Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s08e21 Episode Script


What did I really lose that day? ano hi honto ni ushinatta monotte nan dattakke For the life of me, I can't remember.
tou ni wasureteshimatta yo We slowly lost sight of each other in the twilight yuugure de futari sukoshizutsu mienakunatteitte And yet we're stuck here - unable to go home.
sore nanoni bokura kaerezu ni ita Weak, frail souls lost in the world dokoka ni kowaresou na moroi kokoro We act strong to hide their fragility.
tsuyogaru kotoba de ootte kakushiteru Hide their fragility ootte kakushiteru So farewell, but even forced apart sayonara aenakunattatte Our stories go on.
bokura wa tsuzuki ga aru kara Even in a world without you, I run.
kimi no inai sekai datte hashiru yo To someday get past the pain.
itsuka no itami mo koete koete Someday Meeting You're awake.
Great Lord Elder! I thought your life would be in danger if I left you like that.
I'm beholden to you.
Can't wait even though you're ailing? This works best for the wound.
What of the boy? He is speaking with the real Pain.
What?! Speaking with Pain? The two children of prophecy have come face to face.
How will they settle this? I want to hear what you have to say then decide.
I will show you our pain.
Nagato! This is a waste of time! Let's deal with him right now.
Wait, Konan I want to hear his answer.
Besides, he won't go down so easily.
He crushed the six Pains and made it here alone.
Two moments define my greatest pain.
One is the death of my parents.
It was when the Hidden Rain Village became involved in the Great Nations' war and was turned into a battlefield.
Found anything? Yeah, some canned goods.
Our first meal in four days! No, three days.
Who cares? Let's eat.
I won't last another minute.
Let's search the other places later.
We might find more stuff.
Now's our chance to make a run for it.
What if they see us? I'm scared.
Don't worry.
Just be very quiet.
Man, that's good! Who's there?! Damn! Enemies?! Run now! Nagato, go! Nagato Hurry Get away Run, Nagato! Run away! Hurry! H-He's just a kid? Oh no These people are not ninja! What'll we do?! Why did this happen?! How could we mistake them for the enemy?! Damn it! W-We didn't know there were still any civilians in the war zone.
I'm so sorry, kid.
What? What happened? Dad Mom? My mother and father died in the war that your Hidden Leaf started.
I've never forgotten the pain of that moment.
I've endured it to this very day.
This pain turned into hatred and made my powers blossom.
It wasn't until later that I realized I was the one who killed the two ninja.
Goodbye, MomDad Food became scarce, so I left my home.
This is the last that's left.
I'm too hungry to walk.
Thank you If you didn't wake me up, I'd probably be dead.
Sorry Even if you follow me, I can't feed you.
I don't have a thing to eat.
Excuse me Can you spare some food for me? I I haven't eaten in so long.
I'm sorry I have nothing to give you.
Times are tough.
We barely have enough for ourselves.
I'm really sorry, but try somewhere else.
But this was my last stop.
Let's go I can't go any further Am I going to die here? Here Eat this.
Are you sure? Uh-huh Here, eat this slowly.
Konan, who are those two? Sorry They were on the verge of dying.
You even picked up a dog? Cripes, what's the name? Chibi You sure have a weird name! No, I meant the dog.
It was then that I met Konan, who stands before you, and a boy named Yahiko.
They were also war orphans.
But they were strong, fighting desperately to stay alive.
And I joined them.
Wow So much food If you intend to stay here, I expect you to help find provisions too.
Provisions? How? - We steal.
- Steal? Butisn't that a bad thing? Are you stupid? We live in hard times where we have to fend for ourselves.
Pretty words are not enough to get us by! Pretty words We have to do whatever it takes to live, even stealing.
Got it? Got it.
Could you please give us some food? Just a little will doplease.
I don't have any fish to give out.
Now scram! You stingy man! What?! You rotten brat! Ah! Hey! You stray dog! Stop! My goodness! Huh?! Hey! Where'd they go?! Good job, Chibi! Hey! If you're not gonna buy, go away! Ow Shameless kids! Next time, you won't get off so easy! Facilities to help war orphans of a tiny nation were non-existent.
