Pain's abilities far exceeded his imagination.
Unless we knew the scope of his powers, no one would ever be able to defeat Pain.
Jiraiya-boy went beyond his own limits, and almost managed to uncover Pain's secrets.
No one but Jiraiya-boy could have gotten as far.
On top of that He could have escaped if he chose to.
Instead he sacrificed his life to leave this coded message.
He entrusted the rest to you all.
This frog supposedly contains a captured Hidden Rain Ninja.
We received prior notice from Lord Jiraiya.
Now, grow.
Be as rough as you need to be.
Get everything you can from him! I intend to.
AUTOPSY ROOM 3 SHIZUNE OYONE KUMADORI This is one of the three crucial sources of data Lord Jiraiya left us.
We must learn everything we can from it.
- Yes, Ma'am! - Yes, Ma'am! All right.
Let's begin.
You haven't said a word.
You see something, right? I talked to Lady Hokage and Kakashi Sensei, but neither of them had any clue.
That means Lord Jiraiya probably left this message with you in mind.
No, I'm positive he did.
There's got to be something there.
If anything pops up in your mind, tell us.
We're not asking you to instantly decode the message.
There is one thing that's been bothering me since I first saw this.
Well There's all these numbers.
So what's with this one katakana letter? Huh? Katakana? Where do you see that? Right here.
What are you talking about? Isn't that the number "9"? That's what I thought at first But this is not the number "9.
" It's the katakana letter "ta.
" Well, I guess you could look at it that way.
But I think that's a big stretch.
I wonder Uzumaki, what made you think this nine was the katakana letter "ta"? Well Pervy Sage was writing books all the time He was an author, after all.
And I traveled all over with him.
He always made me read his handwritten drafts, and asked what I thought about them.
They were really boring though What the heck? What's "Nine-ctics"? And whenever there was the letter "ta," it was hard to read because it would look like the number nine.
I see A penmanship quirk! That was his habit, huh? So what you're saying is When writing the katakana "ta," Lord Jiraiya had a habit of shortening his first stroke.
So the first and third strokes get connected.
And since he rounds his second stroke, it looks like the number nine.
Let's see This is a sample of Lord Jiraiya's writing.
It's the same! Lord Jiraiya knew that Naruto would remember his habit of writing the katakana "ta" like the number nine.
Frankly, this was the common link between Lord Jiraiya and Naruto.
Why didn't you mention such an important thing sooner?! Well, what's the big deal about knowing that it's the letter "ta"? That's it! It's when you were reading Lord Jiraiya's manuscript that you found out about his writing habit.
Then the code refers to that book you were reading! That's it, Shikamaru! Right! Frankly, Lord Jiraiya's book must contain a hint.
Those numbers must represent character numbers, line numbers or page numbers.
I'm certain they hold the key to the code.
Naruto, which book is it? Umm Hmm Make-Out What was it? Well then, how many of Lord Jiraiya's books have been published? I'm not sure Four? Five? Then let's just check all of them! It's probably this one.
MAKE-OUT TACTICS Make-Out Tactics - "Ta"?! - "Ta"?! Kakashi Sensei! It's been on my mind, so I decided to stop by when I overheard your voices.
I think I caught most of it.
This is the book you're looking for.
"Make-Out Tactics.
" That's right.
That's the one Pervy Sage was working on during our training.
I see Only Naruto would've known that.
So Lord Jiraiya did pass the key on to Naruto.
Uh-huh! This "ta" is the first character in the code.
Of Lord Jiraiya's books, this is the only title that begins with "ta.
" When a character is used in a code, it could signify word placement or line number, but the established protocol is to check the page number first.
Sothe numbers separated by commas are 31, 8, 106, 7, 207, and 15.
Six sets.
Meaning there are six pages worth of information.
Let's start with page 31.
Flip to that page, please.
Page 31 Okay, here it is.
Where do we look next? In situations like this, we look at the first character on the page.
Please read the sentence out loud starting from the top.
Wha-? No I mean What is it?! Hurry up and read! Hurry it up! "I-I-Ireally love you.
" CIPHER DIVISION There! We now have all six pages.
Well? If I read the first characters of the code in order The-Real-One's-Not-Among-Them That's what it says.
What does that mean? I don't know.
We ought to relay this to Lord Fukasaku.
He fought with Pain, so he may know something.
Then let's go right away to the Lady Hokage to ask this Lord Fukasaku to come.
May I come along? Yeah, please do, Shiho.
Yes, sir! All right! Let's go let Granny know! "The-Real-One's-Not-Among-Them.
" Well, Geezer Sage?! Anything? Of those six, not a single one reminds me of Nagato.
Yet a completely unrelated Pain knew of a conversation that the Rinnegan-bearing Nagato and I shared alone.
The faces are different, but I definitely sense Nagato in them.
I don't know This alone is too vague.
But there's something? I've already told you what I know about Pain.
Even if he dies, he can resurrect himself.
So I can't say just from speculations.
Under such conditions, taking Pain on is too dangerous.
We must uncover all his secrets first.
What about the other sources of information? How are the autopsy and interrogation coming along? It looks like they will take more time.
Like how long? I can't say.
Oh, come on! We can't be wasting time right now! Interrogation aside, an autopsy requires minute cell and tissue analyses! These things take time! It'll be a week at the soonest.
That long? Now, Uzumaki Don't be so disappointed.
So what should we do, Lady Hokage? Shizune is heading up the autopsy It should be quicker than usual.
Still, we have no choice but to wait.
I'll go and make them speed it up.
