Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s10e16 Episode Script

Sakura's Resolve

Sakura… What is it? Perhaps it would have been better to tell Naruto the truth.
There's no way I could have told him.
Absolutely no way.
Sakura… You're underestimating Naruto.
I found Sasuke.
That Tobi guy is next to him.
Stop, everyone! What's wrong? Why did you stop? We already went over our formation.
Kiba… What is Sasuke's precise location? Facing directly north, he's at 2 o'clock.
Up one kilometer.
Forgive me, everyone! I knew it.
You were going to use this to make everyone fall asleep, weren't you? Sai! Huh?! What's going on? Sakura was going to take care of Sasuke herself.
Why would you go alone? Yes, why? We promised to do it together! No, you can't.
I won't let anyone proceed.
Why not? You… I always thought you were suspicious.
The four of us alone are no match against Sasuke or this Tobi.
I promised Kakashi Sensei that I wouldn't let any of you go.
Is that the reason? Sai… I'll say this only once.
Move aside.
We must hurry.
It's becoming a rather dire situation.
I won't let you go.
Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll! You're going to bind us with those snakes? I understand where Kakashi Sensei's coming from, but we just can't keep letting Sasuke go.
I'll take care of him! Why not, Akamaru?! Don't be so scared! The dog is smarter.
It seems he understands what I'm saying.
Shut up! Let's go, Lee.
Sure thing! Yeah! I'll take care of this with Tunneling Fang! Good diversion, Kiba! Here! Damn it! I'm sorry…everyone.
Kiba and Lee too.
She got us.
Please hurry! I'm impressed, Sakura.
Sakura's Resolve Sasuke… When did I fall in love with you? Back in those days, I was just infatuated with how cool you were.
Listen up, everyone! I'm in love! Who do you think it is? Keep it brief.
And don't say it's Sasuke.
How did you know? Next, Team 7.
Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki.
Yes! And Sasuke Uchiha.
Cha! Then…you became my teammate.
I'm Sakura Haruno.
What I like I mean, who I like is My future dream is On Team 7.
Today's assignment is to take these bells away from me by noon.
Those who can't do it won't get lunch.
H-Hey, Sasuke.
Sensei just said… It's okay.
There's no sign of him now.
In the afternoon, the three of us will go and get the bells.
It'll be trouble for me if he becomes a hindrance, so Sasuke… What?! You guys! You pass.
We passed?! Why?! A ninja must see through deception.
In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum.
But those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.
Being teammates didn't change me.
I was still hopelessly in love with the cool Sasuke.
Just gazing at his handsome profile was enough for me.
I never gave a thought to who he really was behind that pensive face.
But… Sasuke will definitely come looking for me… in search of power.
You! What did you do to Sasuke? I gave him a parting gift.
Sasuke! S-Sasuke?! Hang on, Sasuke! Please! At last I understand.
I'm an avenger.
With the path I'm on, I must acquire power at any price, even if it means being consumed by evil.
You're the only one left.
Make it a little more fun for me.
Stop! Stop it, please! Don't say anything about this bruise.
Why are you pretending to be tough? I don't want to watch you suffer all the time anymore! To me, you are… This has nothing to do with you! Mind your own business.
Sasuke! The shadow that you carried… When I finally noticed, it was too late.
W-What?! Fight me… Right now! This is perfect, I was just thinking that I wanted to fight you! Damn it! Stop it, both of you! That Chidori you used earlier… It was bigger than what you'd normally direct at a comrade from the same village.
Were you thinking of killing Naruto? Naruto knew… He knew about your shadow.
Sakura… Don't interfere.
Before I knew it, Naruto had matured and was standing face-to-face with you.
I was the one left behind.
Yet I didn't change.
I'm not the same as you.
I'm traveling a path the rest of you can't follow.
I love you so much, Sasuke! If you stay with me, I won't let you regret it, no matter what! Everyday will be fun and we'll be happy! I'll even help you get revenge! I'll make it happen somehow, I promise you! So please… Stay here with me.
And if you can't… take me with you.
You're still annoying.
Please… Please bring Sasuke back.
I'll bring Sasuke back without fail! I promise that on my life! I didn't think about it and I put the entire burden on Naruto.
I went crying to you.
I held onto you, expecting you to make it all better.
While I did nothing.
That's why this time… I'm sorry, Naruto.
You may have to wait for me a little bit.
Next time I'm coming with you.
I tried to catch up to the two of you in my own way.
But Sasuke… is no longer the person we think he is and he's far beyond our reach.
It doesn't matter, even if there's no promise between us anymore.
I personally want to save Sasuke.
Forget it! I'm going back.
Naruto… I'm sorry! But also…thank you.
But I've already decided.
I'll take care of Sasuke myself! That was a close call.
For the sake of the ninja world… for sake of the Hidden Leaf… I will not let you both live! This is the Reverse Tetragram Sealing Jutsu.
Sasuke! Get away from Danzo! That was the Collateral Damage Sealing Jutsu.
He would've dragged you into his corpse and sealed you inside.
He probably set it up to activate at the moment of his death.
That was close.
We'll head for Hidden Leaf Village next.
The Hidden Leaf, huh? I'm taking his eye.
Sasuke, don't be hasty.
Go back to the hideout and rest.
You used up too much of your visual prowess.
Eventually you won't be able to keep it up.
Your eye is losing its light.
What can you do by yourself now? Patience is necessary to reach one's goal.
Sasuke… I'm going to give you a bit of advice.
That woman… If you don't need her, make sure you finish her off.
She knows too much about us.
"Us"? When did I join you? Well, nevermind.
We'll meet again.
EARTH Hey! Where is everyone?! Lion's Barrage! An Earth Scroll, just like us, huh? M-My glasses! – Later.
– Later.
I wish I could've seen your face from back then, just one more time.
Sasuke! It's you, Sakura.
He feels totally different.
Is this really Sasuke? What are you doing here? Who is she? Sasuke! I'm coming with you! I'm deserting the Hidden Leaf! You're finally awake, Naruto? Where am I? You lost consciousness.
You really had us worried.
Captain Yamato, where are Kakashi Sensei and Sai? Did they leave already? You're going back to the village with me.
Kakashi's orders.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Lost Bonds" You just have to let Kakashi handle Sakura.
What?! The champion got knocked out in one round? Damn it, how pathetic! He lacks fighting spirit, fighting spirit! WAYS TO MAKE A GIRL'S HEART STIR WAYS TO MAKE A GIRL'S HEART STIR …get close to their ear and whisper.
I understand now! Hey there… you have to put your back into it and strike! Oh Sai! I'm so sorry, are you okay? It wasn't on purpose! Get a hold of yourself! NICE TREASURE NICE TREASURE So the featured pinup is sealed huh? Man, this is bugging me! Damn it, there's gotta be a way I can see it.
Byakugan! Sai! Yeah right, like I can use that.
I guess I have no other choice.
Hey Sai! C'mon, get up! Let me see.
The contents that made me so curious are… What the hell is this?! How is this a "Nice Treasure"? I want my money back! Tune in again!