Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s10e20 Episode Script

High-Level Shinobi

High-Level Shinobi That Danzo… He destroyed Shisui's eye before he died.
You've been… my goal.
I had nothing, but I built bonds with Team 7.
With you and Sakura.
I'll end it with this! What?! He's after Naruto?! I have to make it! You'll never stop… being a burden.
Sasuke, you… Why? Why did you protect me? Why are you looking at me like that? You loser.
Why…did you…? Mind your own business! Like… I care.
I…used to hate you.
Sasuke… You better not die.
Sasuke… Sasuke! Hey! Are you hurt, Scaredy Cat? Over here! You're the one messing up our teamwork! You're always showing off! Speak for yourself, loser! If you don't want to owe me, you should just become stronger than me.
Hey, are you hurt, Scaredy Cat? Here you go! Thanks for waiting! Imagine that, the three of you treating me.
I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed.
– It totally worked! – It totally worked! Chidori! Even if I have to beat you to a pulp and drag you, I'll bring you back! I wanted to be strong and cool like you.
That's why I kept chasing after you.
I'm really glad I met you.
Naruto… You can't change me, no matter what you say to me now.
I'm going to kill each and every person in the Leaf, including you! And I'll get revenge for the Uchiha Clan! Is that really the only way? Yes.
So your only choices are to kill me and become the hero who saved the village, or to be killed by me and become known as just a loser! Sasuke… I don't believe that.
I'm not going to be the loser, or the hero who killed you! Neither one's gonna happen! I… Whoa! You! When did you—? I've been tagging along for quite a while.
Tobi told me to make sure you didn't notice me.
But, since you were in a crisis… I should summon him soon.
It doesn't seem like he's going to retreat quietly.
Naruto… I told you to go back to the village.
Now… it's all clear.
I'd better collect the Rinnegan before the war begins.
Sasuke's in a bind.
What do you want to do? "It's all clear"? What do you mean, Naruto? What's going on, Sasuke? I told you to go home and rest.
Madara… The Nine-Tails, huh? It seems you cannot suppress the urge to fight when you two get together.
I'll arrange a proper place for you to hunt the Nine-Tails.
For now, we retreat.
I'll fight in your stead.
Since we need the Nine-Tails Jinchuriki anyway.
Madara as well as Zetsu? They're sticking close to Sasuke.
This is going to be tough all by myself.
What should I do? Zetsu… You can't capture Naruto.
The Nine-Tails will be too much for a non-combat type like you.
I'm going to let Sasuke get the Nine-Tails.
It's for my enjoyment as well.
Oh, is that so? But I'm concerned about Kisame.
So go to him.
And rendezvous with Black Zetsu.
Okay, okay, I understand.
Naruto! I'm all right.
But I need to make sure I say something to Sasuke.
Let's go, Sasuke.
Sasuke… Do you remember? Do you remember what you said to me long ago in the Final Valley? The thing about high-level shinobi.
When two shinobi are of a high enough level, they can read each other's thoughts through no more than a trade of blows.
They don't need to say a word.
You're naïve, Naruto.
So tell me… Were you able to read what was inside of my heart? Clashing face-to-face.
Just now, we learned things from just trading blows with each other.
It means we've become high-level shinobi.
You and me.
Sasuke… Were you able to read… what was inside of my heart? And you saw it, didn't you? That if you and I fight… we will both die.
Sasuke… If you attack the Hidden Leaf, I will have to fight you.
Save your hatred until then.
At that time, throw all of your hatred at me.
The only one who can handle all that hatred… is me.
Only I can fulfill that duty! And on that day, I'll bear the burden of your hate and die with you! What is it with you, Naruto? Just what the hell do you want?! Why are you so fixated on me?! Because you're my friend! Sasuke… I knew from the moment we first met that it was going to take more than just ordinary means to understand you.
Exchanging fists is how we understand each other.
That's for sure.
Like I said just now… It means we've become high-level shinobi.
Once we understand each other, your hatred will go away.
The same way that I changed after meeting Iruka Sensei.
I'm not giving up yet.
I'm taking you back to Hidden Leaf Village! That's something I'll never give up on! Naruto…you… Well, I've rambled on enough.
Damn it.
A poor talker like me lecturing you, it's not my style.
If we both end up dying… You won't be an Uchiha and I won't be the Nine-Tail's Jinchuriki.
We'll be free of all our burdens.
And we'll finally be able to understand each other in the next world! I don't plan on changing.
Nor am I interested in understanding you.
And I don't plan on dying! You're the one who's going to die.
If I die, we both die, Sasuke.
Fine then! I'll kill you first.
It's clear you still haven't acknowledged me yet.
Enough, Naruto.
I'll take Sasuke on.
You have your precious dream of becoming the Hokage.
I can't let Sasuke take you down with him.
How can I become the Hokage if I can't even save one friend?! I'll fight Sasuke! Naruto stands here with clear resolve.
I'll bear the burden of your hate and die with you! Compared to him, my resolve is weak.
I'm a shinobi.
Yet all I do is cry and keep relying on Naruto.
I came here thinking I was past all that.
But I haven't prepared myself for anything.
I can't do a thing.
I can't say anything.
All I can do… is trust them! All right, Naruto.
I'll leave Sasuke to you.
However, Sakura… Watch over my body.
I'll get rid of Madara once and for all.
Kamui! Forget it, Kakashi.
A jutsu like that won't work on me.
Let's go, Sasuke.
Madara, I'll talk to you later.
I'll be ready anytime, Sasuke.
What did you want to talk to me about? I want Itachi's eyes.
So you finally made up your mind.
You've overused the Susano'o.
I'm aware that you can barely see.
It's perfect timing.
Transplant them right away.
You're in a hurry.
What's going on? I'm going use every ounce of my strength to crush Naruto! I'll eradicate him completely! That's all.
Naruto… Thank you, as always! Because of you, I can still hope for the day that we'll laugh together again as Team 7.
– What?! – Wha—?! Naruto! A scratch on his cheek.
This must be the cause.
Then it's… Naruto?! Naruto… It's from the poison-dipped kunai knife I used earlier.
Seems like it.
You need to administer the antidote right away, Sakura! I'm taking you to Hidden Leaf Village.
So please behave yourself.
I wouldn't try anything at this point.
I still feel sick.
A-Are you all right? You're gonna throw up! – So that's… – Hold on a minute! Naruto Uzumaki, huh? Are you ready? Do it.
Brother… I will crush the Hidden Leaf! Yo! Long time no see Omoi! Karui! Have ya been getting along cheerfully, care-free-ly? Merrily? Of course not! After you suddenly disappeared from the village like that… Now, now! He was safe all this time so it's all okay! What's that? Just a spoil of war from my battle against one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen.
It's taken a liking to me.
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