Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s10e08 Episode Script

Power of the Five Kage

All right.
No one's around.
For something I came up with in the spur of the moment, that was a good plan! Amaterasu! What do you mean "good plan"? You sacrificed several of my limbs.
Now, now, don't get mad, my boy Eight-o.
Ya know they'll regrow, and ya know I was right-o.
Will you stop that annoying rapping when you're in my presence? You suck! I know, I know.
Since I'm the one who owns ya, I knows best of all, ha! That's why this time What? Don't start saying weird stuff again.
It will be enka! Anyways, now I can finally escape Brother's bossy ways and get away from the village.
I'm free! As far as he knows, the Akatsuki's captured me.
Raikage is probably on a rampage now.
Are you sure about this? I've been imprisoned in the village as a weapon all because I'm a Jinchuriki.
I need to get out for some fresh air once in a while, right? So? What are you going to do? When it comes to enka, Kin Sensei is the man! Who is that? Huh? Blaze da name into ya brain fool.
He's the King of the Enka Ninja.
How can you be so carefree? The Akatsuki won't sit still for long.
Not only that, since you summoned me, you don't have much stamina left.
Did you really have to call on me when you had the advantage? Among all the guys I've faced in battle, that Sharingan has to rank in the top two in strength.
I got carried away.
Times may be changing soon.
Huh? Through my enka? There's absolutely no trace left.
The Transportation Technique It's such a troublesome jutsu.
Kakashi Sensei, what he was saying It's dangerous to believe his story.
But if it's true, Sasuke is- Naruto I know how you feel, but you must not be impatient.
For now, we'll keep what Madara said to ourselves in absolute secrecy.
We're in the midst of reconstruction and must avoid unnecessary mayhem.
Furthermore, until we cross check the facts, we can't trust him.
There's too much that we don't know about his claim that the higher ups in the Hidden Leaf used Itachi to slaughter the Uchiha clan.
Especially you, Naruto.
Do you understand? Yeah, I know.
Power of the Five Kage Susano'o? So that's the Mangekyo Sharingan? That Uchiha Always has something hidden up his sleeve.
Darui, everyone from the Sand! Please step back! He's aiming for the pillars! The pillars! The ceiling won't hold! What the hell?! Were you able to pinpoint Danzo's location? Y-Yeah.
Take me there.
What about Jugo and Suigetsu? Their chakra is still Never mind! Danzo comes first.
Hurry and take me there.
What's happened to you, Sasuke?! They're all right too.
Looks like Sasuke used that instant to get away.
If things are this bad here, who knows what may have happened to the others.
We're going after Sasuke immediately! Looks like he's headed up.
Naruto What would you have done? Good thing that blade missed, but still I wonder how Sasuke, Karin and Jugo are doing.
I'll still make it.
All right.
He's come.
Above?! He's using the Sharingan.
Sasuke! Danzo is escaping! Lord Mizukage and Chojuro, stay here! I'm going after Danzo! Since the summit isn't over yet! All right.
But don't pursue him too far.
Yes ma'am! I'll leave the Akatsuki rebels to you.
My back can't take it.
You people can deal with them as you please.
Sounds good to me.
Karin! Come! There it is.
Lady Mizukage's Kekkei Genkai, Lava Style Jutsu! You Akatsuki manipulated the Fourth Mizukage and trampled all over the Hidden Mist.
And yet when I look at you closely, you of the Uchiha Clan are quite handsome.
Don't interfere.
Such a fine man What a waste.
I'll at least give you a kiss that will make you melt.
A-A kiss?! Just who the hell are you?! And quit trying to seduce him, you old hag! Lady Mizukage is intent on fighting! I must protect her! But He's the one who killed Zabuza.
Do I even have a chance? Yes, even someone like me has a chance.
I can do it.
I have to keep telling myself that.
Lord Tsuchikage, if you're not going to participate, please keep your head lowered.
Not that again! Keep my head lowered? The nerve.
Chojuro! Y-Yes ma'am! Hiramekarei release! Every cell in my body hurts.
Is this the side effect of using Susano'o for an extended period? I haven't even achieved complete possession form and yet there's so much pain.
What did Itachi endure? It's just the two of us now.
S-So he was killed? I couldn't read his chakra, so I thought something was strange.
The wall next to you I closed it up after that first attack.
It's now a completely sealed room.
There's no way to escape.
I use three Chakra Natures: Fire, Water and Earth.
That's why I possess two Kekkei Genkai.
Vapor Style: Solid Fog Jutsu.
Sasuke! He's on the other side of that wall.
It's melting.
This is bad.
Sasuke's chakra is weakening! He's overdoing it! It seems you got roughed up pretty badly by Lord Raikage earlier.
Sorry, but I have no intention of helping you.
It pains my heart every time I see such a handsome man melt away.
But you have to die.
So this time, it's corrosive acid mist? What? Wha-?! What is it?! This chakra Th-This is that Akatsuki from earlier.
It's that man's I can't believe no one detected my Sporulation Jutsu.
The Five Kage are just a bunch of idiots.
He's using my chakra.
He's absorbing chakra and growing?! When did he do this? It's a Time-Lapse Jutsu that he planted before Raikage beat him.
Why you- Damn What now?! My chakra is returning! This is Sasuke! Are you all right?! The mist will leak to where the others are.
I have to adjust the pH level.
It seems they're having difficulties.
Akatsuchi, shall we go and lend them a hand soon? Okay! Earth Style: Weighted Boulder Jutsu.
So a brat like you defeated Deidara? Well, I hold no grudge against you, but many ninja wish you dead.
So long.
Particle Style: Atomic Dismantling Jutsu! Sasuke! Sasuke's chakra isgone! I-It can't be You're right, because I've disassembled his body at a near molecular level! You're next.
W-Why you Sasuke? Where is Sasuke?! Kankuro.
Got it.
Th-Thank you.
I am indebted to you.
Tsuchikage! Where is Sasuke?! I turned him into dust.
What?! I wanted to do that! You had no right- You stillhave a chance.
So stop making a fuss, Raikage.
My name is Madara Uchiha.
Sasuke! I have something I want to explain to you all.
And once you comprehend it, I want to pose a question.
What is it?! It's about my plan Project Tsuki no Me.
So that's what Project Tsuki no Me is.
Stop joking around, I'm not handing the world over to you! Peace is only meaningful when it is genuinely achieved.
It's just an escape! Unfortunately, the discussion is over.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Declaration of War" The next time we meet, will be on the battlefield.
Tune in again!