Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s11e21 Episode Script

The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho

Damn it! He's so insensitive! Hey, come on.
Should you be fighting with your dad when the Great Ninja War's about to start? But… I'm coming in, Ino.
You're so stupid, Dad! So, what do you want? Well, you seem so preoccupied lately.
So I was wondering… if you wanted to, you could talk to me.
There's nothing.
I'm not completely clueless to what you're going through.
You're a young woman now.
What's that supposed to mean? So which one did you pick? So is it Shikamaru or Choji? Who did you decide to go out with? Why should I go out with you guys? And most of all, he has the nerve to enter a lady's room without knocking first! Hey, why are you taking it out on us? Calm down.
Inoichi is just worried about you.
Remember, you did cry a lot over Sasuke.
So he's not far off the mark.
That's because it happened so suddenly.
Besides, worrying about Sasuke isn't going to do any good.
I've decided to leave it to Sakura and her team.
Well, it seems Ino's over it.
With war looming, our teamwork would have suffered if she wasn't focused.
I guess Ino's going to be okay.
Hey, Choji, are you… You're to blame! You started it! H-Hey! You're the one who complained first! Stop it! Just what is going on here? Stay out of this, you fat— My body is moving on its own! Shadow Possession Jutsu complete.
You shouldn't be fighting when the village is in the situation that it is… But he… No "buts"! You'll never be popular with the girls if you argue over small things.
– O-Okay.
– O-Okay.
Now go over there and play nicely.
– Okay.
– Okay.
As usual, that was perfect teamwork.
Aren't you? Umm…who is he? Kosuke, right? He's been a genin for fifty years.
Kosuke is also known as the Hidden Leaf's strongest genin.
We've met him before.
Really? Oh yeah! When we were still genin.
I was much obliged to you back then! The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho Trio If this Intel will spare my comrades in the village from danger I will gladly give up my life.
I must do everything I can to deliver this scroll to the Hidden Leaf.
I won't let you escape! No one has ever escaped the clutches of the three brothers.
We won't let you get away.
Big Brother, aren't we going after him? What an interesting old man.
Iwaji, Iwazo… That's just a Substitution.
He has sharp eyes.
Don't underestimate me, old man.
He's fast too.
We won't let you go! Earth Style: Earth Hold! I said, we won't let you escape! He has considerable strength too.
You're wasting my time, old man! Trying to steal Intel from the three of us, huh? Well, we'll return the favor and make you tell us everything about your village.
My enemy has no vulnerabilities.
I guess my life will end on this moonlit night.
Reinforcements? What is that?! My body just… Shadow Possession Jutsu… complete! Ino! Mind Transfer Jutsu! Hey! This is not the time to joke around.
You men have some nerve attacking our comrade from the Hidden Leaf! "You men?" Well, it's payback time! Are you turning on us, Big Brother? You too?! Get ready! O-Oh, if it isn't… It's over.
You can release your jutsu, Ino.
What the hell is going on? This is the Hidden Leaf's Secret coordinated ninjutsu formation… Ino-Shika-Cho! All right! Mission accomplished! Your formation today was spot on, guys! Your training is paying off.
Are you all right? Whatever the reason, going off on a solo mission is too reckless.
I never expected to be rescued twice by the Ino-Shika-Cho formation.
That's right.
You're Kosuke, the person we rescued back when we were genin.
I'm very happy you remembered.
I just remembered too, but… You said something interesting back then.
You said you had been saved twice by Ino-Shika-Cho's formation.
Did we rescue him twice? I'm not sure.
My life was saved twice by Ino-Shika-Cho.
It was the day before the destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village.
It was late at night, but the village was abuzz with excitement for the next day's festivities.
That smells delicious, Kosuke.
Am I intruding? If you don't mind a hotpot stew made by an old man, please join me, Lord Third.
With pleasure.
Tomorrow is the main portion of the Chunin Exam.
Yes, that's right.
It's so delicious! I'm only good at things like this.
What are you saying? The only enjoyable part of a mission is sitting down to eat.
Many specifically request you to be on their team.
No matter how risky the mission, if you so order me… Do not take your life so lightly.
Thank you for the food.
It was mighty delicious.
By the way, Kosuke… Will you accept one mission? The Chunin Exam is an opportunity to check the power balance between the villages, so some mutual distrust is to be expected.