Naruto! You get in Master Shizune's way, and I'll give you a beating! I will avenge Pervy Sage! I can't just sit around doing nothing! But Naruto-boy Even if we decoded the message, it has nothing to do with you.
Just what do you mean by that?! In any case, at this point, you couldn't beat Pain.
What?! Tell me.
Even Jiraiya-boy couldn't beat this opponent.
Are you saying you're confident you can? Well If you were to fight him now, you'd die a senseless death.
Then Geezer Sage, are you telling me to forget about avenging the Pervy Sage? No such thing.
Being asked to come was quite opportune.
I was planning on coming to get you, Naruto-boy.
How about it, Naruto-boy? Want to train in Sage Jutsu under my guidance? Sage Jutsu training? I see Naruto learning Sage Jutsu.
That is a great plan.
Is Sage Jutsu really that awesome? Yes.
Lord Jiraiya was the only one capable of using it in this village.
Pain defeated Jiraiya who had summoned Lord Fukasaku and Lady Shima.
What that means is At this point, no one in the Leaf Village can defeat Pain.
I am just as mortified I, too, want to avenge the death of my student Jiraiya-boy.
I believe that the only one who can do that is you, Naruto-boy.
Me? You want to avenge Jiraiya-boy, don't you? Of course I do! Then come with me.
I'll train you in Sage Jutsu at Mount Myoboku.
Everything that I drove into Jiraiya-boy, I will do the same with you.
Will it let me win against Pain?! That I can't guarantee.
It all depends on you, Naruto-boy.
Is that fine with you, Tsunade? Of course Naruto, go.
Sage Jutsu training is more rigorous than you can ever imagine.
Are you up to it? Pervy Sage did it, right? Then I can't lose to him! I'll do it! An entrusted student The Child of Prophecy.
Nicely said! Then, let us go.
Naruto-boy, say your goodbyes.
I'm off.
I'm counting on you with the code, Shikamaru.
Don't worry about us.
I will contact you the moment the results of the autopsy and interrogation are in.
I will leave the messenger frog behind.
If there's anything, give it to him.
Yes sir.
Good luck, Naruto! All right! Let's go! By the way, which way is Mount Myoboku? Can we really trust this guy? It takes a month to get there on foot.
It's also known as Maze Mountain.
If you don't know the secret route, you won't be able to get there.
It's hard just to get there, eh? Naruto-boy You already signed a binding contract with us toads.
There's no need to worry.
Hey! That's the Well then, I'll be borrowing this boy.
Please take care of him.
But what do you mean, there's no need to worry? He disappeared? It's a Reverse Summoning.
Wow Good luck on your end too.
All right! Let's concentrate on figuring out the data Jiraiya left us.
The fact that the Great Lord Elder prophesied Jiraiya writing those books It may have been intended to enable him to eventually leave the encrypted message.
Meaning the prophecy may all be real.
In which case, Naruto Uzumaki He truly is the Child of Prophecy Whereare we? Geezer Sage What is this place? The Land of Toad.
The Land of Toad? Naruto! Gamakichi! I summoned you here, Naruto.
I see Is that how? Before we train, we must eat.
Come along.
Food?! Now, eat up! I went all out to prepare this meal! Now, now Don't be shy.
Try these caterpillars.
Th-Thank you Ma will have a fit if she sees you like this.
I forced it all down, didn't I?! When you're hungry, your belly isn't choosy.
You'll get used to it in time.
By that time I'll no longer be a human being.
Now let's begin your training.
First of all, I must explain that what I'm about to teach you is not ninjutsu, but Sage Jutsu.
Explain? Listen well As opposed to ninjutsu, where you utilize your own internal energy, Sage Jutsu involves taking in outside energy for your use.
Outside? What do you mean? As you're probably aware, Ninjutsu utilizes chakra that is molded from one's Mental and Physical Energy.
Sage Jutsu involves NIN SAGE taking that internally generated chakra MENTAL PHYSICAL and adding Nature Energy from the outside, resulting in an even more powerful chakra.
MENTAL PHYSICAL NATURE And that leads to all your ninjutsu, genjutsu, and even your taijutsu getting a real power boost.
Mental and Physical Energy within oneself, and Nature Energy from the outside.
Jutsu and techniques born from the chakra created by these three combined energies is what's known as Sage Jutsu.
Hmm Look at it this way If you add mint flavor to chocolate-vanilla ice cream, then it tastes even better.
That makes it more confusing, Gamakichi! Oh I get it! You understood that analogy? That's the kind of guy Naruto is.
So what's this Nature Energy really about? Energy that is external to you.
The energy that exists in the atmosphere and the terrain.
Atmosphere and terrain Okay As in, the air and in the ground.
Oh, is that what he meant? Bah! Enough words.
I will show you.
This should be good enough.
Wow! Lord Fukasaku is amazing! Look at him gather all that Nature Energy! Where? Where?! Oh, wow H-He lifted it! How about that? This is the power of Nature Energy-enhanced Sage Jutsu.
But I don't know what you did I only saw you weave a sign at the beginning.
Well, naturally.
Right now, you're not yet able to sense Nature Energy, Naruto-boy.
So it's impossible for you to absorb it.
Then how do I do it? You must become one with nature! Become one? As in, you have to die.
What? Naruto engages in Sage Jutsu training at Mount Myoboku.
Being much different from ninjutsu, Naruto struggles with the training.
Fukasaku then reveals what it takes to become a Sage.
Encouraged by the path taken by his master, Naruto shows he has the guts to never give up.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The First Challenge" All right! I'll do this! Tune in again!