For kids without family, there was no other choice.
Yet even in such a reality, Yahiko never lost hope.
Yahiko never lost hope Are you guys okay? Well, these things happen.
I guess Nagato Do you have a dream? A dream? I don't intend to die in a place like this.
I have a huge dream! World domination! World domination? That's right! If I rise to the top of the world, I'll never have to go through this suffering again! You think so? Besides, if I were to keel over now, I couldn't face Mom and Dad who brought me into this world.
Right, Konan? Uh-huh If you conquer the world, you can do whatever you please.
That's just like being a god.
I wonder if you can stop the fighting too.
Are you all right? Uh-huh Damn What was that?! Ninja are fighting so close.
It's Hanzo and the Hidden Leaf ninja! It was Jiraiya Sensei and his two comrades.
They who would later become known as the Legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf.
Their opponent was Hanzo, leader of the Hidden Rain.
The battle raged on.
And Chibi! Chibi is What'll I do, Yahiko?! Chibi's not breathing! Worry about Chibi later! First, we have to get away from here! Chibi Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Why?! If the fighting doesn't stop I'll become the god of this world! That's whenYahiko's dream became my dream.
Nagato Stop your crying! If all you do is cry after you get beaten down, nothing will change! Just like this nation.
I'm going to change this nation! And for that you need more than words, you need power! Power? We're going to learn ninjutsu! Ninjutsu? From who? The Hidden Leaf ninja who were fighting Hanzo.
I just went to the battle site.
I didn't see their corpses.
They fought with Hanzo, but they're still alive! They must be amazingly strong! But I hate Hanzo! He changed Hidden Rain Village into a war zone like this.
Anyway, I'm gonna become a student of those strong ninja.
I'm going after them! What if you go after them and find out they've been killed? Then I'll look for whoever did them in.
I've made up my mind.
Take only nonperishable foods.
Do we just toss the rest? No.
Goodbye, Chibi.
What're you doing here? These are for you to share with the grocer and the fruit stand lady.
I figure, in some ways, we owe you.
Take care.
We're sorry Huh? But pursuing the Leaf's Sannin was no simple task.
Going after ninja meant going deep into the battle zone even though we were just kids.
Don't ever take off your mask.
If there are toxins in the mist, that'll be the end of us.
Are you okay? Stop! A booby trap! Well? Do I look cool? We're gonna become strong! - Right! - Right! There's no way a ninja would leave tracks behind.
The Leaf's Sannin were not easy to find.
But Yahiko refused to give up hope.
We headed deeper into the battle zone.
We believed that the greater the intensity of battle, the more likely we'd find the Sannin.
Here! Hang in there, Konan! Okay.
It seems like the explosions have stopped.
This is a bad spot! Yahiko Yahiko Where am I? We found them Huh?! Fate took us straight to the Leaf's Sannin.
We finally found him.
We found Jiraiya Sensei.
When the fireworks suddenly explode in the air fui ni agatta hanabi wo futari de miageta toki I couldn't keep my eyes off from your face muchuu de miteru kimi no kao wo sotto nusumimita no I gazed at you quietly It'd be so much easier if I was able to hate you kimi no koto kirai ni naretara ii noni Because I always remember you, in situations like this kyou mitai na hi ni wa kitto I can't help but think about the times we spent together.
mata omoidashiteshimau yo I'm ready to forget you mou wasureyou kimi no koto zenbu It just tears at my heart too much.
konna ni mo kanashikute I wonder why did we meet each other? doushite deatteshimattan darou When I close my eyes me wo tojireba It's like you are here.
ima mo kimi ga soko ni iru you de I just want to protect those two.
No matter what kind of pain I have to endure.
I see.
What are you always pondering, Sensei? I want to do something about this world, which is filled with hate.
And to know what the answer to true peace is Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Origin of Pain" And finally, we matured Tune in again!