But I just feel so uneasy this time.
Hopefully, it's just my imagination.
A message from the Third Hokage? Choza! Not so loud! S-Sorry! So what did Lord Hokage say? It is too early in the season for the leaves to be dancing in the air.
He said you would understand.
Message received.
A special code between Sarutobi Clan and their three houses, huh? Impossible?! Leaf Ninja Art! Yanagi! Which enemy infiltrated the village? Expansion Jutsu! M-My body… Is this your first encounter with the Hidden Leaf's Secret… Shadow Paralysis Jutsu? Then take this one too! The Hidden Leaf's Secret… Shadow Strangle Jutsu! Mind Destruction Jutsu.
Stop! What's wrong?! I can't control my body! This brings back old memories! It's a reunion of the Ino-Shika-Cho Trio.
I am also a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf.
I may not be skilled, but I will gladly give up my life for the sake of the village.
I won't allow you to ravage the Hidden Leaf Village any further! I will sacrifice this old body, and take as many fools as I can with me! Kosuke… He charged right into the enemy.
Are you going to let him go, Shikaku? Let's do it! You mean, the Ino-Shika-Cho Formation? I hope you haven't forgotten it.
If I forgot it, I don't deserve to wear the earring that represents our oath of brotherhood! That's true.
Let's do it! All right! You always make good shadows for me.
Ten…twenty… Thirty-three… Shadow Stitching Jutsu! Black Spider Lily! Deliver the finishing blow.
Mind Destruction Dance Jutsu! Damn it.
I never want to face you guys in a fight.
Oh, that's right.
Are you all right, Kosuke? Now then… Let's move on to the next area! Shikaku, Inoichi.
As expected of the Hidden Leaf's most powerful Secret Ninjutsu Formation, Ino-Shika-Cho! Uh-huh! Ino…Shika…Cho… Mind Destruction Jutsu! Shadow Paralysis Jutsu! Expansion Jutsu! The way you battle has such depth.
You overwhelm your opponents while instilling courage in your comrades.
A splendid formation that transforms your comrades' fears into bravery.
The power of your experience, judgment and most of all, your faith is magnificent! It's nothing like that, Kosuke.
We're just stuck with each other, whether we like it or not.
Yeah, yeah.
Don't tell anyone.
We just don't want to look bad in the front of our kids since we all live in the same village.
Right? Huh? Well, in any case, our kids will surpass us in no time at all.
The seedlings of the Hidden Leaf Village are growing soundly.
I survived once again…huh? Anyway… it's going to be such a pleasure to watch the seedlings of the Leaf grow into giant trees.
Our dads fought a battle like that? Our dads are amazing.
And here, I thought our formation had gotten much better.
Compared to our dads, we still have a ways to go.
If you don't mind my saying, a shinobi isn't made in a day.
I look forward to your Ino-Shika-Cho formation when you have reached maturity.
I should be more careful, so you don't have to come to my rescue again.
Well, our dads have their thing, and we have our own thing.
No sense in getting worked up over this.
You're right.
I think I'm all grown up, but I guess in my dad's eyes, I'm still a just a child.
It's a fact that we haven't reached our dads' level.
We have to think that the enemy is stronger than them.
Which means, this upcoming war is… I wonder what kind of enemy we'll face.
From the time when we were genin, all we thought about was running away.
You're right.
We were always scared and looked for the easy way out.
If we put a positive spin on it, you could say we really knew ourselves well.
That's right.
We're weak! That's why we're always thinking about how to stay alive, about all the ways to beat a stronger enemy, and about what the best strategy is.
I'm counting on you, Ino, Choji! We may not match up to our dads, but we won't be going to war alone! So let's do what we can, in the best way possible! The only thing we can do is to do our best as the people we are now.
Until now, we've stayed together and done all right.
So even with this next war… We'll be okay, right? What? Y-Yeah.
We'll be fine, just fine! Okay, guys, let's get into the spirit! Let's go! – Right! – Right! Damn it, what a horrible morning! My dreams were bad, and everyone is saying Naruto this, Naruto that.
That can't be helped.
Naruto is the village hero right now.
When we were kids he was the worst in our class.
During the Chunin exam, if it weren't for his fart, I would've… There are no "ifs" in battle.
That's because… You're so annoying! Just you watch! I'll catch up to him! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Kiba's Determination" I won't be left behind! Tune in again!