Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e18 Episode Script

The Man Who Died Twice

Shikamaru, are you in here? What is it? Ino needs you.
What are you doing? Sorting photos.
Sorting? What for? These photos were salvaged from the disaster area.
I'm sure there are some important photos here, so we want to return them to the owners.
Look through them and see if you recognize anyone.
Sure! I can help with something like that.
I don't know any of these people.
This is I remembered something I've gotta do! Huh? I'm taking this photo.
- Hey, Naruto! - I'm taking this photo.
Oh, that's right.
Do you know if tulips are in bloom anywhere around here? Tulips? That's such a romantic flower, Naruto.
In flower language, tulips mean "eternal love.
" I don't like that look she's giving me.
I think the flower garden on the east side of the village is still intact.
Thanks, Shikamaru! Sure.
But why does he want tulips? Who knows? Eternal love, huh? Shucks! It's starting to rain.
Better hurry back! Oww W-What is that? Oh, it's a rock.
What is this? A tag? Kisuke? I can't make out the rest.
Oh no! I-I'd better get going.
Sakura S-Sakura You're hugging me so hard.
Sakura You're heavy.
Wh-Who are you, Mister?! You gave me a scare! I'm the one who's scared with you screaming out like that! Hey Mister! You can't just enter someone's home! Huh? I don't know.
I came to, and here I was.
Huh? What do you mean you "came to"? That's ridiculous.
A ghost! What?! Where?! There's nothing there! You're gonna give me a heart attack! Mister T-Take a look.
Huh? Don't get too depressed.
I guess it's hard not to.
So, Mister, you don't remember dying? That's right! What is it? I don't remember anything.
Wha-? In fact, I don't even remember my name.
I've never heard of a ghost with amnesia! Same here.
Did you do something that would make me haunt you? Why would I?! I don't even know you! Why would I have done something to you?! - Wait! - What? Come to think of it, last night KISUKE Back there in the hills I peeled off a weird tag.
Back there in the hills I peeled off a weird tag.
A tag? Hold it! And that turned me into a ghost? This is it! Kisuke? Am I Kisuke? Okay then, I guess Kisuke is my name.
But where am I from? How would I know? You're right.
But if I'm dead, why can't I just rest in peace? I heard that ghosts remain in the real world because they have lingering attachments.
Lingeringattachments, huh? I wonder what kind of attachments? What am I supposed to do with him? - Leaf's History - The Man Who Died Twice Looks like I'm the only one who can see you.
So only you, who broke the seal, can see me.
That means you're the only one I can rely on, Naruto.
Then I guess I'll just have to go out and ask around! Kisuke? I don't know such a person.
Never heard of him.
I don't know him.
No one knows you, Mister.
So it didn't work.
Hey, I know! You can't see him.
The Third Hokage isn't in.
Did something happen? He's attending an important meeting.
I figured Old Man Hokage would know something.
Well then, guess I'll try someone else.
With this new security network, we'll be able to triple the strength of the Hidden Leaf's defense system.
Personally, I believe this measure is absolutely necessary, and I recommend that you adopt it.
I see.
Well, this is an excellent plan indeed.
We will make the final decision this afternoon.
We'll take a recess now.
Lady Koharu! Lord Homura! Oh, it's you, Sabiru.
I appreciate your time today.
That was a good proposal.
You've come up in the world.
It's a testament to your hard work.
Thank you for your kind words.
My life is dedicated to this village.
He's so young, yet he came up with a new security plan for the village.
I'm very impressed.
If the measure is approved during the afternoon session, it will solidify the peace in Hidden Leaf Village.
No luck.
Will I ever get my memory back? Cheer up, Mister.
Hey, Naruto! Sakura! You missed today's exercises.
What are you dawdling around here for?! Oops, I completely forgot! That's no excuse! Oww No, I'm in a real pinch.
A real pinch? See! This Oh yeah, only I can see him.
You're not making any sense! If you keep missing practice, I'm going to tell on you to Sensei! Okay, I hear you.
Cripes, what'd I get myself into? I'm sorry, Naruto.
Hey, wait, Sakura! What?! Do you know anyone named Kisuke by any chance? Kisuke? I don't know anyone by that name.
Wait a second, I think I've heard that name somewhere.
- What?! - What?! - Where?! - Where?! I think HIDDEN LEAF HOSPITAL When I went to the hospital to visit someone, the patient in the very back room KISUKE MABOROSHI That's impossible.
