Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e21 Episode Script

Drive Towards Darkness

That's a pretty impressive structure for such a remote place.
I don't sense any ninja chakra at all in this region.
Are you going to check it out? No.
We're headed for Hidden Leaf Village.
We don't have time to make stops.
Naruto How much stronger are you going to get? Naruto! I'm not done yet.
There was a raccoon dog in Mt.
A hunter shot it with his rifle, and cooked it, and grilled it, then ate it.
Now wrap it in leaves and hide it What are you doing?! You almost killed yourself! Hurry and pull me up! Just who do you think I am?! H-How dare you! I don't know who you are, but if you value your life, be more careful.
Y-You! What is your name? Sasuke Sasuke Uchiha.
SasukeUchiha - Leaf's History - Drive Towards Darkness I have a mission for Team 7.
We received word that ninja on the National Wanted List have entered the Land of Fire.
Your team is to learn what their objective is and watch their movements.
However I take it that things aren't going well.
Naruto has always been the one trying to catch up to Sasuke.
He wants Sasuke's approval more than anyone else.
Sasuke, on the other hand, has seen Naruto's abilities soar and feels inferior.
Being rivals can be difficult.
It's like the relationship Jiraiya and Orochimaru had.
I guess I should let them cool off a bit.
So just you and Sasuke will go on this mission.
What about Naruto and Sakura? I just happen to have the perfect babysitting assignment for those two.
Babysitting? And so, you two will be going on a bodyguard mission.
You can count on us! So? Where is this person we're supposed to protect? Oh, I didn't introduce you yet.
This is Miss Naho.
I'm Naho.
- Huh?! - Huh?! Then we're guarding This young lady.
What?! I thought we were gonna be bodyguards for some VIP.
What insolence, Shorty! You're shorter than I am! Naruto, be silent! Miss Naho is a relative of the Feudal Lord.
Lady Hokage Are you going to tell me that my bodyguards are These two.
I don't feel safe with these two.
Get me Sasuke Uchiha.
I'm very sorry, but Sasuke is away on another mission.
Let them go on that mission.
Summon Sasuke here! I assure you, these two are full-fledged Hidden Leaf ninja too.
There's no need to worry.
I am making a personal request.
What's with her? Going on and on about Sasuke.
Maybe they're acquaintances? Okay, Naruto, Sakura! Lady Naho must go to Shizume Village by today for a land inspection.
On the double! Now! Stat! Accompany Lady Naho! If anything should happen to her, I will personally - R-Right.
- R-Right.
We have no choice since it's a mission.
But make no mistake, we'll get you there without fail.
That doesn't make me feel any safer.
No! I refuse to go anywhere unless it's with Sasuke! But you heard that Sasuke is on another mission and won't return for some time.
Then I'll wait until he does! Huh? What about the inspection? I don't need to go right now.
Of course you do.
Look, why does it have to be Sasuke? Sasuke saved my life.
If Sasuke had not been there, I would have died.
Besides that, he looked at me as just another woman, not as a relative of the Feudal Lord.
I doubt that.
I trust Sasuke far more than you! In any case, I will not go anywhere without Sasuke! Hey, what are we going to do? We have to accompany her to Shizume Village by today.
I know, but If anything should happen to her, I will personally Naho, I will protect you without fail! Yes! There's no one as trustworthy as you! Hey, act more like Sasuke, will you? Don't worry.
Then stop doing things that are out of his character! If Naho figures it out and demands that we turn back, we'll be in big trouble.
I know.
Besides, she wouldn't know how Sasuke usually acts.
What are you two whispering about? Is it something you don't want me to hear? Shut up and be quiet! Sasuke Hey! Why are you talking in such an angry manner? Well, isn't that how Sasuke always talks? That aloof manner is enough to melt a girl's heart.
O-Oh yeah? Keep acting aloof! Cripes Now that I think about it Something seems to be bothering Sasuke lately.
Thank you, Sasuke.
You saved me from the Sand, didn't you, Sasuke? No.
It was Naruto who saved you.
I didn't feel safe with just that stupid-looking one.
Thank goodness you came, Sasuke.
"Stupid-looking"? Is she talking about me? Damn it! How come Sasuke is so popular?! Sasuke, is something wrong? Nothing's wrong! Something wrong? Nothing.
I just felt a shiver down my spine.
Our mission is to track the movement of wanted criminals.
Don't let your guard down.
Are we getting close to Shizume Village? I think it's beyond this forest.
We're almost there then.