That's me.
No wonder you can't rest in peace, Mister.
You're still alive.
What happened to me anyway? Mister Mister! Naruto I got your address, so let's go over there.
Mister! Ohokay.
This is my house? A tulip.
Your house burned down quite a while ago.
And I'm sorry to tell you this but your wife died at the time.
Mister? Mister! Are you all right? I remember now.
That guy, he sealed me away.
That guy? Under orders from Anbu Black Ops, I was investigating the infiltration of spies in Hidden Leaf Village.
One man I came to suspect was Sabiru.
Sabiru was an exceptional ninja in the Tactical Division for Village Defense, and it was thought that he would guide the Hidden Leaf to its future.
I couldn't accuse him without solid evidence.
So I continued my investigation without a word to anyone.
And then Come on out.
Or did you think I hadn't noticed? It seems you're on to me, but this cat-and-mouse game is over.
So it is you! You won't get away! Wha-? It's over.
Damn it.
Fooled you.
You're not that strong.
I hate to tell you this, but I got rid of your wife just before coming here.
What did you say?! Why you If I seal your soul here, you will probably be found having drowned.
Suffering from the stress of your assignment, you threw yourself and your wife into the river.
A husband-and-wife suicide.
That's the scenario.
So long! Soul Detachment Jutsu.
Sabiru intends to put his security network into place in Hidden Leaf Village.
Then he will have control of the village's defense system.
Whatever it takes, he must be stopped.
But how? Doctor, his temperature His blood pressure isn't going back up! It's not working.
Mister, what happened?! Step back, you're in our way! Just what happened here?! The life support system suddenly stopped.
I'm not getting a heart rate! It's no use.
No way Mister, you can't die! Mister Don't cry, Naruto! Mister! Someone turned off my life support and killed me.
What? The culprit is someone who found me to be a threat.
And now, we will vote on Sabiru's security network measure for the Hidden Leaf Village.
All those in favor of this plan, raise your hands! By majority vote to adopt this measure- I oppose! Please wait on your decision! - Who are you? - Kisuke? What do you mean you oppose? My name is Kisuke and I belong to the Anbu Black Ops.
I was on a secret mission to investigate a spy who had infiltrated our village.
And what does that have to do with today's resolution? A whole lot, I tell you! Naruto, don't get too excited or they'll see through your Transformation Jutsu.
I know that.
What I meant was, it has much to do with it.
Because the one under investigation happens to be Sabiru! - What? - Impossible! One moment please! Well then, Kisuke, where is the proof?! You sealed away my soul! This very body is the proof! That'sif you're the real Kisuke.
I received a report that Kisuke died a while earlier.
Verify this! Yes sir.
Is this the end? Damn it! This Kisuke is an imposter! Arrest him! I've lost sight of him.
Just who are you?! Appearing before me like that Are you helping Kisuke? That's unfortunate because you're going to die too.
So you did kill him and his wife, after all.
Who are you, brat? Isn't that so? And if I did? You won't get away with it! You were right about everything, Naruto.
Kakashi?! He happens to be one of my subordinates.
You're going to tell us all about what you planned to do after taking control of the Hidden Leaf defense system.
It's over, Sabiru! Wait, Kakashi Sensei! Mister, take your own revenge! Yeah! - Transformation Jutsu! - Transformation Jutsu! Sabiru! Prepare to die! Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Here we go! Sabiru! - Take this! - Take this! What? Hey! No Kakashi Sensei! He was taken out.
Thank you, Naruto.
Hidden Leaf Village was saved because of you.
I didn't do it.
It was because you possessed me! No such thing.
But Mister Now you're a real ghost.
That's okay.
I'll find my wife in the other world and live happily ever after.
I have one favor to ask, Naruto.
What is it? If you ever think about me, can you place some tulips on our graves? It was my wife's favorite flower.
Sure thing! Well, it's time to say goodbye, Naruto.
Live life to the fullest for our sake too.
Mister! Yeah, I will, Kisuke! So long! What is this?! Sasuke, what does this mean? How would I know? Besides, whose fault do you think it is that we're in this situation? You're one to talk! It's your fault Sakura's been captured! Shut it! While we argue like this, Sakura's chance of survival only diminishes! We can't do anything by ourselves! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Worst Three-Legged Race" Nothing good comes about when you're around.
Tune in again!