Sasuke When she's asleep, she's very cute.
I guess Sasuke is her hero.
Seems that way.
There are so few of them.
Looks like they've gone out.
The question is, where? Is this an abduction plan? Says it will take place near Shizume Village.
The target is a young girl named Naho, who is related to the Feudal Lord.
This girl Who are you guys? Naho, can I put you down for a while? What is happening? Step away! Our business isn't with you.
What? Target confirmed.
Hand over that girl.
Not to guys like you! That's right, Sasuke! Make mincemeat out of them! I intend to do just that.
Sakura, take care of Naho.
Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu! W-What?! Wow! So many Sasukes! Let's go! Sasuke Punch! Sasuke! You are so cool! Sasuke Kick! You're wonderful! Sasuke Chop! Chop! Chop! He's mesmerizing.
Give me a break.
Earth Style: Mudslide Jutsu! Don't worry! Here I go! U-zu-ma-ki! I mean Lions Barrage! He did it! A jutsu like that is useless against me! You're a stubborn one.
Sasuke, beat him up! Naho, it's dangerous.
Stay back! This time, I'll make sure you can't get back up! Take this! Rasengan! How was that? Cool, huh? Naho! Sakura! Sasukehelp me.
Naho! If you resist, this girl is dead.
You It didn't work.
Your jutsu is still incomplete.
What?! Oh? Sasuke! You'renot Sasuke? Sasuke, help! Sasuke! I followed the ninja's footprints, but the scent becomes mixed here.
They must have had a scuffle with Naruto and Sakura.
We just missed them.
Why is Naruto involved in this mission? Guarding the girl named Naho is Naruto and Sakura's current assignment.
They're not here, so it must mean they've been taken captive.
This is bad.
Summoning Jutsu! We don't have time.
Sasuke, I'm leaving Pakkun with you.
Let's split up and search! The girl is worth money, but shouldn't we have gotten rid of the two ninja? We're up against ninja.
Having more hostages won't hurt.
Hey hey! You'll regret doing this to us! A ninja who cannot weave signs is no threat to us.
You just wait! Hey! Cut it out! Even if I can't weave signs Naho, run! Okay! Naho! I won't let you get away.
Naughty girls must be punished.
Sasuke Help me, Sasuke! Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke It's no use.
No one is coming.
Sasuke! Not bad.
So you're the real one? Real one? That brat over there has been impersonating you.
He did what?! It's because you were late! Hey kid, we're here to help.
Pakkun! This one fought pretty well.
Now, what about you? I'll show you! Right now! He's fast! Sasuke! Cut this off quickly! I'm doing my best.
Aren't you done yet?! I'm working on it! You're awfully tough.
That level of attack won't work on me.
Then how about this? Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu! Sasuke! This just won't do it.
Though I admit, it makes me resistant to shock.
My true form feels much lighter.
I don't believe it.
This whole time, he coated himself using Earth Style.
So that's it! No wonder my Rasengan didn't work either.
Let's start over again.
He disappeared?! You're not even moving.
Not much of an opponent, are you? Sasuke! I'm coming! No! He's mine! Oh? Sharingan.
You belong to the Uchiha clan? So you know the Sharingan? As ninja, my people wander and work for various employers.
In the last great war, we battled members of the Uchiha clan too.
By the way I heard that one member named Itachi Uchiha betrayed the Hidden Leaf and killed his entire clan.
So there was a survivor among the Uchiha.
Or could it be that you weren't worth killing? There is no value in killing you now.
I have no interest in you now.
Taking Naruto is the supreme order given to me by the Akatsuki.
Shut up! Oh, I hit the nail on the head and upset you, have I? That is why you are a fool! What?! Sasuke, that's enough.
Are you telling me what to do? Don't get carried away.
Sasuke, you're scary.
Spare me.
Kakashi Sensei! You can stop now.
We still have a lot of questions to ask them.
Hey I'm going on back to the village then.
Sasuke He's got a lot on his mind right now.
But he's actually a good guy.
Forgive him, okay? Thanks.
One day, when he's back to his old self, I'll take you to see him.
Sasuke I promise.
What do you mean, "Danzo is the new Hokage"?! Plus, he gave permission to dispose of Sasuke?! Sasuke is a Rogue Ninja.
It was only Lady Tsunade's benevolence that allowed us to settle this privately.
I'm going to see Danzo! I'm coming too.
Calm down, both of you! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Sixth Hokage Danzo" I can't stay calm! Tune in again!